Alternative Online Banking Alternative with PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay launched in 2007 and began a payment solutions business. The company provides financial clarity for individuals that want a global banking experience and alternative payment solutions. PSI-Pay became licensed to do such payment solutions in 2007 shortly after their launch by formally known FSA. They built their reputation by partnering with the best of the best in regards to sales, marketing, and management in order to provide the best service for an online-only banking solution. PSI-Pay is FCA regulated to ensure their customers will have secure security measures when it comes to their information.

Three years ago in 2015, PSI-Pay announced their best financial year. The company had made a 45% revenue jump and an incredible 29% volume increase from the previous year. PSI-Pay’s card sponsorship program combined with the thought out, successful business plan contributed to the high-profit margin for the company. The PSI-Pay team was more than confident that they would beat 2015 numbers consistently. With the help of successful promotional campaigns and affiliate programs, the company is proud to begin nationwide expansion.

When it comes down to Brexit and PSI-Pay as a combined force, the company has stated that they are not fully able to reveal the extended plans for the merge. Although terms have not been negotiated, the partnership is in the making for the company.

Being a FCA regulated company can mean everything to some customers and nothing to others as having the seal of protection does not always guarantee that your information is completely safe. PSI-Pay joined with MasterCard’s PayPass and promises that the advanced technology and integrated encrypted layers behind the PayPass secures and safeguards the data of its customers. This is also done with smartwatches and wristbands that can be purchased and used as an alternative payment solution. The safeguard feature restricts the user from further access until unlocked in the event of more than one failed attempt to pay with the card.


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