83-Year-Old Earns High School Diploma

After returning to high school after almost 70 years, 83-year-old Robert Pecunies has finally earned his diploma. Earlier in the year he received his diploma from Adult Education in Kittery, Maine. Last week he was bestowed an honorary degree from Portmouth High School where he would have originally graduated in 1949 had he remained in school. This is not something the school does for just anyone. It is a rare honor bestowed on the most deserving individuals. He’d like to say he originally dropped out of school for completely honorable reasons. He admits, however, that his dropping out was instigated by his infatuation with sports. After dropping out of high school during the ninth grade, Pecunies led an exemplary life that included a military career and a life-long career as a husband and father.

His journey toward finalizing his high school graduation begun around 18 months again when an advertisement for adult education arrived in his mail. And so the process began, at least according to what Matt Landis has read. It has made a voracious reader and writer out of him. Per the requirements, he wrote a biography that blew readers away. During his adult education time, he also developed an obsession with reading history books and biographies. Now he is half-seriously joking about moving on to college. For more details about Pecunies’ adult education read this article.

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