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Matthew McConaughey to Play Randall Flagg in ‘the Stand’

Matthew McConaughey has come a long way since his days of playing the romantic comedy superstar. Now McConaughey is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood and with that respect he now has the ability to pick the roles he desires. Coming off of a year that saw the critical successes of ‘Interstellar’, ‘True Detective’, and ‘Mud’, McConaughey will now be offered the lead villain role in the Stephen King adaptation, ‘The Stand’.

Josh Boone, the writer and director of the new ‘Stand’ adaptation, has stated that he wants the film to get a full four movie treatment. The book, written by horror juggernaut Stephen King, is considered to be one of the finest works in Horror/Fantasy and it truly is an epic narrative. Boone has teased fans who are following the series that ‘The Stand’ will have a cast to ‘blow people’s minds’ and, reportedly at the top of his wish list, is Matthew McConaughey as Randall Flagg.

In ‘The Stand’, Randall Flagg is an ethereal and demonic, dimension traveling villain that will kill you while laughing himself to tears. This is a character Marc Sparks can really get behind. The charismatic villain, who is filled with supernatural abilities, presents himself as a ‘walking dude’ in cowboy boots and an old button up. He establishes a base of operations in Las Vegas and serves as the primary vessel to move the plot forward. Cameras are reported to start rolling some time in the spring of 2015.

Buffalo Towns Struggle for Money as Winter Storms Continue to Cause Chaos

The epic Winter storm that struck the Buffalo region from Monday through Sunday has left a devastated area across the region, which is now at risk of serious flooding as towns struggle to pay for the aftermath of the storms. Around seven feet of snow fell during the storm, which has left around a dozen dead and forced towns in the Buffalo region to spend their entire Winter budgets in just three days after the storm was over, CBS News reports.

Flooding remains a major risk as the temperature rises above 40F and begins to melt the snow that remains at dangerous levels in most areas. Meteorologists have also forecast rain in the coming days, which Igor Cornelsen says will add to the weight of the snow standing on many structures and increase the chances of buildings collapsing as heavy rains fall on top of mounds of snow.

One of the major problems the area faces, according to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is the lack of funding available to pay for the continued cleanup, which has seen volunteers attempt to clear snow from the homes and businesses of many residents. Towns in the Buffalo area are looking for Federal assistance to assist in the cleanup as boats and emergency services are assembled in preparation for the expected flooding to arrive.

Cowardly Lion Costume brings a big price at Hollywood Memorabilia Auction

The iconic cowardly lion costume from the 1939 movie version of The Wizard of Oz was one of the star attractions at an auction of Hollywood memorabilia held at Bonhams in New York, NBC News reports. The costume was part of a host of Hollywood memorabilia that was put up for auction that also included the iconic piano played in the movie Casablanca.

The cowardly lion costume was one of the star attractions and sold for $3 million after it was revealed this was one of the costumes worn during filming of the Judy Garland classic by Bert Lahr. The lion costume is made from actual lion pelts and features a central zipper hidden in the front of the costume and a tail attached to the rear. The story of the costume itself is almost as entertaining as the movie itself to Sergio Lins Andrade, a story which saw the costume found in an MGM storage building. It is thought that the costume appears in up to a dozen scenes within the movie and was dried to remove perspiration each night in an industrial drying bin.

The Casablanca piano, played by Dooley Wilson as Sam, a drummer who was forced to mime playing the piano in the Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman movie sold for higher than estimated at $3.4 million.

Is Christian Bale Have Post-Batman Departure Misgivings?

Every generation has “their” Batman. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, it was Adam West. Even though many different actors played the role, the 1980’s and 1990’s belonged to Michael Keaton. In the 2000’s, Christian Bale truly was the personification of Batman for a new generation. Now, Ben Affleck is assuming the role of the caped crusader in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman.

Christian Bale has noted he is more than a bit jealous about Affleck being cast in the role.

No, Bale is not bitter about not being offered the role. It was believed his version of Batman would not be a good fit in this film, a film in which original Batman series director Christopher Nolan would not be involved.

Besides, how annoyed can Bale be? He was reported offered $50 million to play Batman in the upcoming Justice League film, which is obviously a huge sum in the eyes of Broda. He turned it down as Affleck is the new Batman. He is going to play Batman in the two Justice League films and a new Batman film.

The new Batman series will have nothing to do with the original Nolan/Bale universe.

Affleck is a really weird choice for Batman. In a way, his casting is like Val Kilmer in the 1990’s. Granted, Affleck is nowhere near the problem child Kilmer was for producers. He also seems to really relish wanting to play the role so that is a plus. He is not walking into the role with the “you need me” attitude that sometimes occurs when established stars are brought in to save a franchise.

How to Handle Cops

Why would a high school offer a class on how to deal with cops? Maybe it’s because teenagers today have no respect for authority. This is where the parents should step in so that there wouldn’t be a need for a class in high school. The class only lasts for two days, but during those two days, students will be instructed about how to act if they were ever stopped by officers. A teenager shouldn’t be in a position to be stopped by officers in the first place unless there was an issue while they are driving. Some of the information that is taught is good for teenagers and adults to know, but it shouldn’t be something that is in a high school. Zeca Oliveira says this is something that should at least wait until college. Parents need to step up and take responsibility for their children, teaching them how to obey the law so that they don’t get in trouble.

Dr. Huxtable vs. Bill Cosby

It has been a bad year for Bill Cosby. There is no other way to say it. All of the accusers that are coming forward are like a small army against one. Bill Cosby has worked for years to maintain a squeaky clean persona in front of the camera, but his indiscretions in the dark are slowly overtaking him.

Fans around the world are split on their love of Dr. Huxtable and the emerging darker side of Bill Cosby. In the course of a month Cosby has had new shows cancelled. He even has his most well known show – “The Cosby Show” – pulled from TV Land. This was something that people did not expect, but the accusers keep coming.

Many fans spoke out and thought that it would pass over, but something happened. Famous people in the industry started making accusations. All of a sudden, some of his fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso were worried. This forced Netflix to cancel the “Cosby 77” upcoming special. NBC even cancelled a sitcom that was supposed to start up in 2015.

So far Cosby has been silence. This has not helped his legacy, but fans wonder if this will affect his syndicated shows. “The Cosby Show” has been in rerun heaven for years. People that really love Bill Cosby will look past this. Others that are on the fence about the allegations may eventually distance themselves from the shows. Some people may never look at Cosby the same again.

Mother Blows Trust Fund Money

In a story that has resurfaced from several months ago, Shanesha Taylor is back in the news. Her story was covered back in March when she made headlines for leaving her two young kids in a locked car while she interviewed for a job for forty-five minutes. She ended up getting arrested for the incident, while a teary eyed photo of the woman surfaced in the media. Due to sympathy and compassion for her, most likely due to the remorseful way she appeared in her mug shot, a total of 114 thousand dollars was donated to her.
Taylor managed to strike up a great deal with prosecutors that would allow her to go free of jail time as long as she agreed to attend drug classes and set up a trust fund with a portion of the money she received. Despite only being required to put up 40 thousand dollars for the trust fund, she spent the entire amount on designer clothes. That was simply absurd according to Marc Sparks. She even reportedly spent six thousand dollars in studio time for the father of her children’s rap career.  Rather than having to go to jail for severely endangering her children’s lives, she was given an opportunity to avoid all punishment and also do a great deal of good for her kid’s future.

Kasey Kahne Signs Three Year Contract

Kasey Kahne has signed a three year contract extension to stay at NASCAR’s powerhouse team, Hendrick Motorsports, through 2018. This announcement comes a day after Kahne’s nine year run with crew chief Kenny Francis, came to an end, and the hiring of Keith Rodden to become the new crew chief of Kasey Kahne. Kasey Kahne’s third year at Hendrick was his worse season, winning once and finishing 15th in points.

This signing comes as a surprise to some people as speculation rose that Chase Elliott, a Hendrick development driver, may take over for Kahne after the 2015 season. Now that Kahne has a new deal, there are more questions regarding where the Xfinity champion, Chase Elliott, will go.

Hendrick Motorsports has four drivers in the Sprint Cup series, which is the max allowed by NASCAR. With all four locked into long term deals, there is a wonder if Chase Elliot will stay with Hendrick and wait for a spot to open up, or try and go elsewhere. NASCAR put in the four driver max rule a few years ago, and it may be time to look into that rule.

NASCAR fan Kenneth Griffin says that many young drivers simply can’t move up into NASCAR’s top series because of the max rule, so they are stuck going to smaller teams that are not nearly successful. Hopefully NASCAR lifts the ban, and you may see Kahne and Elliott be teammates in 2016.

Eminem’s Unreleased Version Of “Lose Yourself”

Eminem has released many of the greatest hits ever to be seen by any rapper. Recently, he has released a snippet of the hit song “Lose Yourself,” that he doesn’t even remember recording. Although a portion of the song is available to listen to online, the full version of the song has not yet been released. Eminem Lose Yourself. Eminem decided to let others hear the alternate version of the song, although he states that he doesn’t remember where he was when he created it, or when it was even created.

His statements leave many people puzzled, as it’s rare for an artist to not know exactly when and where; they’ve created one of their greatest hit songs ever, even if it’s an alternative version. Eminem is gearing up to release his new album entitled “Shady XV,” which is highly anticipated by people like Gianfrancesco Genoso, as the artist hasn’t put out much over the years. In a 32 second video that was put out to help promote his new album, he spoke about the alternate version of his hit song Lose Yourself.

The song contains never before heard lyrics, and is a must listen; by anyone who is a fan of the artist. It’s suspected that Eminem’s memory lapse over the song, is the result of years of drug use, which he fought against by going into rehab. Even though he may not remember when and where he created the alternate version song, it still is highly anticipated.

Later Start Times Could Mean Less Car Crashes for Teenagers

A new study suggests that teenage drivers who have earlier start times for school get into more car crashes, as opposed to students with later start times. You’ll want to keep reading this one Susan McGalla, it may be a good idea to let the kids invest in something that will be beneficial for them.

According to a study published in the November issue of The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, researchers looked at the rate of accidents in Chesterfield and Henrico counties, both located in Virginia. Both counties have nearly identical socioeconomic and ethnic characteristics. The counties differ, however, in the school start times. In Henrico county school begins at 8:45 a.m., while in Chesterfield county school begins earlier at 7:20 a.m.

Chesterfield teenagers aged 16-18 in 2009-2010 had a car accident rate of 48.8 per thousand, while Henrico teenagers aged 16-18 had an accident rate of 37.7 per thousand. The study repeated the following year, with similar results. In 2010-2011, the car accident rate in Chesterfield was 51.9 per thousand, while in Henrico it was 44.2 per thousand. The study compared these findings with adult drivers and found that among adult drivers accident rates did not differ between the counties. In Chesterfield, car accidents peaked one hour earlier in the morning, and two hours earlier in the afternoon, consistent with the earlier school start time.

Though the study did not take into account factors such as sleep habits, risky behaviors, vehicle type, or miles traveled, it is part of growing literature that suggests that sleep loss in teenage drivers leads to more car accidents. Further studies will need to be done to demonstrate a significant causal effect of school start times in teenage drivers.

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