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An Ominous Fear The Walking Dead TV Spot Arrives

Fear the Walking Dead is coming soon. The spinoff prequel to The Walking Dead arrives in late summer and it should greatly appease the appetite of those sincerely interested in seeing more zombie mayhem on the small screen. In addition to the mayhem, a bit of the backstory to the events in The Walking Dead are going to be revealed.

A new preview teaser has been released and the 30-second sequence is ominously interesting. In the TV spot, a young man tries to warn his mother about the outbreak of the zombie infestation. She ignores him because, after all, the authorities would be right out there in front warning people of such a catastrophe. The young man is then admonished not to spend a lot of time online listening to foolishness.

Ominous music rises up as the video goes to black.

A lot of dark themes are present in this very short clip, as Brian Bonar points out. The hint that you cannot trust the government or the authorities is overarching. The everlasting concept of a generational gap is reflected as well.

Overall, the teaser does its job. Anyone who views the clip is going to be very intrigued about what occurs during the series. Hopefully, the series will deliver a ratings smash for AMC.

Univision Dumps Trump and NBC Considering a Divorce

Amid the potential blowback from NBC, Donald Trump is digging in his heels and said “I do not apologize for any of my Comments.”

Recently, Trump stated that the Mexican immigrants crossing the border to the US are “bringing drugs, crime, are many are rapists,” which precipitated Univision to break ties with The Miss Universe Organization.

The decision was made by the CEO of Univision Communications, who felt compelled to break relations with the real estate tycoon, since 80 percent of company employees are Hispanic.

Rumor has it that NBC is contemplating a separation too.

Both NBC and Univision networks have aired the Miss Universe beauty pageant for the past 12 years, and NBC Universal currently has a five-year contract for $13.5 million with Trump’s company.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, attorney’s for Univision are discussing these issues with their legal representatives.

NBC has said, “The opinions of Donald Trump do not represent those of NBC, and we disagree with his positions on a number of issues, including his recent comments on immigration.”

But it really comes down to the numbers, doesn’t it. NBC may not like what Trump is publicizing, and may not agree, but they are considering the ratings they could stand to lose.

The ratings for Miss USA have dwindled in the past few years, but Celebrity Apprentice is always a seasonal success. Adam Sender watches it occasionally, much like others around the United States.

Meanwhile, Trump accused Univision of defaulting on a five-year contract, and called for a boycott of the Hispanic media network on Twitter.

But are recent poll numbers in New Hampshire an indication of what’s on people’s minds? Some feel its simply name recognition, others are considering that his tough talk on immigration may have bumped his numbers upwards.

Paramount Signs Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto for Star Trek IV

Paramount Pictures most assuredly is not giving up on the new Star Trek franchise reports Marcio Alaor BMG. Even though the box office returns for the first reboot sequel were disappointing and the script and director for the third film had to be replaced, the studio is keeping the two main actors under contract.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have both been signed on for Star Trek IV. The two actors will, of course, reprise their respected roles of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. What the plot of the fourth film will be is anyone’s guess.Paramount has not even remotely started to think about a narrative for the fourth film as the third film just started shooting. Maybe that is one reason why Paramount is having so many problems. Look at Marvel Studios. They have an idea where they are going with a franchise for the next three or four films. This allows each sequel to build on the other.

Likely, the creative people at Paramount have an idea about which direction to take the series. Changing the creative personnel does through more than a few wrenches into whatever plans are made.

At least we know there are serious plans for a fourth film and Paramount is not going to put the series on hiatus. The only way the studio would do this is if part three turns out to be a box office dud.

Nia Guzman Not Happy With Chris Brown’s Expensive Gifts For Royalty

Chris Brown has been loving every minute of fatherhood, for a guy who was shocked with the news of a 9 month old baby, he seemed to spring into action without missing a beat. Clearly Chris wanted to make up for lost time, and he has been doing a bang up job getting to know his precious daughter Royalty. Lately Chris is letting the world know that he is putting fatherhood first and Royalty is the most important girl in his life at the moment. Father’s Day just passed and for an entire day we got a taste of what it’s like for Chris as a new dad, his first Father’s Day was a huge hit, and the proof is all over his Instagram account.

One thing that everyone is a bit confused about is the shady fact that Royalty’s mother Nia Guzman not only skipped over Chris’s Father’s Day well wishes, but made a point to post a heartfelt message of gratitude to her boyfriend. In her post she made it clear that her boyfriend is the real MVP in her kid’s life and she appreciates all that he does, but she didn’t mention Chris.

Now, apparently Nia is upset with the way that Chris is spending his money on Royalty. Nia is not happy with the money Chris is spending on extravagant toys and frivolous things for Royalty, when she feels he should be focused on important things like clothes and diapers. Chris does send Nia money for Royalty, but they do not have a formal child support agreement. At the moment Royalty spends most of her time with Chris and his mother so it’s odd that Nia is feeling pressed for cash according to Ricardo Tosto.

83-Year-Old Earns High School Diploma

After returning to high school after almost 70 years, 83-year-old Robert Pecunies has finally earned his diploma. Earlier in the year he received his diploma from Adult Education in Kittery, Maine. Last week he was bestowed an honorary degree from Portmouth High School where he would have originally graduated in 1949 had he remained in school. This is not something the school does for just anyone. It is a rare honor bestowed on the most deserving individuals. He’d like to say he originally dropped out of school for completely honorable reasons. He admits, however, that his dropping out was instigated by his infatuation with sports. After dropping out of high school during the ninth grade, Pecunies led an exemplary life that included a military career and a life-long career as a husband and father.

His journey toward finalizing his high school graduation begun around 18 months again when an advertisement for adult education arrived in his mail. And so the process began, at least according to what Matt Landis has read. It has made a voracious reader and writer out of him. Per the requirements, he wrote a biography that blew readers away. During his adult education time, he also developed an obsession with reading history books and biographies. Now he is half-seriously joking about moving on to college. For more details about Pecunies’ adult education read this article.

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Have Many Business Ventures

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have gone from two teenagers, to two superstar teenagers. The two were virtually unknown when they were on the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” but now their names are called every day in the news, on TV, or in entertainment magazines. Kendell & Kylie Jenner. These two girls are constantly in the limelight, but they don’t seem to mind. Both of them are models, and now they have joined together with a company to make clothing, which is among their many different jobs right now.

They are both endorsing makeup, clothing, anti wrinkle cream and so much more. Some at Qnet almost feel like they are spreading themselves too thinly. These two have more money than typical teenagers their age, and they are almost as famous as they’re older Kardashian sisters. When these two were interviewed, they were asked who in their family do they envy, and whose closet would they raid. They responded that North’s closet is one they would love to raid, and they wish that they had the same type of clothing when they were growing up. North is Kim Kardashians daughter, and everyone knows that Kim dresses her like a beautiful little model.

Although many have criticized these young girls were growing up too fast, you have to admit that they obviously have some good business sense. Another criticism would be to say that these girls were born into privilege, and this is absolutely true. If it wasn’t for the privilege that the Kardashians have, and the Kardashian name, then the Jenner sisters wouldn’t have a foundation to stand on. Either way, the girls are making the best out of life, and they are making a lot of money from their businesses.

Brady Awaiting Goodell’s Decision

After ten hours of pleading his case to Roger Goodell, Tom Brady must now sit and wait for the NFL Commissioner to decide what if any punishment the quarterback deserves for his role in the AFC Championship game where his New England Patriots played with under inflated footballs. Reports have surfaced that he was very persuasive in his arguments, and how this will playout in the mind of the commissioner still remains to be seen. But even after Goodell makes his determination, it does not mean this story will finally end. If Brady feels the punishment is unjust and violates NFLPA agreements he can take his case to federal court. On the other hand, if he doesn’t have some form of punishment the NFL Commissioners ultimate authority will be called into question for any player suspensions for rules violations.

Some people like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital are speculating that the four game suspension will be reduced, which will probably go from four down to three or even two games. This will say that yes Tom Brady has been punished, but he didn’t really hold the ultimate responsibility for the balls being deflated. I am sure that if we were to ask Indianapolis Colts fans, they would argue that they should be stripped of their titles and Brady banned from the NFL all together. But let’s face, Brady will not be banned and the Patriots are not going to be stripped of their titles.

‘Jurassic World’ Is Hardly Moving At A Dinosaur’s Pace


Remakes of older movies are the trend of late. In most cases they do not measure up, simply because they fail to capture the spirit of the original movie. Jurassic World does not have that problem because the original director, Steven Spielberg, is back on the set.

Where Jurassic World goes right is being able to keep some of basic themes of the original while maximizing the use of modern CGI technology. The dinosaurs are bigger than ever, yet they do not smother the storyline in the process. That is why the movie is set to reach $1 billion at a record pace.

For Spielberg to worry about the competition, in this case Ted 2, the story of an adolescent stuffed animal that is trying to prove that “teddy bears are people too,” is laughable stated Brian Torchin. The biggest problem with any comedy movie is that everybody’s tastes are different in what makes us laugh. But drama is drama, and romping through a dinosaur park still appeals to the adventuresome side of young and old.

The only hope for Ted 2 is that the pool of people who have not seen Jurassic World is drained. Ted 2 may end up like a lot of sequels – overdone and lacking in original content. Jurassic World is better than Jurassic Park because is uses the same basic elements, only with greater effect. It took actor B.D. Wong a while to realize that, but he is back.

The only hope for Ted 2 is that the pool of people who have not seen Jurassic World is drained. Ted 2 may end up like a lot of sequels – overdone and lacking in original content. Jurassic World is better than Jurassic Park because is uses the same basic elements, only with greater effect.

Towns and Okafor Look to go 1 and 2 in the NBA Draft

The 2015 NBA draft is nearing and experts are weighing by releasing a myriad of mock drafts. The consensus seems to be that Karl-Anthony Towns or Jahlil Okafor will be the top two picks in this years draft. However, many experts are debating who should be taken first.

The Minnesota Timber Wolves have the first pick in this years draft and many expect them to take Towns. The freshmen from Kentucky led the Wildcats to the NCAA championship—where they lost to the Duke Blue Devils. He is widely seen as the best athletic talent and continues to separate himself from Okafor.

Okafor, a freshman from Duke, bested Towns in the NCAA championship early this year. Brad Reifler says he is seen as the more polished talent and is widely expected to go to the Lakers with the second pick. At 6’ 11” and 272 pounds, he displays a NBA ready body that is immediately available to play heavy minutes in the league.

As the draft nears, mock drafts will come and go predicting prospects that teams have fallen in love with after their workouts. Yet, expect the top two picks to same fairly consistent with very little change. There seems to be little controversy about over the best talents in this year’s draft.

Australia Beats Brazil in World Cup

The Women’s World Cup has been rolling along now for weeks, and it has provided some of the most exciting soccer in the world. There has just been a major upset, as Australia beat Brazil. They won the game by a score of just 1-0, with that tie-breaking goal coming late in the game.

It was a huge moment for Australia’s soccer team. Brazil is good every single year, and they are often so good that they look like they can beat teams without really trying. They are often favored to win most of their games, if not the whole thing. For Australia, who is not a powerhouse by any means, to step up and get the win, goes a long way toward showing just how well the sport has developed in the country.

According to CCMP Capital it’s also a big moment because it could be a stepping-stone to even better things. Not only does it get Australia a bit farther in the World Cup, but they now know they can play at that level. They don’t have to be intimidated by anyone else that they face because they’ve already faced teams that are “better” than them, and they’ve come out ahead.

In sports, confidence goes a long way. Physical ability is of course very important, but teams usually don’t play their best until they are confident, so this could give Australia the mindset it needs to keep winning.

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