28-Year Old Bald Eagle Soars Across Indiana

An American bald eagle that was introduced to Indiana in the late 1980s has been spotted flying in magnificent patterns around the Hoosier State. The female avian was a nestling when she was brought from Alaska; she is known as C43 and is believed to be one of the oldest bald eagles in the United States.


Over the last two decades, wildlife biologists have spotted C43 in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Bald eagles enjoy mountainous habitats with mature trees and large bodies of water. The most recent sighting of C43 was in the Monroe Lake area, where she was also seen a few weeks ago.


In July 2015, state wildlife management officials spotted C43 in the company of eaglets at one of 179 eagle nests counted in Indiana this year. Bald eagles were considered an endangered species when C43 was introduced along with other nestlings.


Bald eagles breed a couple of times per year. The clutch laid by females may result in three eggs, of which one typically survives. It is interesting to note that this is a species that is known to mate for life, or at least until one of the birds dies and is replaced by a new mate.


Eagle nests are not difficult to spot since they often measure between six and eight feet in diameter. As of 2014, the number of bald eagles in North America was estimated to be around 70,000. Climate change and habitat loss are the major endangerment factors for American bald eagles.


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