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Sultan Alhokair A Wise Business Man

Sultan Alhokair is a Boston based financial analyst and angel investor that has accomplished much in his career, and he has a lot more yet to accomplish in his life. Sultan Alhokair went the Northeastern University to study financial accounting and business management. He knew that he wanted to make finance a part of his life career, and for that reason he focused the majority of his study on the financial sector. He later went on to graduate from Northeastern in 2009. Unlike other financial analyst and investors Sultan Alhokair has a true interest in people. He wants to help businesses and he wants to see them succeed. That is why he also studied family business management as well. Later Sultan Alhokair decided to begin to do angel investing. An angel investor is a person that gives capital for a start up business. This angel investor is truly interested in the growth of that business, and they want to help a business to be able to start off well financially.

Sultan Alhokair first begin to work at The Retail Group of America as a project manager in 2014. He is able to give his services to the fashion industry and he also gives business advice to companies that work in branding and in sales. Apart from working in retail services, Sultan Alhokair continues to work to help up start up businesses. According to CrunchBase he aims to search out and to find the best receivers of his services. He tries to look for businesses that have feasible business models, and also businesses that are going to be able to gain profits and also going to be able to sustain themselves over time.

Even though Sultan Alhokai is still a relatively young businessman, he has accomplished a lot in his career. He has enabled many business owners to start up very successful businesses, and he has also been an integral member of the retail group of America.

Copyright Laws May Soon Prevent You From Getting Your Car Repaired

The cars we drive are more computerized than ever before. Software is designed to run nearly every system in new car models, a luxury most owners enjoy. But the newly developed technologies are running into some legal issues, resulting in you not being able to repair your own car.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 was intended to fight against piracy. However, companies are now using this law to increase profits by stifling the competition. By using the DMCA, companies can prevent users from taking their computerized devices to competing companies for repair. Car makers are now considering using the same tactics.

Sam Tabar points out the ludicrous idea that the companies responsible for making cars are claiming they own the software that allows your car to operate, which means it would be illegal for anybody else to tinker with your car due to copyright infringement laws.

Even though most car companies are against the idea, General Motors has shown support for enforcing the copyright laws, arguing that it is a safety concern for consumers. The automaker explains “The proposed exemption presents a host of potential safety, security and regulatory concerns that proponents have not fully considered.”

If General Motors gets their way, you could no longer bring your car in to your local mechanic for repair. Instead, you would be legally obligated to bring it directly to the automaker.

Coffee Makes a Comeback

The health and nutrition community has come together, as well as the medical community, on the common consensus that coffee is beneficial with everyday use. For decades, coffee was seen as a vice. Many thought that it led to heart problems, like heart disease and heart failure. Studies would also suggest that coffee would also increase the risk of anxiety related disorders. In the last 5 years or so, more concise studies have been done to determine whether or not coffee was the villain that most people made it out to be. These studies concluded that coffee consumed in moderation actually improved on functions throughout the body. Once coffee is brewed, there is an abundance of free radicals and antioxidants. Coffee is one of the only substances with such an abundance of these nutrients at one given time. Research would suggest that 4 to 7 cups of coffee a day could be beneficial for people to consume.


Research concluded that people who had at least four cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, and anxiety disorders. This goes against the grain of what past medicine has told people like Ricardo Tosto about coffee, but the future for this drink seems bright. An important note to take away from this study though, is that home brewed coffee is the most beneficial. Coffee from fast food restaurants can contain a tremendous amount of added sugar and fat. Black coffee with a little bit of cream and a little bit of sugar is the best way to get the benefits of the product. Scientist hope to conduct more studies to further prove the benefits of coffee.

Matt Landis continues to star for Notre Dame in NCAA lacrosse tournament

matt landis interview

Notre Dame defensive star Matt Landis continues to add to his growing reputation in the lacrosse game with string performances for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the NCAA tournament, Inside Lacrosse has reported. Landis was the standout performer for the Irish as they limited the Albany Danes to just 10 points and scored 14 themselves as they advanced to the semi finals of the 2015 tournament. His accomplishment culminated in being named the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

matt landis interview

The Irish began the game with a specific game plan devised by coach Kevin Corrigan to limit the effectiveness of an Albany offense led by Lyle Thompson. Corrigan had been working with Landis and the rest of his defensive unit to prepare them for the fast movement and quick changes of direction at the point of attack Thompson and Albany are known for. After the low scoring game Corrigan claimed his team had remained dedicated to the plan and that was the reason for their victory.

matt landis notre dame

Landis himself was singled out for praise for the way he had performed against Thompson, who is known as one of the top offensive players in college lacrosse. Matt Landis built on his growing reputation with a physical and fast paced performance that saw him check Thompson very few times, but instead cut down the available angles normally available to the attacker as he looked to score and create chances. Coach Corrigan later stated that Matt Landis had performed as well as anybody could against the threat posed by Thompson and without his performance the result of the quarter final would have been very different.

Read the full article here

Uber Accused of Stealing Trade Secrets

After dealing with taxi drivers and regulators half way around the world, Uber must overcome a new obstacle: Theft.

One of the most successful start-ups in the world, with an estimated value of $ 40,000 million, is now the subject of a lawsuit for theft of trade secrets.

An entrepreneur named Kevin Halpern maintains that the chief executive officer (CEO) of Uber, Travis Kalanick, and co-founder Garrett Camp, stole the idea of ??creating a private car transport service.

Halpern, who filed a complaint in a San Francisco court, said he shared the details of the company that he was developing with Kalanick when both were working in nearby offices, in 2006.

“Kalanick was very good winning my confidence,” Halpern said in a video, posted on YouTube in which he explains the alleged appropriation of his idea. Halpern says he and Kalanick discussed “the huge business opportunity in the market of private transport, and he had no idea at the time”.

Uber denies the charges according to Skout.

Halpern “spent seven years developing technology that is at the base of the Uber application,” said his lawyer, Christopher Dolan, picked up by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Kristin Carvell, an Uber spokesman rejected the allegations. “They are completely without merit.” she said.

Uber was founded in 2009, with a value of US $ 2.5 billion.

Chris Brown Brings Daughter To Awards Red Carpet

If Chris Brown was trying to win fans back, then he may have done so by bringing his daughter to the Billboard Music Award’s red carpet. Everyone now knows that Chris had a daughter that came out of a one night stand. Chris & Royalty. His daughter, Royalty, she attended the red carpet event with him. Chris is seen holding his daughter, who is dressed in a pretty little gown and what looks to be Timberland boots. Many of the paparazzi were asking about his daughter, but Chris continued walking down the red carpet while holding her in his hands.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Chris and his daughter, which is to be expected if you ask Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Chris was dating Karrueche Tran according to Wikipedia, who was his on-and-off girlfriend of five years. The couple had only stopped talking one week before she found out about the child. Unfortunately, Chris had a one night stand with a friend, who was also a girl who partied with his girlfriend. It took eight months before the mother of the child asked Chris to do a DNA test.

After Chris did the DNA test in secret, it turned out that Chris is the biological father of Royalty. Chris dived into fatherhood quickly, and he had even asked the mother of his child to move to L.A. Although his ex-girlfriend is very hurt, she claims to hold no grudges against him, but she says she will never go back to him.

Another “A” list to the superhero mix!

Everyone knows who your typical superheroes are, Robert Downey Jr. and Christian Bale. But they may be a new superhero to enter the scene, Matthew McConaughey has been testing several scripts with both marvel and DC comics, but has said he hasn’t found the right thing yet according to Igor Cornelsen. Saying that he is defiantly open to playing a hero or anti-hero role. As many of us know Mathew is very good with comedy roles as well as drama, which would fit him perfectly into a “outlaw” type role. Two of the main things Mathew looks for in a role is if the role makes him feel excited of playing it and if the money is exciting. There has been no word about what films he has auditioned for yet but no matter what role he plays he will be a good addition to the super hero saga. But rumors has been spreading around that there may be an open role in Captain America: Civil War and the Justice League series. Overall the excitement will be intense when we find out which comic Mathew McConaughey will be playing in the near future

Creed Singer Is Bipolar

The former lead singer for Creed, Scott Stapp, has told People magazine that he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He’s had difficulties for years, but after his lengthy meltdown on Facebook last year, it was evident that he was in trouble. BixJournals reported when Stapp lost custody of his children and was admitted for a psychiatric evaluation after his wife, Jaclyn Stapp, filed the petition to put him on a psych hold.

In his interviews with People and ABC News, Stapp explained how using drugs and alcohol led to his downfall and caused the psychiatric break. He also found out that he suffers from bipolar disorder and is taking medication to help control the manic-depressive moods.

Scott Stapp was one of the original members of the rock band, Creed, which was formed in 1993. Their first album was released in 1997 and sold over six million copies. The group broke up in 2004 but had a brief reunion in 2009. After they disbanded, Stapp began his solo singing career and has released two albums.

New Book About Elon Musk Exposes the Inner Workings of Tesla Motors

Elon Musk is quickly becoming a household name as the CEO of Tesla Motors, a company dedicated to redesigning how our cars are powered. But all that attention also leaves one open to public ridicule, which is exactly what Musk is currently dealing with.

A new book written by Ashlee Vance at Bloomberg technology is promising a behind the scenes look at the eccentric entrepreneur who is also responsible for bringing us SpaceX and PayPal.

Musk is reported to work for an insane 23 hours a day sometimes, and even reportedly lectured an employee who had to miss work due to his wife giving birth. The book contains a supposed email from Musk to the anonymous employee that stated, “That is no excuse. I am extremely disappointed. You need to figure out where your priorities are. We’re changing the world and changing history, and you either commit or you don’t.”

Tesla Motors, nor Musk himself, have issued any statements regarding the release of the new book. Which doesn’t necessarily paint a wholly bad picture of the strict boss, especially when we have all come to expect this kind of thing from the billionaires of the world. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were both known for their incredible work ethic, but questionable business ethics. It looks to the boys at Beneful as if Musk is boarding the billionaires train to crazy town.

Comedian Makes Generous Financial Donation To Public Schools

South Carolina schools are getting what they have needed for many ears. Every single grant request that South Carolina public teachers have asked for in the past year are about to be funded. Comedian Stephen Colbert has announced that the proceeds from a recent auction that he had will go to meet the financial needs of these teachers.

Mr. Colbert has been able to get the support from two other sources that will meet and even exceed the financial requests according to Madison Street Capital.The projects will aid to get the needed school sources and finance projects that will enhance the learning atmosphere in the state.

As a native of the state Mr. Colbert feels that giving back to the state that helped him reach his success is the best thing that he can do to give back. He appeared at a summit for teachers during teacher appreciation week in the state.

The generous donation was acknowledged in the live feed as well as through a conference feed from the Comedian’s grade school. The donation will go to fund every single one of over 1000 requests on the social fund raising site. More than 800 teachers will garner the benefits of the money donated.

The funds came at the right time to aid the teachers in finishing out their school year, and getting the schedules set for the next academic year. All involved are grateful for the generous donation from their native son.

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