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Help Save the Indianapolis Clock

If you are a clock lover or a person who feels that a prominent historical city landmark should be preserved, you might want to join in the campaign to save the bronze clock that is 80 years old located in downtown Indianapolis outside what had been the L.S. Ayres department store.


The beautiful clock was designed in 1936, is eight feet tall, is 29 feet above the ground, and weighs 10,000 pounds. For generations, people met under the clock to go on to dining or shopping as they saw the time from all four directions. The intersection of Meridian and Washington, where the clock is located, is “zero” and is what all addresses are based upon.


Smith’s Bell and Clock Service has been chosen to fix the clock, which will need a controller, new movements, one face replacement, and balanced hands. The repairs will cost $10,000, but Indiana Landmarks wants to also start a maintenance fund of another $10,000.


The deadline is November 7 to raise the needed $20,000 so that all four faces of the clock will display the correct time by November 23, the night before Thanksgiving. A bronze cherub comes to perch on the clock, a holiday tradition since 1947. The cherub keeps an eye on shoppers during the holiday season. The city, owner of the building, will expedite any needed permits to get the repairs done in time for the cherub’s arrival.


Anyone wanting to make a secure contribution can call 317-639-4534 or mail a check to Indiana Landmarks, 1201 Central Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, 46202.

Senate Race Challenges Indiana’s Status as a “Red” State

Indiana is known to be a reliably “red” state, having voted for the Republican presidential candidate in all but one election over the past 50 years. It will certainly go red again this year, considering that current Gov. Mike Pence is the vice presidential candidate. If Democratic candidate Evan Bayh is successful, however, the state will end up in January with two “blue” senators, totally contradicting its Republican image.

According to one poll, Bayh has a slight lead over Republican Rep. Todd Young in their battle to replace retiring Republican Dan Coats. If he wins, Bayh will join Democrat Joe Donnelly in the U.S. Senate. Although Young is having difficulty accepting Donald Trump as the party’s presidential candidate, Bayh is facing his own problems. This race is examined in greater detail at

The 60-year-old Bayh should be the ideal candidate for Indiana, having served as its U.S. senator for 12 years and as its governor for the same period of time. He is also the son of legendary U.S. Senator Birch Bayh. It is Evan Bayh’s contacts outside of the Senate that are causing him trouble, including his attempt to undermine the Dodd-Frank Act, which was considered a hallmark bill of the Democratic legislature. It was also revealed that, contrary to campaign statements, he had met with executives from a potential employer. Additionally, he had taken a number of taxpayer-funded trips to New York City in 2010, while still in office. It is not known at this point whether Bayh violated Senate rules. Nor can it be ascertained how his actions will affect his campaign and, in the process, Democratic prospects for winning back the U.S. Senate.

New Gambling Regulations For Indiana

Several advocacy groups from a variety of industries have come together in Indiana to push for new legislation. Their interest lies primarily in making gambling terminals legal throughout the state. Built from the unusual alliance of the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association and the Indiana Amusement and Music Operators Association, this new coalition hopes to bring in much needed revenue to the state. By making video gambling terminals legal, the advocacy group estimates that the state could make as much as roughly $167 million.


Of course, the advocacy group is quick to point out that these figures estimate only the revenue gained directly from the terminals themselves. For local businesses, there could be plenty of new opportunities to draw in business and capitalize on the legislative efforts. With these additional sources of income, Indiana could see a significant boost to its tourism and attract new visitors to the state.


In fact, Indiana has already seen a significant drop in business growth and tourism, thanks largely to the efforts of Illinois, where video gambling is already legal. In order to stay competitive, Indiana has little choice but to find some means of adapting to changing legislative standards.


As of right now, the proposed legislation would allow businesses to keep a cut of the proceeds from the terminals. Based off of the successes in Illinois, businesses we’re making roughly $60,000 from their share of the terminals. Again, this is discounting the positive effects of housing the terminals in the first place. When people go to a bar to play with the gambling terminal, it goes without saying that they’re also likely to purchase other things at the bar, including beverages. It’s also largely for this reason that the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association has felt the need to step in.

Purdue University Opens Pub on Campus

Purdue University has opened a bar within its Memorial Union. While students who are over 21 will be allowed to consume alcohol in the bar, the target audience for the pub will be employees, hotel guests and the general public. Adults who frequent the Purdue area have long complained that their was no place to get a drink, except for some nearby student bars.

For now, the bar will just be open on Thursdays, Fridays, and during the first three quarters of home football games. The pub’s hours on Thursday and Friday are from 4:30 until 9 PM. The college is committed to keeping the bar open until the last home football game. If the program is successful, then the university may decide to keep the bar open permanently. When the pub is not open, it will revert to being a student study area, according to an article originally published on JConline.

Those choosing to go to the pub during home football games can watch the action on two television sets. They will also be served a variety of appetizers from Pappy’s Sweet Stop that is located next door to the pub.

Officials with Purdue say that the idea has been discussed for a long time. They point out that the area has a natural bar feeling because of its wooden benches and pictures of the college’s greatest athletes on the walls.

In keeping with the educational mission of the college, the pub contains a display on the school’s fermentation educational program and hops production. Working with a local provider, the school even is able to provide some alcohol produced locally. The school’s dining services is the only entity authorized to sell alcohol on the campus and will be operating the pub.


Indiana Early Voting Already Started

An article recently published by WHTR announces that early voting has begun in Indiana as of Wednesday, October 12th. To be able to participate in the early voting process, Indiana residents should appear at the county clerk’s office anytime between now and the day before the general election, November 7. The cutoff time is noon on that date to be able to get your early vote in. If you are not able to make it before then, you will still be able to vote in the general presidential election.


To be able to cast your presidential vote early, you must make sure that you have a valid government-issued photo ID. This could include your driver’s license. Absentee voting is also underway in Indiana at this point. The deadline to register to vote in this year’s election in Indiana was Tuesday, October 11th.


The Indiana government is expecting a huge surge of early voters this year. It is estimated that about 70,000 Indiana voters will vote before the actual election day. In Marion County specifically, there are concerns that there will not be enough workers employed to be able to count all of the early ballots cast in time for the general election. The reason for this concern is that there is a new law that requires all ballots cast in advance of the general election to be held until the actual election night and then counted on that evening at the Election Services Center.


In the past presidential elections, the votes could be counted a bit in advance, which meant that there was less of a scramble on the evening of the general election to have everything counted and verified in time. It is estimated that an additional 600 poll works are needed in Marion County alone to be able to have everything counted on election night. There is already an estimated 3,000 poll works ready to assist with the ballot count. For all votes, with the exception of those cast by residents with special needs, paper ballots are used and then scanned and entered into a system to be counted.


Tobin Surprised and “Embarrassed” at Promotion to Cardinal:

Bishop Joseph W. Tobin could not imagine why his name was all over social media recently. When he found out the reason, it came as a shock. Pope Francis had elevated the Archbishop of the Indianapolis Archdiocese to Cardinal, one of three American bishops to receive the honor. Tobin said his initial reaction was shock, and admitted he was, “A little embarrassed” at the promotion.


Tobin is one of 17 newly promoted cardinals from 14 countries, who will advise Pope Francis on a variety of church related issues. It also marks the first time a sitting archbishop of Indianapolis has been promoted to cardinal. Tobin said his role will not change too much. He will continue to serve as Indianapolis’s archbishop, though he added he may travel to Rome more often to meet with Pope Francis. Tobin said he plans to keep working with community and other local faith leaders to promote unity throughout Indianapolis.


Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1952, Tobin was ordained a priest in 1978. He served as General Consultor of the Redemptorist Fathers in the 1990s and was also the Superior General of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer from 1997-2009. Tobin was named the Archbishop of Indianapolis in 2012. He has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Wisconsin’s Holy Redeemer College and masters degrees in religious education and divinity from New York’s Mount St. Alphonsus Seminary.


Tobin officially becomes a bishop on November 19th, 2016.

Trump Support Is Decreasing in Indiana

One of the states that the Donald Trump presidential campaign thought would be a lock is Indiana. It is not hard to understand why. Mike Pence is Trump’s running mate. He also happens to be the current governor of Indiana. However, recent polls would indicate that support for the Trump/Pence ticket is not as strong as people in the campaign hoped it would be. The election is a little more than three weeks away. Trump campaign officials were anticipating a huge separation from Hillary Clinton in Pence’s home state. However, that has not happened.


There has been much debate among political pundits as to why polls in Indiana indicate the Trump campaign is failing to gain momentum. Some Indiana voters claim that they feel ignored by Trump because the Republican nominee is spending a lot of his time campaigning in battleground states like Ohio and Florida. Other voters indicate that they do not like the fact that Trump and Pence are still clearly divided on a few of the key issues. They would prefer that the running mates be on the same page with the election looming.


There has been some discussion among people in the Trump campaign regarding what can be done to improve voter support in Indiana. There can be no question that it would be a devastating blow to Trump’s hopes of winning the election if he loses Indiana. It remains to be seen if the Trump campaign’s strategies to win Indiana will eventually pay off in November.



Accusations against Laidlaw

LaidLaw is a high ranked investment banking firm which supports a multitude of different companies within the business sector. Recently it has been released that one of their top ranking clients, Relmada Therapeutics Incorporated, has moved forward with a lawsuit in Nevada against the investment bank. This lawsuit has stemmed from recent monetary losses that the company has faced in what they blame LaidLaw for. The lawsuit also includes multiple accusations of contract breaches. LaidLaw stands by its professionalism and denies these claims but that Relmada has sought a restraining order from the company in order to protect itself from possible future harm.

LaidLaw has been serving both the domestic and international business fronts for over 170 years. Their leading company officials Matthew Eitner and James Ahern have helped move the company forward into new levels of globalization, supporting a host of different corporations both well situated and fledgling, in a number of investment advisory services.

One of the key focal points of LaidLaw is to ensure that their clients are able to make a profit on their investment choices. This means direct diversification of investment options in order to not spread investment money too thin. These reliable and highly favored advising suggestions come from LaidLaws elite class of working professionals; men and women who are highly trained and specialized to give correct and efficient advice to clients looking to broaden their business horizons.

The accusations brought upon LaidLaw by Relmada is, in my personal opinion, baseless and should be primarily swept under the rug. The company has built for itself a strong reputation that can be attributed to a customer driven culture of professionalism, and these accusations against them can not be possibly true. There needs to be a call to re-evaluate what Relmada has said.

Pamper Your Lips With Superior Lip Coverage

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The OSI Group Offers things that Others Do Not

The OSI Group ( is one of the most basic food service companies in the industry. They are able to provide their clients with the food that they need to make sure that they are able to serve their own customers and to ensure that they are getting the most out of their food business. This has been a major way in which the OSI Group has operated and it has allowed them to grow from something relatively small into something that is huge and successful. They have worked hard to see this level of success in the industry.

When OSI was first started, they were only a small market. They were for people who needed meat and they offered that to people in the form of a marketplace. This has been something that has changed over the years and they now offer other products for people who are in the food industry and this has allowed them to be as successful as what they are. They were originally a family-run company and they still try to maintain that same level of business and service even though they have grown much larger than that in the time that they have been seeing success.

While they are still family owned, they have added others to the business. They knew that their families would not be able to satisfy all of the positions that they now have and this is something that they saw as a way to improve their business. They now hire people who are not a part of their family, but who they feel will work well with them as a group. So, while they are not family only company like they used to be, the atmosphere is one that truly feels like everyone is part of the same family.

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The OSI Group has worked to make sure that they have all of the fresh products that their clients need. Sometimes, though, clients need more than fresh ingredients. They may need premade foods or foods that will be able to just be heated up when they are ready to use them. For that reason, the OSI Group provides prepared meals for their clients as well. This is not the largest part of their business, but it is a major aspect to the business and the way that they work. Clients are satisfied with the ability to purchase premade or fresh ingredients.

Since the OSI Group has been in business, they have been constantly growing. They do not want to stop growing just because of the level of extreme success that they have recently seen. They plan to grow even further than what they have and they want to make sure that they are always expanding their business. They also want to make sure that their clients are able to get exactly what they want and, for that reason, they are going to continue to get bigger as they grow into an even more successful and larger corporation in the food industry.


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