About The Life of Jeremy Goldstein in the Law Industry

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer specializing in acquisitions and executive compensation as well as company mergers and governance. He focuses on adopting unique and innovative techniques of handling cases through an informal approach as a given attorney may prefer formal and fundamental criteria. The method enables him to build a reputation with clients both at work and on social engagements.



Jeremy Goldstein believes in long term goals, as such; his first venture into law business began with the development of achievable and strategic goals. The technique has shaped how he conducts his business with clients and as an executive leader in the company. After joining the firm, Jeremy Goldstein received his first client through a referral recommended by a legal professional network. Therefore, references play a significant role in building careers, especially on instances of obtaining initial clients on a newly created business.



Besides, referrals combined with marketing through positive public relations remain crucial to acquire more clients in a growing business. As an entrepreneur in the law industry, Jeremy Goldstein focused on providing the best services over the years by selecting the best legal cases for his specialization. More so, understanding challenges, especially internal personal battled such as doubt, should also be another essential factor which demands adequate focus to overcome them. Another challenge Jeremy Goldstein has experienced is deciding on whether to take a case outside his knowledge and skills, a problem he faces regularly.



Other than personal motives to success, Jeremy Goldstein also utilizes existing elements to promote his business while meeting client expectations. Among them is the technology which he states that it enables him to work efficiently, for instance, Ragic software he purchased recently. He also insists that young entrepreneurs read a book, Made to Stick, which provides essential guidelines on how to create business and market products and services successfully.



On the other hand, Jeremy Goldstein is a dedicated philanthropist working with Fountain House Charity and serves as a board member. The charity organization is another factor motivating him to operate with a sense of gratitude hence giving back to the community through serving in the law industry. Besides, he holds positions in companies which require legal assistance, thus enabling him to generate more income while expanding his experience in the sector.



About Jeremy Goldstein



Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a law firm, based in New York. He began his career education at The Pingry School and later attended Cornell University attaining his Bachelor of Arts in Art History. Jeremy Goldstein then joined Chicago University obtaining his Masters and later at New York University School of Law pursuing Juris Doctor in Law. He has worked for Shearman & Sterling as an Associate and as a partner of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.


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