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MB2 Dental Solutions Features Dr. Matthew Simmons In “We Are Dentistry” Episode

The team at MB2 Dental Solutions created a video series called “We Are Dentistry” to show what they and their affiliated dental practices are all about. One of their newest entries in this series features Dr. Matthew Simmons who owns and operates a dental practice in Southeast Texas named El Campo Dentistry. The video shows how starting his own dental practice greatly impacted his life and what his family life is like at home.

The founder and chief executive officer of MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, said that Dr. Matthew Simmons was chosen for this episode of “We Are Dentistry” because of his strong commitment to both communities in the area his dental practice is located, El Campo and Victoria. He said that Dr. Matthew Simmons has shown he is a very skilled dentist who also truly cares about his patients and their families. Both Dr. Simmons and his wife brighten the lives of those they come in contact with Dr. Villanueva said.

Dr. Simmons reveals in the video that he was quite shy when he was growing up. Due to this he can relate to his newer patients who feel a bit uncomfortable in his practice. He said he strives to put their minds at ease while working on their teeth by taking great care at seeing to their dental health. He also talks about how being a dentist has enriched his own life.

He says in the video that being a dentist enabled to him to buy his home. He is also proud of being a dentist and being an important part of the community he lives and works in. He is also active in the community in other ways such as hosting dinners at his home, along with his wife, and going out golfing and doing other outdoor activities.

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Talkspace and Assistance With Depression

Talkspace is the name of an international powerhouse that concentrates on Internet therapy. It has merged with the legendary swimmer Michael Phelps, too. They revealed that they’re doing so in order to spread the word about therapy. That believe that therapy is a vital device that can enhance mental wellness in human beings considerably. This collaboration is going to include a television campaign that caters to the entire United States. Phelps is going to employ the campaign as a means of discussing mental health and how it has influenced his existence. He’s going to motivate others to talk about mental health without concerns. He’s also going to highlight all of the distinctive advantages that are part of Talkspace. This in-depth campaign is set to start on May 22nd. It’s going to receive the assistance of affiliated digital components, too.

Talkspace is going to be collaborating with New Directions Behavioral Health as well. Talkspace is a business that supplies people with Internet video messaging, voice and text therapy options. Designated people who rely on New Directions Behavioral Health can employ Talkspace’s network via a program that revolves around Employee Assistance.

Michael Phelps is a person who comprehends the consequences that are linked to depressive disorders. He’s not only an individual who grasps the woes that are part of depression. He’s also one who comprehends the lows of nervousness. Phelps indicates that acquiring assistance for his troubles has been tough for him over the years. He realized with time that being straightforward about his moods wasn’t something that would make him feel frail. It was actually something that made him feel a lot more powerful than in the past. Phelps and the Talkspace team are enthusiastic about making adjustments for people who feel like they have no choice but to deal with the effects of depression day in and day out.

Oren Frank is the Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace. He states that the company is elated to collaborate with Phelps. Frank states that Phelps has significant proficiency that relates to mental health in people. He states that this proficiency is all-encompassing as well.

More Than 40,000 Lose Power in Indiana

More than 40,000 people in Indiana have lost power due to storms in Indiana. The problem arose in services provided by Duke Energy, the utility provder, and was spread across the state.

Approximately 15,000 of those without power resided in Monroe County. The majority of the Indiana residents Who were impacted by Paramore us were located in the southern portion of the state.

The loss of power came after major thunderstorm warnings were issued in Wabash, Huntington, and Miami counties. There were earlier alerts for power loss in other counties in Indiana too, but as the storm has passed by the weather alerts have been removed.

Indiana is subject to regular thunderstorms of the spirit of the year and unusual weather in offense. Still, a level of damage done by the storm is significant. One of the reasons why this storm is so distractive, it’s because it was fast moving and unpredicted by weathermen who underestimated the severity of the thunderstorm storm.

There were also reports of downed powerlines and broken tree branches from the storm. Power Is Expected to be restored over the weekend. For those who are suffering from power loss across Indiana, this is likely to lead to enjoy their weekend, particularly in the sparser populated portions of the state.

To combat this, Duke Energy has deployed about six hundred workers across the state to help to restore power to those without power.

Willis Towers Watson Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is a graduate who attended Michigan University. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He is a man that brags with a CPA certification. The University of Michigan named his as the most successful Alumnus in 2010. In the current time, Michael Burwell is the chief finance officer at an organization called Willis Towers Watson. Michael had earlier spent more than 3 decades at PriceWaterHouse Coopers before he joined Willis Towers Watson. He used to work as the assurance practice in the business advisory services.


It was in 1997 when he became nominated and made him to re locate PWC’s Detroit transaction business. It was after that when Michael Burwell took over PWC’s leadership central US transaction after he had succeeded at Detroit. He was then nominated at CFO in Watson and then in 2008 became the chief operating officer at PWC group. It is 2012 when he managed to become the Global and US transformation vice chairman where he was able to help in diversely in overseeing the internal functions.


It was in an interview when he talked about himself. He revealed that he has been waking up very early where his day starts at 5 am so that he can make it productive. The simple tasks make his bed to feel that he has already achieved something. The thing that has been making people productive is technology. He also talked about a trend that has been fascinating him is InsureTech where he said that the ideas resurfacing had become interesting. When he was asked to talk about the advice that he could give to the youth, Burwell talked about collaboration which does not bring a guarantee consensus which makes the lowest common denominator result.


The other advice that Mike Burwell gave is to avoid making all the people happy. His talk about micro-communities is that there will be future growth due to the support from the technology. He also insisted that becoming a good listener will be the thing helpful in building of network which will be something positive and rent less and it is the way to gain success. View Related Info Here.






New Chair Appointed To The Indiana Alcohol Code Revision Commission

Former Republican Representative Bill Davis was recently sworn in as the new chair of Indiana’s Alcohol Code Revision Commission, replacing Former Senator Beverly Gard. Many local commentators believe this appointment will put a damper on alcohol sales in Indiana.


House Speaker Brian Bosma formally appointed Mr. Davis to this position on May 30th. In an interview with the press, House Speaker Bosma assured the public Davis will work on sensible policies to make the states alcohol laws more efficient.


Gard had a far more lenient attitude towards alcohol sales throughout the state than Davis. While Davis was serving in the Indiana House, he voted against proposals for selling liquor on Sundays and for the expansion of beer sales.


Created by Indiana’s Legislative Council, the Indiana Alcohol Code Revision Commission’s main goals are to figure out how to simplify the state’s alcohol legislation. Members of this commission are set to gather in the summer to discuss findings from a recent two-year study.


Davis was first elected in 2004 as a representative of House District 33 and has served in the Indiana House till 2013. Besides his legislative career, Davis is well-known for his work at the Portland stone-crushed business Meshberger Bros. Stone Corporation. A few of the communities Mr. Davis is actively involved in include the Jay County Hospital Board, the Delaware Country, Club, and the Jay County Boys Club.


Anyone can learn more about the Indiana Alcohol Code Revision Commission’s meetings on the Indiana General Assembly’s official website

Indiana City Is Having ‘Loud’ Debate Over Noise Issues

A controversial and often contentious debate over noise in the city of Evansville, Indiana, was recently riled up further when the wife of the mayor of Evansville injected herself into the debate in a very public way.

At issue is noise being produced by local bars that play loud music into the wee hours of the night, loud enough to be heard for blocks around and reaching residential portions of the city.

To deal with the issue, the Evansville City Council is debating a new noise ordinance that would put the hammer down on entertainment establishments that have been laying on the volume buttons a little too hard. Even so, there is little agreement about exactly what should be done — or how much power the city should have in telling local bar owners how to run their own businesses.

Now Carol McClintock, wife of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, has submitted a letter to the city council which expressed her strong desire that action be taken against bar owners. Her letter urged council members to create an ordinance mandating that bar owners dampen the volume.

But the letter immediately triggered critical responses from some Evansville citizens who suggested the mayor’s wife’s efforts were self serving, and that she wanted the noise reduced to benefit herself and her husband more than anything else — and not out of concern for the people of Evansville at large.

In the meantime, debate around the noise issue reamines “noisy” as the council is expected to vote on the matter at its upcoming June 11 meeting.

The Greatness of Francisco Domenech

Puerto Rico, Florida, and the world at large are lucky to have Francisco Domenech as one of their own. Mr. Javier Domenech, in his many exploits, has worked with some of the greatest and delivered pure gold.

Today, the world celebrates Francisco Domenech as the brains behind the successes of POLITANK. Francisco, in his time as the managing director of the company, has helped the law firm reach its full potential by developing strategies that have seen private interests soften the hearts of the government bureaucrats.

Indeed, Javier has used his training in political science to advance his career. So phenomenal has Francisco become that he gets regarded as the man who runs the Senate, well, from the sidelines. Mr. Domenech has used his robust reputation to offer legal representation to the Senate in and out of the corridors of justice, a move that has won him favor among the wealthy and mighty.

Francisco the great, for instance, has dined with the self-righteous Hillary Clinton, managing her campaign at one point in time. Domenech has also had the chance of supporting Jennifer Gonzales in her bid to become Puerto Rico’s twentieth Resident Commissioner. Javier has prevailed despite encountering significant losses hence his greatness. Visit to learn more about Francisco.

Do you know Francisco Javier Domenech is larger than life? The alumnus of the University of Puerto Rico, in his time at the Office of Legislative Services of the P.R. Legislative Assembly, was able to streamline the organization, expanding service delivery at every twist and turn.

In short, there is more Javier can do including the proper management of counsel work, supervision of outside counsel, and offering legal counsel to interested parties. Domenech is also a philanthropist. Francisco, despite being a young man, has shown the tenacity of a sixty-year-old. His impressive streak has made him more than grateful for life, one reason he pays back to the community through charity.

Domenech has, for example, rallied his support against The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, the TASIS Dorado Scholarship Fund, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, the Museo de Arte de Ponce, The Clinton Foundation, and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. In a nutshell, Javier is a man cut from a different cloth.  View:



Indiana’s Best Doughnut Shop

Everyone loves a delicious doughnut, but exactly where to find the tastiest of these tasty treats in Indiana brings out a variety of opinions. Well, you can stop arguing about it thanks to the users of Travelocity. Finally, we can all relax and enjoy a yummy doughnut from the best doughnut shop in the whole darn state.

For decades now, the folks at Long’s Bakery have been giving local residents and travelers delicious doughnuts. While there are multiple locations within the state, the Indianapolis location is the most well-known and established of the two sites.

While other top contenders for this coveted title include doughnuts with creative fillings, decorative outsides, and other yeasty concoctions, Long’s Bakery prides itself on keeping things simple with glazed, chocolate, and jelly-filled delights. What Long’s Bakery seems to lack in the creativity department is more than made up for once you take your first bite of this Indiana staple. What these doughnut masters do, they do very, very well.

The popular travel website didn’t just stop with the best doughnut shop in Indiana. They actually choose the best doughnut shops in every state across the country. Next time you find yourself craving a glazed piece of heaven, be sure you are grabbing only the best to fill that sweet vid inside you.

Do you agree with Travelocity, or do you have a favorite bakery or doughnut shop you just won’t let go of?

Christopher Burch Investing in Wilderness

Recently Christopher Burch invested in a new real estate adventure. He changed a remote and uninhabited island, Sumba, into a five star resort named Nihi. This island was once just a simple surf spot for those that followed surfing like a cult, but it’s now a thriving resort that has recently been voted the #1 resort in the hotel world by Travel And Leisure Magazine. View for more.

This island is bit more than 4,0000 square miles. Its population is a mere 600,000 and its culture has remained untouched by the new age world. This leaves a very authentic and powerful culture and life and an undeveloped, unspoiled land. The island still holds it’s natural beauty, check out here at (

Christopher Burch learned about the island and it’s only resort in 2012 and was asked for help in expanding it. After visiting the island twice, Burch decided to buy the resort, and began major upgrades to it. Chris has called the hotel the “edge of wilderness” and made sure the design of the hotel was as low impact as possible to keep the natural beauty of the island intact. He also staffs the hotel with mainly locals to help the community and keep the natural feel of the resort intact.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Beyond this island adventure, he is an investor in many different kinds of business that fall into a wide rang of categories and industries. He also is the co-founder of the fashion brand Tory Burch. Burch has made the companies philosophy and culture to be about expressing the entrepreneurial values and always finding new opportunities, go to  He is all about imagination, creativity, and support. He wants to make a lasting impact on his customer’s lives. He has helped 50+ companies grow and succeed with his entrepreneurial skills.


Nick Vertucci’s Academy Has A Way To Build Wealth Almost Overnight

Real estate often has a reputation for being a tricky and risky business field to get into, but Nick Vertucci is working to get people flipping properties within months. His organization, the NV Real Estate Academy has courses in real estate that simply the terminology and explain concepts in ways that are easier than most university courses or firms explain them. Vertucci believes that once you get the financing for property acquisitions, the rest is pretty straightforward.

Nick Vertucci at one point learned real estate investing with no previous experience or degree in the field. His family were blue collar workers who had to work long hours to support everyone. Times were hard when young Nick lost his father and then had to live in his vehicle by age 18. He saw a time of good fortune for several years when he built a business in computer part sales and earned enough money to buy a home. But his fortune wouldn’t last forever because the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 and his business immediately went defunct. Nick Vertucci did all he could to fight off debt and in doing so lost his car, most of his valuables and nearly lost his house. With not a lot of options left, he decided to attend a real estate seminar a friend told him about. It turned out to be the best thing he ever did as he later said.

What Nick Vertucci learned at the seminar was that the tools needed to succeed in real estate were all out there and could be easy to use if you know what they are. He took the instructions he gained at the seminar to heart and started buying residential units. Teaming up with construction contractors and property planners, he began turning his properties into high end establishments and they brought in high returns. Vertucci soon overcame his debt and was able to live the kind of life he and his family had always dreamed of. He’s retired today, but he takes great pride in knowing his academy is helping others find their own road to wealth through it.

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