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Deathstroke Will Return to Arrow in the Future

According to Manu Bennett (who I love for his portrayal of Deathstroke, and Crixus on the excellent Spartacus) Arrow’s showrunners have told him that they definitely want him back. While he doesn’t know the exact timetable, and he may not make an appearance in the second season, it seems pretty well assured that we’re going to see Deathstroke again at some stage.

Manu was one of the highlights of the last season. His haunting portrayal of Deathstroke, and his quest for revenge against Oliver Queen was one of the most epic storylines we’ve ever seen in a comic book based television show.

The focus on charter drama, and development really had Marnie Bennett on the edge of her seat the entire time.


Computer and Phone Scams Popping Up Throughout Indiana

Scams are on the rise in Indiana, with reports suggesting that new cases are popping up throughout the northern part of the state. According to the Better Business Bureau, the scams are mainly affecting residents of the Michiana area.

The main scam involves computer pop-ups. An ad pops up on the user’s computer screen, telling them that their computer is infected with a virus. The advertisement also provides a number that they can call to have the problem fixed.

However, when users call the number, they are told that the problem can be fixed for a one time fee. Not realizing that there is no problem with their system in the first place. But rather, they’ve been victims of a hoax.

Some residents have also become victims of a phone scam. Michiana residents are being contacted, and told that the federal government has selected them to receive an $8,000 sum. Then asking for bank account and routing numbers to transfer the money.

While it’s too early to tell how many people have been affected, the problem has been fairly widespread.

So remember, always be skeptical of anybody asking for money to fix a computer problem out of the blue. Or calling and asking for your personal information.


Lenders Have Begun Installing GPS Devices To Disable Vehicles

There’s a new problem plaguing those already having difficulty buying a new vehicle. Some lenders throughout the US have adopted a new strategy for protecting cars from bad loans. Installing GPS devices that disable the car, should the payments fail to be made on time.

This will target sub-prime borrowers. Typically people with a credit score of 640 or lower. Considering that sub-prime borrowers are on the rise, car companies are looking for ways to protect their investment, while still finding new buyers for their inventory.

However, some have criticized the move. With one report suggesting a woman was unable to drive her daughter to the emergency room, because her car had locked up.

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