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U.S. Steel Is Paying Up For Its Mistake

About a year ago, U.S Steel spilled hexavalent chromium into a tributary of Lake Michigan. As a result of the spill, four beaches were closed in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. A plume of hexavalent chromium drifted close to one of the places where Chicago gets its drinking water, causing the city to spend $75,000 monitoring the situation. Indiana American Water was very concerned about tainted water, so they shut down a well at Ogden Dunes.

U.S. Steel has agreed to do things to make up for their mistakes. They have agreed to pay a civil penalty that is about $600,000.00, revamp their wastewater monitoring system, give $240,500 to the National Park Service and give money to other government agencies.

U.S. Steel is currently being held up to certain standards in an effort to keep future pollution events from happening. By April 15th, they must develop a plan for wastewater management and send it to the IDEM and EPA. By June 15th, they must repair a concrete containment trench.

The spill happened on April 11th, 2017. Soon after, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the EPA inspected the plant and found numerous violations.

According to Paul Labovitz, the Indiana Dunes National Park Superintendent, it is a good thing that the spill didn’t happen during beach season. If it happened during beach season, people would have been bathing in toxic waters.

Hexavalent chromium was made famous by the movie “Erin Brokovich,” a biographical film about a spill.

Celebrating Spring

With temperatures in the 30s and 40s across the state, it might not feel like spring just yet in Indiana – don’t worry, it’s on it’s way. Food Network has amazing Spring Recipes to you get you in the mood for sunshine, flowers, and warmer weather.

From Roasted Shrimp and Orzo to a Sparkling Sidecar, you can get yourself prepared and ready for warmer temperatures. You can start planning now for the upcoming warming trend (hello 60s and 70s) by taking a practice run at making an Easy Rhubarb Crisp or Orange-Glazed Blueberry Scones. Or, think outside the box with a snack of Square Deviled Eggs and Sweet Pea Dip.

When you think of spring, you think of flowers, bright colors, and new life all around. Enjoy all of this with a picnic in one of Indiana’s many parks and enjoy fun new recipes from Food Network, all designed with spring in mind. Catch an Indiana Hoosier’s baseball game (or a minor league team game) while having the classiest tailgate around; enjoy a side of Herbed Snap Peas, an Antipasto Platter (with grilled vegetables), and Beet and Goat Cheese Arugula Salad.

No matter what you are looking for, or what kind of spring celebration you have planned, Food Network’s Spring Entertainment Guide will get you started in the right direction. Your friends and family will be impressed with your culinary skills, and you will be certain you welcomed Spring in with the right kind of pizazz.

Jeff Aronin: The Executive at Paragon Biosciences, LLC

Jeff Aronin is an American entrepreneur who focused on creating a business based on medicine. He founded the Paragon Biosciences, LLC, a medical company which researches and creates treatments for a variety of diseases. He has been working with the company he founded for more than two decades, and through the long years of his service with the Paragon Biosciences, LLC, he has acquired the skills and abilities he needs to lead the developing biotech company. Paragon Biosciences, LLC focuses on researching the potential of biotechnology, and how it can address some of the basic problems of humanity. Jeff Aronin wanted to innovate the healthcare industry in the United States, and through his researches, he believes that more people can be saved from pathogens which pose a great risk to humanity.

Bioscience Leader

Having a background in the study of rare diseases, it is effortless for Jeff Aronin to identify which kind of disease someone acquired basing only on the symptoms they have provided. Because of this incredible ability, he became one of the leading pillars of the bioscience industry. One of the most significant works attributed to Paragon Biosciences, LLC and Jeff Aronin is the development of a medical procedure which would accelerate the results performed in a medical study, like tests. He knew that most patients are anxious, especially when they are told to wait, so he has sped up these processes for them to acquire the information that they are looking for in the least time possible. Products and services provided by Paragon Biosciences, LLC are being approved by the FDA, and they keep on monitoring new products that are being manufactured by the company.

Passionate Head

Jeff Aronin has an extensive history in the field of medicine and healthcare. He has become an executive for several medical companies, and he has given all of what he has got to contribute to the success of these companies. He is also an active philanthropist, and it is reported that Jeff Aronin has been donating a huge sum of money for charities and foundations. This money that he provides correctly came from his pocket, and Jeff Aronin revealed that giving feels good so he has to be constant with it.

Chris Linkas Discusses Need to Save and Invest Early

Most people are well aware that they will need to be able to save and invest a lot of money in order to retire, buy a home, or complete a variety of other long-term financial goals. While most people are aware of how important it is to develop a good investment and savings strategy, many do not consider how important it is to start saving as early as possible. Ideally, you should start saving money and investing as soon as you are working a full-time job. There are many reasons and benefits why starting to invest in safe as early as possible is very beneficial.


Investing Early

One of the main reasons why you should start saving and investing as soon as possible is that you can learn more about investing in the markets. Investing in the markets is a very foreign concept to most novice investors. However, many people who continue to invest overtime will soon be able to identify trends and other investment opportunities. The sooner you start investing as advised by Chris Linkas, the sooner you will be able to start noticing these advantages and trends.

Another reason why you should start to invest in the markets as soon as possible is that you can take advantage of compound interest. This type of interest is the amazing ability for investment interest income to compound on itself over time. Those that are able to start investing at an earlier age will often find that they are able to achieve far more with investments with far less invested than those that wait even 10 years to start investing. This can lead to far greater overall returns for those that are able to follow a sound savings and investment strategy.

For those that are new to investing and would like to achieve their long-term financial goals, speaking with Chris Linkas could be a great idea. He is an experienced investment professional that has helped many people established and meet their long-term financial goals. Chris Linkas will also be able to further explain to you the benefits of starting to save as much as possible at an early age.

A gem in real estate Graham Edwards Telereal to help voters

Joining Centre for Policy Studies as The Chairman of the new Housing Policy Group and a CPS Research fellow is Graham Edwards Telereal. The former chief investment officer of Talismans Global Asset Management and current CEO of Telereal Trillium since 2001 is a Cambridge University economics former student. He also had previously worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management as a fund manager. Graham Edwards’ success in previous and current positions at different companies has shaped them. Under his leadership, Trillium was acquired from Land Securities Group Plc. This merging enabled Telereal Trillium, a 50/50 joint with William Pears, to become the property leader in property outsourcing and investment ( As the CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards Telereal together with other company workers, the number of assets under the company’s management has tremendously increased. Serving on various boards and committees has made Mr. Graham Edwards Telereal such a busy man. An investor and philanthropist, he reaches out to the society in a charitable way, just but another addition to his strong reputation. Aimed at offering a more prosperous future through offering a platform which speaks to voter’s needs and aspiration, CPS seeks to focus on housing and planning, welfare, business and enterprise, tax and cost of living; all matters affecting people’s lives and futures. The new team that has been put together is aimed at helping out citizens. To tackle out each and every issue; leaders have been allocated duties in which their expertise is required, overseen by Alex Morton, director at Field Consulting. The senior editor at the Cato Institute Tom Clougherty will be the head of tax, while both Rachael Wolf and Public First will work with the rest of the team on welfare. Because of Graham Edwards Telereal’s history on high achievement levels, Centre for Policy Studies best placed him to oversee the real estate sector. Because of his history on high achievement levels on dealing with Real Estate, Centre for Policy Studies best paced him to oversee this sector. Housing in most countries has been a major issue. Lots of citizens experience stumbling blocks that hinder them when it comes to home ownership.


Fort Wayne Tincaps Open Up Season

While the Major League Baseball season has been underway for a week or so now, the minor league teams are finally ready to play ball! The Fort Wayne Tincaps, winner of the Midwest League’s Eastern Division title last season, are back and ready for action opening up the season on the road against the Lake County Captains. The Tincaps have solid roots in the Fort Wayne area, coming to the city in 1993 under their original name of the Fort Wayne Wizards (they switched their nickname to the Tincaps in 2009 to coincide with their new stadium). An affiliate of the notoriously prospect-heavy San Diego Padres, the Tincaps will boast one of the more exciting rosters in minor league baseball.

For Tincaps fans who can not wait to make it to Parkview Field to catch a game, I’ve got good news: the wait will not be long! The Captains come to Fort Wayne to take on the Tincaps on April 7th in what will be the home opener. To coincide with the excitement of a new season the Tincaps will be hosting a fireworks show during the postgame festivities. Minor League baseball is an environment like none else in the professional sporting world, and the Tincaps have done a spectacular job turning Parkview Field into an affordable and family friendly environment. Baseball is back, and spring is coming — so get out there and go cheer on the Tincaps as they try and bring back a Midwest League championship for the first time since their last win in 2009.

Colts Set For Draft

During the 2017 NFL season, the Indianapolis Colts were considered one of the more disappointing teams in the league. During the season, the Colts only ended up winning four games while losing 12. While the team did not do very well during the year, much of the reason for the down year was due to injuries. Starting quarterback Andrew Luck ended up missing the entire year, which prevented the team from being able to move the ball consistently.

Despite the struggles in 2017, fans of the Colts still have plenty of reason for optimism for the future. One of the main reasons for this optimism is backed up Andrew Luck should be able to come back in full strength next year. When Luck has been on the field, he has been considered one of the top quarterbacks in the league and should be able to continue till be the offense in the coming years. Furthermore, the team has one of the best young wide receivers in the league in TY Hilton. Last year was a down year for Hilton as well, but once Luck is back Hilton is bound to regain his Pro Bowl form.

As the 2018 NFL offseason continues, the main focus for the team will be on the upcoming draft ( At the end of the season, the Colts held the number three overall pick in the draft. This gave the team a lot of options when it came to looking to make a trade or even draft a player very high. Ultimately, they decided to swap first round picks with the New York Jets, who held the number 6 overall selection and also gave up some other picks as well.

At the number six pick, the Colts will look for ways to improve their defense. While they may be interested in getting Saquaon Barkley if he falls that far, the team will likely end up trying to draft a defensive star. The two key players overall that could fall to that point are Tremaine Edmunds and Bradley Chubb. Edmunds was a star linebacker from Virginia Tech and Chubb played at NC State. Both players should be top 10 selections and could be available for the Colts when their pick comes up.

Seacrest In: The Making of a Famous Personality

Born in 1974, Ryan John Seacrest has become one of the most famous personalities in history. He is most known for his newly-launched menswear and hosting duties on American Idol. However, Seacrest has done more in his long career than one singing competition.

As a young child, Seacrest knew what he wanted to do as a grown up, be a radio personality. He actually had his first radio show on air during the 1990s in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Later, he went to college, but did not stay. Seacrest left college before graduating because he wanted to start his career. He knew if he wanted to become a radio personality, he had to go to Hollywood.

One of his first jobs in Hollywood was hosting a radio show called Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home. He did find other jobs during the 1990s like a kids’ show called Click.

It wasn’t until that 2002, when Seacrest got the big break he dreamed he would get. He co-hosted American Idol. He would later get the hosting duties to himself. Seacrest didn’t rest on his newfound American Idol fame. Instead, he worked hard to acquired one job after another. For instance, he became the host of the American Top 40 and On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

He worked on television shows besides Idol too. In 2005, he began working with his idol, Dick Clark, on the New Year’s Eve specials. He hosted E! News show until 2011. He was chosen by NBC to help with their summer Olympics coverage in London and hosted a game show.

Ryan Seacrest ventured into producing too. His company produced a variety of reality television shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He’s won an Emmy award for producing a cooking show called Food Revolution.

Seacrest has never been a star who thought solely about himself. He’s used his fame to help other people. For instance, he created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to help children in pediatric hospital. He’s opened fully operational broadcast media centers called Seacrest Studios. The studios are a positive aid in the healing process during their time in the hospital.

April 9th is Deadline to Register to Vote in Indiana

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum it is of the utmost importance that you perform your civic duty and vote. For those in Indiana the chance to register to vote in the ever important primary election (to take place on May 8th, 2018) is fast approaching. If you want to register vote you only have until April 9th to do so, do not put this ever important task off: register to vote by going to the state government’s voter registration website to ensure you can make your voice heard.

If you are under 18 years of age currently but will turn 18 before the NOVEMBER election you are still allowed to register to vote in the primary. Many 17 year olds will shirk their responsibility to register because they think their nominal age in May rules them out, however you most definitely can still cast your vote if you will be turning 18 before the November midterms.

It truly goes without saying that voting is the backbone of our democracy yet every election millions of Americans sit out and do not cast their ballot. Luckily, there is still plenty of time to get educated on the candidates running for office in Indiana. However, the time to register to vote is running out very quickly. A duty of this importance should not be trusted to be done at the last minute, so do your civic job and get registered to vote before the April 9th deadline comes and goes.

End Citizens United Vows To Oust The Big Money 20

End Citizens United is a grassroots caucus that seeks to overturn the decision by the Supreme Court to allow unlimited use of undisclosed funds in both party and individual campaigns in the United States Elections. It has mobilized like-minded supporters from across all the states in the US. The group seeks to sensitize Americans on what it believes is a threat to democracy in the US. Some of the activities it is pursuing include raising funds to support selected candidates from either political divide as long as such a politician demonstrates strong support for their objectives. The organization has a plan to spend $35 million in support of its cause.

Getting Rid of Big Money from American Politics

End Citizens United has crafted a list of 20 Republican candidates it wants out of leadership. The organization wants the group that has come to be referred to as the Big Money 20, out of politics. The group of 20 candidates is said to have favored interest that exceeds the expectations of their own constituents. They have shown compromise in a variety of ways including accepting large donations, supporting legislation that is believed to be counteractive to the efforts of ridding politics of the big money vice or openly or subtly opposing finance reforms. The Big Money 20 group includes Ted Cruz; the Senator for Texas, the Senator of Nevada, Dean Heller, Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, Mike Bishop of Michigan, Mike Bost from Illinois, Rod Blum, Mike Coffman, the Colorado Rep, Ryan Costello from Pennsylvania, Rodney Frelinghuysen from New Jersey, Dan Hunter from California, Will Hurd of Texas, Darrel Issa from California, the New Jersey Rep Tom MacArthur, the Minnesota Rep, Erik Paulsen, Pat Meehan of Pennylvania, the California Rep, Dana Rohrbacher, the North Carolina Rep. Rob Pittenger, Peter Roskam from Illinois, Mimi Walters from California and Claudia Tenney Rep for new York.

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The List of Shame

According to the Executive Director of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, the above list represents some of the worst pretenders in leadership among the Republicans. The Political Action Committee has set a target to raise over $35million from the grassroots to aid its preferred candidates in the midterm elections of 2018.


Owing to the fact that End Citizens United does not operate as a political party but rather as a traditional action committee, the group does not accept contributions exceeding $ 5, 000. The group hopes to raise sufficient funding from its members that are estimated to be over 3 million. End Citizens United has attracted significant support from both independents and the Democratic Party.

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