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Desiree Perez Is The Fire Behind Roc Nation’s Tidal


Tidal has went through quite a lot lately. They have successfully completed a few huge album exclusives in a row from their co owner Rihanna, T.I, Beyonce, and Kanye West. The Tidal rose to a very high point, actually being the highest point ever in the Itunes store which was following Kanye West’s TLOP drop and his exclusive. It is still in progress. It has been reported that a million trial members have been added since February 22nd.

However, after the defection of quite a few executives, (Tidal has it’s 3rd CEO, which is the former SoundCloud Chief Business executive officer Jeff Toig who joined in late 2015),it is questionable of who exactly is orchestrating these five-start executive artist plays. There have been sources that are behind the scene saying that it is a lady named Desiree Perez. Jay Z and her are close associates and they have been for a very long time. She runs SC Enterprises along with her husband, Juan Perez.

Desiree Perez is apparently is a very fierce and touch negotiator and a numbers cruncher. It was also said that she has a history and a street rep that even Empire’s Cookie wouldn’t dare try to challenge. The N.Y. Daily News calls her “Babe Ruthless”. Desiree Perez is known for being a boss. Desire Perez negotiated Beyonce’s Formation stadium tour and she also had a strong hand in Rihanna’s samsung deal.

The Hova Circle of Influence is made up of Desiree Perez, Jay Z, Chaka Pilgrim, Jana Fleischman, and Jay Brown. They are big bosses running Roc Nation, and many other parts of management, labeling, publishing, and even the operation of Tidal itself. So basically, Perez and her crew run the entire operation.

This streaming service has been building its own lane and is geared towards the young consumers. They have to make an impression when it comes to other other rivals like Spotify and Apple Music. Tidal is focused on what is next and what’s new instead of a catalog which will end up costing more.

However, Tidal will cost more than it’s competition. It is based on two subscription tiers. It will not be free but it does offer a free two week trial to test it out. However, it seems pretty affordable at just $9.99 a month. When listeners get the premium tier, they will have access to high definition music videos.

Duda Melzer And His Grand Accomplishments


Duda Melzer is the president and the chairman of Grupo RBS. Duda Melzer’s full name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, and he also serves as chairman for Grupo RBS. Apart from being chairman of Grupo RBS, Duda Melzer is the founder of eBricks Digital. EBricks Digital is an investment company that focuses on the digital industry. EBricks Digital is a company that operates in North and South America. Duda Melzer is a regular guest and participant in conferences that are held by Google and Sun Valley. Duda Melzer is an individual that went to college for a business administration degree; he also earned his MBA at Harvard. Duda Melzer is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Duda Melzer began his career in the United States, and later he was able to serve as a financial analyst at the media company called BoxTop media.

In 2015, Duda Melzer became one of the leaders at The Cambridge Institute For Family Enterprise. The Cambridge Institute For Family Enterprise works with different generations of families all around the world. This Institute works with these individuals that have leading roles in their family’s Enterprises, and it helps them to make their business grow and flourish. Duda Melzer was vice president of marketing and business development in Grupo RBS; he was Senior financial analyst at Delfi in the United States, and he was a consult at Booz Allen Hamilton. Duda Melzer was also named the entrepreneur of the year in 2005 by Ernst and Young.

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How California’s Drought Affects Ski Resorts with KCRW

California’s drought, a topic that has been in the public eye for a while now, was deemed a State of Emergency in January of 2015. Lack of precipitation in the region has caused massive water loss for many inhabitants, including ski resorts residing in the northern part of the state that thrives off of the winter snowfall.

I was able to tune into KCRW where Madeline Brand was fortunate enough to interview the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth. Madeline mentions how many resorts are debating changing their business models, having prematurely ended skiing seasons due to the issue. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

She goes on to say that experts predict, if the drought persists, within 20-years there will be no skiing in California. Andy quells her concern for his resort, assuring our hostess that the resort has taken every precaution to keep business booming. Andy does agree that the lack of snow has staggard business to the resort, but only slightly.

He states that out of the 6000 acres of mountain, 4000 acres is still operational; that’s plenty to keep the lift doors open. Subsequently, he says that the resort is acclimating to the challenge, not only by creating more snow but also hedging both summer and winter months. With this approach, the resort can take advantage of events that take place during the summer, including weddings, meetings, and the IronMan triathlon of which Andy Wirth is a huge supporter.

During a skydiving run, Andy Wirth was unfortunate enough to land in a vineyard, causing him to completely sever his right arm. During his recovery, he unexpectedly befriended a group of navy seals that happened to be training in Squaw Valley. For Andy, that incident was a blessing in disguise as he states,”quite a few of them have become good friends and their spirit, counsel and narrative has truly been an important part of my recovery.”

He has gone so far as to set up a fundraiser for the purpose of honoring those who give their lives for the stability and freedom of this country. To date, he has raised $14,460. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has shown time and time again, from working his way up to CEO of the resort to his tragic accident, that he is extremely resourceful in what some made deem a “dire situation. He harnesses this tanasity with his ability to pull through situations stronger than ever assuring us that December and January are quite favorable for his resorts, dispite the lack of snowfall.

Is Oil Responsible for Venezuela’s Crisis?

For a little over a century, Venezuela has been exporting its oil. Since 1914, this oil has been a large component of the government’s economy. Although it is still the country with the most untouched oil in the world, Venezuela is in a terrible economic situation at this present time. In a recent article, oil is blamed for the state of the country. Part of the crisis is due to the low prices on oil barrels exported from Venezuela. Because they are earning less for the oil, which is the chief export, the government does not have enough money to buy necessary materials to import for their people. This has caused scarcities for food, toiletries, energy and even work, reveals insider David Osio.

Poor care of oil fields, which are some of the world’s oldest, has also caused other damage to Venezuela’s ecosystem. The production areas were not maintained properly, and many are all but abandoned at this time. The waters are plagued with oil, which leaked from ruptured pipes used for oil extraction, and this has affected the fishing. According to El Venezolano, local fishermen catch more oil than fish in their nets in Venezuelan waters, which has caused much hardship as they can not provide for their families either.


The Midas Legacy’s Excellent Counseling Services

The Midas Legacy is an advisory firm that majorly focusses on guiding its clients on how to be successful and wealth management. Based in Winter Garden, Florida, the company serves a wide assortment of customers who include investors, growing entrepreneurs, individuals who are looking for internal peace and happiness, people who want to be healed with natural medicine, and anyone who wants to change his or her financial state positively. The firm and its employees are committed to ensuring that its mission of making people successful is achieved. The Midas Legacy offers resources to members who have the proficiency of positively revolutionizing the entrepreneurship, retirement, natural health and the real estate sectors.

The mission of making the members prosperous starts from the time they pursue the company’s advisory services. A counseling book referred to as The Midas Code is given to clients as soon as they join as members of The Midas Legacy. The members are advised on various ventures by the firm’s professionals who are highly skilled in book writing, stock markets, entrepreneurship and other careers. The experts of the company aim at a common goal of satisfying the client’s specific needs.

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The head experts who serve The Midas Legacy are Sean Bower, Mark Edward, and Jim Samson. Sean Brower is high skilled in business journalism and has outstanding knowledge of finance and markets. He works at the company as advisor of capital markets and business decision making. Mr. Bower’s works have been cited many times in international magazines such as the International Business Times and the Japan’s Nikkei. Mark Edward has excellent skills in natural medicine and serves as the company’s advisor to clients who require natural healing services. Jim Samson is professional in stock trading, entrepreneurship, and book writing. Mr. Samson has written many books, which have been best-sellers and he has an exceptional experience in real estate since he has been in the industry for close to twenty years.

The Midas Legacy is a philanthropic organization and has participated in many charity activities. The company makes contributions to the Florida Sheriffs Association and has been appreciated by the institution as a Gold Business Member. Midas is also a benefactor of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Central Florida-based Give Hope Foundation, which both help in dealing with childhood cancer and other detrimental conditions. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Salvation Army, and the Wounded Warrior Projects also receive support from the company’s charity contributions.

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The Economic Growth of Brazil

There are many emerging nations around the world today with stable economies and growing populations. Brazil is one of those countries, and many investors are looking to invest in the country. However, the country has recently had its share of struggles economically. South America has started to see an overall decline in economic growth, and foreign money is starting to allocate in other areas of the world. Argentina is getting killed by the low cost of oil. There are some people who think that Argentina may default on some of its debt. Even though Brazil is not having the same struggles, the economic problems in Argentina hurt the entire continent. Duda Melzer is a businessman in Brazil, and over time has built up a huge empire.

From an early age, Duda Melzer knew that he did not want to grow up in extreme poverty. There were few jobs for young people at the time, so he simply started his own business. He quickly saw that starting a business was the best way to get ahead in life. Brazil would go on to have several decades of high economic growth. During this massive expansion, Duda Melzer would start and run several successful companies. With each successful company, his power and influence only grew in the country.

With a huge financial empire behind him, Duda Melzer has a lot of options for the future. He has a lot of plans to stimulate economic growth in the country. Over the next couple of years, he is expected to invest millions of dollars into the economy of Brazil.

Review of Wengies Apartment Tour

Youtube hires a large host of professional and amateur vloggers to produce content and post it on their site. This attracts and encourages regular viewership, which in turn helps attract advertisers. Because payment is dependent on the number of views to the channel, videos can be on any subject. It is up to the individual producer to choose what cant and they want to post to their viewers.

One such professional Youtube vlogger is Wengie. Wengie is a young Australian born woman of Asian descent. Her channel, titled after her screen name, is primarily a combination of personal blog and health or beauty tips for women. Her unique cultural background and enthusiasm for travel also provides a number of interesting and entertaining insights for those who care to watch.

It is of a more personal variety, however Wengie offers a few tips of her own on interior decorating for those viewers who see something they like.

One interesting item displayed in the video is what Wengie calls her double ladder shelf. Located directly in the living room, this item is exactly what it sounds like. Painted pure white but composed of only two planks of wood stacked between two ladders, it makes for a visually interesting addition to the furniture. It is also fairly practical, being easy to make if you have the necessary pieces of home equipment lying around unused. While it does takes up a bit of room, it also offers more storage space than a traditional end table and is easier to carry around and disassemble than a display cabinet. It is ideal for storing items that you frequently pick up and use as you travel through the house, as well as putting your nicer objects on display.

Regular subscribers to Wengie’s channel are often those who seek out practical style and beauty tips for use in the home. However, observing the technical details in her videos can also be of use to any one who is interested in producing and posting their own content on Youtube.


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Entrepreneur Podcast Network host Erick Dye finally gets an opportunity for face-time with Sanjay Shah – A revered business magnate and a well-known philanthropist

Entrepreneur Podcast Network’s enterprise radio hosted one of the most adored and respected business mogul and philanthropist Sanjay Shah. Entrepreneur Podcast Network is a platform where prospective entrepreneurs get invaluable insights on business information, advice, inspiration, motivation and real-time coverage of entrepreneurial events across the globe. Viewers had an opportunity to get pragmatic business advice from Sanjay Shah and essential information concerning his empire.
Sanjay Shah did not start out his career in the financial sector. He pursued a medical career but later realized that he was not cut out to be a doctor. He later became an accountant and worked with prominent investment banks, for example, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. The 2009 financial crisis rendered him redundant with no hope of finding another job. The turning point came when he decreed to begin his brokerage firm, and this was how Solo Capital was born. Solo Capital market is a boutique financial services firm with its headquarters in London. Its specifics services include sports investments, proprietary consulting and trading.
He later founded Autism Rocks, a company whose primary goal is to raise Autism awareness. He raised money through concerts to fund research on Autism. Interestingly, his entry into Autism Rocks was a fluke. He ventured into it by the fact that his son was diagnosed with this disorder at the age of 4 in the year 2011. Autism Rocks concerts have featured prominent musicians like Snoop Dog, Prince, Drake, Michael Bublè and various famous DJs. Statistics show that he commands a net worth of US$280 million coupled with offices in Dubai and London.
In his first interview with Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Sanjay Shah talks explicitly about how to start successfully and run an enterprise. His main talking point was the amount of money required for start-up businesses. He stressed on the assumption of a majority that you can start and run a successful enterprise by yourself.
Since his involvement with Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah has quickly synchronized his family love and love for music with his business obsession to create awareness of the neurological disorder and to fund its research heavily. In April Autism, Rocks Foundation will be hosting the 2016 Autism Rocks Festival for the whole family. Hip hop and R&B heavy hitters Tyga and Flo Rida will grace the occasion with electrifying performances.
Worldwide listeners are encouraged to visit Autism Rocks’ website for comprehensive information. Keeping in mind that Autism disorder changes one’s life completely, greater funding for the research is a significant step to mitigating the disease. With Sanjay Shah right at the thick of things, there is greater optimism of preventing the spread of the disorder.


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Kate Hudson Provides an Insight into her Athleisure Line on Marie Claire

The athleisure trend has been making headlines in today’s world with many fashion houses and individuals adopting it outside the gym. Various celebrities have endorsed the trend such as Gigi Hadid and Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics, has gained a reputation for creating athleisure clothes in a bid to advocate for an active lifestyle, especially among women. recently interviewed Kate Hudson regarding her athleisure dresses as well as the new swimsuits she launched mid-April this year.

Kate Hudson’s Interview with Marie Claire

During the interview, Kate asserted that her active girl line was helping to keep women away from the little black dresses during their night out, as they are somehow uncomfortable. She also said that she would not mind wearing athleisure during a date since its can apply to any situation such as going to dinner, hanging out with friends, or roaming around town.

According to the interview, women do not require to wear Spanx when wearing the athleisure dresses created by Kate Hudson. In addition, dresses like the Tropez dress come with an inbuilt bra, which eliminates the need to wear regular bras. Kate stated that the dresses utilize a unique material, which allows a person to feel good about their body. She added that their Fabletics’ bathing suits are designed with a goal to keep women active in whatever activity they choose without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions, as it is common with regular bathing suits.

On the issue of athleisure making it to high fashion, Kate responded that it was achievable, but it would be an expensive venture. She claimed that high fashion would trigger a rise in price. The model utilized at Fabletics is attributed to the ability of the company to sell quality clothes at an affordable price.


Fabletics is a subsidiary entity of JustFab, which came into operation in July 2013. Its founders include the partnership between Kate Hudson and JustFab’s Cop-founders, who include Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Potential clients of Fabletics interested in accessories and women sportswear subscribe online by paying a monthly membership fee. After registering with the clothes retailer, prospective members are required to fill out a survey that pertains their lifestyle and workout preferences and tastes. This allows the Fabletics to select personalized clothes for their clients during the beginning of every month.

Since its inception, the online subscription clothes retailer has experienced tremendous accomplishments over the years such as the launch of the men’s line in June 2015.During the start of January 2015, the retailer hit the one million mark in terms of shipped orders. It also operates retail stores in various malls such as the Christiana Mall in Newark, The Mall in Columbia, The Village at Topanga in Woodland Halls and the Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey.

The Original information was mentioned on Marie Claire Magazine

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