Advertising Professional Alexandre Gama Gives A Master Class In Finding Global Success

The chance to find global success in any industry can be a very slim one, but advertising professional Alexandre Gama has shown it is possible with his own period of growth that took him from working as a writer in 1982 to heading his own global ad agency in 1999. There can be few people who have not seen an advertising campaign Alexandre Gama has not had a hand in as he has won awards in his native Brazil and across the world at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals.

Alexandre Gama has spent a large amount of his career working his way through a number of positions at some of Brazil’s best known agencies after he was given his first opportunity as a writer at Standard & Ogilvy. By 1999, Gama had decided the only way to improve the position he had achieved as the CEO of one of Brazil’s most impressive agencies was to develop his own agency, which became Neogama. The Neogama brand continued the tradition of Alexandre Gama becoming an almost instant success in whichever role he was undertaking at any time when the agency won its first Cannes Golden Lion during its first year in operation.

Undoubtedly an impressive business leader, there is much more to the life and career of Alexandre Gama than simply his ability to develop strong business partnerships. As a creative writer and head of his own agency Gama has consistently been among the most decorated advertising professionals in Brazil; in fact, Gama was the most awarded writer in Brazil during his time working with the DM9 agency. The success achieved by Alexandre Gama has been shown in the decision by the Brazilian Art Museum to display the work of the advertising professional during a retrospective of his impressive career.

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