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Professor Sujit Choudhry Explains Constitutional Resilience

Sujit Choudhry works as a comparative constitutional law professor on the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. He is frequently consulted for his expertise in this sophisticated field and contributes to a long list of scholarly publications to further the development of comparative constitutional law. Recently, Professor Sujit Choudhry wrote an in-depth analysis of the impact of populist challenges to the fundamental principles of constitutional law in a variety of countries and what features of their constitutions make them resistant to these destabilizing forces.

He carefully examines the role that resilient constitutions can play in protecting against the turmoil and chaos that typically reign supreme during populist takeovers of countries. Although he cautions that a wave of populism does not necessarily pose the same level of threat to human rights and the rule of civil law as does the musings of an autocratic leader, Professor Choudhry warns that widespread populism in a country can threaten the existence of a democratic system. He thinks that strong constitutional principles can keep a society rooted in order and the respect of fundamental rights for all, but there are some aspects of a populist wave that simply cannot be constrained by the rule of law. As such, he thinks that it is a bad idea for a constitution to take too harsh of an approach to instilling democratic rule at the risk of alienating opposition groups and creating an environment ripe for a major populist rebellion.

Background Information on Professor Sujit Choudhry

Professor Choudhry has devoted his entire academic career to the study of constitutional principles and how they are interpreted by different countries. He has remained steadfast in his commitment to increasing scholarly knowledge of various constitutional structures and the role that they play in either maintaining peace or failing to prevent against political chaos around the world.

When asked why he is so confident that comparative constitutional studies will experience a boom in interest across the globe in coming years, Professor Choudhry explained that access to online legal materials and instant updates about the political events occurring around the world make it one of the most exciting times to study constitutional law. His passion for constitutional study is certainly contagious because his students are flocking to sign up for more of his law courses in droves. One of the basic concepts that Professor Choudhry tries to instill in his law students is that constitutional principles can make the difference between a country putting violent civil strife in its past or continuing to condone awful human rights abuses. Simply put, the endurance of constitutional principles throughout the world can make the difference between life and death for some marginalized groups in societies.

According to the research of Professor Choudhry, the fact that a particular country has enacted and lived by constitutional principles means that it is much less likely to erupt in civil war or permit human rights abuses against its own citizens. Even though the precise content of a country’s constitution may vary widely throughout the world, the fact that a government is constrained by the tenents of a constitution means that there is a much better chance that country will be able to survive political differences amongst groups of citizens in the long run. Although no country’s constitution is absolutely perfect by any means, Professor Choudhry still considers this governing code an excellent starting point from which national governments can build their legislative, judicial and executive structures with the goal of enduring.

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What Does the Game-Changing Tweet Storm from Shervin Pishevar Mean for Silicon Valley?

For diehard followers of tech news in Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar is a familiar and intriguing figure. As a venture capitalist and co-founder of Sherpa Capital, one of the valley’s biggest investment firms, Pishevar provided the initial financial support for leading companies like Uber and Airbnb. In recent years, Pishevar has amassed a sizable and dedicated Twitter following, with many fans eager to learn more about the tech titan’s investment strategies and economic predictions.

  1. A Twitter Storm Emerges

So when Shervin Pishevar embarked on a recent 21-hour tweet storm, major players in Silicon Valley and other central tech hubs went along for the ride. With discussions ranging from a possible recession to the future of embattled crypto-currency Bitcoin, there was much for Pishevar’s followers to consider. As a rare glimpse into an elite investor’s mindset, it was also little wonder that the Twitter storm made headlines well beyond the tech world.

  1. Bracing for an Economic Ice Age?

During his tweet storm, one of Shervin Pishevar’s most stunning predictions was that the stock market would suffer losses on par with those seen during the Great Recession. If such an event were to actually occur, it could trigger major overhauls in the venture capital sector, where economic downturns spell funding dry spells for even the most promising companies. In such an environment, new companies in the mold of Airbnb and Uber might not stand a chance.

  1. Are Tech Monopolies Stifling Innovation?

In one of his most controversial tweets, Pishevar also warned his followers about the dangers of consumer conglomerates stifling growth in the tech sector. In Pishevar’s view, the size of companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are becoming too large, meaning that competition is unendurable for newer companies. Were Airbnb and Uber founded today, Pishevar argues, they would never get off the ground.

  1. Bitcoin’s Comeback?

During his Twitter tirade, Pishevar also touched on an issue close to the hearts of many investors of so-called crypto-currencies. One of the standout investments of the last decade, Bitcoin went from less than $10 per “share” to over $16,000 per coin in only a few years. While the currency’s value has since fallen to more modest levels, Pishevar contends that Bitcoin will regain its value over the next several years. If true, this outcome could spell boom times for Silicon Valley’s next generation of savvy investors.

For these reasons, Shervin Pishevar remains a singular and fascinating voice in the storied landscape of Silicon Valley tech giants. While the investor seems to earn both fans and critics in equal measure, his ability to gauge the winds of technological change appears undiminished. If so, there remains little

Retain Employees Longer with Betterworks Performance Management Software and Strategies


Continuous Performance Management systems can boost employee retention and productivity, but this will only happen if executives adopt beneficial strategies. The California-based software company Betterworks encourages them to use positive, future-focused motivational language and train managers to give and receive this type of feedback.

Improving Retention

Employees appreciate clear goals and consistent non-punitive feedback. People often feel more satisfied with their jobs when they know what they’re doing right or wrong. Performance management systems can help supervisors determine if individuals need advice or additional training to complete tasks properly.

The software also makes it easier to reward and recognize a specific person or group of employees for outstanding performance. This motivates staff members; they’re less likely to go elsewhere when they don’t have to wonder if an employer has noticed their accomplishments.

Performance management programs deliver valuable insights that improve efficiency and productivity. Betterworks empowers their  clients to use the data generated by the performance management process to identify positive trends and time-wasting practices. A more efficient business can afford to boost retention by offering better benefits and higher wages.

Software Features

Betterworks’ web-based system empowers organizations to set specific goals, measure progress, and continually supply staff members with feedback. People can evaluate peers and subordinates. The program produces abundant real-time data on the performance of individuals, departments, and the entire company.


Betterworks enables clients to make the most of its system by providing a library of helpful training materials. It also offers support via telephone or email. The software runs on most desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Interested parties can preview it by asking for a complimentary demonstration.

Luke Lazarus: In-depth with Top Australian Business Consultant

Attempting to build a business within today’s economic climate is, no doubt one of the most challenging things to do. In fact, statistics show that over 90 percent of new startups go under within their first five years in operation. In a world where the growth of jobs has slowed down, this cannot be good news to the average entrepreneur.

However, even within these times of great difficulty stand a couple of successful people in business who possess a keen eye for business and which are deemed as serial entrepreneurs. Although this group of talented individuals is small, it provides us with the understanding that business may be more than simply surviving the market.

One of these serial entrepreneurs is Melbourne Australian Luke Lazarus. Mr.Lazarus has enjoyed a plethora of success within his own business ventures. His eye for detail and overachieving has been seen since his early school days as Mr.Lazarus would often come out on top of his class.

After his time within the public education system, Luke Lazarus was offered a variety of opportunities from universities all across the world, including top ivy colleges from the United States.

However, Luke Lazarus would choose the road less taken by staying in Australia and attending the Melbourne school of business, where he would eventually earn an MBA. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

After his time in college, Luke Lazarus would spend the better part of a decade creating multiple companies. Before his 33rd birthday, Luke Lazarus would sell all four of his companies for such a large sum that he would be financially independent by the age of 35.

This new found freedom provided Luke Lazarus the ability to choose whatever he wanted to do for the rest of his life. It was this that provided him the understanding that he didn’t want just to earn money but help others achieve their goals as well.

Luke Lazarus would eventually choose to become a business consultant in Melbourne with the same intensity in which he led his previous companies. This new approach to business consulting led him to be described as brutally, honest, and straightforward.

Mr. Lazarus has gone on record to say that brutal honesty is in fact, not a luxury in business but a necessity to stay alive. In addition to this, Mr.Lazarus has commented on the lack of basic knowledge within the start-up community.

He clarifies this by saying that although those leading these companies are incredibly smart, they have no clue about how to take their show on the road, maintaining financial books and branding their company.

In addition to the issues mentioned above, Luke Lazarus also provides his expertise in the field of company presentation. This includes providing business leaders with a company that will be attractive for angel investors.

This can be included in one of the areas that most leaders need to work on as according to Luke Lazarus, the gap between entrepreneurs and their lack of knowledge about the importance of venture capital is very wide. Luke Lazarus concludes by stating that venture capital in today’s market is crucial to the life span of the company itself.

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The Interesting Interview With Mark Beer

The field of medical science is a new and exciting place to be in the 21st century. With medical advances, once deadly diseases such as Breast Cancer and late-stage Coronary Artery Diseases can be managed and even fully treated. One person that has been at the forefront of this advancement is Mark Beer. Currently, Mark Beer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Renovia, a new startup company aimed at helping women with pelvic floor health issues. 

Before starting Renovia, Beer was already in the medical science industry in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology branches. He recently did an interview with to talk about some of his experiences in the medical science field. Learn more:

The interviewer first asks Mark Beer is what inspired him to start in the medical science field and his new company Renovia. He answers by telling the interviewer that he was always fascinated by the fact that medicine could heal a person growing up, and wanted to be apart of something so life-changing for everyone involved. When it comes to Renovia, he says that a doctor named Dr. Sam Pulliam approached him about the idea and how it could be life-changing for over 13 million women. Beer, Dr. Pulliam, and another, Dr. Jose Bohorquez worked on research and securing funding for this new project once they realized the potential that Renovia could have not only for the business market but for women’s health.

While owning a business can be rewarding, the interviewer asks Beer a very important question about how he makes money and when was Renovia profitable. The first part of the question is answered by Beer saying that Renovia is not profitable at the moment so he and his Co-Founders do not make money off of the company at this point. It is in the early startup phase and gets most of its money from venture funding. While this may seem discouraging, Beer states that it takes time for a medical science company to make money because they can not cut corners like other businesses. Even though Renovia is not profitable, Beer says that it may take up to 10 years for a company to see a profit. 

Running a business can be rewarding. However, there are some things that Mark Beer does not enjoy about the business sector. He says that the hardest thing he had to do when asked by the interviewer is firing people. While he understands that this is necessary for a company to run functionally, it is heartbreaking because people depend on their jobs.

The last question that the interviewer asks Beer is about what inspires him. He answers the question by telling the interviewer that books written by or about Warren Buffet really help him to keep going with his business. 


Rick Shinto – CEO of InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto is a successful CEO in the healthcare industry. Over the past few years, he has worked hard to add value to InnovaCare Health. He has a unique career compared to many other business executives. He started his career as a doctor. Rick enjoyed interacting with patients, and he had no plans to change his career. However, he began to see all of the issues in the healthcare industry. As costs continued to increase, he started to understand the various problems patients had to endure. He decided to attend business school at night. He earned an MBA while practicing as a doctor. When InnovaCare Health offered him an executive leadership position, Rick decided to leave his career as a doctor.


 Rick worked at InnovaCare Health for several years before becoming CEO. Once he became CEO, he decided to make sweeping changes at the company. At the time, the company had the highest turnover rate in the industry. Rick decided to increase wages for employees. Some people thought he was crazy for raising salaries. However, he felt like many employees were underpaid. He also allowed employees more flexibility during working hours. All of these changes resulted in much lower employee turnover.


 Rick is a major believer in the power of technology. He believes that new technology is the best way to reduce costs in the healthcare industry. InnovaCare Health is investing millions of dollars each year to reduce the cost of healthcare.

 Rick also developed a program that allows patients to save money for living a healthy lifestyle. Customers who enroll in the program must agree to track their food intake and activity levels each week. Clients who follow the program have achieved fantastic health results. These positive lifestyle changes drastically reduce the chances of developing a significant illness.

Hyland’s And Their Teething Tablets Product

Hyland’s has made a name of itself providing products for the whole family using homeopathic medicine that’s purpose is to awaken the humans’ healing system to get the job done through natural ingredients. Many other prescriptions and medicines tend to leave people to deal with severe or just irritating side effects but Hyland’s is different. The other benefit of their products is that they can be used by anyone of any age since there are no harmful elements in the medicines. Although Hyland’s was founded over a century ago they are still reinventing themselves by keeping up with the modern age. All of it started in 1903 by a pharmacist named George Hyland in Los Angeles and his team. A man named Cecil Craig took the company over in 1923 and is renown for creating some of the products behind the company’s power with an easily dissolvable type of aspirin. It would be groundbreaking as people who had trouble swallowing pills could take this type of aspirin, especially in regards to young children and kids. The company chose to expand after starting out in Los Angeles and the rest is history.

Hyland’s teething tablets arrived in 1987 under the vision of marketing director Jay Borneman. Over time, the brand was able to expand its base and make even more products for consumers. As stated prior, anyone is eligible to take Hyland’s products – from athletes, babies, mothers, from relieving symptoms of the common cold, pain, allergies, skin care, and more. According to the article, Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets are here to stay but are not meant to replace Hyland’s teething tablets. Hyland’s teething tablets were recalled in 2017 due to some concerns from the FDA but are here to stay. The brand advises that Hyland’s teething tablets are another great product of theirs. On the other hand, Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets are meant to relieve the pain of the mouth in relation to overall discomfort and irritation of the gums. They are easily dissolvable so that young children can take them with no issues like Hyland’s teething tablets.

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HGGC on Success in the World of Business

The reason HGGC has grown to be so influential over the course of their business’s career is simply that they are one of the most powerful companies within their industry, and they have been developing game-changing ideas for it for many years now. It is because of this that those who have kept in touch with HGGC’s path throughout their business lifetime know that they were destined for greatness from the very beginning. Everything that happened later down the road to them was just further building upon the foundation they already had. At the very core of HGGC, there is a will to provide the world with a quality service. Those who are the most active at their meetings are extremely supportive of the idea of a reality where all the businesses work towards pleasing the consumer, but it would seem as though we are quite a ways away from this.


That being said, however, they do want to do what they can to help the people they see around the world suffering. Particularly within the United States, HGGC has made several efforts to help out children in poverty. They believe that children are the future of the world, and helping them is absolutely necessary to ensuring that our future generations are successful.


If we do not model proper behavior to them by showing them that it is not okay to let someone suffer mealless on the side of the street, what kind of generation are we raising for the future? In their opinion, it is necessary to consider the long-term ramifications of your actions. For them, they have had to think about how they should go about approaching the field of international business very carefully, as they believe that if they do not properly plan out their ideas for such a competitive industry, things could easily get nasty for their company, and this is something they wish to avoid at all costs. HGGC believes that the world is best suited for creating people into better versions of themselves, and the world of business tries to accomplish the very same goal.

NYC Has Laser Hair Removal Services That Can Get The Hair Gone For Good

There are many types of hair removal that people can use, but not all of them are as effective as laser hair removal. This method can remove the hair permanently, and many women have various areas of their body where they want the hair to be gone forever. Women get laser hair removal done on their upper lips, chin, legs, and arms, while men most often want this done on their backs or chests. Laser light works for many purposes, and when it comes to hair removal, it does such a good job with it because it gets to the hairs when they are in their growth phase.

And, laser hair removal has been improved through the years and works on everyone with all hair colors and skin shades. There are a lot of smart people who work with laser hair removal, and Jennifer Walden is one of them. She owns her own clinic in New York City, where she works on many aesthetic procedures including laser hair removal. She is certified and is involved in several organizations that work with doctors in her medical field.

She is smart and respected for the work that she does with her plastic surgeries and more. Jennifer Walden is from Texas and was recognized as being one of the best doctors there. She has made NYC her second home, and she has been recognized for her great work since coming there, as well. She is known as one of the best beauty surgeons in the country and is good at each procedure she does.


Flavio Maluf Blazing the Trail in Environmental Protection

Flavio Maluf is a renowned businessman in Brazil, and he presently serves as the president of several companies including Eucatex and GrandFood Group. Eucatex S.A. Industrial Company is among the foremost producers of doors, floor partitions, wood fiber sheets, MDP panels, varnishes, and paints, etc. This conglomerate has headquarters in Sao Paulo and regional offices in other cities within Brazil and abroad.

Since inception in November 1951, Eucatex relies heavily on eucalyptus as a raw material which made investing in land and reforestation efforts necessary. These efforts ensure self-sufficiency regarding supply so the company can thrive and increase profitability. Over the years, the company’s strategic aims evolved to include championing environmental sustainability and other activities relating to social good in Brazil.

The company has established an Environmental Education Program (PEA) dubbed “Casa da Natureza” based in the capital and other places like Anhembi, Salto Avaré, and Bofete. Casa da Natureza invites participants mainly from students in the public school education system where they learn about environmental conservation. This project aims to impart knowledge on proper preservation of forests from wanton degradation; urban planting and recovery planting parks; and the importance of using eucalyptus in manufacturing.

Since the founding of Casa da Natureza, this education program has attracted an upwards of 27,000 visitors which is a testament to its validity in Brazil and beyond. Eucatex goes above and beyond to uplift the lives of communities who reside in proximity to its operations. The company sends its environmental specialists to interact with communities and perform socioeconomic diagnoses. They hold open dialogues about the impact of engaging in commercial activities inside forests and collaborate with locals to improve their livelihood by through the apiculture program and other initiatives. So far, the forestry unit of Eucatex has generated over 1000 jobs directly, and it stimulates the local economy.

Fire prevention is another central responsibility that Flavio Maluf is concerned with by erecting firebreaks, awareness creation, scouting rounds to detect fires, and of course, a 0800 hotline to report fire incidences. In sum, Eucatex has proved itself as an environmentally friendly behemoth all thanks to Maluf’s leadership.


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