5 Celebrities Under MK Ultra Programming


The government program that is known as MK Ultra was an initiative that was undertaken by the CIA. This began in 1947 by the name of Operation Paperclip. The more information that came out, the more conspiracy theories started coming to the surface and the more celebrities that started to believe they were under this mind-control of MK Ultra. Here is a list of MK Ultra celebrities who believed they were under the influence:


  1. Amanda Bynes: When she lost her mind in 2013, she blamed it on a microchip that was placed in her head and it was then believed that her breakdown was due to MK Ultra mind control.
  2. Britney Spears: She just may be one of the biggest pop stars that is possibly connected to MK Ultra mind control theories. Her 2007 breakdown is credited to programming that she received.
  3. Shia LeBeouf: He is the perfect MK Ultra operative. Growing up in the entertainment system, appearing in some of the worst movies that have ever been made and undeniably handsome. Maybe MK Ultra is to blame for 2014.
  4. Marilyn Monroe: She was one of the very first celebrities that was subjected to the MK Ultra conditioning. It is believed that she was part of a project that was used to make sexually programmed slaves.
  5. Miley Cyrus: She might look as good as a Selena Gomez bikini shot, but it has been showing continuously that anyone who works through Disney is basically just marked as a mind controlled operative. Miley Cyrus just added fuel to this fire. It is thought that her music video for “Tongue Tied” is about her suffering from MK Ultra Programming.

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