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The Fall of Kyle Bass


There are many people in the world of finance that have fallen from once great careers. Finance is a field that celebrates great success based on the rate of return that advisers bring clients. One of the central tenets of investing is that the more risk that a person takes on, the more their rate of return will increase. This has cause many people in the industry to take on more risks than they would have otherwise. At the end of the day, many people get burned by taking on investments that are way too risky. Kyle Bass is one of these individuals that had a great career in finance that was eventually hurt by his actions. Here are several things that we can take away from the career of Kyle Bass in finance.

Manage Risk

All investing involves some level of risk at a certain level. However, there are ways to manage risk in a way that is better for the client. There are many different avenues that investment advisers use to decrease risk such as diversifying. A lot of clients put their trust in investment advisers in order to earn a high rate of retirement. That trust should be taken seriously by anyone that is in the industry. A person’s life savings is not something that should be gambled with. In the case of Kyle Bass, that is almost exactly what happened.

Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is a great example of how volatile the world of high finance can be. There are many people that have stumbled and fallen as a result of trying to earn a higher rate of return for clients. However, in trying to earn the highest rate of return possible their investing moves closer to gambling. Kyle Bass gambled away millions of dollars in investments to try and earn a higher rate of return. At the end of the day, he ended up hurting his clients and career more than he would have ever imagined.

John Textor Brings Legends Back To The Stage

It is often the case that when watching an old movie or listening to the music of a legend of the entertainment industry the avid fan wishes they could have seen a performer in their pomp. For a number of years there have been rumors and stories of the development of hologram based technology that would allow deceased stars of a bygone era to return to the stage to entertain a whole new set of fans. Under the stewardship of John Textor, Pulse Evolution has turned these rumors and stories into a reality with the surprise appearance of digitally produced versions of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur at different high profile music events.

John Textor is leading the development of these computer generated icons with his team at Pulse Evolution determined to produce the perfect option for crowds to be entertained by their favorite icons in the future. Textor is working with a number of estates of deceased mega stars who are hoping to bring their own stars back to life, but Textor offers a cautionary moment for all those looking for stars of the future. The President of Pulse Evolution made sure the initial recreations of Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson moved in the correct way and had the perfect facial expressions with the help of those who had worked and performed alongside them. John Textor believes this type of dedication is of major importance if the people of the world are to accept these legends as an extension of their former selves.

Before allowing the recreation of a Michael Jackson performance to take place at the Billboard Music Awards John Textor and his Pulse Evolution team worked together for months to make sure movements, facial expressions and the movement of the mouth were perfect. The former head of Digital Domain believes the best use of the technology is to produce a legends themed show that would see different artists come to the stage to produce their most iconic moments for an audience. Believing a single icon sitting alone at a stool singing their songs would prove boring to an audience, John Textor is encouraging those in charge of estates to combine forces and create a legends show that would fit perfectly into an entertainment capital like Las Vegas.

Understanding the Rules of Investing

We all want to make money, but when you actually put that money to work for you, that’s when things get fun. There are numerous opportunities for investors to take advantage of. However, if you’re preparing to delve into this world, there are a few rules you need to understand to best ensure you reap the rewards you desire.

Choose a Management Group

Let’s face it. You likely don’t have extensive background in stocks, bonds and other areas of investing. This could very well be the reason you haven’t yet made the leap to actually invest. Brad Reifler, founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC and its subsidiaries, specializes in helping guide a variety of investor types including:

Financial advisers
Global institutions

Whether you need help with portfolio management, banking, or just general advisement, hiring a management group can be a valuable investment in itself as it gives you access to the skills and knowledge of professionals such as Brad Reifler.


You should never put all your eggs in one basket, and this stands especially true when it comes to investing. This is a mistake all too many amateurs make. While a specific stock may be showing positive signs, if it drops, you lose everything if you chose to put all your money there. By investing your money across the board, you can afford the ups and downs as they will be more diverse.

Avoid Panic

It’s human nature to feel the urge to get out of a bad deal quickly. However, the market is unpredictable. For example, in March 2005, investors began to rapidly back away from Biogen Idec. Had they stayed, however, they would have increased their investment as the company did go back up in the stock market. You must take some risks when it comes to success in investment.

Putting Your Money to Work

We all dream of a comfortable retirement, and it takes wise investing when you’re young to best ensure that dream becomes a reality. By following these rules for investing, you can be on your way to the financial security you deserve. Whether you’re in your early twenties and enthusiastic to get a head start on your future or have put off investing, it’s never too late to start. These tips will help guide you toward success.

Susan McGalla Does Not See Gender As An Issue In Her Career

Susan McGalla has been one of the most prominent businesspeople of recent years, but has so far refused to use her gender as a reason for her fast rise or for any problems she may have faced in her past. McGalla has been an important figure for a number of the top companies in the US and is currently working as an advisor with her own P3 Executive Consulting company and has a boardroom level position with the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla’s career began as a buyer with American Eagle, a company where she quickly rose through the ranks to become an important figure as President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Susan McGalla is often highlighted as one of a growing number of women in the US business world who are making a splash with their fast advancement and attainment of executive positions. Despite the success she has achieved and the many different roles she has taken up in what are traditionally seen as male dominated industries, such as professional sports, the former President of American Eagle refuses to use her gender as either a reason for her own success or failure. Instead, she feels women should be encouraged to see themselves simply as businesspeople who are fighting for the same positions and respect as every other person in their chosen industry. The use of buzzwords and politically correct ideas is something McGalla feels lowers the respect she and every other member of the business world show towards each other.

Instead, McGalla takes the approach she was shown as a child by her football coach father who raised the executive consultant in a family filled with males and male dominated activities. Susan McGalla explains that her father made no changes to his attitude or ideas when she was growing up or began her business career and expected the same behavior and success of her as he did her brothers. She explains her father did not discriminate because of gender and instead believed she could achieve the same level of success as any other person in the career and education path she chose.

Through her work with American Eagle, the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and as an independent consultants, Susan McGalla explains the only difference between herself and her colleagues is her refusal to be the last to arrive at the first meeting of any business trip. Even as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Steelers, which involves her working in a male dominated industry, McGalla refuses to make any allowances for herself or her colleagues. Success to Susan McGalla is a universal aim that transcends gender and any other issues that are raised in the business world.

Magic Mike XXL – What’s the story?

Magic Mike is a film that follows Channing Tatum and his character to finding his true self, love, and a life he could be proud of. In the original film, he finds love and finds himself stepping away from stripping on stage. Obviously, the life he once had became the norm, but discovering a life of happiness outside of stripping got him back to a normal life.

In Magic Mike XXL, the story takes on a new turn with opportunities for his character to become even more successful on the stage. Mike Lane has stopped stripping for three years, and the former stripper has found a sense of excitement ensuing him as he begins to reminisce on his past. He not only misses the stage and the freedom, but also the friends he has gained on the stage. When he discovers opportunity knocking because his old friends come looking for him to join a stripper convention in Mytrle Beach, S.C., and he eventually decides to join in and can’t wait to take it all off.

Just like in the first movie, this is a film that also gives fans the chance to see the guys take their clothes off easily. Women around the globe have jumped onto the opportunity of watching this film because of the famous stars like Matter Bomer and Channing Tatum who take plenty of their clothes off in the film. Their graphic scenes gives fans a glimpse into the guys without clothes on.

Critics have praised the film for its unique approach and how the love stories didn’t give any odd conflicts. The film had great dancing, provided wonderful character arks, and many different ways for the characters to head into. The story of part 2 made it the perfect way to end the film series, although there are many chances that another film will become reality. The movie series is extensively famous because of how it approaches countless areas of the mind and how we see ourselves regardless of what career choice we follow.

The movie had many rising stars join in the film. Crystal Hunt is a fairly new actress who played a big role in the film. Her acting was well received and highly praised because of her approach to the story.

Magic Mike XXL is one of the films that overcomes all kinds of personal barriers and helping people beat out typical stereotypes in life.

Getting to Know Dan Newlin

My friend introduced me to a man named Dan Newlin last year after I got in a severe automobile accident that broke both my legs and neck. She informed me that he was one of the best personal injury lawyers in the state of Florida. At that point in time I had to trust her. After meeting with him for the first time, I understood exactly what my friend Sherrie was talking about. He was very organized, efficient and determined when it came to my case. I really thought that he would be some slum lawyer from an online college, but I was mislead in every way. He was going to be my saving grace in life. He would be the one to walk into the courtroom with me and win the case. In return giving me back all the money I spent on medical bills and an at home nurse.

To my satisfaction, the case was won without much work being done. Dan Newlin made the entire scenario seem so simple, when in reality I should have lost the case. But, because of Dan, I now have paid off all of my bills and am back to work finally, making a steady income for my family. Without him I would be struggling to provide for my family and probably would not be where I am today. If there is anyone in my life that I owe all my thanks to, it is him. If at any point in my life I need a personal injury lawyer again, I will have no issues with returning to Dan Newlin to have him help me with my case. I have already given his number out to multiple people that were in need of his expertise and determination. So far everyone has been happy with what he has done for them. Check out this article on Findlaw.

Services Rendered By THe Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a corporation based in the City of Newark that aims at transforming the City’s economy. To achieve this goal, the corporation provides investors with several services. These services are:

Real Estate Investment Services
Newark CEDC provides investors who want to invest in Newark real estate with services such as site selection, permitting and approvals. This service simplifies the investment process and enables investors to tap into the development opportunities found in the City. For real estate investors having problems with capital, the corporation provides them with gap financing services.

Business Attraction and Retention
The corporation markets Newark to attract more investors. This process involves provision of potential investing companies with accurate information on the city and reasons why Newark is an ideal location to open their branches. Apart from marketing, they also help companies opening branches in Newark with location decisions.

Small Business Development
There are thousands of small businesses in Newark. Newark CEDC reaches these businesses and helps them to grow. As much as the corporation appreciates the importance of outside investors to the city, it also believes developing the already existing small business will go a long way into transforming the city’s economy. It provides these small businesses with business loans and advisory services.

On his Twitter, Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President and the CFO at Newark CEDC, continues to encourage more and more small businesses to enroll for support from the corporation. Kevin was appointed Newark CEDC’s chief financial officer in 2014. He has a master’s degree in accounting from Almeda University. Kevin has been in the management of different companies and his immense contribution has seen their success. His wealth of experience will be quite central towards steering the corporation towards success.

Neighborhood Development
Newark City has several wards. To ensure that the city’s economy is transformed equally, Newark CEDC has economic development directors assigned to each ward. The function of these directors is to coordinate community development and economic initiatives started by the corporation in every ward. They also act as the project managers of the said initiatives. They help in ensuring that the initiatives benefit both the residents and the investors.

Newark CEDC is already transforming Newark’s economy. The corporation has brought in a number of investors and companies into the city and this growth has translated into employment and better pay for the residents. A number of small businesses are also expanding their operations with the help of business loans from the corporation.

Capital Management Is An Essential Ingredient In Investment Success

The world is getting smaller in terms of corporate interaction and accountability. Corporate finance is an important part of getting a decent return of any investment, especially if that investment is in another country. The main objective in capital management is to increase shareholder value, and that’s a challenge these days. It takes a whole lot of accountants to figure out how to operate with some sort of financial security in this global market, because there are so many variables. Managing assets in today’s business world takes ingenuity, foresight, an understanding of global economies and a little luck. Capital managers don’t like to use the word, luck, so a better term may be timing.

The global market is constantly changing. Capital management relies on factual global information, and the ability to use that information to protect the capital of the corporation. Managers are also accountable for using that information to produce results and increase shareholder confidence.

Canadian Solar’s general manager for the South American markets, Claudio Loureiro, is no stranger to capital management. Loureiro played an important role in launching Canadian Solar operations in South America. He established key partnerships, and he expanded the company’s customer base. Establishing partnerships and expanding the customer base are forms of capital management and accountability. Capital management is not just an accounting job to manage capital. Executives are also responsible for the financial security of the corporation, especially when operations are expanded to another part of the world.

Investment analysis plays an important role in capital management. The decision to finance a new investment with equity or debt can make that expansion a success or a bust. Executives should understand the current liabilities that may reduce company capital initially and in the future. That means managing inventories, cash and short-term borrowing. Corporate accountability and capital management start at the top, and it should be part of every employees mission.

Andy Wirth Looks To Help The Navy Seal Foundation


Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth is a human being who has been to the edge of death and returned to life with the help of a talented group of medical professionals and friends. Wirth is quick to recall the day his life changed and why he now feels he is needed to help those who need his assistance with the Navy Seal Foundation. The number of friends Wirth has made within the Navy Seal community is a testament to both the fight for life Wirth was forced to undertake and the family environment with the special operations force.

Andy Wirth is now looking to assist those who he feels helped him when he was left with life threatening injuries following a skydiving accident in 2014. Wirth was forced to land in a vineyard when he was blown off course during a jump, which left him with his arm almost ripped from his body. The fight within Andy Wirth led to his survival in what was a life threatening situation and with the help of some skilled medical professionals he saw his arm reattached and the long process of rehabilitation began.

As Wirth embarked on his rehab in Squaw Valley he met a group of Navy Seals whom he became friends with and found he could share a large amount of his feelings about his own experiences with. The Navy Seals group were working on their own winter training exercises as Wirth was returning to running and rehabilitating his arm following the accident. Andy Wirth is looking to repay the faith and assistance the Navy Seals he befriended have shown in him by competing in the Ironman triathlon in a bid to raise money for the Navy Seals Foundation. The foundation provides support for Navy Seals and their families as the force is generally away from home for around three quarters of any year.

You can join the team by pledging your support through the Crowdrise page of Andy Wirth by clicking here and making a donation.

James Stone: American Business Executive

According to Wikipedia, James M. Stone is an American businessman who is originally from New York City. He attended public schools in New York before he was accepted into Harvard University for his college education. At Harvard, he was a Phi Beta Kappa and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He continued with his education at Harvard, earning a PhD in Economics as well. Stone is not only a highly educated businessman, he is also a teacher, a philanthropist, a published author, and a family man.

After receiving his PhD from Harvard University, Stone stayed on at the school to teach courses to students on economics in regards to the security market. During his time as a professor at Harvard, Stone worked as a part-time consultation in the insurance industry. He passed the necessary exams to join the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS). He even wrote a research paper on catastrophic risks in the insurance industry that became mandatory reading for those looking to join the CAS.

In 1982, James Stone founded the Plymouth Rock Company after he spent some time serving as Insurance Commissioner for the state of Massachusetts. The Plymouth Rock Company is a family of insurance companies. Over the years, Stone built the company as President and CEO. Currently, the company manages over $1 billion in insurance premiums.

Not only is James Stone a successful businessman, he is also a philanthropist. He is a Chairman on the Board of Directors for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which is a cancer research center. He also serves on the Board for Sciences for Health, a group that works on healthcare for humanitarian efforts. He is the Chairman for School on the Move which hands out prizes for the most improved schools each year in Boston. In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Stone is also a published author. His book, “One Way for Wall Street”, focuses on the securities industry. He has also published articles related to economics, financing, and insurance.

James Stone resides in Boston with his wife, lawyer and environmentalist Cathleen Douglas Stone. The couple share two children.

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