Alex Pail of The Chainsmokers Talks About Success

Along with Andrew Taggert, Alex Pail is the DJ / Producer Duo The Chainsmokers. After the release of their second single Closer, Pail sat down with Andy Warhol’s Interview to discuss the journey that took him to his success as a DJ and what he thinks will be coming in the months and years ahead.


Closer, which features the singer Halsey, was written by Taggert and a friend of the duo. One thing that seperates the Chainsmokers from other DJ acts is that they write all of their own songs. They have also started to record and sing their own vocal tracks as well. Most DJ acts remix songs that other people have made, but The Chainsmokers stand out from the pack by creating new and unique songs.


Alex Pall says that he started as DJ when he was much younger, and that it was a hobby for him at first. As he got more and more into dance music, he became more and more serious about being a DJ. Eventually, his manager introduced him to fellow DJ and producer Andrew Taggert, and the Chainsmokers were born.


The duo worked hard to create their unique sound and while they did not want to think of recording and producing music as a job, they would get together everyday from about 9am to 7pm and spend time creating music and forming their identiy. Before long, they had a few hit singles- Roses and Don’t Let Me Down, and a huge number of followers on Instagram and in real life.


With the success of thier first two hit singles they were able to tour the world. Instgram was a huge key in being able to connect with their fans around the globe. They realized that there were some major differnces between the audiences of college students they had performed in front of. Through instragram they would get messages from fans who had been moved and inspired by thier music.


In the future the Chainsmokers plan on continuing to create, record and perform their own original dance music. After only a few short years, they have made a lasting mark in the electronic dance music world.

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