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Why QNet Soars Above the Competition

QNet continues to reinvent itself.

The online and Hong Kong based marketing company has seen significant growth in its 13 year history, providing exciting new avenues for its employees and customers.

QNet is a direct selling, multi-level marketing (DS MLM) company demystifying the idea of the direct selling networking exemplified in pyramid building companies. QNet promotes itself as a one-on-one marketer of products and services rather than a pure-play direct selling company. Individuals that join their team do not operate through retail locations. They instead receive discounted products that they are encouraged to use and to retail these products and services to other individuals, earning commissions when third parties begin using the products and services as well.

Unlike a selling pyramid, QNet does not promise quick and great wealth. The DS MLM offers individuals an opportunity to work hard and grow a genuine business that will, at the very least, offer a second stream of income and could, at the most, one day deliver professional independence.

QNet devotes a significant amount of its resources not to recruitment but to research and development. QNet promises legitimate products and services that will produce life enhancement. And this is what its independent employees can rely on to build their business, good practices and products, not commission through recruitment of employees.

QNet offers a range of products that encourage wellness and good living through personal care. The DS MLM’s inventory of products run the gamut: home care, collectibles and luxury, education, holidays, nutrition, energy, nutrition, accessories, and personal and business development. The Bio Light enhances energy through biophotons. InOcean is a 100% natural mineral complex that provides a body’s daily mineral requirements. The Sonic Whitening Toothbrush, Professional Whitening Strips and Remineralising Whitening Toothpaste will brighten smiles while fighting cavities and improving oral hygiene.

QNet’s focus is on product and service development, on manufacturing a carefully chosen niche of products that promise to add significant value to health, mind and wellness. The company invites anyone interested to become a customer and potentially grow as a businessperson by bringing in more customers who appreciation air and water purification, glamourous costume jewelry or innovative ways to store their digital information.

QNet intends to continue growing as a DS MLM, using a strategy that results in a difference in daily life for its customers both personally and professionally. Its growth plans are global in nature as regulations for the emerging direct selling industry broadens their foreign bases.

The bottom line is QNet, like any successful company, encourages everyone to take a look at their products and services, to give them a chance and to consider the opportunity to grow a stream of income when direct usage and promotion results in new sales.

Finance and Philanthropy with George Soros


The life of George Soros has been full of hard work, giving back, and fighting for just causes. His tremendous efforts began early in his life, as he survived the Nazi occupation of war torn Hungary during World War II. Far from being defined by his early life journey, Soros’ many accomplishments throughout his career have been noteworthy and impactful. In addition to his success in financial management, Soros has extended himself both as a philanthropist and author, reaching well beyond life simply as the head of a fund management company.

After escaping Hungary in 1947, Soros arrived in England to begin his pursuit of financial studies. Attending the London School of Economics, Soros graduated in 1952 and joined an investment bank in London shortly afterwards. After gaining entry-level experience for four years, Soros left England for the United States in 1956. He quickly put his experience to work by taking investment management positions at firms such as F.M. Mayer, Wertheim & Co., and Arnold & S. Bleichroeder.

According to Forbes, his experience allowed Soros to found his own hedge fund company in 1973, calling it Soros Fund Management upon its inception. Evolving into the Quantum Fund Company, Soros’ company flourished under his direction, becoming known for aggressive investing and high returns for nearly two decades. Soros continued his work at Quantum Fund until the late 1980’s, becoming one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Having established such a successful company, Soros turned his attention to philanthropy. Founding Open Society Foundations in 1979, Soros aimed to setup a network of foundations and partners for more than 100 countries which upheld the rights of its citizens. The goal of Open Society was to hold governments accountable all over the world and to prevent the rights of citizens to be taken away or withheld in any way. His first project was to give scholarships to South African students under apartheid, giving them an educational opportunity they would not have had otherwise. Open Society has also supplied legal representation to thousands of individuals who were being unlawfully held.

Soros has also somehow found the time to put his knowledge into print, becoming a best-selling author. He has written fourteen books on many topics, from financial management to philanthropy and open societies. His first book written in 1987 is a classic investment book which highlights investment practices and his views of world order. He has continued to chronicle the world’s ever-changing financial markets, from covering the Soviet System to the financial crash of 2008. His latest release in 2014 is more relevant than ever, speaking on the future of Europe, xenophobia, and how conflict effects the global market.

The Success of Dan Newlin

A lawyer is a licensed professional who represents others in judicial matters and can also offer legal advice. Practicing as an attorney involves practical applications of legal theories to solve specific problems. The role of lawyers varies across legal jurisdictions. Attorneys specialize in insurance claims, personal injury, marriage laws and, medical malpractice.

About Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin, a Florida-based attorney, and a former sheriff’s Detective began practicing with an intention of offering superior legal advice to clients while helping those who suffered from serious injuries. Lawyer Dan Newlin and his team of professional lawyers help residents of Florida and beyond who have sustained injuries due to gross misconduct of a company or an individual.

New clients

If you contact Dan Newlin, you will be greeted by a professional who will give you timely information about your case. You will then be contacted by lawyer Dan Newlin. Mr. Daniel contacts most clients seeking his services. He understands the need of speaking and meeting with his customers. By the end of the day, the clients testify of getting the best legal advice.

Dan Newlin encounters with past clients

Lawyer Dan and his team have had the honor of helping thousands of families in various accident cases both as a Sheriff’s detective and as a trial lawyer. Many clients have retained Dan Newlin to help them in numerous accidents that result in severe injuries such as;

Hearing loss

Brain injuries



Amputation of extremities

Dan Newlin handled these cases with extreme precision right from the time the families contacted the office until resolution.

Cases handled

You might think that Lawyer Dan and his team take on high profile cases, but they take on all case sizes. Fortunately, not all victims of an accident suffer severe injuries. However, this does not mean that they do not deserve any compensation for physical and psychological injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. Despite the severity of the injury or loss, they take on the cases to help the clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Today, lawyer Newlin has recovered over 150 million dollars for accident and injury victims. He formerly operated from a small office but has now developed into a boutique styled law firm. He serves all of Florida and Illinois offering personalized services to his clients. He works with a team of eighteen lawyers and over seventy-five employees. They focus on motorcycle accidents, medical negligence, personal injury, auto accidents, construction accidents, wrongful death, and truck accidents.

Wealthy Brazilian Can Keep Real Estate In The Family Forever

The real estate market in Brazil has been strong for the last four years, but this year has been different. The economic meltdown that the country is experiencing is putting pressure on Brazil’s middle-class and the real estate market is suffering because of it. But the interesting fact about Brazilian reals estate is 1 percent of the population owns and controls more than half of the land in the country. Brazil is considered one of the most unequal places in the world when it comes to land distribution. Some Brazilians must still pay a tax to wealthy families in certain parts of Rio because families like the Orleans-Braganza family, which happens to be the name of the old Brazilian royal family, still get a royalty on certain parcels.

That real estate tax system is called enfiteuse, in Brazil, and many of the prominent real estate companies in Brazil don’t like it. Companies like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos try to stay away from property that was once owned by the royal family or any other extremely wealthy Brazilian family that is due a tax based on the enfiteuse law. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos manages an assortment of properties in Brazil, and they have been successful in not paying unnecessary taxes because of that antiquated real estate law.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos list of properties is impressive, and the company continues to add new residential and commercial properties to their stable of properties even though the commercial real estate market has been suffering this year. The Residential market is not much better because Brazilians are having a difficult time getting loans. Interest rates are out of control, and banks are only lending money if there is ample collateral. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos doesn’t have that problem, so the company continues to expand in spite of the economic and political issues in the country.

Some scholars say the enfiteuse system started in Rome centuries ago and was introduced to Brazil during the colonization of the country in the 1500s. At that time, all land was considered the property of the royal family and that system has remained intact ever since then. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos stays away from properties in districts like Copacabana and the city of Petropolis for that reason, but have still continued to develop in the West Zone. Petropolis was the summer home of the royal family and everyone that owns real estate there must still pay a tax to the descendants of the former Brazilian rulers.

Dan Newlin And His Partners Are Seasoned Personal Injury Attorneys

Accidents happen, and some of them can cause serious damage and injuries. Personal injury cases can develop from these accidents, and personal injury lawyers make sure the injured person is compensated for the damage caused by these frequent accidents. Personal injury lawyers make sure that the responsible party is held liable through a civil court proceeding or other means. Once the liable party is found guilty, they usually face a judgment that can cost them thousands or even millions of dollars.

Personal injury lawyers don’t always solve disputes in court. Most accident disputes are resolved through an informal settlement that is orchestrated by insurers and attorneys representing both parties. Once a monetary settlement is reached, both parties agree to forgo any further legal action. Sometimes these informal settlements don’t resolve the issue, so other procedures like mediation and arbitration are used before the case goes to court.

It’s important to know when to enter into an informal settlement, mediation, or a civil court case. Attorney Dan Newlin and his law partners have the experience to resolve accident disputes quickly. Newlin Law has the experience to know when to sue and when to settle. Plaintiffs have a limited time to file a lawsuit, so a good attorney plays an important role in a positive outcome. The “statute of limitations” vary from state to state, and these limitations vary depending on the injury. Dan Newlin can cut through the government red tape, and find the best way to get the maximum amount damages that pertain to each case.

Newlin Law has offices in Florida and Chicago. The lawyers in the Newlin Law office focus on car accidents, truck accidents wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, DUI accidents, Social Security disability, medical malpractice, birth injuries, work injuries, pharmacy malpractice and pedestrian accidents. New Law also handles other issues that fall under personal injury accidents.

The Spirit Of Michael Jackson Lives In Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson as a performer and a individual was a once in a lifetime personality that may never be equaled. However, there have been many attempts by talented impersonators to bring his spirit back to life. While some of those attempts were good and thought provoking, it wasn’t until Sergio Cortes came along that someone had finally captured the essence of the man in all regards.

In order to imitate another individual, it takes hundreds of hours of studying mannerisms and style. Then it takes hundreds more hours of practice. After all the time and effort, the impersonator is lucky if they can get it 75% right. Remember, a great impression will take a fan back to a time and place of great joy and happiness. The truth is you can’t fool a real fan.

Then along comes a guy like Sergio Cortes. His ability to capture MJs persona and style goes way beyond studying and practicing. There is an extra layer of profound talent and innate ability that helps him capture everything the world ever knew about Michael Jackson as a performer.

Amazingly, the world never quite understood the technical qualities of MJs singing ability. His pitch and tone were always spot on, leaving one to question how one guy can have such range and efficiency as a singer. MJ had nothing on Cortes who has been able to capture every note of every song that made Michael the unbelievable icon be became. The best part is Cortes’ efforts are never forced or manufactured. They come from natural ability and a great ear.

Of course, MJ was much more than a singer. He was a man with unique style and the ability to move over the dance floor like a leopard through the jungle. None of this creates an issue for Cortes who is able to dress and carry the same style as though he invented it. As for the dancing, Cortes has every pop, lock, spin and twist down to a science. Any measure of comparison would certainly require the ability to pull of the signature moonwalk. That’s child’s play for Mt. Cortes.

In the final analysis, what makes Cortes’ impersonation special is his recognizable love and admiration of the man he is impersonating. In a way, they seem to be kindred spirits with Cortes left here on earth as a reminder of one of the all-time greats. He may not be Michael Jackson, but his impersonation is good enough to bring joy to fans around the world.

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Sergio Cortes Is Moonwalking Jackson’s Legacy Back Into The World

One of the most important things in anyone’s life is the legacy which they’ll leave behind. It’s something that people seldom give much thought to when young. But as one grows older it becomes more important that the works a person created can live on. But if this is true for most people it’s even more so for artists and performers. Every artist hopes that their works will be remembered after they’ve passed on. But at the same time there’s always the concern that it be treated with the utmost respect. This is one of the reasons why people like MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes are so important to the world.

There’s obviously quite a few Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. But they typically approach only the most limited subsets of Jackson’s life. Some of the impersonators do a good job of looking like Jackson. Some are good at dancing like him or singing like him. Others might be able to act like him in public. All of these things are impressive and take a great deal of time to master. But it’s still a very limited view of an entire person’s life. Jackson was one of the most complex and prolific artists in modern history. To really impersonate him one needs to be able to encompass the totality of that life.

And this is exactly what makes Sergio Cortes such an amazing Michael Jackson impersonator. His amazing resemblance to Jackson was first noted when Cortes was still a small child. This meant that he began to work on impersonating Jackson when still in grade school. It takes a very long time to fully learn the entire skillset of someone like Jackson. In many ways it really is a life’s work. But Cortes had a huge advantage over other Jackson impersonators. By the time he began to work as a professional Jackson impersonator he’d already been honing those skills for his entire life.

This might seem purely academic at first. But the importance becomes clear when actually seeing and meeting Sergio Cortes. Because when one does so it never actually feels like meeting a man named Sergio Cortes. Instead meeting Cortes is more like getting a chance to meet, talk with, and enjoy the works of Michael Jackson. Cortes does an amazing job of not just emulating Jackson’s singing and dancing. What makes Cortes the true living legacy of Michael Jackson is the fact that he can impersonate every aspect of the man.

Adam Sender: The Art Investor

Investing is all about having an eye for something. It can be just about anything, for as long as someone has a keen eye for a particular item, they can make a pretty penny off of it. Now, this does not mean it is going to pay off every single time, but it does have a better chance of improving upon the amount of money someone can make through investors. This has proven true with Adam Sender. With the help of a full time curator, Adam Sender has been able to make tens of millions of dollars off of art purchases. Now, it is necessary for an investor to have money to begin with in order to invest it back into something such as art, once the investors start to roll in, it is possible to make a good amount of money.

Adam Sender is currently looking at selling 400 different pieces of art from his collection with the help of Sotheby’s. It is currently believed for the entire collection to net around $70 million for him. As Adam points out, it is not all about going after an individual work of art from a big-time painter. As he said, he couldn’t afford to just go out and purchase a Warhol that would sell for a good amount a decade later. However, he could purchase quality works from up and coming artists for a few hundred thousand and then sell the paintings and photographs for 10 or 20 times what he paid for i.e. several years later.

There are several different pieces of art that are expected to bring in a large portion of the $70 million. There is an “Untitled #93” photograph from the photogravure Sherman. It is believed this photograph is going to go for around $2 million to upwards of $3 million when it is auction off. There is also another photograph by the same photographer expected to go for a similar price, where Adam Sender paid $96,000 for it around 15 years earlier. Along the same line, there is a John Baldessari painting that is expected to sell anywhere between $2 and $3 million, which he has been holding onto for 14 years. There is a Richard Prince painting that he bought around the same time and it is believed to sell around $1 million to just under $2 million.

All of this shows that if someone has an eye for art and for not only what is current but what is going to be valuable years later, it is possible to obtain a desirable piece that is going to sell for a considerable amount years later. This is why Adam Sender is making a good amount of money.

Reliving The Dream

Sergio Cortes is probably the best known Michael Jackson imitator. His striking physical resemblance combined with his more than 30 years of mimicking make him almost indistinguishable. This fact combined with the professionalism with which he handles himself make him a legend by his rights. He lives the MJ dream by entertaining fans all over the world.
Mr Cortes was born on July 30th, 1971 in Barcelona Spain. He comes from a family of 8 siblings. Since a young age, he showed a remarkable resemblance to Michael. In his childhood, one of his brothers came with a Jackson 5 tape. That marked the change of his life. He started to watch the star and his dance moves obsessively. He also began to try to walk like him and talk like him. This child hood obsession turned to a career as a teenager by chance. At the age of 16, Michael had visited Spain and Cortes went to see him. He was dressed like him and a journalist noticed that. He was immediately hired to act as a double to Michael to fool the press. It marked his start as a career double.
Sergio has been extremely successful by all means. He has built a brand around himself. He profiles himself as the one who will deliver like Michael and throws in extra songs Michael never performed in real life.
His sets include dancers, back-up singers, stage managers and an entirely professional audio and video team. He has marketing and a promotional team that organises and hypes his events. It has seen him have a remarkable efficiency in his operations. His shows are sold out. He is today a local celebrity in Brazil where he lives. His biggest fan base is in Latin America. His team is currently promoting all over the world where he is expected to grow.
Not much is known about Sergio off stage. He has managed to maintain a very private life. He is known to live alone with very few friends. He is single currently but once had a girlfriend. He loves Dolls and action figures. He is a gifted graphics designer and has won local awards. He has a Yorkshire dog named Zaffy.He has had her since she was a puppy. Surprisingly he doesn’t have an M.J favourite song.

Dan Newlin is There for the Injured

Those who are seeking an attorney who will help them get the kind of help that they deserve after an injury need to find someone who really cares about them. When someone is dealing with an injury it is important that there be someone out there who will help them through the pain that they are facing and make sure that they receive restitution for what they have faced. There needs to be an attorney available who will really care about the individual who has been injured and who will make sure that he or she will always get the care that they deserve. When it comes to that kind of attorney, one who cares about the injured and is there for them, Dan Newlin is a good example of the kind of help that such individuals need.

Dan Newlin can help someone who is dealing with an injury, and he can make sure that the individual receives the kind of restitution that is owed to them. He can support those who need help. When someone is injured they need the care that comes from a good attorney who wants the best for them. Dan Newlin is there for the injured and he gives them the kind of help that is best for them. Those who are dealing with the pain that an injury brings can find help from the Florida based attorney who is there for them. Dan Newlin works on cases that are focused on injuries that individuals have received. He deals with the injured and he supports them when they need help. He is there for those who are looking to win their case, and he helps them get the kind of financial restitution that is right for the injury that they have received and all that they have faced because of that injury.

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