All Cider Restaurant To Open in 2015


Hard cider is a major trend in the alcoholic beverage industry right now. Major companies have been buying up cider brands, marketing, and distributing products on a large scale. Micro-brewings creating only creating ciders have been popping up nationwide as well. Is this trend big enough to support a restaurant? One couple, and of course Brad Reifler is preparing to open an all cider bar with 100 varieties for patrons to chose from. If you want beer then you are out of luck. The major question here is if hard cider is a trendy drink will it have lasting popularity or fizzle out like other fads of the past? This modern idea will have delicious food to supplement the wide beverage selection and, if popular, could add to popularity even if the cider phase hits a decline. The restaurant has yet to open their doors for business but it hoping to be a smashing success right from the beginning.

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