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Bob Reina of Talk Fusion Has a Heart for Animals

Bob Reina has found the perfect way to give back to his community that’s in accordance with one of his passions in life and that’s by making a substantial donation to the Tampa Humane Society. He’s also done his part on a personal level as he’s adopted eleven dogs and cats at different times to rescue them from various troubles.

He’s always been an animal lover and is touched by their inherent helplessness at certain times and this has motivated him to donate one million dollars to animal causes. Reina has served in the past as a Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy but it was his startup company called Talk Fusion that has been the foundation of his success and ability to support worthy endeavors.

The money that Reina is donating will go toward the funding of a low-cost veterinary clinic which will serve people who are currently unable to afford basic services. The clinic will provide a range of services such as shots, spay and neuter services, checkups, and diagnostic testing among other things at reduced, affordable prices.

This outreach is in keeping with Bob Reina’s character as he’s helped those who are less fortunate by paying their vet bills on many occasions in the past. Darryl Shaw is a Chief Executive at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners clinic and speaks highly of Reina’s generosity in such matters.

Talk Fusion came about as Bob Reina noticed a need for video emails when he tried to send a short clip of a home he was interested in buying. An idea was born and he joined it to a direct selling model whereupon the company took off.

The product line of Talk Fusion has expanded and they’ve become a company that covers the entire category of video marketing. The online video trend is one area that Reina sees as transformational and disruptive. The connectivity of the world is growing exponentially and he’s excited to be a part of it. He credits the growth of Talk Fusion to their refusal to become one-dimensional and places a great emphasis on continual innovation in an effort to avoid stagnation. Learn more:


Highland Capital Management Inaugurates Healthcare Fund in Asia

Highland Capital Management’s alternative investment management firm, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd finalized a healthcare private equity fund with a whopping $147 million in total capital commitments. The private equity fund that focuses on the healthcare sector is the first project between Highland and Asia.

National Pension Service (NPS) of South Korea was the main investor in the private equity fund. The investors involved in the private equity fund proposed their specific objectives apart from the investment revenues. They wanted easier access to opportunities for co-investment to enable them to facilitate their objectives in the U.S, Korea, and China. Read more about Highland Capital at

Highland Capital will collaborate with Stonebridge Capital to co-manage the funds. Stonebridge Capital is a well-known private equity fund and venture capital firm of Korea. Highland will benefit from the partnership because the strategy of the fund is associated with the firm’s capabilities. Additionally, Highland Capital has a track record of over 15 years that is associated with healthcare companies.

The middle market healthcare sectors in both Asia and North America will be the target of the fund. Even though the healthcare sector faces difficulty that often affects the middle market companies, an evolution in reimbursement models will benefit the healthcare sector significantly.


Insights of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital is a famed SEC-registered investment adviser located in Dallas. The firm has offices in Singapore, Seoul, and New York. It has a broad client base including high net-worth individuals, corporations, endowments, financial institutions, and public pension plans. James Dandero and Mark Okada established Highland in 1993.The firm has expanded to become the best global alternative credit managers. Highland is valued at approximately $15.4 billion of assets under management together with its associates.

The Services of Highland Capital

Highland specializes in providing credit services like credit hedge funds, and collateralized loan obligation (CLO as well as long-only funds and separate accounts. Besides financial markets, the firm invests in the communities that its employees work and life. Highland is dedicated to improving their lives by encouraging volunteer programs, donating money to community organizations and the state non-profit organizations. Highland and its affiliates have contributed over $10 million to organizations globally since 2005. Visit to know more.

Investment Firm Executive James Dondero

James Dondero is the co founder and president of the Dallas based investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. He started up this firm in the year 1990 and help grow it into one of the top financial services firms in the world. Over the course of his career, James has gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise about the field of finance. He regularly studies the markets and is therefore able to find a number of highly profitable opportunities. During his tenure as the co founder and president of the firm, he expanded the firm from a life insurance company to one that provides a number of services such as financial advising and asset management. He is also among the more innovative finance professionals as he made his firm the first to offer collateralized loan obligations to clients. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

The career of James Dondero began when he first started working for an investment firm. During this time, he worked as a credit investment analyst. At this position, James would evaluate a number of financial securities that were backed by credit. This experience helped James develop his eventual business idea as well as advance to other senior level positions. Within the next several years, James would attain the position as chief investment officer where he would manage large sums of capital for major corporations. His stint as a chief investment officer would also help James gain experience and expertise in managing capital for other investors. By the beginning of the 1990’s, James would start up his own financial services firm.


Dondero started up a life insurance company with Mark Okada in 1990. Within two years, he built it into a very reputable company that provided quality life insurance products to consumers. However, James wanted to provide more services and expand the company. He would begin offering a number of services that were provided by other more established brokerage firms. Throughout the 1990’s, James would continue to expand the services offered to clients and add some innovative products as well. Dondero eventually offered collateralized loan obligations which would help numerous investors manage their capital. Visit to know more about James.

How can one get the highest value of retirement benefits according to David Giertz?

David Giertz is an international businessman who propels the growth of Nationwide Financer’s sales and distribution organization to the higher levels of profits through strategic planning and innovation. He is the CEO of this corporation. Giertz has vast experience in the leadership for over 30 years in addition to being a certified business coach with WACC and trains over 100 people today.

The company that he runs managed to increase its capital base from $11 billion to $17.8 billion in a pan of a short time. It is from this experience with management and finance that David Giertz came out to write an inspirational piece in which he advised the young entrepreneurs on how to ensure that they have a retirement with benefits. He divided this message into three sections.

Financial health literacy

Giertz argues that every young entrepreneur must be aware of his challenges regarding finance. He says that an individual has control over his destiny in as far as the retirement with benefits is concerned, especially when dealing with his/her finances. The great CEO proposes that one should know how much debts that he/she owes other people or companies and after which arrange for the payments of such debts with an immediate effect if possible. He says that the beginning of financial success is the ability to settle loans.

The utility of compound interest

Giertz invites the youth to be aware and take advantages of the financial loophole that exists today in the financial institutions as they vouch for the best future life with retirement cash. He uses his entrepreneurial lenses to explain that most financial institutions do not charge customers for withdrawals of the money that was deposited in a fixed deposit account. Therefore, he insists that young business people should begin saving whichever little the money they get in their daily businesses.

The power of managing many businesses

David Giertz explains that as a young businessperson, there is need to engage in many business activities so that at the end of the day you increase your capital base as well as the financial income. It is from this that you would be able to get more cash some of which you can save without feeling a pinch.

If you need any entrepreneurial inspiration, you should engage this powerful businessman and the CEO of one of the world’s fast-growing businesses.

Find out more about David Giertz:

Cool Beans: The Life Giving Benefits Of Coffee

We all know coffee delivers power and helps millions of us start the day off when we feel like we can’t muster the energy. But is it true that drinking coffee can positively add to our lifespan? Some might say it’s wishful thinking by those of us who consume this delicious hot beverage, but is it?

Coffee Power

The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published two articles on the power of coffee. Both articles are from August 15, 2017, and are entitled:

*Is Coffee Consumption Associated With Lower Risk for Death?

*Association of Coffee Consumption With Total and Cause-Specific Mortality Among Nonwhite Populations

The study analyzed hundreds of thousands of coffee drinking patients from all walks of life and races. They found no difference between African-Americans, Native Hawaiians, Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans, and European-Americans. Watch this video on Youtube.

The lead author of the study Veronica W. Stetiawan said of the study, “Seeing a similar pattern across different populations gives stronger biological backing to the argument that coffee is good for you…”

What was the conclusion of the study?

They concluded that the daily consumption of just several cups of coffee could dramatically lower the risk of death. Coffee will not cause long-term damage, but it does affect all people the same regardless of your race. Visit to know more.

Enter ORGANO™ Gold

In 2008 ORGANO™ Gold was launched. A networking marketing firm with a worldwide reach and aim of helping businesses increase their bottom line. They have various products from beverages to personal hygiene brands and are currently distributed in more than 50 countries throughout 6 continents.


A United Family

They promote the concept of a family unit among their partners because they understand that united you can get infinitely more done than going at it alone.

Organo Gold currently offers some of the best beverages on the market with a wide range of full flavored and specialty coffees.

Organo’s Coffee And Beverages:

Gourmet Black Coffee

King Of Coffee

Cafe Latte

Cafe Mocha

Cafe Supreme

Hot Cocoa

Green Tea

Red Tea

Black Ice

A Story of Online Two Connections – True Therapy?

In a recent Business Insider article, Erin Brodwin shares her experience using the new app called Talkspace. It offers text-message-based communication for those in need of online, “instant therapy” or support. This new powerhouse essentially offers a means where there is none since people can’t usually just find mental health counseling or someone to talk to from anywhere, at any time. We all know the time-consuming annoyances that come with having to set an appointment to fill out forms, then having to make another appointment for the initial session and fill out more forms, and then – finally – having to schedule that first, one-on-one, in-person meeting with the therapist. Let’s just be honest here: By the time the potential patient usually gets to that stage of the process, he or she will also need to schedule that first appointment for weeks, if not months, in advance.

Who has the time or patience to wait that long? We live in the Microwave Age: I want to speak to my therapist now! That is what Talkspace is all about, the very reason for why it was created. With Talkspace, people can reach out with a quick text and get help right away. After all, true emergencies don’t wait for anyone; they strike when they please, and one must have backup.

Talkspace – A Text Messaging Therapy App for the New World

Talkspace is an Android and iPhone app, respectively. It offers text-based, talk-based therapy. A common phrase that people use to describe it is, “Your therapist can text you now.” It works. Not only is the phrase catchy, but it’s accurate. As opposed to, “The doctor will see you now”, there’s now a more rapid, mobile solution.

Securus Technologies under the Leadership of Rick Smith

Securus Technologies is the leading company in the provision of high technology. The company serves more than 1000000 inmates. It also serves more than 2600 correctional facilities and more than 3400 prestigious businesses. This is because of their highly innovative products. The devices of the Securus Technology are highly coded, and no one else besides the provider can crack them.

Under the guidance of Rick Smith, Securus Company has been able to keep up with the world’s updates. The businesses are confident with Securus Company. They know their data is safe. This has helped avoid incidences that come along with crucial data in unauthorized hands. Some companies share experiences of how hackers demanded lump sums. This was with the threat of sharing their data with competitors.

For the government, their data on unauthorized individuals could lead to great problems. The government keeps a lot of secrets for the sake of the peace and safety of their citizens. Some of this information may be very harmful if known to the civilians. They may not fully reason with the government and may, therefore, lead to chaos. This is why Securus Technologies is given the responsibilities of protecting the state.

These responsibilities are many and sensitive. Rick Smith has been able to handle them because of his great skills.

Rick Smiths Academic Background and Experience

Rick Smith is an alumnus of prestigious schools. He has an MBA and masters in engineering and mathematics. He also a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. His education contributes greatly to his ability to run the business.

Besides his rich academic background, he has a very great experience. Experience is essential in running a business. It helps you understand the different seasons of the business. It also gives one a deeper understanding of the needs of the clients.

Rick Smith worked in different firms before joining Securus Company. He has a reputation of leaving the company better than it was. During his time in Eschelon-Telkom, he boosted the revenue of the company to $350 million from $30 million.

The Securus Technologies is going to be one of another Rick Smiths great success.

Final Verdict

The leadership of a company contributes greatly to the success of the business. This is why it is vital to do a background check and an exclusive research on the candidates for the CEO seat. Companies with great leadership systems have proofed to do great.

Rick Smith Securus is making a big difference in Securus Company. With the changes that the company has been experiencing, it is evident that he was the best candidate for the position.

Rick Smith is a futurist and hopes to ensure that more facilities get a chance to use the Securus Technologies in future.

Logan Stout an Entrepreneur and Charismatic Leader

Logan Stout Experienced the effects of Hurricane Harvey’s first hand as it happened close to his hometown Frisco, Texas. Stout is an entrepreneur and Started IDLife Company where he serves as the CEO. Stout knew that he had to do something to help the Hurricane victims and as a result, he mobilized people to help get the supplies to the victims. ID Life being a health and wellness camp also provided help to those who were affected. When asked what motivated him to help others, Stout replied, it is the desire to make an impact in life by helping people who will never repay you back.

Stout first thought of providing his warehouse space but on another thought saw that a convoy of boats and trucks could help deliver more items to the affected families rather than holding them in the warehouse. He quickly together with other volunteers helped transport dozen of pallets of supplies in the affected areas of Houston and Tomball.

Other volunteers who came on board to assist the Hurricane Harvey’s victim include David Wilks. Wilks decided that he will help transport supplies using his truck to the afffected families. Wilks is passionate about helping the survivors since he had been in a similar situation before. During Hurricane Isaac Wilk used to live in Louisiana which was badly affected by the Hurricane. Since then he has always endeavored to help others because he understands what the survivors go through. Wilks was also part of the rescue mission of Hurricane Katrina. Wilks is the owns and manages transport business known as Alden transport and Marine. some of the items that Wilks transported included water, clothes, food and cleaning supplies.

Stout did not stop at the community level he had a bigger picture in his mind and turned to social media and the mainstream media to appeal for help for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. His Facebook posts and participation on the Today Show was quite successful as it alerted millions of people towards the relief effort most of whom made generous contributions. Stout being a former baseball player knows to well the power of coming together as a team towards a common cause and that’s is why he is creating awareness to others to join in the noble cause of helping fellow citizens.

About Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a Serial Entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of IDLife which is a healthcare company dealing with the production and distribution of food supplements. The food supplements help add nutritional value to the body and aide sleep including weight management among others.

Stout was is so passionate about baseball and is also a former basketball player. He attended J.J Pearce H.S School and the University of Dallas where he earned a Psychology Degree. Besides, Stout holds a business degree from Panola University.

To know more click: here.

Michel Terpins: The Future Of Brazilian Rally Driving

Brazil is known as one of the most sport-loving countries in the world. In addition to soccer, the South American nation is known to have vibrant participation in a raft of sports, including motorsports. For an athlete to make it in such a competitive country, one has to be truly extraordinary – as is the case with Michel Terpins. Now aged 40, Terpins has in the last few years grown to become one of the best performing rally drivers in Brazil. Going forward, many in the industry see Michel Terpins as being one of the drivers to set the pace in the Brazilian motorsport industry.

Much of Michel Terpins’ rally success has come during the highly acclaimed annual Bull Sertoes Rally. He first participated in the rally in 2002 albeit in the motorcycle category. While he was quite a skilled motorcycle rider, he soon after decided to change tact and start racing as a car driver. He has since gone on to master the T1 prototype category, in which he has raced in the last few editions of the Bull Sertoes Rally. His dominance of the category in recent years has greatly been helped by the customized T-Rex that he drives. The burly car was developed by MEM Motorsport and offers Michel Terpins the perfect combination of speed, durability, and power.

As with any other successful rally driver, Michel Terpins owes a great deal of appreciation to his co-driver, Maykel Justo. The experienced navigator has been working with Terpins for the last two Bull Sertoes rallies, which by no coincidence also happen to be the best editions for Terpins. Many commentators attributed Michel Terpins’ win in the 2017 edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally to the smooth run over the dreaded marathon section. Making through this section requires top-notch navigational nous, not just driving skills.

Michel Terpins shares his strong passion for racing with his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins. Also a rally driver himself, Rodrigo Terpins has taken part in a few editions of the Bull Sertoes Rally. The two race under a collective known as the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

Bob Reina Talks Philanthropy and Business.

There are few things more consistently impressive than the rise of certain entrepreneurs to the height of their industry. Bob Reina went from being a retired police officer to one of the most important names in video marketing. Nowadays, video marketing is a regular part of our day to day lives. From the apps we use to the websites we visit, every inch of free space is used to promote via video. Reina saw this concept as a possibility far before the likes of YouTube or Vimeo or even Instagram. Reina saw the power of video and he acted on it and as a result, Talk Fusion came to be.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina with the express goal of creating a platform that savvy marketers could use to get their message out far and wide. Talk Fusion’s initial concept was borne of necessity. Reina had been touring a house with a realtor when he decided to ship off a video to friends and family of the walk through. However, no email client would let Reina simply send off his video with ease. This was the seed that eventually became the Video Email application that Talk Fusion launched their company with. Every successful entrepreneur starts by addressing a specific need that they are passionate about and can capably solve.


As an entrepreneur, you need to do more than just rest on the laurels of a successful idea. Reina says of his career, “I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve always been doing: looking ahead to the future.” Reina goes on to explain that Talk Fusion’s job is never done and that they are focused on always innovating and changing lives with their industry. This is the way that all entrepreneurs should look at their potential business.


Reina is about more than just finding success for himself, he’s all about giving back to the world around him. Reina says, “Giving back is always an emotional experience unlike any other.” Reina’s worked hard to give back to numerous charities, including donating $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa.



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