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Brad Reifler Says Roll It Over!

Nest eggs are fragile, and often become even more vulnerable in transit. So how do you handle a retirement account if you’re changing jobs? Forefront Advisory CEO, Brad Reifler says a rollover to an IRA account is largely inexpensive, that is, if you don’t need the money soon.

Once the money from your 401k is moved into a rollover account, it’s protected from taxes, and it’s an easy approach to merge any retirement funds from different employers into one place. Reifler says IRA rollovers are also a safe haven from workplace plans that are often bloated with fees. You can establish an IRA at just about any financial institution. It’s really a safe haven. Investors can roll their nest eggs into a safe IRA and assemble a bevy of low cost investment options.

Avoiding Rollover Pitfalls

First, the Internal Revenue Service is a real stickler when it comes to penalties, so if you’re moving money to an IRA account from your 401k, don’t bother requesting a check from your employer. You have a limited time from the receipt of a check to the time you deposit the funds, and if you go over that time limit, you’ll be penalized. Opt for a direct rollover and your employer will transfer the funds to an established IRA. Since the check is made directly to your IRA institution, the Internal Revenue will know the money was a direct transfer. This way a tax withholding problem never arises. At the end of the year, you’ll receive a 1099R from your former employer detailing the distribution.

Of course you could just leave your 401k in your former company’s retirement plan but the downside are the usual plan limitations. Company-sponsored retirement plans primarily have limited investment choices which inhibit your ability to diversify. Leaving your money in place also costs you some flexibility. Once you’re no longer an employee, you can no longer make contributions to that plan, and some plans limit your ability to make changes to your investments.

According to Brad Reifler, your decision will ultimately impact your retirement years, therefore, before choosing, look at your options side-by-side and compare the effects of each.

The Tenacious Strategist

After working in finance for more than three decades, CrunchBase shows that Brad Reifler surpassed a stellar banking career to rapidly rise to stardom. First Reifler Trading Company then on to Pali Capital, and now Forefront Capital, LLC has an ambitious foothold in the finance industry. Reifler’s career has spanned diverse roles, and he has since shown himself to be a tenacious strategist and leader.  Follow Brad on Twitter if you’d like to learn even more about him.

“One Life To Live” Lays The Template For Future Soap Operas

The world of soap operas is always changing as the characters and storylines evolve to allow increasing numbers of characters and plots designed to show off the many different aspects of life in the U.S. However, when “One Life To Live” debuted in 1968 the landscape of the U.S. soap industry was extremely different and consisted largely of plots developed around characters living lives most people could only wish to achieve. The aspirational nature of life in soap operas still continued in the early days of “One Life To Live” with the inclusion of affluent families in the soap opera; the range of characters shown in “One Life To live” changed the way soap operas and TV drama was produced when everyday characters were included in the suburb of Llanview.

The range of characters shown can be seen in the life of a single character, Stacy Morasco, who was played by the actress Crystal Hunt. Morasco began life as an erotic dancer in Las Vegas who was plotting to embark on a campaign to undermine the life of her sister in Llanview. The character of Morasco allowed Crystal Hunt to express a different side of her personality through her performance, which became a favorite amongst fans of the soap.

Crystal Hunt has been a major part of the TV and movie acting landscape for a number of years, and has built up huge Instagram and Facebook followings as such, which has seen her transcend the soap opera industry, TV drama and movies. The actress has embarked on a varied career that has recently seen her step out of the world of soap opera and enter the movie industry with a role in “Magic Mike XXL”. Hunt has also looked to develop different aspects of her career within the TV and movie production industry that has seen her become an executive producer on the movie “Talbot County”.

After “One Life To Live” debuted the range of characters and stories developed by new and existing TV drama productions followed suit to show the lives of real people. Many different aspects of life are now shown in U.S. TV drama, including the plots revolving around the lives of those who are looking to develop the popular TV dramas that have become known as the current golden age of television.

Susan McGalla is Getting into the Game

With the 2015 football season in full swing, it’s time to gear up and show your fandom. NFL shops have taken notice that fans want to be fashionable as well as show their support. For Pittsburgh Steelers fans, the merchandise options are better than ever. Their new fashion campaign which has recently launched will turn heads on the street no matter which team they support.

No matter what your age, gender, or fashion preferences, your tastes should be catered to in this current campaign. Jewelry lovers will be happy to know that the Steelers Pro Shop has collaborated with Pandora to create Steeler’s charms for bracelets and necklaces. Young fans can sport adorable Steelers pigtail holders on and keep warm on game day with a Steelers and Hello Kitty blanket. Men can find everything their heart desires as well with Steelers t-shirts and jerseys, as well as a brand new mashup with Tommy Bahama.

Heading up this new venture is Susan McGalla, the director of strategic planning for the Pittsburg Steelers. McGalla is no stranger to merchandising and retail shopping. With her she brings a wealth of experience beginning first in her role at American Eagle Outfitters. At this company, she served as a divisional merchandise buyer specializing in women’s clothing. During her tenure, Susan McGalla on pittsburgh.cbslocal worked her way up to become company president at American Eagle, overseeing the launch of the company’s hugely successful Arie and 77kids lines. After moving on from American Eagle, McGalla was appointed chief executive officer at Wet Seal, another women’s clothing giant.

McGalla’s vision for the Steelers fan experience is simple. Her goal is to connect fans to their team in a way that they haven’t previously and make it easier than ever. The newest campaign has been launched with innovation built around their fan base. The new fan shop website has made it easier than ever to purchase fashion straight from the sidelines and connect with social media. The fan season has just begun and McGalla intends on making it a great one.

Impersonating MJ Is A Career For Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is a highly talented artist and above all the best impersonator of the legendary ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson. His attires, voice, walking and dancing styles are similar to that of MJ. According to a report published throughR7, Sergio Cortes said that it’s a privilege to have similar characters just like MJ. Indeed, these similarities create curiosity and also sharpen the eyes of many fans. Those who have never seen or heard about Sergio before may think that the real MJ is on the stage. Today, Sergio is considered as the best impersonator of Michael Jackson who died in 2009.
Sergio developed interests of copying MJ when he was part of the Jackson 5 when he had just started his career in music and later recognized in the whole world as the ‘King of Pop’. This was the turning point of Sergio’s career of impersonating Michael. He started to concentrate on MJ as he danced, sang and the way he talked to fans and the media. When he was a teenager, Sergio was approached by a local reporter dress like MJ and captured on photos, and since that day there were enormous repercussions on his life. Sergio’s passion of impersonating MJ had doubled since that time.
After he rose to fame, Sergio was invited to perform in different countries as an American Idol. Cortes has performed on various shows because he has ability to resemble MJ on almost everything that he used to do. His followers on Facebook are more than 16,000 fans and you can also follow him. Additionally, Sergio can also be found on Twitter. The social media network has largely exposed Sergio’s work to the public and has received several proposals to perform in different parts of the world. Sergio Cortes said that he was heavily touched by the death of MJ back in 2009.
He thinks that by impersonating the late MJ, he has managed to help the singer’s fans to move on and overcome the loss. Indeed, there are other famous personalities that are impersonated by their fans in Brazil. Singers, politicians, TV celebrities and actors are mainly impersonated. Also, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho are also impersonated by their football fans for the skills they possessed while playing. Sergio Cortes was born in Spain 43 years ago and is being recognized as a celeb across the world.

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