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For over 35 years, Gustavo Martinez has used his creativity to bring to life many of the ads we know and love today and is considered to be the man that has revolutionized advertising. Martinez has accomplished this by changing the way we look at the process of marketing in general.

After a small summary of a few of Martinez’s accomplishments, the article talks more about how exactly Martinez is shifting the table of marketing. During an interview, Martinez says that ads are meant to be creative and a successful ad is on that can pull on the heartstrings of the viewer while clearly conveying their main message. He sees working in Advertisement as something different than a normal job because being able to be creative is a huge requirement for this.

Adding on to his love of creativity, Gustavo Martinez reminds people that the consultancy model is what has been pushing the marketing industry for the past 100 years. Consultants being talents people who offer their services. Martinez strongly believes that creativity is at it’s best when it is free as the opposite, the 9 to 5, can be constricting and cause creativity to wither.

In the article, Martinez also discusses business acceleration as being the primary goal of independent consultancy because the faster a business grows, then the more flexible it is able to become. Business acceleration is explained as the simple process of accelerating the growth of a company which can get rid of pitfalls and reduces the amount of trial and error needed for a project. Martinez is currently partnered with a group called UV Business Acceleration, also known as UV Business Solutions, and is working with the group to finite a model for accelerating business growth.

There also came a discussion of Martinez’s creative process. Described as smelting pure advertising gold, Martinez takes the process of finding creative talent seriously as it is a difficult task, adding that he not only has to find top talent but also keep up morale up alongside production. Martinez is quoted saying “diversity of thought, background and experience among my team members tends to foment the widest scope of ideas and creative solutions to problems” which tells that he not only finds the most talented creatives but does his best to make sure his teams are diverse to give way for broad ideas that couldn’t be tapped with a whole group of similar people.

The article goes over a few different subjects with Martinez and ends off with Gustavo’s tip for growth. Which is to go out and hire the best talent because when it comes to marketing, talent is everything.


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