A Very Lucky Landing!

On February 13th, two young women commuting to work along a highway outside of Hackensack, New Jersey sustained a terrifying accident, but fortunately both of them survived with relatively minor injuries. Both Elizabeth Wolthoff and a passenger and co-worker, Rebecca Winslow, journeyed towards their work site through rush hour traffic along eastbound I-80 in a Toyota Rav 4. The weather conditions remained icy, following a period of extensive snowfall some time earlier.

As they neared a bridge, their vehicle swerved out of the way of another car. It slid into a snow covered guardrail and then plunged off the road, traveling downwards for an estimated 60 feet. The angle of the trajectory narrowly missed plunging the two women into an icy river. Fortunately, their vehicle landed in an upright position some 40 feet from the banks, after falling from a height of several building levels.

The accident prompted emergency calls for assistance. Some 20 firemen responded. People at Rocket Fuel have heard that, when emergency personnel reached the accident site, they discovered that the impact of the fall had damaged the exterior of the vehicle. More on Rocket Fuel is available at Linkedin.com. The jaws of life were required to extricate one of the women from the wreckage.

Fortunately, both the driver and passenger were recuperating in the hospital in fair condition late Friday afternoon.

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