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Vinod Gupta Invests In The Future Success Of Women


It is a growing trend among leaders to reinvest in their community and workers. Leaders who do so often find a thriving society that they have helped to create, and are able to find a great deal of respect from others by giving back to those less fortunate. Vinod Gupta is a millionaire, but is known as self-made, having overcome many obstacles to get to where he is today.


Gupta has made great moves during his career, bringing him to his current position at Everest Group as the Managing General Partner. The company specializes in many aspects of business, such as private equity, venture capital, database technology, and even consulting services typically aimed toward businesses that are failing. Gupta has taken the reins in many ways within the company, parlaying his decades of experience to serve companies that are not performing to their full extend, building their success as he builds upon his own.


Using his own success, Vinod Gupta has been able to share his wealth with others. He has shown particular interest in investing in both his hometown and in women workers. Rampur Maniharan, home of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, is the hometown of Vinod Gupta, and now boasts the new women’s polytechnic school. Gupta donated a million dollars to developing the school, which was opened in the year 2000 and has since enabled countless women to earn life-changing postgraduate degrees in as short of a time span as two years.


In the same town, Gupta further donated his capital to a school for young girls, a cause that was much needed. His funds not only established access to Women’s Education, but ensured that it would have the necessary items, such as buses and books, required for success.


Gupta is just one of many industry leaders who is using his or her success to make a true contribution back to society, and his hometown is surely grateful to him and proud to call him their own. Visit This Page to learn more.


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Charlamagne Tha God Compels Politicon


A staple in the Hip-Hop culture, Charlamagne Tha God has decided to use his fortune to create a platform where unclaimed voices can be heard. Speaking on issues that unite the community; even through debate, it allows for a dialog to be birthed. Through his edge he has acquired an impressive following. Leading them through books, such as “Black Privilege” which ranked sixth in the New York Times of bestselling hardback nonfiction on May 7 2017, interviews and his show in IHeart Radio; The Breakfast Club, he has lead them down the path of politics through commentary from the likes of Michael Eric Dyson to Hillary Clinton.


Joining forces with Ari Melber of MSNBC stature. The outspoken correspondent formatted his own show though MSNBC where he shares his views on politics married with a Hip-Hop edge. His spirit resonated with the message of Hip-Hop and with the current political climate initiated by Donald Trump he has used that to speak on the societal injustices that have simmered far too long. Melber sees a correlation between the nature of Hip-Hop and the nature of our system and our system may be a bit off course. Click Here for more information.


Politicon, held annually in Los Angeles. This conference provides outlets through informative debates mingled with a variety of comedy Q&A’s and the like. Engulfed in the influence of well-known political figures and heavy hitters of the entertainment industry. It is not by chance that Ari Melber and Charlamagne tha God paths would intersect.


Coexisting in the notion that a culture systemically silenced should have an opportunity to express their views. Principally when it comes to matters of politics and power. Ari and Charlamagne will administer a dose of reality on Sunday working together for the common good of the people.


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Neurocore; A Quick Version of the Company’s History

Neurocore, it almost sounds like the name of a bodybuilding supplement. There very well could be bodybuilding supplements that share the name, but the Neurocore that we are discussing exists to serve their patients with biofeedback from the mind (which serves a variety of practical purposes.)

For years, we’ve possessed EEG technology that allows a medical doctor (or scientist) to see electrical activity in various regions of the brain while it is occurring. Like any applied science, when studying EEG materials, patterns present themselves. This is where the feedback comes in. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore opened it’s doors in 2004 providing this sort of mental biofeedback to clients from all over the world seeking it. The company issues assessments to clients/patients that are data based. They use the assessments to study patterns and develop programs for adults and children to follow. In short, it’s like they listen to what your brain is saying and teach you how to respond to it, communicate with it, and then improve your current situation against whatever issue it is that you required assistance for in the first place. Sounds simple right? Yeah right!

Neurocore has operated for over 14 years. They serve, utilizing 8 branches, two North American states, Michigan and Florida. From a global perspective, they are considered a neuroscience epicenter the world over. This has been the case for the past decade and a half at least.


Artists, athletes, patients suffering from injuries, and patients trying to break a nasty habit are all examples of the types of people that one can see seeking assistance through one of the Brain Performance centers that the company runs. While the future isn’t perfectly clear for the firm, growth doesn’t come hard when you’re so renowned for a specialty. Many people thought that neurofeedback, or biofeedback in general, went out the door for good during the early 20th century. This Miami company has certainly proven that this is not the case at all.

Results can certainly vary since not every personality type is susceptible to a biofeedback plan. To follow one correctly requires an incredible amount of patience and concentration. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Nick Vertucci: Anyone can be Successful in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has struggled to the top chart in real estate. The businessman made this position for himself after years of working hard in various businesses. The Californian based real estate investor started working before he could attend college and graduate. Nick Vertucci never enjoyed classroom hours, so when he lost his father, he abandoned his education so that he could focus on the things that made him happy. The only available source of work was from an old van, and it gave him little hope that one day, he would raise enough money so that he could start a family and live a luxurious life.

Nick Vertucci was exposed to the hard life when he was young, so he understood basic saving skills when he was a very young boy. After years of hard work, Nick established his first business, focusing on supplying computer accessories. The business was great, and he was among the top and most successful in the city. When the economy started falling in 2000, the successful business could not be able to stand, and it came down, leaving Nick with nothing to feed his family and continue with life.

When Nick identified a mentor in real estate, his life took a complete turn. He started to study the real estate market all the time, and he was always very active in matters concerning the industry. Nick Vertucci started to increase his earnings day by day, and he also realized that he could assist those who did not have income opportunity. This led to the start of a real estate academy that was named after the businessman. The academy has been a source of inspiration to many people who are in search of better lives in the real estate. Apart from a good career in the property market, Nick Vertucci has done well as an author

Guilherme Paulus, The Torso In Brazilian Tourism

Brazil prides itself in the enormous natural resource deposit, good climate, arable land, improved infrastructure system just to mention things that make Brazil a Prime location for many. According to the 2017, World Bank report, it was ranked among the 190 countries that are easy to do business in – 176th position. This is why entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus resorted to go into business thanks to the alluring returns but this has not come easily as one would assume.

He has made a fortune and a name thanks to his determined efforts to be the best in tourism, tours, accommodation and in all aspects of hospitality. Guilherme Paulus has always had the dream to be great. He began quite humbly selling tours at the Santo Andre Street from the CVC outlet. This was a strategic location with high traffic from people seeking leisure and recreational activities. this lead to launch of other stores across the Brazilian market offering travel and tourism services.

In 2009, the company underwent another groundbreaking event as it got listed publicly to trade in the stock market. it was able to raise more capital which helped in financing its expansion strategies. Paulus is the owner of GJP Hotels and Resort. GJP hotels & Resort, comprises of other venture such Prodigy Hotel, Linx Hotels and Wish Hotels which lie in the 3-5 rating in the hospitality industry. As of 2018, CVC has over 1,200 store around the world with a labor force capacity of about 3,00 employees who share in his vision.

About Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman, hotelier and entrepreneur. He was born Guilherme de Jesus Paulus in 1949. Academically, he did Business Administration at the University and shortly after began an internship at IBM. He networked with many notable people in Brazil including Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who made him get interested in tourism.

His contribution in the tourism industry has been appreciated and made his name feature in the list of Forbes rich Brazilians in Tourism industry. He is the founder of CVC Brasil Operadore e Agencia, and GJP Hotels & Resort. His company hosted many visitors, fans and guest during the 2014 World Soccer Cup, the 2016 Summer Olympics among other sports tournaments.

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Marc Beer and Pelvic Floor Disorders

Renovia Inc. is a startup organization that was founded by Marc Beer. Renovia is an organization in the pharmaceutical industry. The company will be moving forward with its new products that deal with pelvic floor disorders after it closed at $32 million Series B round. In addition to this, the company closed with another ten million in business debt. Renovia is located in Boston, and the company is coming up with several diagnostic and therapeutic products meant to cure pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. According to researchers, the disorder is affecting more than 250 million women around the globe. The first product of Renovia received approval from FDA in April. Longwood fund also joined Series B round too. Learn more:


Longwood is an organization that invests in companies that are dealing with healthcare. The organization is under Perspective Advisor in New York as well as Ascension Ventures base in Missouri. The funding will be used to create and testing four other diagnostic and therapeutic products including Leva device’s new generation. Marc Beer claimed that they were happy to have such partners who are ready to fund the shared vision to diagnose correctly, as well as treat, and enhance the lives of millions of women across the world who are suffering from pelvic floor disorders. By bringing together the company’s proprietary and innovative sensor technologies, the organization will be able to create elements with a digital health platform that will provide its clients with information about the company’s new treatment options.


In addition to this, the platform will allow the clients to get a better understanding of the disorders of the pelvic floor. Moreover, it will help the customers to be able to lower the costs of long-term health care. Renovia forms the first organization that Marc Beer has come up with since he left Aegerion. Marc has brought great talent to the organization since it was started in 2016. He believes that with this great team, the organization will soar high in terms of success in the coming years.


Marc takes his time to recruit the best of the best into his organization, a fact that gives him confidence that they will reach their goals. He believes that Renovia is the leader when it comes to the healthcare of women as well as in the digital health. Marc acknowledges the fact that there were earlier breakthroughs in peripheral vascular disease, pain management, and cardiac disorders. But there had never been such a breakthrough in women healthcare and digital healthcare until Renovia came into existence. Marc goes ahead to say that he knows that there will be more breakthroughs in the area in the future. According to Marc, all organizations require capital efficiency and resource allocation, and this is what has seen Renovia to its current state. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


Marc Beer Supports the Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders

Pelvic floor dysfunction refers to the inability to tighten the pelvic floor muscles when having a bowel movement. The symptoms include urine leakage and constipation to mention a few. Treatments include biofeedback, surgery, and medication. Biofeedback allows the therapist to evaluate how the patient relaxes their pelvic muscles via special sensors after which the therapist will observe your coordination. Surgery is useful in loosening your affected pelvic floor organs if it’s rooted in rectal prolapse, a disorder that causes the rectal tissue to fall in your anal opening. In medication, your doctor will prescribe a muscle relaxer to prevent your muscles from contracting. But, most individuals suffering from pelvic floor disorders cannot access these treatment methods. Therefore, scientists, entrepreneurs, and donors have collaborated to finance the treatment. One such individual is Marc Beer. Learn more:


Marc Beer’s Contribution


Marc Beer is the CEO of Renovia Inc. He is a talented entrepreneur with a problem-solving acumen for business. He has been transforming businesses into strong financial vehicles through strategic policies. The recent funding of $42 million for a biotechnology start-up Marc Beer co-founded has spoken about his reputation for transforming small businesses to successful companies with a reputable future. The collected funds will be used to finance the research and drug development of pelvic floor disorders since it’s an international healthcare problem that affects millions of women.


The Fund Raiser


The funds were raised by an infusion strategy that saw the start-up receive donations from various investment companies including Ascension Ventures and Longwood Fund. This donation will be used to improve the development of Revia, a fully FDA approved drug used to treat pelvic floor disorders. Marc Beer hopes that the new round of Series B Funding will catapult the company towards perfecting the diagnosis systems for pelvic floor disorders by partnering with revolutionary patient-based technologies that have valuable data. He also hopes that it will contribute to a reduced overhead cost for treating urinary incontinence.


Professional Experience


Marc Beer is a business generator, motivational speaker and the co-founder of Renovia. He combines dynamism with charisma to generate a force to improve businesses. He marshals his resources to develop startups into useful businesses. He consistently looks out for challenges to find viable solutions and opportunities for the less fortunate. Over the years, he’s garnered experience from various companies including ViaCell where he was the CEO. In his tenure, the company succeeded in stem cell research thereby earning a stellar reputation in NASQAD. The employee base grew tremendously.


Academic Qualifications


Beer is a business developer with extensive experience in sales, marketing, and pharmacy. Prior to joining the startup origination industry, he was the vice president of Genzyme, an international marketing company. He has a degree in science from Miami University.

Indiana Doesn’t Have “Coywolves,” DNR Reports

A popular legend has emerged in Indiana: the existence of so-called “coywolves,” or coyote-wolf hybrids. However, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (or DNR) encourages residents to think carefully about what they may actually be seeing.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife recently took to Facebook in order to clear things up. The post reads that beliefs about coywolves may be common in the Midwest, but that the term is incorrect. The reason? There simply aren’t any known wolf populations in the state. What may appear to be wolf-like coyotes are just coyotes with larger, fluffier winter fur coats.

Despite the tone of finality in the DNR’s post, locals are still skeptical. Scott Harter, owner of Indiana Wildlife Management, is one of them. Harter says that he aims to prove the DNR wrong by tracking an eastern coyote-grey wolf breed from Canada that may have migrated to Indiana back in the 1920s.

Harter was recently recruited by the Tri-County Conservancy District and Heartland Crossing Homeowners Association in order to examine a resident’s claims of spotting a coywolf. However, the association later backtracked after discovering that the resident had “misinformed” them.

In efforts to educate the public, the DNR’s post went on to clarify what a coyote actually looks like. They come in a variety of colors ranging from gray to reddish blond, and are much more “slimly built” than a dog (or wolf) would be.

Meanwhile, Harter continues to insist that coywolves exist, and is determined to catch one for testing.

Getting to Know Nick Vertucci, Author of Seven Figure Decisions

Former reserve police officer Nick Vertucci is the perfect example of someone who turned lemons into lemonade. Imagine spending years establishing a successful real estate investment company with a business partner who you thought you could trust, only to end up being betrayed, which subsequently caused you to fall into a state of emotional turmoil. That is is exactly what happened to Nick Vertucci, author of the new book, Seven Figure Decisions.

After the dissolution of his first real estate business, a friend suggested that he open up his own real estate training company. At first, the idea seemed a little lofty. But being a former real estate student himself, Nick Vertucci realized that teaching training classes would garner him tremendous fulfillment since it would allow him to guide others towards financial success. During the building of his new real estate training company, Nick Vertucci learned about a mental tool called pattern interruption. Pattern interruption is the process of taking negative emotions and looking at them in a new light in order to yield positive results. He also credits his ability to bounce back from hardships to four principles which consist of seeing your desire, believing that accomplishing your desire is possible, mapping out a strategy to obtain your desire and last but not least, executing your plan.

Seven Figure Decisions is not only a great book for individuals looking to break into real estate investing, the principles and teachings found throughout the book can also be applied to any business or product. The gems that are found within the pages of Seven Figure decisions not only teach you hot to win in business but also in life.

Author Nick Vertucci can be reached on all social media platforms by searching his name or visiting his website which is

Jojo Hedaya And Unroll.Me App


Jojo Hedaya is the proud co-founder of the Unroll.Me app. He has also served the company as the Chief Executive Officer. The idea of starting up Unroll.Me came up when he was working on a project with his friend Josh Rosenwald. The two had met while studying at Yeshiva in Israel and were lucky to have blackberry phones. Unfortunately, their project did not push through and this when they thought of coming up with another project. As they were going through their emails, they found out that their inbox was overloaded with so many emails and most of them were unwanted emails. This is when Jojo Hedaya started working on a project to create the solution for getting rid of those unwanted emails.


This was the birth of the App which has gained a lot of popularity due to its ability to filter emails and delete unwanted subscriptions which have greatly helped a lot of users from dealing with a load of unwanted emails. The App is used globally with over 300 million users. Its ability to compile inbox messages in emails has made it gain a lot of appreciation from people around the world. Go Here to learn more.


A lot of users including media and tastemakers have subscribed to Unroll.Me and have described their experience while using the App as simply “life-changing”. Unroll.Me is one of the most used Apps in the App store.


Jojo Hedaya’s exemplary leadership skill and managerial skill and also his creativity has led the company to greater heights. The headquarters of Unroll me is located at 7th Avenue, New York in the United States. Unroll me is also very fast in scanning unwanted emails and this has made it a very efficient App to use.


It is now competing with great email apps such as Gmail where it has facilitated the subscribers with a list of their subscriptions making it easier for them to unsubscribe directly from the page. Jojo Hedaya is working hand in hand with his team to come up with new ideas to make the App even better and more efficient for the users.


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