A Community That Encourages Senior Interaction


Chris Skiff is a very caring individual. His passion for helping senior citizens is truly unmatched. Skiff has dedicated his career to help elderly citizens live more comfortably. We hopes to eliminate the “old folks home” stereotype and allow senior citizens to live normally just like everyone else. Even upon retiring.


The Manse on March has recently appointed Farron Bernhardt as Cheif Executive Officer for the new senior living communities in San Luis Obispo. Bernhardt has more than three decades of experience working senior housing leadership positions. His latest position was Vice President of Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development.


Bernhardt has a lot of helpful qualities that make him such a respected man around the community. He is smart, charming, and a great communicator. When transferring over to the Chief Executive Officer role he brought along more collaborative approach to management. This means that residents and staff have plenty of opportunities to have meaningful conversations.

There are plenty of families that will choose The Manse on Marsh over other competitors because there are more life-enriching activities. This is not just any ordinary retirement home where retired folks just live out their lives sitting in chairs all day. There are plenty of opportunities to get out of the house and meet new people. Being active and will keep members happy.


Bernhardt is excited to get to know all of the residents while working his new position. He hopes to set the bar high for excellence in senior care. The Manse on Marsh has won its second Caring Star award. They are placed in the top one percent of senior care facilities around the United States. There will be many innovative changes coming to the area.


Manse on March helps find exceptional care for Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles, and other nearby communities. There are many different kinds of residential areas to live in. There are spacious flats and private homes. Each neighborhood has plenty of services provided with the living setup such as restaurant-quality open dining, convenient transportation, social activities, and laundry services. Caregivers can be acquired if needed.  Follow along to see where Ferron takes the company next, on their official blog: http://themanseblog.com

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