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Celebrity Attendance at Market America Convention 2017 Creates Memorable Moment for 25 Year History

The Market America Convention 2017 celebrated some of the most-extraordinary accomplishments of the past 25 years. It was a star-studded event with some well-known celebrities in attendance, including NBA champion Scottie Pippen, actor-comedian Jamie Foxx, singer and song-writer Alicia Keys along with her husband and producer Swizz Beatz. The celebrities were there to support and recognize the company’s outstanding accomplishments for almost three decades, and the 23,000 independent partners who attended the convention in Greensboro, North Carolina. Market America Inc. has become the fastest-growing and most-successful online retailer worldwide.

The company’s business model has enabled independent partners to reach their highest business potential and accomplish having the type of lifestyle they desire. Independent partners always look for ways to achieve their sales goals in many creative ways, and the company is always supportive with new products, which were launched during this year’s convention. The launch included the company’s much anticipated fall and winter Motives Cosmetics product line, and the availability is now being offered on

The celebrities who attended to show their support at the Market America Convention 2017 will forever be a part of the company’s history and a chapter of the enormous contributions to the online retail industry. Independent partners made the convention a spectacular event with their typical enthusiasm and excitement for their huge successes within the company. Many of those in attendance were honored for their achievements and accomplishments with attained goals as independent partners.

The community of international entrepreneurs has contributed greatly towards the company’s vision for having a can-do attitude with becoming successful. It takes their commitment to hard work and never giving up that is not only the back-bone of the company’s success, but also the type of attitude that is celebrated by the company at the yearly convention.

Tips And Tricks To Lose Weight While Eating Anything You Want


We’ve all seen the ads for the latest “miracle” pill, powder, or supplement that claims to make it possible to eat whatever we want and still lose weight. Such a thing would certainly be a miraculous invention, but the old adage of “if it sounds too good to be true then it possibly is” is especially true in this case. Don’t throw in the towel and reach for those bulky, oversized just yet though. Even though no wonder drug exists to make the pounds magically disappear, there are ways to lose weight while still enjoying all of your favorite foods.

You don’t have to turn to the latest diet craze, nor will you have to spend hours in the gym every day. All it takes is following a few simple guidelines to develop smart eating habits that will leave your taste buds AND your scales very happy. You can still enjoy your favorite foods – macaroni and cheese, pastries, ice cream, you name it – and not have to deal with worrying about weight gain. It’s all just a matter of eating smarter.



The thing that many people don’t know is that gaining or losing weight isn’t related exclusively related to the foods you eat, but rather the amount of high-calorie foods you eat. Therefore, losing weight requires that you pay close attention to the portion sizes of what you eat moreso than the food itself. If your diet consists of mostly junk, fast foods, deep-fried, calorie-laden foods, then you are going to need to make some changes. Adjusting your diet and the amount of unhealthy, high-calorie foods you eat will be necessary in order to achieve weight-loss success.



A lot of people eliminate calories, fats, and carbohydrates entirely, believing this will help them lose weight. In fact, this actually has the opposite effect. Depriving your body of the food and nutrients it needs will cause it to go into starvation mode. When this happens the body holds onto every calorie it ingests because it doesn’t know when it will get more. Instead, it stores the fat in order to have something to fall back on in the event it is deprived of food again. The body uses food as it’s fuel. The healthy food you put into it will help you to maintain energy levels. Limiting – NOT eliminating – high-calorie foods will help you to lose weight in a healthy, consistent way. You can follow these tips to eat what you like and still melt away the pounds:




When it comes to your favorite foods, it can be a challenge to stop at just a small portion, but this is the first cardinal rule of weight loss. Do some research into appropriate portion sizes and you will be well on your way to healthy weight-loss. Use some psychological tricks to re-program your brain: use smaller plates, share your food with someone else, keep only limited amounts of your “trigger” foods around so as to eliminate temptation.

If you need additional help and support, consider signing up for a program like the one describes in Nutrisystem for men, to learn more and get assistance with portion control.




In order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. If your calorie intake is 1500 a day, choose activities that will burn off 1800 calories each day. Reduce the number of high-calorie foods and portion sizes you are eating and losing weight will happen easily.




When eating less-than-nutritious foods, pay attention to every bite rather than just shoving it into your mouth. Take small bites and savor each one fully. In this way you will satisfy your cravings and your sweet tooth without piling on the pounds.




Before you put the first bite of food into your mouth, take a few moments to remind yourself of your weight-loss goals. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by eating while watching television or surfing the web. Take the time to enjoy every bite and you will find that you are satisfied faster than before. That means eating less – and that equals weight loss.




With just a little forethought and planning you will find yourself enjoying all the foods you love while losing weight and getting healthy. And no food tastes as good as getting fit and healthy feels!

Marc Sparks is an Entrepreneur Who Brings Ideas to Life

Marc Sparks is driven by a keen instinct for business and he has started dozens of companies in his amazing work history as an entrepreneur. He has reached a rare level of success in his career and he goes about his projects today with the same passion and energy that he’s always displayed. One significant difference is he doesn’t have to start a business today from his back bedroom like his early, formative days.

Timber Creek Capital is where he plies his trade these days and they recently relocated their office to a new building. This new location is particularly inspiring as well as being conducive to a collaborative atmosphere. Sparks believes that an atmosphere that helps in producing creativity and innovation is critical to those wishing to craft extraordinary businesses.

The range of resources that Timber Creek Capital can provide budding entrepreneurs is comprehensive and befits someone of Marc Spark’s stature. He owns the private equity firm and with his specialized knowledge, they are having a significant impact on those who bring ideas with legs. He helps them implement a viable business model and also helps them develop a strong corporate culture. They also construct short and long-range goals which provide stepping stones and a measuring stick to check their progress.

The incredible career of Marc Sparks is inspiring to many others who hope to find success in pursuing their dreams. He has given them many insights and anecdotes in his book entitled “They Can’t Eat You” which is an entrepreneur’s guidebook. The title reflects the finality of a zebra having the worst day of its life when it ends up as a predator’s dinner. Humans, on the other hand, can always start over or find a new idea. This book is for those entrepreneurs who are losing hope on the sometimes rocky road of starting a business.

Sparks was convinced that he should write the book by some of his colleagues who knew that his experience would be invaluable to others. He is candid and honest in the book despite some painful reminders of past failures on his journey to success. He considers these accounts to be the most important content in the whole book as they show people how to avoid costly mistakes.

A story from the early days of his career reveals the perseverance of Marc Sparks. He can remember being so poor that he had to buy groceries from a Texaco gas station with his credit card. He recalls that he was still very excited about life and pursuing his dreams as an entrepreneur who brings bold ideas to life.

Another important factor in the success of Sparks is his willingness to lay it all on the line which he has done throughout his career. He’s not sure if it’s ignorance or a gift but he’s never afraid to lose it all and this mindset has paid off big for him. Learn more:


SahmAdrangi: A Young Hedge Fund Manager with a Daring Attitude

Young but accomplished- that is the best definition anyone can get for Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Management. At only 35, he has done what some seasoned hedge fund investors and managers fear to even try their hands on.  The company is small regarding size and human resource, but SahmAdrangi manages to stand-in for a handful of professionals. His experience on Wall Street is enough to give legendary financial firms a good run for their money. After going the full cycle from a hedge manager fund manager, to a credit trader, credit portfolio manager, and lastly to a credit analyst, Sahm decided to take a break from active investment life. In his what many would call a sabbatical, he manages his firm- Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Dominating Wall Street

For over a decade working as a hedge fund manager, Adrangi worked with three top-level funds. Among the hedge funds that he managed were Paulson & Co and Longacre hedge fund, with the latter having been worth over $3 billion. As for the former, SahmAdrangi managed to master the art of shorting mortgage bonds, and by the end of his stay there, he had already raised the fund’s worth to over $6 billion. Having achieved all that, he saw it wise to throw the towel into the ring and call it a day. As of whether he will find his way back to Wall Street, it will be his personal decision to make. He, however, has made a good fortune from his role at Kerrisdale Capital Management.

More about Adrangi

In April last year, Adrangi was at it again doing what he does best- doing what is ordinarily considered impossible. He led his team at Kerrisdale Capital in raising over $100 million over a record short time, with the aim of investing in a $10 billion public company later. He developed websites for the company and marketed it far and wide, eventually winning over potential investors.

Adrangi became a professional economist 15 years ago after acquiring his B.A from Yale University. He then spent a couple of his early career days working for Deutsche Bank. Before moving to New York, Adrangi was working in Los Angeles as an analyst for Chanin Capital Partners. Adrangi established his firm in 2009.



Success of Rodrigo Terpins in the racing industry

Rodrigo Terpins is a graduate of Saint Hilaire where he got an award management and governance skills. Rodrigo competence in management skills enabled him to secure executive positions in aT5 Particpacoes Business Company. Rodrigo contribution in the company led to its rapid growth making it competitive among other companies.

Rodrigo managed to form a small charitable trust association within the business company. The association comprises voluntary stakeholders who contributed towards meeting the needs of the poor people in the community. Apart from providing basic needs to such group of people, the trust also set aside some funds to sponsor students who lacked school fees.

Rodrigo is one of the best rally drivers in the Bull Sertoes Rally Team in Brazil. He started as a simple motorcycle driver. Through his focus and hard work, he is now a remarkable rally driver and a team leader in the Rally team.

As a team leader, Terpins ensured that his team learned all the tactics of becoming the best team when competition events come. However, Terpins and his teammates worked hard and spent more hours and days practicing. They focused on ensuring that their team is competitive. Their efforts bore them fruits since they emerged as the top competitor in the Sertoes Cross Country event. For more details visit Terra.

Rodrigo spent some extra time apart from the usually practicing time to make his recap and practice to perfect his driving skills.Rodrigo determination and perseverance has earned him a high rating in the racing field.

Rodrigo Terpins has been corporative with his family and friends. They support each other in different things. Friends also contributed to his success from the support and skill that Rodrigo could learn from them. Besides, during competition family and friend s came to cheer him up thus encouraging him to make it at his best. However, Rodrigo worked hard to ensure that his brother achieves the dream of becoming a rally driver.

In conclusion, Terpins has set an exemplary record to rally drivers in the Bull Sertoes Team. Rodrigo stands out as a role model and a hero to his family and friends around. You can visit Google to see more.

A Look At Some Issues That Avaaz Supports

Avaaz is an international organization that seeks to have a positive impact on a wide range of causes. They seek to support the innate rights of humans as well as animals. They push to address climate change and mitigate its harmful effects on the environment. They also work to address other issues like poverty, corruption, and conflicts both internal to an individual nation as well as between different ones.

The main way they support these types of issues is through their website and through emails they send out to their members. Members can start a petition on the website which will be put under review by a team at Avaaz. Those petitions that make it through a few steps of review are then presented to the full membership for support and read full article.

Avaaz supports issues in other ways as well. They inform their members about issues and communicate to members how they can contact political representatives about their thoughts on them. They also conduct ad campaigns to get broad support for an issue. Furthermore, they will provide support to those who want to stage in-person protests, including how to go about getting media coverage of these protests.

One of the current top issues at Avaaz is in regards to what is happening to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Politicians have been passing different laws and decrees that have a dramatically harmful effect on these forests. There is a petition up calling for a halt to these. The petition says that there has been massive deforestation of the Amazon rainforest which is harmful to the environment as well as the animals and people that rely on it.

Other top issues are stopping Europe’s ivory trade and calling for a halt to Monsanto’s latest poison to spray on crops. Another one is garnering support for Rohingya refugees who are being driven out of their country.

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Dr. Mark McKenna the Doctorpreneur

Dr. S. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor originating from New Orleans. He graduated from Tulane University’s Medical School. He has a license in Surgery and Medicine from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. After graduation, Dr. Mark started practicing medicine alongside his father while concurrently launching McKenna Venture Investments which is a boutique real estate firm. Dr. McKenna is a dedicated community servant and a passionate patient advocate.

Most of Dr. McKenna’s business interests perished during Hurricane Katrina which destroyed the city of New Orleans. Without losing hope, the doctor actively participated in the aftermath of the storm in rebuilding the city through the redevelopment of low to moderate-income housing. He then moved to OVME in 2017 as the founder and chief executive officer.

The doctor says that his idea to start OVME came from his association with the medical aesthetics industry for over ten years. He grew his practice which he ultimately sold to a publicly traded company. He is a hardworking doctor, father, and husband who wakes up early and goes late to bed. He manages to materialize his ideas by regularly setting goals and practices visualization. He also meditates at least once daily which he qualifies as a recipe for success.

Dr. Mark McKenna has a family of four. Gianne McKenna is Dr. McKenna’s wife. Together, they are the parents to Milana Elle and Ryder. The doctor is currently a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization after serving as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

In 2013, Dr. Mark was a featured guest on Doctorpreneur which is a CBS television show. The show highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit in the healthcare and medical communities. The doctor expressed how pleased he was for getting an invitation to the inaugural episode of the new show.


Mexico Gains Recognition In Business World Thanks To Omar Yunes

For the first time ever, Mexico held their own small scale version of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition. They wanted to be able to send their countries very best and most successful Franchisee so that they could show the world what they have to offer the international business world. Generally, competitors are judged on a huge variety of factors that essentially determine how successful a business will and can be. For example, they are judged on things like new programs, employee encouragement, employee happiness, implementation of new programs, and successful customer relationships. In Mexico’s case, they were able to name both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer the two best Franchisees in Mexico. Therefore, these two men were sent to compete in the real international event.

The international event took place in Florence, Italy and people from countries like Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, and Hungary were just some of the competitors and guests. People are not only recognized for their own individual success but they also attend to gain knowledge and spread their own knowledge in the industry so that other people can implement these strategies into their own businesses.

Omar Yunes is Franchisee of Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a Japanese style restaurant located in and throughout Mexico. Omar Yunes first became Franchisee of Sushi Itto at they very young age of 21. Since then, he has successfully expanded into 13 units all across Mexico and into different cities in the region. CEO of Sushi Itto and judged of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition both agreed that the relationship Yunes has with his Franchise is very unique. He completely transformed the traditional role a franchisee plays in the business world while still remaining professional. They even commented on how he has drastically improved customer service relations over the years.

The other representative from Mexico was Ivan Tamer. Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex, which is a small network of Pawnshops also located in Mexico. Ivan Tamer was recognized for the sales program he created and implanted in order to increase revenue.

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The vision that led Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho to whom he is today.

The legal profession in Brazil is one of the biggest in any country in the world this is helped in most part by the numerous law schools in the country as well as the significant need for lawyers within the state.The country has over eight thousand registered lawyers this is a statistic from the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil which the body that oversees the practice and registration of lawyers in the country.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a pioneering lawyer in Brazil and has grown his legal practice from the ground up.For a man who did not have any form of undue advantage when he first joined Mackenzie Presbyterian University to study his degree, it took sheer tenacity to be who he is today.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has received various accolades both as a person and as part of his firm Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados where is a partner.He was recognized by the magazine the Latin Lawyer as one of the top legal minds in Brazil, and to this, not many people can question it.He is constantly referred to as a legal entrepreneur this stems from the various legal achievements and contributions he has made to Brazil’s legal community.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho started managing his firm in 1991 and from the minute he took over he set out to make it the top law firm in Brazil as well as can represent his clients in other jurisdictions.He was able to divide the firm into departments which would then be responsible for overseeing their areas of specialization.This department ensures that the firm’s lawyers can concentrate on specifying aspects and thus give a client the best legal representation from a very highly informed point of view.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also conscious of new legal areas that are coming up by the day this is why he is always looking to expanding his firms expert capabilities this can be reflected on the environmental departments which are responsible for handling emerging environmental laws which are quite new in the country.The laws are only being implemented as the country become aware of the environmental impact of companies to the environmental and this is what makes Ricardo very necessary to his clients who he offers compliant when venturing into Brazil.

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Paul Mampilly Giving Insights To Investors In The Food And Medical Industry

Paul Mampilly is one of the most successful investments advisers in the US and runs Profits Unlimited which is the biggest newsletter in the investment industry. Paul has previously managed multi-million dollar accounts as a hedge fund manager and has won many investment awards.

Paul has a proven track record, and all the investment advice he gives in his newsletters have very high chances of success. Mampilly can see an investment opportunity where no one else can, and according to him there is an amazing opportunity for food companies and precision medicine providers.

According to Mampilly the Millenial generations have now reached adulthood and have no skills of cooking. The reason for their lack of skills is that they were raised at a time when both their parents were working thus relied on food that were cooked elsewhere. The millennial generation based on research has an eating habit where they spend most of their time and money having dinners out more than any other generation. It is estimated that they spend over 50 dollars a week on these dinners. These categories of people are beginning to have kids and face the challenge of cooking and feeding their families. Millennials are currently purchasing foods that have recipes for homemade cooking and are healthy. One thing that investors in this industry must realize is that the millennial generations is highly educated and are aware of the market trends. They also research their food, and during their lifetime they have witnessed a rise in lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and food allergies. Food delivery companies have been thriving in the food industry not only because they provide convenience but also because they provide a healthy and nutritious meal. For this reason, Mampilly recommends that investors do purchase stocks in this type of companies.

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Another key sector that investors should be keenly interested in investing in is the medical industry and specifically on precision medicine. Precision medicine is a process where a medical doctor uses an individual’s genetic information and medical history to diagnose and treat a medical condition. Precision medicine helps improve the level of accuracy in treatment and diagnosis and allows for personalized treatment. Also using precision medicine a doctor a doctor can match ones symptoms against a large database hence it makes it easier to target an illness. This is an investment opportunity that everyday investor in the medical industry should consider buying.

Paul Mampilly is an American investor and a former hedge fund manager who has for a very long time been offering investment advice to investors in America and globally. Mampilly attended Montclair State University where he pursued a degree in BBA finance and accounting. Mampilly also holds an MBA Finance from Fordham School of Business.

Mampilly in his long, rich career has worked for several financial institutions such as the Swiss Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Asset Management.

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