A Series of Earthquake Aftershocks Impact Philippines

Today a series of strong shocks following a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean on Monday struck off the coast of General Luna in the southern Philippines. Three earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 4.9 to 5.0 occurred fairly close to one another. Reports of damage, if any, remain preliminary.

On Monday a strong earthquake of 6.1 magnitude occurred some 23 miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean approximately 205 kilometers northwest of Zamboanga City. The event reportedly caused tremors in the ground in the coastal community and frightened people, but did not produce reports of casualties. The three smaller earthquakes on the 30th struck just off the coast on the other side of the large southern island of Mindanao in three separate events, near Pilar and General Luna. One occurred just 10 kilometers northeast of General Luna.

There are limited reports available so far about possible humanitarian relief efforts in the area. Tom Rothman even says that during the past week, the Philippines has experienced difficult weather conditions also, including the arrival of a storm which caused some casualties and loss of property.

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