Aloha At The Helm In Excellence and Integrity

In this modern-day world of conglomerates, mega-corporations and high-end enterprises, it can be so refreshing to see family started and family owned businesses still deliver on their experience and skills in making better local communities and learn more about Aloha Construction.


About The Aloha Organization

One such family owned and operated business is Aloha Construction based out of Illinois and serving southern Wisconsin. Morphing from a small family establishment into an industry with over 7,000 locally completed projects, Aloha is well-known for its organization filled with field supervisors, on-site inspectors, installers, office staff team and specialists in claims, quotes and financing as well.

As a reputable local entity famed for its excellence in a variety of projects and achievements known for safety, intelligence and vision in the industry, Aloha doesn’t fall behind in any respect when compared with other construction contractors.


The Aloha Approach

Aloha Construction Inc. is integrity-driven as it maintains the most top-notch level of ethical practice found anywhere in the construction business. Professionalism, honesty and fairness in its daily dealings with suppliers, subcontractors, insurance adjusters, company agents, and most importantly the clients, is what fuels this company with a heart.


Speaking Of Having A Heart

Having a heart is not just a slogan with Aloha Construction. As its many past and present customer base can attest, providing the local community with customer satisfaction in other ways is also of utmost importance to its management, sales teams, service team and every member of its office staff as well and Aloha on Facebook.


Local Children Delighted With Aloha Sponsored Shopping Sprees

A yearly charity event presented by Aloha gives needy parents a chance to let their children participate in a mad dash shopping spree. Operating via its philanthropic extension, the Dave Farbaky Foundation, and collaborating with the Learning Express Toys Company, the Aloha Construction company provides 60 seconds of wild spending given to four children chosen from low-income families.

Making this annual event a more frequent one, Dave, the C.E.O. of the Dave Farbaky Foundation as well as Aloha, has said that the company intends to conduct the events on a monthly basis to bless more needy children continually and

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