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Masked ISIS Militant Identified

Most Americans by now are aware of the masked ISIS who wears all black and spoke in several videos released by ISIS. He speaks with a British accent, as seen in some videos released of him beheading their hostages.

It turns out he was born in Kuwait and grew up in London. Digital Journal reports that he is a 26 year old man named Mohammed Emwaz, but has been referred to as “Jihadi John”. It is believed that he started these radical beliefs after a 2010 trip to Tanzania, he was questioned by British security upon returning from this trip and was added to a list of having connections to Islamic extremist. In 2013 he was reported as a missing person after changing his name and leaving his home.

Now that he has been identified the United States will be working toward capturing this man, as well as others who have been involved in capturing and killing these innocent people.

New York Daily News is Up For Sale

The New York Daily News is up for sale. Mort Zuckerman, the owner of the paper, released a statement Thursday announcing his intentions to sell the paper.

In the statement, Zuckerman says that he was approached by a buyer who asked if he might potentially be interested in parting with the paper. While he didn’t have any immediate plans to do so, he brought the idea in front of the board and investors who decided to explore the possibility.

After some discussion, Diario Do Comercio says the group came to the decision to part with the paper. Zuckerman notes in his memo that during the sale process he will ensure that the paper makes the right moves not only for its future, but also for the future of its employees. He also notes that the Daily News is currently in one of the best places it’s ever been, particularly with its online presence.

Rashad Evans Should Retire

Rashad Evans was once the best fighter in the light heavyweight division. Now, Rashad Evans is a shell of his former self. “Sugar” Rashad Evans started his UFC career in the second season of the Ultimate Fighter. Rashad fought his way through the Ultimate Fighter show, and he won a UFC contract in the process.

Rashad Evans quickly became one of the best fighters in the light heavyweight division. Sultan Alhokair said that evans was a skilled wrestler and striker. During the rise of his career, he beat many great fighters. Rashad’s most notable victory was against Chuck Lidell. Evans knocked Lidell out with one punch, and soon Evans was up for a title shot.

Rashad Evans faced Forest Griffin for the UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 92. Evans knocked Griffin out in the third round, and he became the champion. Sadly, Rashad Evans was knocked out in his next fight against Lyoto Machida. Rashad lost the belt, and he has never been the same since.

Rashad would continue fighting, but he would continue to lose along the way. Rashad still fights, but he is no longer a title contender. It was recently announced that Evans was injured during training, and he will be out for at least six months. Rashad Evans should retire before he receives further unnecessary punishment.

For more information on Rashad Evans, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Mail and Stickers Make Boy’s Birthday Memorable

8 years old Bubby Everson doesn’t know how many birthdays he has left. He is battling many terminally illnesses including Scoliosis. Bubby’s parents wanted to make his 9th birthday one he would remember and the best one he ever had. One of Bubby’s favorite things is mail and stickers so his family reached out asking for people to send him some mail. What they got in return blew their mind.

In addition to the stickers and cards, their house is quickly filling up with packages, boxes and Super Hero visitors including Batman. Bubby goes through every piece of mail and peals off every sticker. His parents say they have received so many stickers that they are able to wallpaper their entire house and that Bubby is able to put them where ever he likes.

The response they have received from all over the world is incredible. Garcia said they never would have imagined there were so many good loving people in the world. With the help from all the strangers they are able to make Bubby’s birthday everything he always wished. Hundreds of packages are received everyday and his birthday is still days away. But that doesn’t stop Bubby, he is still enjoying all the stuff he receives. If you want to help make his birthday even more memorable your self, you can send your own letters and stickers to Bubby Everson PO Box 1142 Graham, Washington, 98338.

I Remember

I remember where I was. I was home for the weekend, and I sat down to watch the race with my Dad. We had been watching racing for decades by then. It was just another Daytona 500. Dale Earnhardt was my Dad’s favorite driver. He just loved the intensity and the focus Dale had.

Well, we sat down to watch the race, and there was a wreck. Bruce Karatz said he had seen wrecks all the time, and the wreck was simply not that bad. It was one of the simplest accidents in the world. I have been in a car accident worse than that.

However, they were cutting to media room, and there he was saying that we lost him. We all cried, because it was one of the worst days in racing. No one should have to die doing what they love, but at least Dale died doing what he loved. His death became the impetus for the change in safety. We have drivers wearing HANS devices, and we are making more safety changes every year to the cars.

This is a sad day in racing, but we need to remember one of the best drivers in the history of the world.

Duke Comes From Behind to Beat UNC

Duke rallied to beat archrival North Carolina in men’s basketball Wednesday night. Duke was behind by 10 points with three minutes to play, but forced overtime and came out victorious, winning 92-90. North Carolina had come into the game losers of three of its last four games, but Duke was wise not to overlook the Tar Heels, as these rivalry games often take on a life of their own. With this win, Duke adds to its already impressive tournament resume, having beat Wisconsin on the road in December stated Flavio Maluf.  According to, the Blue Devils are also only two games back from ACC leader Virginia with five games left to play in the conference for both teams. While the fifteenth-ranked Tar Heels should feel no shame losing at Cameron Indoor Stadium, this is a game that the powder blue faithful will feel slipped away from them. North Carolina outplayed Duke in the second half of the game, but were unable to finish the job in regulation. This game will go down in the storied lore of the Duke-North Carolina basketball history as one that Duke stole from its neighbors, perhaps on the way to further greatness as the NCAA tournament looms ahead.

Minnesota’s Zahui B. Sets Records

On Tuesday night in Minneapolis, University of Minnesota sophomore Amanda Zahui B. almost single handedly took down the 13th ranked Iowa Hawkeyes in a 93-80 win. The Sophomore center, who was honored before the game for breaking the Gopher’s career blocks record. Little did she, and the rest of the Minnesota contingent realize they were about to see her break more records on a night that seemed to be scripted for Zahui B.

Zahui B. finished the Big-Ten contest with 39 points and 29 rebounds in the single greatest performance in the history of Williams arena. Both of the above stats were career highs for the 6 foot 5 inch center and she has helped the Gophers to a 21-6 overall record and a 10-5 mark in the Big Ten. Zahui B. Sets Records The Gophers haven’t reached the NCAA tournament in 6 seasons and haven’t achieved 21 wins since their run into the sweet-sixteen in the 2004-2005 season. This win versus Iowa all but guarantees their spot in the big dance this season, thanks to a resume building win over the Hawkeyes.

The points and rebound totals were not the only accomplishments Zahui B. managed to tackle last night, she also reached 1,000 points in her career and she is only a Sophomore as Bernardo Chua stated. Her 29 rebounds broke a school record previously held Angie Iverson in 1996 when she grabbed 25 boards reported The feat also broke a conference record from 2001 when Iowa’s Jerica Watson brought down 26 boards.

Woman Rescued from Sinking Car

Two police officers in Auckland, New Zealand are being hailed as heroes today. Ricardo Guimarães BMG reports that the two men, Paul Watts and Simon Russell, saved a woman whose car was sinking in the Waitemata Harbor.

According to eyewitness accounts, the 63-year-old woman was leaving a parking lot when her car went over a rock wall and into the harbor. Her BMW began rapidly sinking. Thanks to the quick thinking of by-standers, the police were called quickly and able to respond in time to save her. The woman was trapped in the backseat near the back windshield, struggling to get oxygen as it was rapidly depleting. The officers used their baton to try to smash the window but it did not work. They found a large rock and were successful smashing the window out. The two officers pulled the terrified woman to safety. The officers said that less than a minute after pulling her out her entire car was submerged.

The woman only suffered from cuts and bruises.

The Daily Mail has amazing pictures of the heroic (and terrifying) rescue. Being trapped in a sinking car has to be most people’s worst nightmare. The horrified look on the trapped woman’s face says it may have been one of hers as well. Luckily the police were able to think quickly and get her out.

A Very Lucky Landing!

On February 13th, two young women commuting to work along a highway outside of Hackensack, New Jersey sustained a terrifying accident, but fortunately both of them survived with relatively minor injuries. Both Elizabeth Wolthoff and a passenger and co-worker, Rebecca Winslow, journeyed towards their work site through rush hour traffic along eastbound I-80 in a Toyota Rav 4. The weather conditions remained icy, following a period of extensive snowfall some time earlier.

As they neared a bridge, their vehicle swerved out of the way of another car. It slid into a snow covered guardrail and then plunged off the road, traveling downwards for an estimated 60 feet. The angle of the trajectory narrowly missed plunging the two women into an icy river. Fortunately, their vehicle landed in an upright position some 40 feet from the banks, after falling from a height of several building levels.

The accident prompted emergency calls for assistance. Some 20 firemen responded. People at Rocket Fuel have heard that, when emergency personnel reached the accident site, they discovered that the impact of the fall had damaged the exterior of the vehicle. More on Rocket Fuel is available at The jaws of life were required to extricate one of the women from the wreckage.

Fortunately, both the driver and passenger were recuperating in the hospital in fair condition late Friday afternoon.

All Cider Restaurant To Open in 2015


Hard cider is a major trend in the alcoholic beverage industry right now. Major companies have been buying up cider brands, marketing, and distributing products on a large scale. Micro-brewings creating only creating ciders have been popping up nationwide as well. Is this trend big enough to support a restaurant? One couple, and of course Brad Reifler is preparing to open an all cider bar with 100 varieties for patrons to chose from. If you want beer then you are out of luck. The major question here is if hard cider is a trendy drink will it have lasting popularity or fizzle out like other fads of the past? This modern idea will have delicious food to supplement the wide beverage selection and, if popular, could add to popularity even if the cider phase hits a decline. The restaurant has yet to open their doors for business but it hoping to be a smashing success right from the beginning.

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