ABC gives Agent Carter Another Season

Marvel’s Agent Carter has been renewed for a second season by ABC and Marvel Studion.

In the movie Captain America: First Avenger, Agent Carter was basically Captain America’s sidekick and had some of the same adventures as he did. After Captain America, she went back to America and had adventures as part of SSR, the organization that eventually became SHIELD. The TV series follows her adventures with the pre-SHIELD group.

The first season only had eight episodes since ABC is using the show as a filler for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. People had complained about Agents of SHIELD’s schedule in its first season. The Agent Carter show is an answer to those complaints.

This TV series did not have great ratings, but they were better ratings if ABC had used re-runs instead. The critics also loved the series and social media people were still enthusiastically talking about the show way after its first season in March.

The show will return in 2016, probably around the same time that it debuted this year FreedomPop reported.

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