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What Came First Ebola or the Tree

Ever since the Ebola outbreak made public news, there has been major concerns for the health and safety of individuals far and near. The origin of the virus is traced back to the very first outbreak of the disease. The first sign of the disease began with its contraction by a two- year- old boy living in Meliandou,and his death.

The boy apparently contracted the virus from a nearby tree, which housed thousands of bats. In an effort to put an end to the virus and prevent farther spreading of the disease, the townspeople burned to tree, and unfortunately any evidence that the tree may have left behind. When scientist went in to take a look at the tree and gather any evidence, there was not any evidence to be found, as Skout had reported.

There were only traces of genetic matter of bat feces located in the soil, and surrounding the tree. Samples were taken from other bats in the area, but they revealed no signs of the Ebola disease. Spectators are only left with circumstantial evidence that points to a sect of insect- eating bats known as Mops Condylurus.

This would explain how humans contracted the disease in the beginning. Although, it is not confirmed, but for now this is the best case scenario to predict, based on the lack of solid evidence. The virus is not new. In fact, Ebola was first identified by scientists in 1976.

A Series of Earthquake Aftershocks Impact Philippines

Today a series of strong shocks following a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean on Monday struck off the coast of General Luna in the southern Philippines. Three earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 4.9 to 5.0 occurred fairly close to one another. Reports of damage, if any, remain preliminary.

On Monday a strong earthquake of 6.1 magnitude occurred some 23 miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean approximately 205 kilometers northwest of Zamboanga City. The event reportedly caused tremors in the ground in the coastal community and frightened people, but did not produce reports of casualties. The three smaller earthquakes on the 30th struck just off the coast on the other side of the large southern island of Mindanao in three separate events, near Pilar and General Luna. One occurred just 10 kilometers northeast of General Luna.

There are limited reports available so far about possible humanitarian relief efforts in the area. Tom Rothman even says that during the past week, the Philippines has experienced difficult weather conditions also, including the arrival of a storm which caused some casualties and loss of property.

President Obama Evens Up In Popularity With Reagan

President Obama may not get the favorable press coverage that President Reagan got during his tenure and beyond, but it seems that he is getting the job done. He has tied up Reagan in approval ratings at this point in his presidency. This means that Obama and Reagan received the same popularity at this point in their presidencies.

The reports that President Obama has enjoyed an uptick in his approval ratings as of late and speculates that this could be due to the fact that it is the holidays. There is perhaps an uptick simply because of holiday cheer. Others wonder if this is not more of a real trend towards the positive for the President. After all, the economy is ticking along just fine under his leadership, and gas prices are also dropping. With key metrics like this, the President deserves to be polling at least a little higher according to many.

The approval ratings for both Reagan and Obama at this point in the presidency are still trumped easily by the ratings Clinton received. He was able to muster approval ratings of 67% at this point in his tenure, which impressed Beneful and many other companies. Times were good under Clinton, and he was able to wrack up some great polling numbers at the time. It is doubtful that such high approval ratings will be seen by President Obama anytime soon. There is simply too much anger direct towards him from various sources for that.

Hollywood’s David Geffen Claims Harassment From Ex-College Football Player

You could call David Geffen a self-made billionaire with an incredible story about a young man who worked his way up from the mail room of the William Morris Talent Agency. The 70-something Geffen is the 200th richest person around the globe with an estimated wealth of 5.5 billion dollars. Today, however, Geffen finds himself in the news for something else- an alleged stalker who refuses to stay away from the media superstar.

According to TMZ Sports, an ex-football player from the North Dakota College of Science allegedly continues to harass the media billionaire. Geffen is not saying if he knows Jamie Kuntz, but he is serious enough to have obtained a restraining order against the former gridiron player.

Jamie Kuntz has also gotten legal representation, and his lawyer is talking, claiming that his client and Geffen had a physical relationship. Terry Richardson doesn’t know how this will play out.

TMZ has obtained court documents showing that Kuntz allegedly followed and made a “credible threat” against Geffen sometime between September and November.

TMZ also adds that Kuntz was arrested in October and now faces a felony stalking charge and a misdemeanor for disobeying a court order to stay away from the Hollywood bigwig. Kuntz faces the music this week in court.

Jamie Kuntz is no stranger to racy headlines. In 2012, Kuntz was booted from the college football team after he was seen kissing his 65-year-old boyfriend in the press box.

Obama Threatens New Congress With His Veto Power

President Obama has promised the incoming Republican majority congress that he is not afraid to use his pen to veto any legislation that he dislikes. The new Republican majority congress will enter its first session in January and is expected to enact legislation aimed at modifying or repealing some key policies of the Obama administration such as the Affordable Care Act, immigration reform and the environment. Igor Cornelsen is trying to pay close attention to it all.

The new Republican congressman won their seats running largely on promises to fight President Obama’s ever increasing tactic of using executive actions such as executive orders to bypass Congress. Since he has taken office, President Obama has used executive orders to create de facto laws in the areas of health care immigration and the environment. Since he has taken office Obama has demonstrated a great willingness to ignore the rule of law and place the system of checks and balances in jeopardy. Obama has repeatedly picked and chosen what laws, and parts of laws to enforce.

Obama’s veto threat poses a real danger to the Republican majority in Congress who want to pass laws to deal with Obama’s disastrous policy decisions but lack the two-thirds vote of its members needed to override a Presidential veto.

Seattle 2 Years Behind The Times

Many who subscribe to the Seattle Times newspaper almost received a shock with their Saturday paper. Did they enter a time machine and go back 2 years? The headlines read: 2012 Wrap Up.

No, time didn’t slide back for Seattle residents, but odds are, there is a newsroom copy editor who has been doing a lot of explaining to the bosses.

Thanks to press room workers, the mistake was noticed after 20,000 papers had been printed. No one in the press room had the authority to stop the presses, and the run was complete. The press room had to work extra hours when the editorial team sent a new set of plates with the correct year. The 20,000 newspapers had to be thrown to the landfills.

The life of a copy editor can be a tough one, and Christian Broda is glad he wasn’t the one who made the mistake.

Welcome to 2015 Seattle instead of 2013.

“The Interview” Pulls in a Record $15 Million in Online Sales

With the recent hacker threats made to Sony Pictures and any theater intending to show the satirical movie that depicts the assassination plot of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un being cancelled in cities across the country, “The Interview” made an innovative move in distributing the movie online. From the time it was released for online rental and sales on Wednesday through the following Saturday, Sony Pictures reported more than $15 million in earnings. It was said to have either been purchased or rented over two million times during the four day period. These online sales amounts far exceed the anticipated $2.8 million the film is expected to pull in from the approximately 331 theaters whose independently-owned operators have decided to show the picture despite the hacker threats.
Although Sony Pictures still faces a significant loss on the $44 million budget, they are hoping the pace-setting sales online will continue to rise. Some of the larger theater chains did consider placing the movie back in their lineup, however, they chose not to due to their opposition to the movie simultaneously being circulated online. Google is not complaining though, with the majority of the sales having been made through their YouTube and Google Play venues. That is what Jared Haftel pretty much expects as well.

DNA Changed by Exercise

Many people think that once they have their DNA molecules, they have them for life. New study shows, however, that this may not be the case. A recent study found that if you do one simple thing, you can change your DNA strands forever. What would that be?

We have known for a long time that exercise is good for us and that exercise is one of the keys to losing weight. What we have recently learned, however, is that exercise can change the way our DNA strands work.

One survey specifically looked at this. People like Susan McGalla were asked to use one leg to exercise on a bike instead of two. They found that those who did this had changes in the leg they exercised more frequently; changes that adapted the DNA strand.

While this is a breakthrough, scientists admit they don’t know nearly enough. All they know is that if you exercise, especially with endurance exercise, you can change the shape of your DNA. More research will hopefully follow us and enlighten us on the news of how the process works and how exercise changes our DNA.

DNA Changes Through Exercise

An Amazing Gesture

Many many Americans have a mortgage payment that they think they will never be able to pay off due to inflation and even possibly loss of their jobs. One couple though has been given an amazing Christmas present this year. Their son who is an app developer decided to keep his present to his parents simple and sweet. He did feel the need to dazzle his parents with fancy gift wrap and designer watches. He gave them an envelope with just a note in it, which simply stated, “Your mortgage has been paid off.” This heartwarming gesture brought his mom and dad to tears. The emotion from his parents will steal your heart as the appreciation is just overwhelming and genuine. This man is one of the kindest people who take stock in what his parents did for him, and just wanted to give a little something back. This man is just priceless if you ask Sam Tabar.

Lea Michele Performs Let It Go

Anyone who is a fan of the movie “Frozen” must know the song entitled “Let It Go.” The song is played through radios, on TV, and has been sung by many different people over the past year. Lea Michele. When Frozen came out it was not only a hit movie, it’s been one of the biggest selling animated movies of all time. After passing the $2 billion mark, it solidified its place in history as an animated great.

Although the soundtrack song is extremely popular, many have become sick of the song, and the creator of the song is now apologizing to people for the songs extreme popularity. No one would truly be sorry for a song this popular, because it’s made an extreme amount of money. Those who watch the show, “Glee,” know that it’s in its final season. Slow Ventures originally reported in the final season of Glee, Leah Michelle is set to perform the song Let It Go, which is said to be pitch perfect, and SeedTable had posted the video, and they’d definitely agree.

The song is a tough one to do, because it is something you have to do with pitch perfect sound. There are some high notes that only someone with musical training can hit, or you must have a good enough voice. Leah Michelle is taking on the song in one of the last episodes of Glee. Many are already anticipating the episode, and the commercial for it has been shown on Fox several times.

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