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North American Spine Grows Into the Desert of Nevada

Great news is breaking for back pain sufferers in Las Vegas. North American Spine will offer AccuraScope treatment with Dr. Satish Sharma at the Red Rock Surgery Center. He will see post-operative patients and hold consultations at the Advanced Pain Management Center. Adam Arnette, the Chief Marketing Officer of North American Spine says, “Dr. Sharma’s experience and skills are a welcomed addition to our talented team.” He has dual licensure in Anesthesiology and Pain Management and is a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology. He will be there to provide help to patients with chronic pain. Dr. Sharma will prepare effective back pain management plans for a variety of back injuries, disorders and complications of the spine.

Dr. Sharma’s educational background began in Rajasthan, India. He split the completion of his post-doc training between India and the United States. He spent his internship and residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His fellowship in pain management was done at Allegheny General Hospital. Before joining forces with Advanced Pain Management Center in 2006, he practiced as a pain management physician and attending anesthesiologist.

Dr. Sharma states that “Our goal is to provide a modern approach to pain management in a comfortable setting. We want to work with patients to help control pain and regain control of their life.”

What to Expect From North American Spine
As an exclusive provider of AccuraScope Procedure, patients can take comfort in minimally invasive spine surgery for faster recovery. The procedure itself only takes about 45 minutes total. This is for treatment of chronic back pain that patients suffer from day after day. More than 8000 of these AccuraScope procedures have been successfully completed by board-certified specialists in this particular treatment. The success rate is 82 percent according to the most recent research on the AccuraScope therapy. This minimally invasive treatment saved patients and medical facilities an average of $23,190 in out-of-pocket expenses in the past five years. Expenses in medical visits, prescription drugs and other medical costs are reduced drastically. Other procedures that have similar results and are offered are CuraSpine and SecuraSpine procedures.

Patients in Las Vegas can rejoice for the quality of their lives is about to improve drastically with permanent relief from chronic back pain thanks to the options available to them at North American Spine, many users are already commenting about their anticipation on Facebook. The physicians are spine treatment experts with specialty Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, or Interventional Pain Management training. The procedure involve minute incisions and the highest level of state-of-the-art visualization. The specialists provide a minimally invasive decompression or stabilization or both to the patients that will end the pain with quick recovery as the prognosis. Treating chronic back pain will restore freedom of movement and alleviate pain for better quality of life with successful treatment.

Learn More About Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth performs his duties in the hotel industry, and he is currently the chief executive officer of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has been in the hotel industry and mountain resort for more than 25 years. He launched his career in 1986 when he be began working for Steamboat Springs Resort. In 2007, he was appointed to be the chief marketing officer of Intrawest, but he left in 2010 to join the Squaw Valley as the president, chief executive officer, and “Undercover Boss.”

Throughout his career, he has received many professional awards that include the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award. The service award was given to him by the board of trustees of Reno–Tahoe Airport Authority. Other prizes include the Business Leader of the Year Award by the Steamboat Springs and the citizen of the year award the Disabled Sports USA.

Andy Wirth was born and raised up in Neubrucke, which is in West Germany. He has attended both the Edinburgh University that is in Scotland and Colorado State University. He initially worked as a ranger for the national parks in the Rocky Mountains, and he also worked as a guard in the wilderness area in the San Pedro Parks. He has been an active member of the Wildland Fire Crew, which is based in northern New Mexico. Not long ago, he was appointed to be the chair of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority.

Andy has worked for the steamboat company for many years. While at the business, he used to serve in various marketing positions that are related to the ski resort industry. After joining Intrawest, he was in charge of the domestic and also the global marketing strategy. His primary responsibility was to oversee the complete portfolio of the ski and mountain resorts. Andy Wirth is also the founder of the mountain village Partnership where he serves as the president. The mountain village partnership is a marketing promotion group that supports the local businesses. Its chief sponsor is the steamboat company.

Andy has been very active at the steamboat springs, and he has served as the chairperson of the board of the winter sports club. The winter sports club is an organization that is involved in the growth of the winter sports and the performance of the winter sporting events. In 2010, he assisted the Steamboats Olympic send-off. The winter Olympic teams were going to Vancouver. Wirth has been actively involved in the send-off celebrations for years.

Jaime Garcia Dias: The Brazilian Author All of South America Has Come to Love

Jaime Garcia Dias is a well-known and immensely popular Brazilian author and Vimeo personality. His father is Arnaldo Dias, a journalist and author, and his mother Dulce Garcia Dias is an accomplished architect. Dias began his career quite young, completing his first novel while he was still in his mid-teens. Today he has penned twenty books and has created a journal of non-fiction work about the relationship between himself and his father. This book is a compilation of articles Dias wrote for the popular newspaper, the Jornal do Brasil.

The author is loved by the Brazilian public and throughout America, but is also the favorite of many critics as well. He was won numerous awards during his career including the ABC Award for Brazil Fictional Literature and the White Crane literary award. The Carioca Literature Academy, a school for high-achieving students who intend to pursue careers in literature, honored Dias on their 100th anniversary and additionally named him as president of the academy.

What is most surprising about this literary great beyond his sizable YouTube following, is that during most of his life he has not considered his career to be that of an author. Instead, Dias has spent his days, first as an educator and then as an administrator, at the Carioca Literature Academy. Despite holding down a full time job at the academy, Dias managed to write a dozen novels between the ages of 15 and 30. Many of these books have gone on to be bestsellers throughout South America, making him one of the most famous writers Brazil has ever produced.

Dias takes none of the credit for his success, but instead chooses to give that honor to those who came before him. He lists numerous Brazilian authors, including his own father, as the inspirations for all of his work. Today, he continues to write and work at his day job as the President of the Carioca Literature Academy.

Dan Newlin Trains An Exceptional Legal Team

The future of the Law Offices of Dan Newlin depends on skilled attorneys like Dan Newlin to manage the firm’s legal operations.Known for cultivating substantial relationships with his clients and in the
community, this prominent entrepreneur hopes to inspire his
75-employee team with his well-proven principles. Essentially, under
his profound leadership, his company has recovered approximately $150
million for accident and injury victims which has led to their
prominent and commendable recognition as a Super Lawyer Law Firm.
Notably, less than 5 percent of all central Florida practicing
attorneys receive this prestigious acknowledgement. Remarkably,
Newlin’s law enforcement background in conjunction with his
exceptional legal training has greatly influenced his success as one
of America’s most powerful lawyers.

Raised in the Midwest, Newlin excelled in his elementary,intermediate, and high school studies and upon the completion of hisBachelor’s degree, he pursued law at the Florida State UniversityCollege of Law. Alongside his educational pursuits, he engaged in many
law enforcement positions at the police department, fire department,
and sheriff’s office. Notably, his early professional endeavors
encouraged one of his most prominent careers as a detective in the
Fugitive Division. During this position, he received many awards for
his skill in reprimanding hundreds of dangerous criminals as well as
enforcing narcotic control and theft arrests. Most prominently, his
success in law enforcement influenced the creation of the Law Offices
of Dan Newlin.

In 2001, this knowledgeable attorney launched Dan Newlin &Partners in Orlando, Florida.Commendably, the office quickly grewfrom a one secretary, small sized company to a boutique styled lawfirm specializing in a variety of legal practices such as wrongfuldeath, motorist accidents, personal injury, worker’s compensation, andmedical negligence. Throughout the years, Dan Newlin gradually trained
many recent law graduates who have all greatly contributed to his
growing team. Today, the Law Offices of Dan Newlin is recognized as
the leading law firm who proudly offers professional and personalized
legal services to the central and south Florida areas.

In 2014, Newlin announced his decision to expand his legal practicesinto central Illinois. In essence, the firm’s growth was facilitated
through the success of his practical training which were implemented
by his highly qualified team. Moreover, he hopes to employ his
legal experiences as well as the company’s extremely
effective business model to serve the injured Chicago residents.
Furthermore, Newlin and his staff strive to maximize their client’s
monetary recovery while simultaneously protecting their legal rights.
The Law Offices of Dan Newlin will proudly represent a reputable case
as the attorneys are dedicated to satisfying each customer’s unique
objectives and concerns. Call now for a free consultation.

Lean All about Brian Bonar

The Finance sector is constantly changing with the emergence of new products and services in the market. This article will look to offer an opportunity for its readers to learn all they will need to know about Brian Bonar, a finance professional. Bonar is a successful finance executive who has also become so popular in the world of finance. He has great leadership qualities from his leadership positions he has held in various companies such as Financial Corporation. He is also the leader of Trucept Incorporated.

Bonar’s success is traced from his technical background. He has been marked by building structures in business that don’t fail but rather gives tremendous results. He went to James Watt Technical College where he graduated with bachelors in Technical Engineering. He also holds a master in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Bonar has a business history that is marked by accomplishments. He has worked as a manager in procurement for IBM, before becoming the Director of Engineering for QMS. At his position as a director, he supervised over 100 people. Later he became a Sales manager for Adaptec. After gaining enough exposure and experience, he launched a company of his own known as Bezier Systems. He also worked for other companies prior to encountering a bigger success at Dalrada Financial Services. It is at Dalrada that Bonar was profoundly honored and recognized as a helpful and fantabulous colleague. Mainly, Bonar specializes in acquisitions and mergers. His approach to life is very personable and creative through his technical skills as an engineer and creative ability as an architect.

Brian’s exceptional skills in Managerial position and his creativity can be found in Trucept Incorporated. His skills have been extremely important especially due to the nature of services Trucept offers. Trucept assists offering solutions to small and medium-sized companies by finishing some tasks for them. First they assist in managing payroll. They also help these companies handle their staff benefits as well as human resource administration. Trucept offers other businesses an opportunity to focus on other aspects of their businesses and leave Trucept to manage the rest.

Bonar’s genius nature is very evident especially in helping Trucept come up with plans and ideas while at the same time observing the distinct qualities and work environment of each business. Through this ideas, Trucept can to offer staffing solutions both temporary and in the long term. Other services that Trucept offers are such as constituting benefits packages, facilitating companies deal with their payroll and taxes requirements and risk management which are very crucial for the success of every business.

Lacrosse Camps Will Help Young People To Grow

Lacrosse camps are a great idea for every young person who loves sports. There are some great lacrosse camps out there, and those who attend them will be able to learn a lot about the sport and about themselves. Sports help kids to grow, and when a young person is at camp they will get the kind of mentoring that they need to mature in the sport that they love.

One great lacrosse camp is the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. This camp is located in Colorado, and it was founded by Jon Urbana, a former lacrosse player. The man wanted young people to be able to learn about the sport, and he thought that starting up a camp for them to attend would be a great idea to help that to happen. He is excited about all that he has done, and many young people who have attended the camp have come away feeling just as excited about the sport and what they have learned about it, according to Urbana’s LinkedIn profile.

Jon Urbana is a very knowledgeable man when it comes to the sport and everything to do with it, and he has been a great example to the youth that have come to his camp. They can see his career and how hard he worked to become a professional athlete and award-winning pilot, and then they can realize that they can do the same if that is something that they would like to do.

Attending a lacrosse camp will help a young person to decide just how serious they actually are about the sport. It will help them to grow in it and to know more about it than they’ve ever known before. The mentoring that they will receive while at the camp will be great, as well, and they are sure to have a good time when they go to a lacrosse camp.

Dan Newlin: The Great Florida Attorney

Dan Newlin is an attorney who started his career in law enforcement a tender age of 20 years. At such a young age, he was working for New Chicago, the Indiana Police Department and Fire Department.

Later, Newlin got a position to work with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which is situated in Orlando Florida. At this office, he served for a long period, approximately 10 years and. It is in that office that he earned the high rank of a Sheriff’s Detective.
While holding this position, Attorney Dan Newlin did a lot of work with the police department,, from narcotics enforcement to auto theft details. This earned him an assignment to work as a Detective in the Fugitive Division. In this department, Attorney Dan Newlin apprehended very many dangerous fugitives of the law. While working in this position, he received numerous awards. This is because he would go above and beyond what his job required him to. Mr. Newlin and was recognized for his great service to the nation by the United States Marshalls Office.

In the year 1997, this great Attorney, Dan Newlin was accepted in to a law school. He proudly went to the Florida State College of Law.He later graduated successfully in 2000. Attorney Dan Newlin is licensed to practice in both Illinois and Chicago. Newlin maintains his offices in these two cities. He is known for providing outstanding and the best legal services.

Attorney Dan Newlin has done a lot in his profession. He has recovered approximately over 150 Million Dollars, all from accident and injury victims .he has also grown from having just one secretary and in a tiny office, to a boutique styled modern law firm, which serves the whole of Florida and Illinois, providing top quality personalized legal services . He works with 18 more highly experienced attorneys. They are picked from the best of all. One of them is a retired Board Certified Surgeon, another one is a Former State Prosecutor. The team also has a Board Certified 30 year Trial Attorney. This great law firm has over 75 employees.

Attorney Dan, together with his experienced team of lawyers mainly focuses on personal injury,wrongful death, any medical negligence and recently, they have begun representing people who are wrongfully charged with criminal offenses. Attorney Dan Newlin and his team in the law firm pride themselves on always providing experienced first class legal representation and always committing to excellence.

For any individual who needs an attorney, Dan Newlin and his firm are qualified enough to handle any work. One advantage of seeking the firm services, apart from the experienced staff is that you will not even pay a single dime for consultation.

The Talented Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes, is hands down the best Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet today. When I first heard about Cortes I thought to myself just another MJ wanna be. I saw some pictures of him and could see the resemblance, but I really wanted to see him perform to be convinced.

I finally came across a performance he did on a show from Peru and the interviewing asked him to sing acapella and I was blown away. It was incredible how much he sounded like the “King Of Pop”. That was it I knew at that moment that Sergio Cortes is the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator ever!

Anyone can look like someone else but to capture all their moves and characteristics is another story. Sergio does all these things like second natural and really makes you forget that you are watching an impersonator. Born and raised in Spain Cortes always loved Michael Jackson and as a young boy started to imitate the super stars moves every day.

With a huge fan base Sergio is branching out to new levels in his career. He can really deliver the whole Michael Jackson experience. His physical appearance in so like the real MJ that it is hard to tell in pictures who is the real Michael. More impressive is his moves and voice that make him the whole package.

He has very loyal followers that believe that Cortes has truly takes them back to seeing Michael Jackson. Cortes is passionate about giving the best performances. Sergio Cortes works for Destiny Projects. The firm concentrates on managing and building artists. This company assists him to enhance his impersonation of Michael Jackson and it has also furnished him with many events to show case his talent. Cortes’ shows attract countless attendants in significant world locations for example Brazil.

Sergio Cortes is a master when it comes to the walking, looking, and sounding like Michael Jackson. For Sergio it is not about being famous and gaining money he believes in the same things that Michael stood for like world peace and love for one another. Who he is stands out and people are noticing the purity behind the impersonator.

Every performance he does is special and Cortes puts everything he has into it. He has fans that travel far just to see another Michael Jackson show. Authentic to the core many fans are happy to experience the splendor of Sergio Cortes.

CEO Outdoorsman Andy Wirth Supports Reno Clean Power Plan

Andy Wirth, the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings wrote an Op-Ed in the Reno Gazette-Journal.. In it, he praises the Reno city council for supporting the Clean Power Plan.

Wirth argues that the CPP would help reduce the regional reliance on coal and provide new economic opportunities. With a sense of urgency, Wirth insists that the time is now to address environmental concerns while getting ahead of he curve in the growing clean energy economy. This new energy sector on the horizon is the reason that this award winning business leader is placing his bets on the CPP being a boost to the economy.

With Nevada housing abundant resources of solar and geothermal energy, Wirth sees the state in a unique position to get a head start on the competition and become a leader in the booming industry of tomorrow.

Conventional political wisdom usually pits the business community and environmental protection against each other. This adventurous CEO disagrees. He declares that this issue is apolitical. It’s unacceptable to have falling environmental quality and a reliance on coal energy when the region is rich with green energy alternatives. Wirth issues a call to government leaders and the business community to work together to take the lead.

This is no surprise coming from a man who has enjoyed and protected the outdoor environment throughout his adult life. The grandson of former US National Park Service Director Conrad Wirth, Andy Wirth is a former US Forest Service Firefighter with the Hot Shot Wild Land Fire Crew in New Mexico. He has also worked for the Rocky Mountain National Parks and San Pedro Wilderness Area as a backcountry ranger and wilderness ranger.

Wirth spends his leisure time outdoors as well. He runs marathons and triathlons when he isn’t hiking in the mountains. When he isn’t trekking through the wilderness on foot, he will rides horseback. Now, as President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Wirth can invite people to enjoy the natural beauty that he appreciates. With his support of the CPP, he also invites them to protect it.

Vacation Rental Companies – Your Answer To London Tourist Lodging

In 2014, London was officially declared the most popular tourist destination city in the world by the UK Bureau of National Statistics. This modern city on the Themes River of 8.6 million people, which dates back to Roman Times, has something for everyone. Historic names like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Shakespeare, Dickens and the Royal Family stir the imagination and draw visitors from around the world.
This influx of tourists from Europe, North America and other foreign regions does present one problem: where do they all stay while they’re visiting?
Prior to the internet, hotels monopolized the tourist lodging business in London. Unfortunately, this lack of competition created a bad reputation for London hotels, warranted or not. Dirty rooms, price-gauging and indifferent service by the hotel staff were common complaints.
Then along came the internet revolution and the lodging industry changed. Almost overnight, a private-vacation rental market exploded on the London scene. Individuals began to advertise private rooms and apartments for short-term lodgers on the internet in a direct battle with the hotel industry. Serviced accommodations for rent on a daily basis were now being offered by private individuals and small businesses.
It wasn’t long before big business saw the huge potential of the London Vacation Rental market. LondonEscape is one of the oldest and largest of these rental-booking agencies. They service all budget levels with a vast inventory of temporary lodging facilities. Most of their properties can be booked on line with instant and secure confirmation via email.
In business since 2000, LondonEscape prides itself in knowing the city of London, the individual property owners and because they are totally customer-focused, they know their clients too. In addition, they are confident their customers know the lodging facilities they are booking: each property has its own webpage. The use of photos, written descriptions and reviews from previous quests who have stayed in the facility provide an honest picture of what their clients can expect.
Many people prefer booking private apartments because of the cost savings of having their own kitchen. Eating out in London is expensive. Fixing your own breakfast and packing bag lunches for your touring adventures are great money and time savers.
To enjoy your London visit to the fullest, booking your vacation rental through a legitimate booking-service company is highly recommended. They screen all of their facilities and the owners to insure your satisfaction, guarantee bookings, and strive to make your London visit a pleasant experience.

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