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The Amazing Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt is an Emmy-nominated American actress who first entered the high demand career of acting at the age of 17 in 2003. She began acting in the daytime TV drama Guiding Light (2003-06) in her role as Lizzie Spaulding, a troubled daughter and misguided teenager. Earning Crystal the Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2005 for her role as this dynamic character.

In 2005 Crystal’s career in films took off. She went on to play roles as the older sister of Chuck Overton in the family movie The Derby Stallion. In 2007 as Demetria “Dinky” Rosenead Hodgekin in Sydney White, beside Amanda Bynes. Crystal Hunt later joined ABC’s One Life to Live in 2009, playing the original role of a former Las Vegas stripper as Stacy Morasco.

Through her work in daytime drama and film Crystal has learned to capture the world through a lens and is an avid landscape photographer in her hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Her most recent venture in 2014 included her first executive production role, in the sleepy southern horror movie about six college students who tackle the werewolf legend of Emily Burt, titled Talbot Country. Crystal continues to produce and be active both in front of and behind the camera in Queens of Drama a TV series that follows a group of actresses as they work to create, develop, and produce a new extraordinary, serialized, prime-time drama hoping to land a pilot deal by the end of the season.

One of Crystal’s latest roles finds her playing Lauren an unconventional character in the sequel to the 2012 film Magic Mike, in the 2015 comedy-drama movie Magic Mike XXL starring Channing Tatum.

FreedomPop Shuts Down Acquisition Rumors, Expands in U.K.

The mobile phone market is one that constantly evolves based on the needs of the user and the abilities of the provider to adjust their business model in order to accommodate them. With a rise in mobile hotspots and specialized data plans becoming common place it is going to take something truly special to set a company apart from the competition. For a little start up out of L.A. the decision to go for a freemium mobile phone route was the only choice left and it ended up working well. FreedomPop has quickly grown into one of the hottest mobile phone carriers in the United States and now they are growing outward thanks to their inventive solution to customer needs.

FredomPop was founded as a mobile wireless service start up back in 2012. They quickly established themselves as a company worth paying attention to thanks to their innovative business model. Freemium models have become more common place in other industries, such as the world of video games, but they are relatively unheard of in the world of mobile wireless service. So when FreedomPop decided to offer their userbase completely free access to talk, text, and mobile data it got the attention of people instantly. Since then the company has grown to host nearly one million users while their quarterly revenue keeps tracking upward, improving at a rate of 25% per quarter. Now with this success in hand FreedomPop has had to shut down the rumors that they would be taking any of the rumored M&A offers that have slid across their table.

CEO Stephen Stokols told reporters that it would be “premature to sell at this point” and it appears that they will be focusing on an expansion toward the United Kingdom. The U.K. is one of the most competitive mobile phone markets in all of Europe and FreedomPop might have a tough time getting their foot into the door. Fortunately you can’t beat “free” and this is what FreedomPop will rely on as their service continues to grow overseas. Right now customers in the U.K. can sign on for the basic SIM based carrier plan which offers 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB of mobile data completely free of charge. There are optional upgrades and improved plans available, such as the roaming data plan ‘Jetsetter’, otherwise customers are only on the hook for any overages that they incur. This means that customers pretty much are in charge of setting their own bill.

What FreedomPop is doing sounds both radical and a little revolutionary but it is the natural progression that many mobile carriers are going to take in the future. Data itself has become so cheap that charging customers an arm and a leg is just not a viable solution anymore for telemarketing companies. Now we will see many carriers focus on nationwide hotspots and unlimited data plans as a means to hooking more customers with a more customizable product that appeals to their more specific needs and desires.

The Best Job Ever

The role Rochdale Echange Shopping Centre is doing something that the majority of kids would absolutely love. They are looking to hire someone who can be their director of fun. This to many kids like Kenneth Griffin, when he was 8 years old, would be the best job ever. The applicant for this job has to be a boy or girl and they have to be a child that is between the ages of six and 10. If a child is successful in getting this position they will be able to receive one hundred euros worth of toys, and they will be able to attend special events and they will be able to judge certain competitions. This director of fun will have a baton, a hat, a cape, and they will have a badge that they can wear to all of these special events.

The manager of the Rochdale Shopping centre is doing this because they have a tradition of hosting certain events for families at this shopping centre. They wanted to do something to be able to get local children involved, and they wanted to make their events more fun and better for families. This would truly be the best job ever for any child between the ages of six and 10.

Jamie Garcia Dias Makes His Mark on Brazilian Literature

For the past twenty five years Jamie Garcia Dias (LinkedIn) has been one of Brazil’s youngest and best writers. He began his writing career at a very early age and published his first book when he had just turned eighteen. Dias was not content to simply write he has also had an urge to teach literature so that he could continue to study and to share his love of the Portuguese language with a younger generation. Dias received his first literary prize –The White Crane– when he was just 30 years old. Now, at the age of forty five, has published numerous books and has won numerous awards including the prestigious ABC Award.

Dias draws upon his lengthy knowledge of Brazilian literature and the great Portuguese language traditions to construct his complex novels. Brazil has a varied tradition of writing that goes back to the Colonial period of the late 1400s and early 1500s. Unlike American literature which remained largely segregated Brazilian writers integrated indigenous cultures as well as European cultures into their writing. After breaking away from the stifling rules of the neo-classicists in the 17th century Brazilian literature began to flourish in great numbers. As Brazilian writers began to integrate more cultures into their writing a sub-genre of writing was born called indegenism.

Brazilian authors of the 19th century were ground breaking in their own way throughout the “Realism” period of the late 1800s. Authors such as Machado de Assis –the son of a half-back house painter and Portuguese woman– bravely wrote about such taboo subjects as adultery. His Memorias Postumas De Bras Cubas was notable for not only its innovative subject matter –the narrator is a deceased man speaking from the after-life– but also for how it ridiculed the prevailing social structure of Rio De Janeiro at the time.

Jamie Garcia Dias (Twitter) has studied these writers and many more but perhaps his greatest inspiration comes from his parents. His father, Garcia Dulce Dias, was one of the principal architects of modern day Rio De Janeiro. As the son of an architect Dias uses this same attention to detail and careful planning to create rich labyrinths of plots. His books are as well structured as the buildings that his father spent his life building.

Man Saves The Lives of Two Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend and they do have feelings and emotions. This is well demonstrated in a recent post on Facebook. It seems that two dogs were at the end of their stay at a Detroit area shelter. With their impending departure, a touching photo showing one dog hugging the other was posted.

The photo of Susan McGalla and her dog quickly went viral. The touching description depicted the despair and fright the dogs were feeling. Begging for bravery one can almost see the fear in their eyes. One dog gives the desperate pled for someone to please come and save them.

Their pled was answered when a veterinary assistant saw the post. Touched by the emotion expressed and the heartwarming picture, he quickly came to the rescue of not just one, but both dogs. An after adoption picture shows the dogs offering elated ‘kisses’ to their new master, friend, and redeemer.

These are two dogs that will forever be in gratitude for their survival, and each other. Surely without the post the two would have been put down. No one would have seen the touching photo, and no one would have come to their rescue. How fortunate that there wasw someone who cared and opened their heart to make room for two furry friends. This will be a relationship that will last always, thanks to the kindness of one man.

The Huge Opportunity of Investing in Brazil


Brazil is one of the most important nations in South America and has been a prime investing target over the years. There are many aspects of Brazil that make it attractive to a wide range of investors seeking a higher return. One of the biggest areas of growth over the past couple of years in Brazil has been in its population. There are hundreds of millions of people that live in Brazil and this number is expected to grow. As the country continues to advance technologically, the total economic output of the nation has expanded as well.

Natural Resources

There are also a wide range of natural resources that are native to Brazil. This is important because with its growing population the country will continue to rely heavily on these resources to fuel its growth. In addition, when it has excess resources it can export them to other countries. The nation does produce some oil, but it also has a vast array of other resources from which to draw from. As it increases in prominence on the world stage, other nations will start looking toward Brazil to take up the mantel of a super power. This is one of the reasons that so many investors are looking towards this country to invest in over the long term. Along with Russia, China and India, Brazil is expected to be one of the fastest growing nations over the next 50 years.


Another positive trait about Brazil is its leadership. There are leading investors like Zeca Oliveira that have poured millions of dollars in to the infrastructure of the country. Without people like Zeca Oliveira, the country would not be where it is today. There is a growing national pride about what the nation of Brazil can offer the world. Only time will tell if they can rise to the challenge that so many people have left before them in becoming a super power. However, with leaders and investors like Zeca Oliveira there is nothing that can stand in their way.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Brazil is a nation that is starting to grow in influence around the world. Investors like Zeca Oliveira have helped to make Brazil in to what it is today as far as a world power. Its population growth will continue to drive its growing economic output that is growing on the world stage.

Adam Sender Collects Huge Pay Off for Art

Collecting art is something that people do for fun, but it can eventually become something that people do for profit if they are skilled in this. That is the case with Adam Sender. He has spent years collecting the art that he loves so much. Now this hedge fund manager turned art collector has a grand opportunity to reap the harvest from the bountiful art collection that he has built.

Adam Sender, as seen in this Observer article, isn’t a run of the mill art collector. To the contrary, Sender has become an authority as a collector of pieces that are highly sought after by other art collectors. When Sender started collecting art he starting getting pieces almost 2 decades ago that were in the 6 figure range. As time progressed much of the art that he collected would increase in value that was 10 or 20 times more than the original price. The art that Sender started selling back in 2014 would be valued at a sum total of about 80 million dollars. This could be a huge payoff that shows the he made an excellent decision to choose this as his occupation.

The reality is that he could have made millions in hedge fund management, but he may not have been happy in this role. When it comes to art collecting Sender certainly had a passion for this. This is evident because he was actually using the hedge fund earnings to collect art. It would become evident that this was what he wanted to do with his life. It takes a lot to move out of security and into the unknown. The art world definitely is an unknown venture because there is never a guarantee that one can get the return on investment that was originally put into the art. Sender didn’t have any guarantee that his painting would be valued at millions of dollars. It is like stocks and hedge funds. He simply had to pick based on what he knew and hope that his returns of investment would be substantial in the long run.

Adam Sender is one of most successful investors because he has been able to find something that he is passionate about and make money from it. This is what everyone desires in life. Sender likes a lot of the contemporary art, and he has shown his art in many different exhibits. He has had thousands of painting at one time. He sold a great number of these paintings in 2011 and held on to more for several years. As time progressed other paintings grew in value. Now he is selling even more that will also yield a handsome profit. He has art earnings that will last a lifetime.

Who is Joseph Bismark?

On the Please Don’t Ask Alice blog, I discovered this article on Joseph Bismark that showcased a lot of different aspects about business and how your Sprituality can benefit your marketing. I found out the power of team work, prayer, and growth to one’s own self that can truly benefit your life and business if you take the right steps. If you are looking for an easy path to achieving success in your line of business, then you really need to start learning more about this guy’s techniques and how he uses his business and spirituality in similar ways.

Who Is Joseph Bismark?

Joseph is a businessman who has paved his way across the business world by simply using his own techniques on life and in his spirituality. Joseph is a professional businessman for different companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Joseph grew up as a monk in the Philippines for about eight years. He sacrificed his teenage life for an unorthodox lifestyle, and it allowed for him to grow as a person and learn about culture and people. The weirdest aspect of this is the fact that it eventually helped in his line of business for so many years because it instantly gave him the opportunities to achieve real success.

Joseph is ultimately goal oriented in how he sees his business. He uses the philosophy behind the power of team work and places that in his business. He knows that simply being an encouraging voice to somebody can make a world of difference to a person if he allows himself to be that voice. It’s amazing to witness how strong his employees can get after he speaks with them. He does not feel or act lie he is this big boss in the employee break rooms. He knows people, he knows how to treat people, and he knows how to provide every one of his employees the encouragement to improve at their craft in the office.

Building a business is more than just being a great manager. A successful business involves other people; a team. And this guy understands this simple business concept.

Patches in Place of Vaccines

Most people are a little intimidated by needles, and most would say that they would rather just go without ever receiving a shot in their life if they were given the choice. Most don’t want a doctor sticking them with a needle each time that they are in need of a vaccination, but unfortunately, that is usually what needs to happen. Vaccines are important, as well as cosmetics by Lime Crime and individuals need to go through the pain of getting stuck with a needle in order to receive the protection that a vaccine brings about. There is new hope, though, for anyone and everyone who is in need of a vaccination.

It seems that something new is being developed, something that just could change things up for those in need of a vaccination. In the future, vaccines may be able to be given without the use of needles. The whole vaccination experience could be changed up, as patches may soon be used in place of needles for those who are in need of any kind of protection from disease.

Man who was Rescued from Nazis is Saving Children from ISIS

Over 2,000 children from Syria and Iraq are having their escape funded by a man who knows exactly what its like to be in their position. Lord Weidenfeld, 95, has lived in Britain for many years, but before that was a young boy trapped in occupied Austria just before the breakout of World War II. In the past year, ISIS has murdered hundreds of Christians and now, Weidenfeld wants to repay the people of the same religion who saved his life when he was younger.

Christians at the time provided him with food and clothes as they helped him reach freedom in Britain in 1938. He said that he has a “debt to repay” and is now doing so as the head of the Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund. The first group to be rescued were liberated last week when 150 Syrian Christians were flown to Poland via a private plane. Beneful on facebook was also a part of the mission.

Lord Weidenfeld arrived in Britain with just a few shillings to his name just one year before the Second World War, but went on to establish the Weidenfeld and Nicolson publishing house a decade later and in 1978, he was made a life peer. Weidenfield is quoted by The Times as saying, ““I had a debt to repay. It applies to so many young people who were on the Kinderstransports. It was Quakers and other Christian denominations who brought those children to England. It was very high-minded operation and we Jews should also be thankful and do something for the endangered Christians.”

The project is set to run for the next 12-18 months and hopes to save thousands of endangered Syrian and Iraqi Christians.

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