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A Recent Event of Highland Capital Management

Jim Dondero has been greatly impressed by the Bush Center. This particularly in the community for the national impact and influence. Also, Dondero will be joining Kenneth Hersh for his executive advisory council. Hersh is the CEO and president for the Bush Center.

This will give information about an event James Dondero was a part of in Dallas, Texas. In the start of this year promising things were happening at the George W. Bush Presidential Center and the George W. Bush Institute that’s connected to it. Dondero’s company that he co-founded Highland Capital has been a Bush Center founding patron. Since the year 2012 $5 million has been donated. Also, in Boeing the gift will help the after 9/11 veterans go in a transition to civilian life. Read this article at

Highland capital in the coming weeks will host a program called Engage, it’s a type of public program series. The Boeing corporation have also helped in the $10 million commitment. This money will go in support of the Military Service Initiative for the institute, this will help the post 9/11 veterans. There will be a program in two parts that was formed with the National Constitution Center. This is free to the public; the date of the event is Monday February 5th at 6:30 in the evening.


There is a lot of activity for this event. First, the child of the late U.S Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will be interviewed. Recently, he wrote a book of a mix of favorite speeches of his father, it’s called “Scalia Speaks” Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived.” Then, there will be a panel discussion. This will be about the media landscape featured today, it will also be based on what James Madison the First Amendment author would think about it.

There will be four individuals who will be showing participation in the panel. The moderator will be the Director of Global Initiatives from the Bush Institute Amanda Schnetzer. One of the panelists is CEO and President of the National Constitution Center Jeffrey Rosen. Also, it will include Mike Wilson the Editor for “Dallas Morning News”. Finally, media researcher Amy Mitchell. She is the co-author of the “State of the News Media” report which is the annual issue for the Pew Research Center. Visit to know more.

Carrier Slashes 215 More Jobs at Indianapolis Plant

The Carrier plant in Indianapolis laid off 215 of its employees Thursday in a cost-cutting move. The Indiana-based heating and air-conditioning plant’s latest round of lay-offs comes after already sending 600 jobs from the Indianapolis plant to Carrier’s facilities in Monterrey Mexico this past year.

The job cuts come one year after a highly publicized visit by then president-elect Donald Trump claiming to have negotiated a deal between Carrier’s parent company United Technologies, and the state of Indiana to save the plant from closing. The deal included 7 million dollars in tax incentives for the company to remain in business in Indiana.

Addressing a crowd of supporters and employees at the Carrier plant last December Trump promised, “Companies are not going to be leaving the United States any more without consequences. Not going to happen.” The President even made the claim of adding jobs to the plant, “And by the way, that number is going to go up substantially as they expand this area, this plant. So the 1,100 is going to be a minimum number”.
Trump’s speech at Carrier plant in Indianapolis Indiana December 2016

Last November the Rexnord Corporation, members of the same labor union as Carrier, closed down its nearby Indianapolis plant costing 300 workers their jobs. This year United Technologies also has plans to close their UTEC facility in Huntington Indiana, costing the state another 700 jobs. Around 60 former Carrier employees have enrolled in a company sponsored educational reimbursement program to earn a academic degree.

Indian Man Fights Back After Wrongful Conviction

The state of Indiana is finding itself in the cross hairs of a lawsuit filed by a former inmate, Keith Cooper. The lawsuit is for the time he spent in prison, and he has a good chance considering he is the first person in Indiana’s history who has ever been pardoned for being innocent.

Cooper was convicted of armed robbery which caused him to spend a decade in prison. Cooper is now fifty years old, and living as a free man. His case came into the spotlight when Vice President Mike Pence, who was then serving as the governor of Indiana, received Coopers file with unanimous recommendations from the state parole board for exoneration and still declined to issue a pardon for Cooper.

Following Trumps win and Pence’s move to the White House, his predecessor, Eric Holcomb, quickly granted Cooper’s pardon which made him the very first man in the history of the state of Indiana to be pardoned for innocents. Cooper invested a lot of time in this pardon, six years of waiting for the pardon from the parole board followed by three years of waiting for the governor’s office to act on said pardon.

Now that Cooper is a free man, he has filed a complaint against the City of Elkhart, Indiana as well as the local police department stating that they manufactured and create evidence against him to create his guilt. Cooper was convicted of a 1996 robbery where one man was shot. Twelve years after the incident, in 2008, two key witnesses in the original trial, Michael Kershner and his mother Nona Canell, both gave statements that were recorded stating they had misidentified Cooper in the crime. Canell even stated that during the investigation she had even requested to see a suspect lineup but the Steve Rezutka, the lead detective on the case, told her there was no need because they had the right man. In 2006 DNA evidence even put another man at the scene, and the state court judge who had originally sentence Cooper offered him a deal for resentencing him for time served. Cooper was freed at that time but was still a convicted felon.

Five years later, Cooper filed a petition to have the crime he did not commit expunged from his record. After three years, the state parole board finally voted unanimously that Cooper be pardoned and sent the recommendation to Governor Mike Pence. Pence then did not act on the pardon for two years. In the summer of 2016, while Pence was campaigning with Trump for the Presidency, he had a letter sent to Cooper stating that to his knowledge, Cooper had not filed a petition with the Elkhart County court to determine weather post-conviction relief was available, the letter also stated that Pence would not be acting on the pardon.

Cooper spent years fighting to regain his good name, and it was well worth the effort because he has now restored his reputation. His lawsuit is pending, and while it does not name the governor in it, it does specifically name Rezutko, the investigator in the robbery, for maliciously prosecuting Cooper with false evidence. Cooper states that due to all this, he now suffers from depression as well as PTSD. If you would like to have a more detailed run down of the case, head to Buzzfeed.

Bob Reina and Conference Planning

Talk Fusion has just launched an enhanced Live Meetings version. Live Meetings is the name of a computer program that encourages parties to participate in communications in real time. It’s a contemporary application that comes with the ease of an interface that’s totally upgraded. It employs the beloved WebRTC system in full force as well. Bob Reina is the main man behind Talk Fusion. He founded the company and has been working on it ever since. Reina took part in an Internet broadcast in order to discuss the new version.


Live Meetings makes it possible for users to set up conferences that revolve around video. It makes it possible for users to send video clips as well. People who are interested in optimal ease can turn to Live Meetings any time the need for presentation or meeting planning arises. Live Meetings can accommodate upward of 15 different hosts at a time. It can accommodate 500 users in general, too. People who wish to attend conferences can get to them through their PCs (Personal Computers), mobile devices and tablets.


The latest version of Live Meetings comes with all types of positive tweaks and adjustments. It employs impressive recording technology that is useful due to the fact that extra downloads simply aren’t part of the equation. People can get to this software using their Internet browsers. This can be helpful for a wide range of reasons. It can make compatibility a lot stronger. It can conserve time as well. Users don’t have to fret about the installation of Adobe Flash Player. They don’t have to concern themselves with plug-in software options, either.


Bob Reina is Talk Fusion’s prominent Chief Executive Officer. He first developed the concept of Talk Fusion back in 2004. This was when he was checking out a North Carolina residence. He filmed footage of this property as well. He was seriously contemplating purchasing it. He attempted to send the video of the property to his family members for feedback purposes. AOL, however, indicated that the task was not realistic. This stressed Reina out immensely. It also encouraged him to take matters into his own hands. That’s the main reason that Talk Fusion exists today.


Reina is a man who aims to wake up at approximately 5:30 in the morning. His day generally begins with email. He’s the kind of professional who is constantly focusing on the future. Learn more:

Nick Vertucci and How Taking a Chance can Change your Life

Real estate is a robust industry that has been growing massively and is still expanding to this day. Many people have managed to change their lives completely because of their work in the business.

One of these people established a company and eventually also launched a real estate academy where he teaches people how to do investments n the industry of real estate and how to make successful and educated choices long their newly established careers in the business.

Mr. Nick Vertucci has been experiencing a lot of success in the industry. Despite the fact that his start was timid, he managed to amass a treasure trove of knowledge about real estate and how to make the best choice possible. Of, course there have been ups and downs, but this real estate investor believes that the industry has the power to change lives.

Over the curse of his years of learning and practicing, Mr. Nick Vertucci gained momentum in his line of work. He developed a strong passion for real estate investments as well as the desire to teach other everything he has learned and continued to learn.

The businessman established the business called The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. The business later stemmed the NV Real Estate Academy that has established itself as the flagship of resources on everything real estate.

The NV Real Estate Academy has more than a dozen trainers that teach people about what it takes to succeed in the industry of real estate. The founder himself is exceptionally passionate about that as he used to be in a similar situation as many of the student at the NV Real Estate Academy.

Mr. Nick Vertucci and his parents had lost most of their finances when he was a young boy. He had to spend his teenage years living in a caravan and fending for himself. He put a start to a small business for selling computer parts, and that worked out well for a while. Eventually, he started a family, but life had a different thing in mind.

The family lost their financial stability as the computer parts retail business started falling through. For more than a year the family was living on a minimum income. That began to change when Mr. Nick Vertucci decided to take a chance on a real estate seminar. After that, he started accumulating knowledge from any resources and this newfound passion changed his life.

Mac and Cheese Festival Back in Indianapolis:

It’s the ultimate comfort food. It’s mac and cheese, and once again, this dish will have a celebration all to itself.

Indianapolis will again host the Mac and Cheese Festival. It takes place February 4th at the Circle City Industrial Complex on Brookside Ave. It should be no surprise the festival is back on after the success it experienced last year. The inaugural Mac and Cheese Festival took place at the Pan American Pavilion, and drew in excess of 3,000 people. Media reports stated the line for the festival stretched around the entire arena. Your text to link…

More than 30 Indianapolis area restaurants are expected to participate in this year’s Mac and Cheese Festival. Included among them are LouVino, Union Jack Pub, Tulip Tree Creamery, and Rooster’s Kitchen. Attendees can expect more than just a traditional dish of mac and cheese. Some of the creations available for sampling include mac and cheese balls, as well as mac and cheese with bacon, breadcrumbs, beans, and other additions. The participating restaurants and chefs will be competing for the best mac and cheese dish of the festival. This festival also counts toward the World Food Championships.

Tickets for the Mac and Cheese Festival are $25 for general admission and $40 for the VIP package. The Mac and Cheese Festival will be held in six cities across the county in 2018, including Indianapolis.

Why People are Choosing Talkspace


Therapy has always been a great way for people to have someone to talk to about their problems. Unfortunately, the luxury of going to see a therapist isn’t always something that everyone is able to do. Therapists are often expensive and inconvenient for most people, and this prevents people from getting the help that they need. If you are noticing that you’re beginning to have issues with mental health problems and know that you need help, there is an app that you can download that is actually better than going to see a therapist locally.

Talkspace has been created by New York City professionals who knew there was something missing in the world of therapy for our modern world. People nowadays are always on the go, and it makes sense that your therapy should be the same. Instead of trying to make appointments and taking time off of work just to go to them, you can make use of Talkspace as an app that you download to your mobile device. Talkspace gives you access to professionals who are there to be the listening ear and sound advice that you’ve needed for years.

Talkspace is also a lot cheaper than other methods of therapy. In fact, you’ll probably only spend a few dollars a day to get connected to a therapist when compared to the hundreds of dollars you’d spend per session to see a local therapist. This is why a lot of people have been switching from local-based therapy to the type you can do online or through a mobile app like Talkspace. You will be able to get in touch with your therapist either by messaging them or by setting up a video chat session where you will be able to see them face-to-face like you would in an office.

Focused Cancer Treatments Offered by Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is offering focused cancer treatments for more precise cancer care. Those with cancer may investigate all of the unique benefits that this type of targeted cancer treatment provides by looking up their new article on WebMD. This site delivers common language written medical details that everyday citizens can freely understand. Some of the offered specialized cancer treatments are posted with links to reveal further information. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a for-profit cancer center that delivers some of the newest treatments that cancer experts have determined to be more efficient and better.

This world class health entity has several beautiful healthcare hospitals all devoted to cancer treatment. This company is fully involved in cancer research, and they are often called upon by other healthcare professionals for their unique take on various cancer treatments. These cancer experts use a team approach to better the outstanding care services that Cancer Treatment Centers of America have become well known for. This team method enables better cohesiveness between the varying departments involved in a patient’s cancer treatment plans. Communication is key, and all of the special departments add their benefits to the total cancer care program.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America encourages patients to ask questions regarding their care. More informed patients are deciding to obtain their cancer treatments at one of these fine centers. Along with the expected medical treatments, CTCA also includes many other support therapies to better the entire cancer treatment experience for every single important patient that is treated by this cancer center. Professionals that work at CTCA are always ready to explain any process or new treatment to their patients. Can

cer Treatment Centers of America firmly believes that more knowledge raises the patient’s awareness and takes away that fear of what is unknown.

Education regarding specific cancer care options is being widely promoted by this excellent cancer institution. Cancer educational articles are provided by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and currently also on WebMD. These articles explain more about this center’s exciting new methods to treat cancer. Patients are given the option of seeing other specialists that aid in their healing journey. These experts are able to deliver many new and extremely helpful support measures able to relieve some pain, nausea, tiredness, mental issues, skin problems and dietary issues. Dietitians, therapists, social workers, alternative therapy professionals and more combine their efforts for recovery.

City of Carmel Unveils Name of New Hotel:

There is a new boutique hotel coming to Carmel, and it now has a name that honors both the city and a renown jazz performer. City Center will be the home of the Hotel Carmichael. The first part of the name ties to the city itself, while the second part is in honor of Michael Feinstien. He is a jazz singer and pianist who has released 28 albums and has been nominated for five Grammys. Feinstein will run a nightclub located within the Carmichael Hotel. Your text to link…

Mayor Jim Brainard said he is excited to see this newest hotel become a reality. He pointed out there the city has many hotels along the Meridian Corridor, but they are often booked up. Along with giving the city more hotel rooms, the Carmichael will be close to one of Carmel’s most popular venues, the Palladium. People staying in the Carmichael can get there in a few minutes, then after the performance, they spend the rest of the evening enjoying all the other amenities of downtown Carmel.

The City of Carmel entered into a public private partnership with Pedcor, the developer behind the City Center project, to have the hotel constructed. Back in September, the City Council approved $15 million in funding for the hotel project. When completed, the Carmichael Hotel will be more than 106,000 square feet in size and have 122 rooms, a restaurant, a business center, and Feinstein’s nightclub.

Pacers Continue to Surprise NBA

One of the biggest traditions in the state of Indiana is basketball. Because of this, the Indiana Pacers, who are in the NBA, are always a focal point of the state. Heading into the 2017-18 season, there was a lot of concern that the team could be taking a step back in the wrong direction. Much of this was due to the fact that star guard Paul George was traded away. While the Pacers did not look like a team that would compete, they have surprised a lot of people and appear to be heading towards greater things (

While the Pacers lost George, who was previously the leading scorer on the team, the team has appeared to be more cohesive this year. They currently average more than 107 point per game, which makes them one of the top offensive teams in the NBA. The team is led by guard Victor Oladipo, who was acquired in the trade for Paul George. Oladipo is having an All-Star caliber season by averaging nearly 25 points per game.

Overall, the Pacers seem like they could compete for a playoff spot by the end of the year. At this point, the Pacers have that is just over .500. This is good for 8th place in the conference, which would allow them to quality for the playoffs. As the league approaches the halfway point, there are many decisions that will need to be made to decide how they can continue to compete and win in the second half of the season.

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