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US Money Reserve President Thinks it is Time to Get Rid of the Penny

In a recent PR Newswire article the merits of the penny were discussed. US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl was adamant in his opinion that the penny needs to be discontinued. Not only is this waste of a coin costing our country’s taxpayers over $100 million annually, it is worth so little that it is not even worth your time to bend over and pick one up anymore.

Proponents of the penny argue that getting rid of the penny would spur inflation and price increases across the board. However, Diehl believes many companies would round down in price in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Also, three quarters of today’s transactions take place digitally rather than with cash, a fact which helps to further negate the necessity of the penny.

Another argument for getting rid of the penny is that the nickel should be discontinued as well because it costs over 9 cents. However the nickel could still be made with cheaper materials to help lower the cost, whereas the penny is already 97.5 percent zinc. Some of the main forces behind the arguments for keeping the penny are trying to protect their own business interests. These include the people who create the blanks for pennies and the zinc lobby.

Diehl is the president of the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve is the nation’s largest purveyor of U.S. government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. The organization has over 100 experts on hand to assist individuals who want to expand their portfolios by investing in precious metals. The Money Reserve offers these services as a way for people to help protect themselves against inflation as well as other economic factors. By investing in precious metals individuals can be assured that their money will hold its value and increase much more often that paper currency which can be affected by geopolitical events and a variety of other factors.

Indiana School Principal Dies Saving Two Students from Bus

Indiana school principal Susan Jordan died doing what she loved when she pushed two students out of the way of a moving bus. Jordan was helping load students onto buses in the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township on January 26 when one of the buses jumped a curb.

Jordan reacted quickly, shoving two ten-year-old students out of the way. The bus struck Jordan and both students while Jordan absorbed most of the impact. The dedicated educator died at the scene. The two students were transported to a nearby hospital where they were treated and released.

School staff members, parents, students, and other members of the community gathered the following day to remember and honor Jordan’s selflessness.

“She was amazing,” said one woman.

“She’s an example of the person I’d like to be,” said another.

Others, like Next Level Lacrosse Camp owner and environmental vocalist Jon Urbana described Jordan as a hero and a legend.

Susan Jordan served as principal at Amy Beverland Elementary School for more than two decades.

The accident occurred at approximately 2:45 p.m. Dozens of students, parents, and other staff members witnessed the incident. The driver, whose name has not been released to the public, is under investigation.

Sanjay Shah Champions the Autism Rocks Charity Campaign

Sanjay Shah, a British entrepreneur and founder of Solo capital, has always been philanthropic. For the last ten years, Shah has been sending donations to help Indian kids though plan international. However, after his youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism, a condition that affects children’s both mental and physical development, Sanjay has adopted charity and taken it to a whole new level.
How did it begin?
In 2011, Sanjay and his wife noticed that their now four-year son was sickly and could not keep his food down. They rushed him to a Dubai hospital where he was put on a drip but were advised to take him to a child psychologist. They flew to London and took him to the Portland hospital where doctors confirmed that he was autistic and thus the food allergies. Sanjay explains that this was such an awful experience getting to hear that their son was ill and that there was nothing he could do to help.
They returned him to Dubai where they had relocated to earlier only for his child to be put on a five-year long waitlist for autistic children. Sanjay had to hire private doctors to take care of his son but sympathized with the thousands of families in the country and the world who couldn’t afford to hire private doctors. To assist the Dubai Autism Centre with its operations, he donated two buses but the feeling that he could do more kept lingering in his mind.
An impromptu visit by Snoop Dogg to his home during his tour in Dubai seemed like the only catalyst he needed to figure it all out. After the meeting, he resolved to get back to music, after being a club DJ during his campus years, and use it to support autism only that this time round, he would do it differently. He resolved to organize high profile but private concerts whose all proceeds would go towards funding Autism research. So far, he has raised more than $1 million.
About Sanjay
Sanjay Shah is the founder and president of Solo Capital, a British-based hedge fund that he founded in 2011. It remains interesting though that he started out as a doctor only to branch to accounting later in life. Sanjay has a lot of experience working with the banking and investment industry for close to 30 years.
Shah is of Kenyan descent and only gained full British citizenship in 2005. He lived with his young family in London during his career and founding of Solo Capital. He has, however, relocated to Dubai from where he launched Autism Rocks campaign.

AI Making Waves in the Fashion Industry

Slyce is a company that sees where the future of fashion is going. They understand that consumers know what they want and like and they just want help finding out where they can get it. Slyce has developed a visual search technology that, in a variety of easy to use ways, can cross check what they consumer wants with an online store’s catalogue. The technology will identify similar clothing and accessories that are for sale online and suggest them to the consumer.

Slyce allows consumers to use three different methods when attempting to find the clothing or accessory they like. Individuals can either use a barcode, coupon or QR code through the software’s scanning technology. Alternatively, consumers can upload a picture of a billboard or advertisement that has a picture of the item they like. A final option is for the consumer to take a picture of the item of clothing or accessory and upload it to be analyzed. The software then analyzes the picture for metadata or other attributes, including pattern, color and style. Then the software finds the exact item or suggests similar items to it.

Slyce was mentioned in a Deccan Herald article from January 17, 2016. The article said Slyce was among a group of companies that had starting utilizing AI in order to better serve customers. Image intelligence is an old area of AI that is still growing and learning, and it has proven to be especially useful in the world of fashion.

The article also discussed product discovery and personalization as a major route that AI is taking. Product discovery has been around for many years now, due to Amazon’s success with it. It is another field, similar to image intelligence, that is being fine tuned in order to both give consumers a more positive experience and to help business create more revenue. The idea behind is that if a business can help its customers find what it wants more quickly and seamlessly, everyone wins.

It finished by saying that AI has come a long way but it has a long way to go. The potential applications of AI are intriguing and now it is just up to developers to work out the kinks and bugs that are plaguing the system currently. Once that is accomplished, consumers and businesses will be able to interact much more easily.

George Soros Predicts a 2008 Déjà Vu

Stock markets have been anything but stable for the first week of 2016. The Dow has lost over 1000 points from its recent highs. Billionaire investor George Soros is predicting a 2008 Déjà vu. The only difference is that it is China’s economic decline that is causing this one. China’s stock market was screaming to new highs as recent as June of last year. Suddenly, there was talk of an economic slowdown.

He points out on Bloomberg that China’s economic growth had been taking place at double digit levels. In 2014 their growth rate fell to only 7.5 percent. Though that is still positive, many were riding high on the gravy train of a booming marketplace. The announcement of a slowdown hit global markets severely. In a state of panic, the Chinese government rapidly starting devaluing the yuan. (Chines currency). Soros claims that this devaluation is putting China’s problems they are experiencing into the rest of the world.

Chinese Housing Market

Soros comments bring back the fear that hit the U.S. markets in 2008, when it was realized that that the banking industry had been too lenient with giving mortgages, to people who could not really afford to pay them. At the time, most people thought that housing prices would never drop. They were wrong and it created a major panic. This appears to be happening now in China.

China is facing a housing market bubble, similar to the one in the U.S. in 2008. It has been reported that there are “ghost cities” in China, where investors have built huge skyscraper apartment buildings, that to this day, stand empty.

How China Effects the World

Many countries buy and sell products to China. Those who sell products to China, are being hit by a downturn in demand for goods and services. In this respect, China is effecting the whole world. As economic growth cools in China, it eventually drifts to other countries who do business with them.

Recent indicators that measure fear in the equity markets, like the Chicago Board of Options (CBOE) VIX index, recently as high as 27 (a high reading) show that many people are fearful and are exiting the markets. With many countries looking at lowering their interest rates in an effort to stem the blood bath, the U.S. Fed has now started the process of raising rates. Will this lead to another recession in the U.S.?
George Soros comments only push the numbers farther and faster. His recent comments in Sri Lanka, are confirmation of most investors’ fears. China is not in negative growth yet. Many wonder how hard the U.S. equities markets will be hit when they are.


Sergio Cortes Explains about Michael Jackson’s Glove

Sergio Cortes is the best and famous impersonator of Michael Jackson. Apart from his looks that are similar to Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes has the singing and dancing talents that the pop icon had. According to his Facebook page, Sergio Cortes is a gifted artist that can sing, dance, and act.
His talents that are similar to Michael Jackson have raised curiosity among many in the world. Sergio Cortes notes that his similarity to Jackson is not only a career but a privilege. This is because many people do not see the difference between him and Michael Jackson. For this reason, Sergio Cortes is considered one of the best impersonators of the American Singer that died in 2009. This information was reported on Noticias r7.
Sergio Cortes was born in July 30, 1971 in Spain. His career started at an early age. His parent told him that he resembled the pop idol. During the time, Michael was also a child and a member of the Jackson 5. They were enjoying success in the United States and on the international scene. After watching the star on television, Sergio Cortes started paying more attention to Michael Jackson. When he was a teenager, a journalist asked him to pose as Michael Jackson. The photo turned his career around. He started getting proposals for more photos to pose like the pop idol.
Presently, Sergio Cortes runs an agency that manages his activities including the numerous concerts that he holds in a year. The thing that separates him from the other impersonators is the passion that he has for being like Michael Jackson. Additionally, his exceptional ability to perform the songs and pull of the choreography excellently has worked the trick. His electrifying performances have propelled his career with many fans crowding his shows whenever he performs, across the world. Sergio Cortes notes that the death of Michael Jackson affected him but his fans and the performances helped him cope with the loss.
Recently, Sergio Cortes talked about the auction of Michael Jackson’s glove at the value of $20,000. According to him, this was not the first time that Jackson’s glove was being auctioned. He points out that in 2009 another glove went for $402,000 in an auction, which was higher compared to the current glove prices. Sergio Cortes explained why Michael used one glove and why he liked gloves. Sergio asserted that Jackson wanted to have a story similar to greats like Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein by having a painting of him in a frame wearing the glove. This information was originally reported on
Fans can follow Sergio Cortes on his Facebook and on his Twitter account.

The Amazing Success of OrganoGold

OrganoGold is the story of a company that started from humble beginnings and found some massive success over the years. There are many different companies that have not been able to find the amount of success that OrganoGold has been able to achieve. OrganoGold started in 2008 in a small shop with only 5 employees. From this, they have turned into an international network marketing company that has brought amazing products to millions of individuals all over the world. In 35 countries there are independent distributors who are spreading the amazing products of OrganGold to individuals who are in need of these amazing products.

One of the key elements of success in OrgranGold is the CEO Bernardo Chua. He was already a successful businessman who has been able to create an amazing network marketing company from the ground up. He has had prior experience helping network marketing companies expand internationally, so taking OrganoGold worldwide was a familiar thing for him to do. Bernardo Chua has been working for over a decade to create a wide range of healthy products that will help individuals to lead a very healthy and disease free life.

The future seems very bright for Bernardo Chua as OrganoGold continues to push forward in the world of network marketing. The large team of successful distributors look to Bernardo Chua for leadership and this is something that he is always able to deliver. Bernardo Chua has the business skills needed to truly succeed in the international world of business. With the creation of his new international OrganGold business center you can now see a physical manifestation of the success that OrganoGold has achieved. With over 150 employees in this cetner Bernardo Chua oversees all of the operations of these amazing employees as they help to bring the company further into the future.  Check his Twitter for updates about the company in the future.

This Man Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is an accomplished figure in financial management and administration. Currently, he doubles up as the executive vice-president and chief financial officer at the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin has enjoyed a very fulfilling career. He has consistently engaged his financial expertise for the benefit of various organizations in the last fifteen years.

The accomplished Kevin Seawright lives a public life, making himself available on social media and other platforms. His career achievements span both the private and public sectors of the economy. Starting out in a government job in Maryland, he made enormous strides in the asset management and construction. After a decade of gathering experience, he made the leap of faith to the rewarding private sector.

Seawright speaks passionately about the transformation of urban centers. Just a year ago, Kevin received an appointment onto the Newark CEDC and took on the job with high energy. He feels proud to be associated with the development agenda of the Newark community. In his assessment, the small enterprise model favors economic growth in the city. The development of transport and communication networks makes it possible to move goods and people. The town also possesses an enormous human resource base.

When speaking to WorldClassMagazines, Kevin Seawright attributes his management style to the need to create a long-lasting solution for everyday problems. Transformation takes time, dedication, and sacrifice. People must collaborate in a collective spirit. Behind every successful man lies a supportive family. Kevin grew up under very social and supportive parents.

Kevin seawright and the newark community economic development corporation from Kevin Seawright

He began attending communal, and youth programs while a teenager. His parents were also keen to teach Kevin and his siblings the essential skills of financial management. Their parental instincts trickled down to Kevin hence his success today. He is also a family man who dedicates his time to his daughter’s academic and social development.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation started operations in 2007 with the primary aim of catalyzing economic development for the region. Its main activities relate to the attraction, establishment, and retention of corporates. Real estate development was also identified as a key investment attraction hence the appointment of the experienced Kevin Seawright.

The organization links with like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations around Newark to implement policies. As modern development patterns would have it, the theme of job creation, standards of living and sustainable growth prevail. Elsewhere, Kevin Seawright associates with the youth and young professionals.

Being a man of the people, he is a role model people can emulate. He is also an authority on matters of investment and social change. His social media presence makes him interact with the masses and wins their support. He remains active on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Given time and support, the Newark community can make great strides with Kevin at the helm of Newark.

The Bears Will Hit Wall Street In 2016, According To Kyle Bass

According to Kyle Bass, China’s banks have mismanaged their money enough the rest of the world is going to be affected. In a recent Half Time episode, Bass and other financial people had a discussion about China’s declining economy. While some felt that this decline was part of a natural cycle, occurring once a trend has hit its peak, Bass felt there was much more at play. According to Bass, China’s economic bubble is about to collapse because they made the same mistake America did before its own collapse in 2008.

Bass understands the 2008 sub-prime lending collapse intimately, because it was one of the things which pushed him into the limelight. Bass successfully predicted that America’s economy would sustain a substantial economic downturn based on the faulty housing market facilitated via poor banking practices and sub-prime loans. Bass was entirely correct, and as a result people began to listen to him. Now, as he looks at China, he compares similar banking shenanigans in Europe to an equally virulent economic decline, and points out that since China’s banks are doing exactly the same thing, it’s only to be expected that a similar decline will broadside them as well. The GDP of China is only $10 trillion, but the banks have $35 trillion. That’s a bubble, Bass says it’s going to burst, and he also notes that surrounding countries which have loaned to China “aggressively” are going to feel the burn as well. He even believes this domino effect will lead to America, dropping economic power between ten and twenty percent.

Bass currently works as a hedge fund manager out of Texas, but his ancestry is Argentinian, and he has ties to a woman named Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who is the socialist leader of Argentina. The question then becomes: is Bass working on her behalf, on the behalf of his home country’s government, or on his own behalf? Or could he be in league with America’s government, or someone else?

Well, there’s good reason to say he’s not working with American politicians. Bass started an organization called The Coalition For Affordable Drugs, CAD, and said organization has been able to diminish the cost of many big-ticket pharmaceuticals. In fact, Bass’ organization has been so successful at this, stock-market value for those big-time pharmaceuticals dropped, and Bass capitalized. American politicians were furious at the totally legal loophole Bass exploited, and so have been working to close the financial pathway, though with little success.

Bass obviously understands financial markets if his blog entries are any indication, and how to profit from them. He wouldn’t be saying what he is about China if he didn’t have some angle; but what that angle is really could be anyone’s guess. The only thing for sure is that Bass seems to be “in the know”.  Though Kyle Bass has been branded a desperate gambler, who knows for sure, outside of UsefulStooges.

A Notable Investor Talks His Advice On Commodities Investing And His Role In THINX

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar knows a few things about commodities investing and making the most careful investment decisions. When making investing decisions, he says that one should at all times ensure that adequate research is carried out and within the research, explore the history of the particular commodity that one wants to invest in. Research is crucial in the sense that it formulates a perception that is reasonable and especially in matters related to how it is likely to perform in future.

Sam also knows that for one to make the right commodities investments, it is important to avoid problem products, he has a history of dodging those. He also advises that one should avoid funds that are poorly managed so as get a reasonable return on the investment. According to him, the more research one conducts, the better. If one has not conducted proper research, one can end up sinking a lot of money in an investment that has poor management.

However, with proper research, one gets the insight as well as the experience on how markets operate and ends up knowing exactly how they might perform in a consistent manner over a period of time. It is also imperative that one focuses the research on commodities that are properly managed and that have better chances of reaping in the best ROI.

Sam Tabar is not new to matters related to capital strategy as well as investing. He is also a respected attorney based in New York City. He has a rather interesting career that spans from being a legal associate to being a respected capital strategist and private investing. He also has a serious liking for hosting events and traveling.

In the very recent past, he managed to add THINX, an epic startup to his investment portfolio, and it was also the inspiration for creating his own Go Fund Me page. THINX is determined to help women in America and Africa get out of their financial and lifestyle misery cocoons and live much happier lives. In America, it provides employment while in Africa, it provides revolutionary and fashionable underwear that women can recycle during their menstruation days.

Initially, the company started a kick-starter campaign and managed to start producing its five different styles of underwear. With every purchase, a woman in Africa is given more than five washable cloths that allow her to go around her usual activities without worrying a lot about sanitary pads. As a result, many women have been able to go to school without having to break and therefore, growing into becoming better pillars of the society in future.

Beyond that, Sam is also an amateur photographer, frequently posting his creations to Instagram.  And he also provides investment advice in video form.  Usually posting to his Vimeo, where he talks about dealings of the day.

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