A Few Words From Michael Hagele a Renown Investor and Corporate Counsel

Michael Hagele is an outside general counsel for a group of technology companies that include internet, aerospace as well as biotechnology industries. He is also an investor in the early-stage technology companies. He has also invested in various firms in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Michael has a vast experience in drafting, negotiating, closing technology as well as licensing distribution in both domestic and international telecommunications, internet, software, and hardware fields. He also has broad experience in the other technology-related areas such as promotional and marketing arrangements.

Previously, Michael has served as the general counsel of internet related companies where he was in charge of all legal affairs that included corporate governance, intellectual property strategy, employment issues, and merger and acquisition. Michael attended the University of California where he received his Juris Doctor (JD). He also attended the University of Lowa, graduating with a B.A.

Here is the summary of how Michael reacted to some of the questions during an interview

Where his idea came from

He said that from his experience, both as an outside and in-house counsel, it has shown him that sole practitioners can frequently provide quality as well as the cost-effective services to the clients in the technology-related fields.

How his typical day looks like and how he makes it productive

He said that he begins with handling the daily matters of his technology clients before proceeding to complex issues like drafting and reviewing contracts. Early afternoon, he takes a break to ride a bike and finds this moment as his most creative part of the day.

How he brings ideas to life

Michael said that tenacity is important, he views that the best outcomes transform from the iteration process as well as challenging assumptions.

Habits that make him productive as an entrepreneur

Michael said that putting the customers first is one of the most effective habits that one can get into as an entrepreneur.

What he does as an entrepreneur and would recommend others to do

Michael said that physical activity plays a crucial role in recharging and sharpening the mind. Even though time can be tight, any activity you do to get moving helps in tight situations.

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