Above The Competition

The advent of the online market for home repair services as well as mobile cleaning has reached a fever pitch, and Handy, a tool for booking such agencies and services, has managed to rise above the competition. Only two years after the company emerged, Handy managed to land over one-million dollars in bookings on a weekly basis. The company’s leaders, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua have become successful innovators with new reason to celebrate.

Cleaning professionals utilizing the service are pleased themselves, as Handy provides a solid hourly wage and a means to decide ones own hours. The pay ranges from fifteen to twenty-two dollars an hour, which averages out to about eighteen dollars every hour.

The new numbers have arrived at the very moment Handy has worked tirelessly towards re-inventing their business by changes in branding and the additional development of new apps designed for mobile device usage. It is important to note that Handy throughly vets their cleaning service professionals, and their clientele has become clearly comfortable with utilizing their various services by using their cell phones.

While Handy offers more than strictly services for housecleaning, the mass amount of their rapidly growing revenue remains a result of the consistency of quality in their work relating to providing the customer a means to receiving a quality housecleaning. Eighty-five percent of Handy’s money is earned via their excellent cleaning service. The remaining fifteen percent is likely split amongst a variety of plumbing services.

Much of their recent success to due to the company’s consistent worth ethic, and inner emphasis on growth and evolution. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the founders of Handy have spent considerable time over the past year placing an emphasis on providing proper support for consistent clientele, as opposed to excessive expansion. Their focus on quality over quantity has helped earn them their recognition and success, and is a large part of why they have emerged above the competition.

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