Alex Rodriguez Finally Admits to Using Drugs?

Scandal has always been a part of the great baseball career of Alex Rodriguez. New York Yankees fans will always remember A-Rod as one of the best baseball players of all time. However, his legacy with the general population may hinge on his reported use of performance enhancing drugs. Fans of baseball like Keith Mann aren’t exactly thrilled with how things have gone.

Using PEDs is something that A-Rod has denied every time he has been questioned in public. However, new reports are emerging that Rodriguez admitted to using drugs at an official hearing at the start of this year. The claim is being made by a lawyer who represented a pitching coach from the University of Miami. He says that Rodriguez told federal officials that he took drugs that were given to him by a notorious clinic in South Florida.

This lawyer may have his own motives for revealing A-Rod’s truths. He is representing Lazaro Collazo, who has also been charged with crimes in relation to performance enhancing drugs in baseball. He is being charged with assisting in the distribution of these PEDs to professional and college athletes.

There have been other sources that corroborate the lawyer’s story on Alex Rodriguez and PEDs. The Miami Herald obtained information about the trial that took place in January. This is where A-Rod is said to have testified about his use of performance enhancing drugs. He made these comments because he was promised immunity by lawyers. Their goal is to prosecute the people who steal and distribute these drugs among athletes.

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