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Prepping for Queens of Drama Season Two

Queens of Drama is a reality series where viewers watch six former soap actresses create, act in and pitch a dramatic television pilot. The cast includes former Knott’s Landing star Donna Mills, One Life to Live’s Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil from General Hospital, Passions star Chrystee Pharris, All My Children’s Lindsay Hartley, and Hunter Tylo of the daytime soap, The Bold and The Beautiful. The group of women come together to write, direct, act in, and produce a dramatic television show, then pitch it to top TV executives.

Episodes aired in 2015 include; I Don’t Do Ugly, Art Imitating Life, Those Little Devils, Dealing With A Sociopath and others. The girls start things off by asking Donna Mills to lead their group, and she accepts only to find later that they resent the way she manages things. Later Mills discovers that the girls think she’s overstepped her bounds by trying to pitch the program to network executives behind their backs, and crash the meeting.

The idea for the reality show came from actress Crystal Hunt, who was previously on the soap One Life to Live. On the show Hunt played sizzling character Stacey Morasco – a stripper who followed her sister Gigi to Llandview from Las Vegas. Stripper Morasco then meets and falls in love with hot character Rex Balsom and starts an intimate relationship with him. The girl is also sleeping with Oliver Fisher and becomes pregnant by him, but pretends that the preferred Rex Balsom, is the baby’s father. Before her plan to secure Balsom prospers, Morasco miscarries the child and falls through an ice covered Llantano Lake.

Hunt had an early interest in photography, and started performing in front of audiences at the age of 2 as a participant in beauty pageants. When she got a little older, she landed her first acting job in the movie Problem Child 2. The young actress portfolio grew with roles in major motion pictures such as The Derby Stallion where she played opposite Zac Efron as his girlfriend. Hunt also secured a role in the movie Sydney White as a side-kick of Amanda Bynes. Other roles the actress portrayed that include her character Lizzie Spaulding on daytime soap Guiding Light. In the later part of 2015, she played the part of Lauren in Magic Mike XXL.

Hunt also works to raise funds for an animal shelter, and is a spokesman for abandoned and neglected animals.  In fact, her work with animals has seen Crystal Hunt gain many Facebook followers.

All The Theories About Recessions May Be True. George Soros Thinks This New Meltdown Has A Lot To Do With China.

Economists know that the 2008 Great Recession on was cause by the subprime mortgage market debacle. The 1970s recession was caused by the rise in oil prices, and the 1920s recession that spilled over to the 1930s was a product of the mass movement of an agricultural based economy moving into an manufacturing-based economy. According to billionaire investor and economic analyst, George Soros many factors come into play when a recession becomes a reality. 

The word “recession” implies lack of growth and, in some cases, complete stagnation when it comes to product growth on Soros believes a global recession is the best way to describe what is happening in a global market that consists of 7 billion people.

George Soros doesn’t throw the term “recession” around just to get attention or to be interviewed. George Soros is concerned about the state of the world’s market, and he has demonstrated his ability to help that market by contributing more than $6 billion over the years to make the world a more democratic and open place. Soros recently told that his Open Society Institute tries to bring the world together not tear it apart. Capitalism is a double-edged sword according to Soros. On one hand, capitalistic countries work together and, on the other hand, they can tear each other apart. 

Brazil and China’s relationship is a good example of that double-edged sword. When commodity prices started to rise in 2012, China got nervous. Their manufacturing-based economy was built on cheap prices and barely passable quality. When raw material prices and labor unrest got together, China’s economy started to stumble, and China cut their Brazilian import orders. Brazil’s economy sank to its lowest level in more than 50 years. Mr. Soros told that what China did to Brazil will be done to other countries in different ways. Soros said Asian countries are feeling China’s pain and weak currency now.

But Soros also said China’s lackluster economic growth isn’t the only reason he is predicting a global recession that could be the worst on record. The European Union is also playing a featured role in the downturn. European Leaders can’t agree on much of anything, so it was no surprise when the refugee crisis torn a large hole in the body of the Union. The open border policy that was the foundation for forming the EU was violated by some members that wanted no part in the plan to resettle migrants. And when the terrorists’ attacks in Germany, France, and Brussels were analyzed, the open borders in all member countries were closed. 

Mr. Soros thinks this new recession is going to change the way countries do business with each other in the future, and he may be right. He usually is.

Antiques And Michael Zomber’s Books

Antiques are old objects of high value that people collect. Collecting is a popular hobby for many people around the world. Some people are actually are not sure about where to purchase antiques. We have all seen them being sold on television, but there is more to buying them than that. You should focus on popular areas that have antique stores. One area in particular is Downtown Mesa, Arizona. There are alternate antique shops along Main Street. As of now there are 7 shops here. Visit any of these stores to purchase and collect beautiful antiques.

As am antique collector, Michael Zomber is a name that you should get familiar with! He is a collector of antique firearms, but he is best known for being an author! Yes, you can purchase some of his kindle and paperback books on amazon today if you type in Michael R Zomber on the website.

These books are not only well written, but the subject matter is about antique weapons. Michael Zomber has 5 books as of spring 2016. He is extremely passionate, knowledgeable, and professional about what he produces for his readers. These books are a must buy for serious antique collectors and readers.


Medical Advisor Doctor Sergio Cortes Advocates Combining Proper Hygiene And Environmental Management With Appropriate Drug Treatments In Brazil

Brazil is one of those countries that is full of diseases. While Brazil doesn’t hold the exclusive on being a disease prone society, it does rank high on the list of countries that have more than their fair share of mosquito-borne diseases as well as other medical conditions that impact the lives of adults and children. Dr. Sergio Cortes is one of the physicians in Brazil that is trying to reduce mosquito-borne diseases, according to an article published by

A Preventive Chemotherapy and Transmission Control (PCT) has been established in Brazil. Some of the diseases that have been earmarked for the PCT program include cysticercosis, onchocerciasis, foodborne trematode infections, schistosomiasis, lymphatic filariasis, dracunculiasis (guinea-worm disease), and soil-transmitted helminthiasis, according to the Dr. Cortes official website.

Dr. Cortes tried to set up a local program similar, but different, from PCT that addressed mosquito-borne viruses while he was the Director of the State Ministry of Health in Rio de Janeiro. Setting up a program that reduces dengue, chikungunya, malaria and yellow fever isn’t easy in Brazil, according to a Dr. Cortes tweet. There so many moving parts in mosquito-borne viruses that are uncontrollable.

The goal was to set up sanitary hygiene procedures and educational courses that stressed environmental management, and waste removal as well as an extensive mosquito eradication program. The cost of that sort of program was not in the federal budget, according to a Dr. Cortes tweet. So the overall health condition in the poor rural and city communities in Brazil continues to deteriorate. A good example of that deterioration was the recent Zika virus outbreak that started in the poor Northeastern region of Brazil. The towns located around the city of Recife were ravished by the Zika virus, and the Brazilian Ministry of Health wasn’t prepared for the rapid spread of the disease, according to Dr. Cortes.

Even though lists Dr. Cortes as the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro, he is still very active in viral infection control and the State Ministry of Health in Rio. Dr. Cortes thinks an educational program as well as more federal funding could get the mosquito-borne diseases under control in the regions that are the epicenters for a viral outbreak. But trying to get more funding in Brazil is difficult. The government recognizes what it must do, but the budget to do it won’t be approved because of the recession.
You can follow him on Linkedin.

The U.S Money Reserve introduces New E-Commerce Website

The U.S Money Reserve recently announced a website overhaul according to an article on the CBS 19 website. Another new addition to the website is the brand new knowledge center. This part of the website allows the staff at the U.S Money Reserve to directly engage with the customer and answer any question they may have before purchasing any precious metals. Ask a professional at the U.S Money Reserve why diversifying your assets now may be the best way to attain proven performance as well as the protection that gold offers. If the customer would actually like to see how the countries legal tender is printed why not head down to the United States mint. This is a 223 year old institution which has been providing the country with the money we use on a daily basis. Being one of the oldest Mint’s in the world it sets a certain standard and this standard has been set globally.

In recent years the U.S Money Reserve has had a new leader join the ranks. He is Philip N. Diehl who is the former director of the U.S Mint. This knowledge and experience that he can impart onto his staff is invaluable in todays economy. He understands the worth of precious metals for the people of America. The customer may have a question about what to put in his/her portfolio or about sets & date runs. All these questions are legitimate things that one needs to know about before purchasing any precious metals. Is the customer more interested in bullion or certified gold coins? This all depends on the types of goals the customer wishes to achieve as well as if there are any benefits or drawbacks to choosing one over the other. Find out what a coin population is and how it effects the actual purchasing decision. When it comes to the value of an item it is important to understand the grading process as well as how a third party grading service may impact your coin purchase. Learn more about a coins mintage and why they change. A coins mintage affects the collectability as well as the price and rarity of that coin. This single fact can determine wether or not this may be a positive purchase for your portfolio.

The updates to the U.S Money Reserve website has also improved upon all the security of the purchasing process in order to make the experience for the customer one that he/she may recommend to others and be overall positive. The layout of the website has also been improved in order to make browsing more enjoyable and smoother transition.

The Lows of Kyle Bass

In 2006, Kyle Bass founded hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management. His fame and respect in the fund industry grew astronomically after he accurately predicted the mortgage crisis of 2008. He has remained a favorite hedge fund manager of worldwide investors. However, he is not without his imperfections-and they seem to be appearing more and more. These imperfections have been appearing in both his business and private life for the past several years. Today, regardless of his original finance having been thoroughly soiled, he gives a public appearance of remaining financially brilliant by appearing on the news and giving his opinion whenever possible.

He has found a lot of insider respect and admiration in Argentina. This may largely because he is a close friend and confidante of the much feared and hated despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. It is an odd friendship because Kirchner has proven herself to be a complete financial incompetent. It seems like this would be obvious to a hedge fund manager. However, he has not ignored these horrible financial decisions. He has staunchly defended them! He has steadfastly remained close to her side against international government rulings against her.

In any case, with her aid, he has sunk to even deeper unethical lows. His friendship with Kirchner may also help him in the U.S., where his questionable patents were for a time easily passed through the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. But it appears as reported, this is coming to a halt with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board denying his most recent patent challenges. His corrupt dealings do not end there. There are seemingly endless examples such as how he went on TV on behalf of GM, an investment, to blame deceased costumers for their deaths when the fault was actually GM’s failure to repair faulty air bags. And his future dealings in the arena do not look much brighter. He may be moving on to something else. The only question is what lowly and unethical project will he screw up next

Sanjay Shah Career

When Sanjay Shahs parents migrated from Kenya to London, they had one thing in mind; to give their children the best upbringing. They settled in London, and they chose one of the best places in the area to raise their son, Sanjay Shah. He went to school in London, and he joined university there too. He studied medicine in college, but he felt that he was not ready to become a doctor. He abandoned this career, settling for accounting.

Shah felt that he could do well in accounting, but this career did not last for a long time. He was employed in several banks in London. He would, however, have to travel for a long distance to get to the office, and this made him get tired before getting to work. The millionaire would also spend too much time in the office sitting, and he felt that he was wasting his productive years in a job that was not paying him as much as he deserved. During the 2008 financial crisis that affected the banking industry, Shah left his employment.

After abandoning his accounting career, Shah changed completely, and he chose to be self-employed. Staying in the office for long hours was not what he wanted for himself. He wanted to utilize all his potential, so he started his brokerage company. The first step was to rent a small room to act as his office. He did this, and also, he looked for graduates who he employed to work in the office. Through hard work, the group managed to start Solo Capital, the company that is celebrated in London.

Solo Capital is based in Dubai and London, and reports show that it was incorporated in the year 2011. The company is very successful, and this made its founder, Sanjay Shah to get enough capital to open more than thirty-nine companies in different parts of the world. These companies are all under the management of Solo Group, and they are owned by the millionaire, Sanjay Shah. At forty-three years of age, the millionaire has been so successful that he decided to retire and concentrate on philanthropic activities in the world.

For many years, Shah would send financial help to children living in India. This was the only thing that caught his attention, and he felt that it’s the children who deserved help. His life changed completely when his son was discovered to have the autism condition. This traumatized his family as the child was going to therapy and medication, and this made him start a foundation for children suffering from the disease. He founded Autism Rock to create awareness about the disease as well as raise funds to help experts research about it too.

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What Solo Capital Can Do For Its Clients

Most new investors are not very sophisticated when it comes investment and dealing with their money. It says a lot when an individual seeks help from professional capital management and investment firms like Solo Capital and decides it is right for them. Solo Capital is a consulting firm that sells many products and services related to finance. Some of the services offered by this company founded by Sanjay Shah include, but not limited to, personal finance, underwriting, mergers, acquisitions, business management, capital management, payroll and estate planning.

Today, many people have realized that Solo Capital like firm can benefit people of all ages. Their reasons for jumping on this bandwagon are as diverse as wanting to save for retirement, protecting the future income volatility, funding education and other personal needs and creating a legacy of financial independence. If an individual is interested in buying a product or service from Solo Capital and do not know where to start, he or she may be able to get the right guidance. The person seeking help doesn’t have to be a graduate in finance, anyone can do it. Solo Capital has no problem with this kind of situations as many of their clients come from little or no background in finance. What is important to note is that the person seeking help and knowledge is in control of the money that is being invested or put to good use.

It has been said that if you really want to do something about your financial situation, you will find a way. The people who have used Solo Capital for their portfolio haven’t made excuses but found a way that has helped them improve financially. The best and powerful way you can benefit to grow your wealth is by using the tools provided by the firm. If you do not know how much money is leaving your pocketbook never to be seen again, sit down with one of the experts at Solo Capital and go through the numbers. You could have a much larger nest egg without losing sleep simply by listening to these experts. They will help open your mind to a powerful and time-tested wealth-building method – one that will give you and your family peace of mind for the long run. In essence, this is how you can reach your financial goals.

Solo Capital’s Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Shah is a well-known figure on in the finance industry. After earning degree in business administration and working for many major companies around the world, Shah opened many businesses including a non-profit organization called Autism Rocks. He has contributed to a number of causes throughout his career and spends his retirement years overseeing his businesses.

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