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Imran Haque Outlines The Benefits Of Robotic-Guided Surgery

Technology has revolutionized the operations of different industries, including the health sector. Horizon Internal Medicine is one of the hospitals that have adopted new technologies in medical practice such as robotic-guided surgeries. They perform robotic-aided cosmetic surgeries, which involves a small 3D camera that is placed in a patient’s body through a small incision. Surgeons guide the entire process by moving their hands. According to Dr. Imran Haque, robotic-guided surgeries are accurate since surgeons have a perfect view of the area through the monitor. There is minimal damage to the skin since only miniature incisions are made hence reduced probability for infection. Minimal openings also reduce recovery time and scaring.

Dr. Imran Haque practices medicine in North Carolina. His specializes in cosmetic surgery, weight management, laser hair removal, Venus-body contouring and diabetes management. With an experience of 15 years, Imran Haque has not only exhibited unmatched professionalism in his practice, but also a deep passion and commitment to assist patients. Imran practices internal medicine in leading hospitals like South Eastern Medical Hospital, High Point Regional Hospital, and Randolph Hospital. He also performs robotic-aided surgery. With his instruments, Dr. Imran Haque focuses on precision and versatility while performing operations like growth removal or augmentation.

Over the years, he has concerted his efforts in helping patients diagnosed with diabetes to manage the disease. In the United States, over 9.3 percent of the population is diabetic. The disease is characterized by the body’s failure to produce or respond to insulin hormone. The risk factors of diabetes include obesity, genetics and age-advancement. According to studies, family backgrounds can also be a risk factor. Diabetes exposes a patient to infected sores, blood pressure, kidney damage, nerve damage and increased cholesterol levels. However, managing diabetes is not difficult. Lifestyle routines like exercise, drinking more water, increasing fiber consumption and adopting healthy eating habits can help a patient to manage diabetes. Imran Haque focuses on ensuring that his patients overcome the disease.

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Susan McGalla on Being both a Woman and a Leader

There is a broad range of confusing information on the internet concerning advising women on how to pick up leadership roles at various positions in their organizations. While they can be true, they don’t point out to the fact that women can be advised to develop working solutions that achieve the leadership role they seek in their organizations. One of the most prominent reasons why this information is confusing is that they don’t give an account of what other women have done to become better leaders in society for others to emulate. This shortcoming provides the best solution for those seeking fast development functions.

Susan P. McGalla is the CEO and Founder of the P3 Executive Consultation Company based in the United States. According to her, she has always developed the best business strategies towards making his business grow to reach greater levels of success in the industry. The company also provides executive consultation sessions for other companies and individuals seeking solutions in sales and marketing, branding, talent management, operational efficiencies and many other services in the industry. Susan P. McGalla has always tried to communicate her views to many women who would like to achieve his solutions in the world of business and information.

Most of the women Susan P. McGallaspeaks with don’t have a sense of direction when it comes to picking up leadership roles. For this reason, their main intentions are to advance in business with the use of achievements that cannot be capacitated in the industry. The buzzwords and party lines that surround their thoughts must be eliminated so that they carry on a new mind towards achieving their leadership roles in the industry. According to her, the evolution that has come up is an encouraging expedition that oversees better business strategies in the world of business and advancements. Her background also plays a major role in leadership.

Agora Financial – Leading Independing Investment Company

If you’re looking for an investment company that you need to help secure your funds, you will want to look into the educational benefits of Agora Financial. Agora Financial works besides clients to offer financial information through online publications, videos, online literature, phone calls and many other alternative options. They work to guarantee that they can offer a fair market to help those find money related independence. Agora Financial is proud to advertise that they are 100% independent, which proves that they never accept funds from investors and learn more about Agora Financial.

Agora Financial and its employees have been producing viable financial education for decades. They originally started the company in 1979. US History has brought many financial difficulties such as the financial housing market crash and the bankruptcies that occurred with many prestigious companies. Their years of expertise and knowledge within the market allowed Agora and their investors to thrive through the difficult financial times while many others suffered and Agora’s lacrosse camp.

Agora Financial is headquartered in Mount Vernon. They have worked to build over a dozen offices within the area and have provided the most exceptional financial services for many. Bill Bonner is the proud founder of Agora Financial and has placed much of his work and dedication into the financial productivity of the business along with the placement of locations. Agora Financial and their highly experienced analysts are trained to ensure that you get the tools and education necessary to make highly engaged decisions concerning your future, funds, and security. They are dedicated to working with each client to ensure that they understand the procedures, transactions and all efforts that take place. They cover many different topics concerning investments and funds. Some of the topics include but are not limited to finding ways to earn the largest profit available from metals, funds and profitable stocks along with educating yourself in learning ways to boost your financial security by learning strategies to protect it and their Facebook.

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Vincent Parascandola: The financial leader

Senior Executive Vice President at AXA US, Vincent Parascandola is well known in the financial world. His main focus is recruiting high-value people for top positions, retention and managing of all sales developments and, producing and developing financial professionals.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science from Pace University. He has more than 20 years’ worth of experience which explains why he was the person chosen to head the AXA Advisors. He has all the right skills that are required to fill up the role.

Vincent’s career started in 1987 as he was working as an agent for Prudential. While there he was prized as the National Rookie of the year. This gesture pushed him to work even harder. In 1990, Vincent went on to join MONY Life Insurance Company. He had different management and regional positions. He worked with MONY until 2004 when he took the next step and joined AXA Advisors. Vincent was the chairperson of the Advantage Group, a unit of AXA Equitable. He was then appointed as the divisional president.

Mr. Parascandola is well known for his leadership skills which have earned him numerous management awards throughout his career. Some of the awards he has received are GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. According to, he is also a public speaker who is well sought after, having spoken at numerous company and industry conferences, including LIMRA’s distribution conferences and GAMA’s National LAMP Meeting. He was once a president of the Florida chapter of GAMA and is currently a member. He also once chaired LIMRA’s distribution conferences.

AXA Advisors are in business to offer financial services such as global insurance and investment managements operating in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and North America. The company is also known for having artistic and social philanthropic initiatives whose main objective is to assist research done in bringing an end to human suffering. The AXA research fund was founded in 2008. It supports research that is focused on having a clear understanding of risks that affect the environment and human life, as well as getting solutions to these risks. To learn more about finance, subscribe to Vincent’s Vimeo channel.

How Agora Financial Can Help Grow and Protect Your Wealth

Agora Financial is not your typical investment services company. Unlike analysts at some companies that only want your money, their analysts really care about growing and protecting your wealth. Agora Financial uses free newsletters, online publications, books, seminars, and documentaries to inform and educate its more than one million users.

Investing early in a new idea before it becomes mainstream is the best way to grow your wealth. Agora Financial spends $1 million each year on research into new investment ideas. Their analysts travel to investment sites to ensure they will be profitable for you and more information click here.

Agora Financial’s team of analysts include:

  • Harvard Trained Geologist
  • Self-made Billionaire and Philanthropist
  • World’s Leading Bond Experts
  • Pulitzer Prize Nominated Journalists
  • 3-Time NYT Best-Selling Author
  • Award Winning Filmmaker
  • Ex-Hedge Fund Manager
  • Ex-Banker To The Presidents


Agora Financial also has a very good track record of predicting trends. In 1999 they predicted the rise of gold, which at the time was trading for just $256/ounce. It has since risen to highs of $1900/ounce. In 2004 they predicted the mortgage crisis of 2008, four years before it actually occurred. In 2007 they predicted an increase in oil prices and a year later in 2007 prices increased $92/barrel and learn more about Agora Financial.

Since 2001, Agora Financial’s primary headquarters have been located in the Mount Vernon district of Baltimore at 808 St.Paul St. The location was originally built in the 1850’s as two separate homes and was later merged into one building and its LinkedIn.

Agora Financial is a subsidiary of The Agora, INC., the “marketplace of ideas” since 1979.

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OneLogin: Optimizing Employee and User Data through SCIM

OneLogin has been known to support the adoption of an open identity and access management standards; to also provide free developer toolkits and guidance for implementing single sign-on, user provisioning, and more. This is what Envoy has been able to fully utilize to their advantage.

Envoy, a company based in San Francisco, develops software that lets visitors to an office sign in through the use of an iPad, rendering the old system of log books outdated; Envoy has been able to make many steps in the sign in process easier. They have customers among the fastest growing and tech-oriented companies adopting these technologies that provide adequate productivity and a secure framework.

Envoy just recently partnered with OneLogin to integrate the SCIM protocol (SCIM – System for Cross-domain Identity Management) into the OneLogin application. The feature has been made available to Envoy customers (Premium and Enterprise customers).

SCIM on Envoy allows customers to automatically provide fields like employee’s Names (first and last), electronic mails, office location, and others directly from the OneLogin application directory into Envoy.

With Envoy, the burden of the management of employees and application users can be significantly reduced. Customers can get the best from Envoy’s Visitor Registration by making employee records current, complete, and simple to manage. The process will ensure employees create invites for visitors and get notifications that alert them when a visitor arrives. The process signing in for visitors is much easier by not losing time searching for employees that don’t exist any longer in the company.

With the integration of Envoy with OneLogin, employee data can be instantly synced. So whenever any changes occur in the directory, it’s immediately sent to Envoy. The process saves a lot of time and provides a better office security ensuring only the current employees in the company are picked as a host whenever a visitor sign in.

The clarity of OneLogin’s documentation and timely partner support has made it easy for the integration of Envoy, which Wells Riley, Head of Product at Envoy attests to. If you’d like to learn more about OneLogin and Envoy and how they optimize user data, make sure to contact the team.

Business Opportunities with Market America Inc.

It is a new world of business opportunities with Market America Inc. and you can be a part of it. What would you give to be the owner of an online business? Is this something you have thought about, but didn’t think was possible. Well now you can have it all and make a living doing what you love. Owning your own business is easy, if you have the right people supporting your goals. That means making a commitment to excellence and joining the fast moving world of Market America, where business opportunities happeneveryday.

At Market America, we believe in giving people choices and options that make their lives better. Making money is easy, if you are willing to work for it. Making a living is even easier, if you are willing to do what you are told. How about making money, but earning more than you ever imagined was possible? What would that be worth to you? Well take a chance and see what your dreams are like, when they become a reality. Market America is waiting to show you a new way of doing business, with online tools and skills that we will show you. Because it is a new world of business opportunities with Market America Inc.


Dr. Cameron Clokie and Healthy Dental Tips

Dr. Cameron Clokie who is an experienced dentist talked about the importance of dental care and how to keep your teeth clean while travelling. He says that there are a number of things that a person can practice to keep their dental hygiene on top.

While on vacation, Dr Cameron says that you should keep your teeth clean just like you do while at home. He adds that there are numerous obstacles that come when a person is out of their comfort zone like travelling.

Crunchbase reveals that Dr. Cameron Clokie who is an advocate for regenerative medicine says that the first step when traveling is to pack your toothbrushes and paste. He says that it is important that you pack several toothbrushes and keep them beside you.

It is also important that you carry with you some water bottles. This will come in handy at times when you will be far away from civilization or hotel. Since your toothbrush can harbor some bacteria, Dr. Cameron says that you should ensure that your toothbrush is completely dry when travelling.

You can as well use a dryer in order to be completely sure that it is dry. When traveling or going for a vacation, Dr. Cameron says that you should carry with you dental hygiene portable products. These include toothpicks, dental floss and mouthwash among others.

These will ensure that your dental health is on its maximum while you are out there. It is also important to throw in your favorite chewing gum in your packing bag. Chewing gum is essential in removing any food residues in your teeth as well as keeping your breath fresh.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur, a scientist, a surgeon and also a teacher. He serves as the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and professor at the University of Toronto. He is a graduate from the McGill University where he acquired his DDS; Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1985.

Cameron also acquired his PhD in Bone regeneration from the same university. He went on to establish his bone research group in 1993 at the McGill University. Cameron has given lecturers internationally on a number of topics that are related to oral regeneration.

Richard Blair and his Financial Services Firm Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm that specializes in helping investors more effectively plan their retirement. The firm is based in Austin, Texas and provides financial services to a number of investors locally as well throughout the nation. With Wealth Solutions, a number of clients will be in position to have a positive experience when seeking and receiving financial guidance. Part of what has made Wealth Solutions a quality investment firm is its ability to help investors from a variety of backgrounds. Another key that has made Wealth Solutions a very successful company is its ability to use an active allocation strategy to help oversee the investment portfolio of investor clients. Anyone that uses the services provided by this firm will be sure to get service that is both comprehensive and personalized.


With Wealth Solutions, a number of investors will be in position to take advantage of a number of benefits when seeking investment advice. First, the firm provides investors with advisory services that are very personalized. Clients are able to get assistance from advisors where they feel valued. They also receive guidance that caters to their specific individual needs. Along with personalized service, investor clients will also receive assistance that is very comprehensive. They will be able to get help in all aspects of their financial lives. Clients regularly get advice on how to plan their retirement, how to invest in the right securities and also how to live their retirement once they reach this milestone.


The firm known as Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair. In 1994, he started up this firm after graduating college a year earlier in 1993. Blair always had a passion for educating people. His mother, grandmother and wife were teachers and were able to make a very positive impact on other people’s lives. By witnessing this first hand, Richard wanted to go into an occupation where he can help others. Since he had a strong aptitude for finance, he looked to offer financial advisory and investment management services. On a daily basis, Richard works with clients by educating them about personal finance and what they need to do in order to reach their goals. He gives clients advice on what to invest in and what it will take in order to attain objectives such as college savings and retirement. Over the years, Richard has expanded his knowledge so that he can continue to help clients with their financial planning in the most effective ways possible. Learn more:


Vijay Eswaran a great Multi-Level Marketer on the Globe

Vijay Eswaran was born in the year 1970 on October in Malaysia. He is the co-founder of QI Group that has its headquarters in Hongkong. He was brought up by his loving parents at Malaysia. He pursued a socio-economic degree for Europe at a School called London School of Economics in work 1984. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

After finishing school, he did not go back to Malaysia Immediately and started visiting construction sites, driving cabs in the city of London and also selling grapes. He was doing that for convenience in life.

In the event of running his daily chores, he heard about multi level marketing. He decided to try but before that, he opted to pursue a master in Business administration and also pursuing a professional course in called CIMA.

While in school he worked with Synaptics in the USA whereby he developed skills and now the experience in Multi level marketing. He later after school returned to his home country Malaysia and was approached by Cosway group. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

They agreed to start its business in the Philippines in the country. That is when his attention towards Multi level marketing was taken very seriously.

Vijay Eswaran later left for Asia in the year 1998 and they co-founded a multi level marketing company by name QI Group. It later became an E-Commerce business that advertised wellness products, media, travel products, luxury products, training, telecommunications products and also corporate investments products.

The company has grown to greater heights and have opened offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong and Thailand and their presence or rather products have been felt in almost every corner of the World.

The company have really grown well and has had subsidiaries of late. Green Venture Capital is one of their subsidiaries and is a construction company that is doing both residential and commercial development across the globe.

Vijay Eswaran is also a great author and a very highly rated speaker. He has spoken in very big events in India and across the World. He has spoken at the 6th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas which is held in India.

He also was one of the lucky people who spoke at the World Economic Forum. He has also written several books not forgetting the In The Sphere of Silence that he published in the year 2005.

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