Is Christian Bale Have Post-Batman Departure Misgivings?

Every generation has “their” Batman. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, it was Adam West. Even though many different actors played the role, the 1980’s and 1990’s belonged to Michael Keaton. In the 2000’s, Christian Bale truly was the personification of Batman for a new generation. Now, Ben Affleck is assuming the role of the caped crusader in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman.

Christian Bale has noted he is more than a bit jealous about Affleck being cast in the role.

No, Bale is not bitter about not being offered the role. It was believed his version of Batman would not be a good fit in this film, a film in which original Batman series director Christopher Nolan would not be involved.

Besides, how annoyed can Bale be? He was reported offered $50 million to play Batman in the upcoming Justice League film, which is obviously a huge sum in the eyes of Broda. He turned it down as Affleck is the new Batman. He is going to play Batman in the two Justice League films and a new Batman film.

The new Batman series will have nothing to do with the original Nolan/Bale universe.

Affleck is a really weird choice for Batman. In a way, his casting is like Val Kilmer in the 1990’s. Granted, Affleck is nowhere near the problem child Kilmer was for producers. He also seems to really relish wanting to play the role so that is a plus. He is not walking into the role with the “you need me” attitude that sometimes occurs when established stars are brought in to save a franchise.

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