A Story of Online Two Connections – True Therapy?

In a recent Business Insider article, Erin Brodwin shares her experience using the new app called Talkspace. It offers text-message-based communication for those in need of online, “instant therapy” or support. This new powerhouse essentially offers a means where there is none since people can’t usually just find mental health counseling or someone to talk to from anywhere, at any time. We all know the time-consuming annoyances that come with having to set an appointment to fill out forms, then having to make another appointment for the initial session and fill out more forms, and then – finally – having to schedule that first, one-on-one, in-person meeting with the therapist. Let’s just be honest here: By the time the potential patient usually gets to that stage of the process, he or she will also need to schedule that first appointment for weeks, if not months, in advance.

Who has the time or patience to wait that long? We live in the Microwave Age: I want to speak to my therapist now! That is what Talkspace is all about, the very reason for why it was created. With Talkspace, people can reach out with a quick text and get help right away. After all, true emergencies don’t wait for anyone; they strike when they please, and one must have backup.

Talkspace – A Text Messaging Therapy App for the New World

Talkspace is an Android and iPhone app, respectively. It offers text-based, talk-based therapy. A common phrase that people use to describe it is, “Your therapist can text you now.” It works. Not only is the phrase catchy, but it’s accurate. As opposed to, “The doctor will see you now”, there’s now a more rapid, mobile solution.

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