Indiana State Gets Big Win Over Evansville

The Indiana State Sycamores are one of the few college basketball programs that can claim they have won a national championship, but the team has really struggled the past few years. The 2017-18 season has not been very rewarding for the Sycamores, but the team refuses to quit on their coach. The tenacity of this team was shown when they pulled off an impressive win over the Evansville Purple Aces on Wednesday, February 21.

Neither Evansville or Indiana State have a great offense, but both teams really struggled shooting the basketball in the first half. Both teams were running their offenses efficiently, but they just could not find a way to hit an open hot. The lack of scoring created an ugly half that ended with the game tied 21-21.

The halftime break worked wonders for both teams. The easy shots that were clanging off the rim in the first half were starting to go in the hoop in the second half. Indiana State took a five-point lead after only playing for two minutes, but the Purple Aces quickly mounted a comeback. The game remained extremely close until the Sycamores went on a big scoring run over the final eight minutes of the game. Evansville kept the game from becoming a blowout, but they still fell to Indiana State 58-53.

Indiana State has no shot at a postseason tournament berth thanks to their 12-17 record. They will play their final game of the regular season against the Bradley Braves on Saturday, February 24.

It Is Now Legal to Sell Alcohol in Indiana on Sunday

One of the state of Indiana’s oldest and most outdated laws will soon be history. It has been illegal to sell alcohol on Sundays in Indiana since the Prohibition days almost 90 years ago. However, the Indiana senate has voted to do away with that law. Governor Holcomb will soon sign a bill into law that will allow stores to sell alcohol from 12pm to 8pm on Sundays. This is a big step forward for a state that has many laws that citizens feel should no longer be on the books. Stores that sell alcohol were very happy that their long battle to do away with that law is finally over.

However, Indiana still has several laws related to the sale of alcohol that many people are also against. One of which involves the sale of cold beer. Convenience stores can only sell beer that is room temperature. They want to have the ability to sell cold beer to their customers. However, there is no current legislation under review for the legalization of cold beer sales in the state of Indiana. Governor Holcomb would not say one way or another if he was in favor of such legislation.

One of the reasons the Sunday ban on alcohol sales was able to be done away with is because the liquor store lobbyists donated a lot of money to the campaign funds of many top Indiana politicians. Therefore, the issue of getting the Sunday ban lifted became very important to the politicians who received donations.

Indiana To Allow Sunday Alcohol Sales – Could Marijuana Be Next?

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, the Indiana State Senate passed a bill to permit sales of alcohol on Sundays. Sales will be permitted as soon as Governor Eric Holcomb the following week. Boozers are expected to be able to purchase a six-pack on their way home from church as early as March 4. The new law will apply to liquor stores, pharmacies, groceries and convenience stores.

Selling alcohol on Sunday has been against the law in Indiana since William Henry Harrison was President of the United States. The 1945 ban triggered thirsty crowds into flipping police cars. According to Title 7.1, Article 1 of Indiana Code 2017, it is illegal to sell alcohol from 3 am on Sundays until 7 am on Mondays.

The ban was enacted during the Prohibition era, when religious groups put pressure on lawmakers to keep Sunday set aside for worship. For years, the law persisted due to economic reasons; religion had little to do with it. Paradoxically, it was the liquor store lobby that labored to keep the ban in place. They objected to the potential for competition from big box stores and pharmacies. Booze-only shops were loathe to pay staff to work on Sundays. Anti-alcohol organizations also kept up the pressure to keep at least one day of the week alcohol-free.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for sacrificial weed to become legalized, though. Based on the length of time it has taken state legislators to overturn the 1945 ban, marijuana may not become legal until the year 2243.

Shelbyville Indiana’s Southwestern High, ‘Safest School in America’

In the wake of the recent Parkland Florida school shooting tragedy, many in the country are wondering what action can be taken to defend against such deadly attacks. Shelbyville Indiana’s Southwestern High School seems to be able to provide at least one answer.

In 2015, the school installed a one of a kind advanced security system known as Safe School Flagship or Best Practice Solution designed by Net Talon, a security company based out of Virginia. This innovative school defense system features security cameras positioned in hallways and other open spaces with a direct live-feed to the local sheriff’s office.

All teachers are equipped with remote fobs that gives them the ability to hit the panic button in the event of an active shooter scenario which will automatically activate the school’s lockdown protocol and notify authorities. The fob also allows teachers to communicate to police whether their classroom is all-safe, in need of medical assistance or if they have spotted the suspect.

The final component of the safety system is smoke cannons positioned strategically throughout the school’s “hot spots”. The police working in conjunction with the security cameras fire the cannons to confuse the shooter as well as impair visibility.

This cutting edge school security system costs $400,000 dollars, most of which was financed by Net Talon, with the remaining funds coming via grants. Southwestern High was dubbed the “Safest School in America” after the recognition they received following their appearance on NBC’s nationally televised Today show.

Nick Vertucci Offers Education In The Complicated Real Estate Market

One of the most common investments in the world is in real estate. This is because the land we have today is the only land we’ll ever have and so as demand rises for the same supply, we continue to see its value rise as well. It was Mark Twain even who famously was quoted as saying, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”.

This is exactly the idea that motivated Nick Vertucci to originally get into real estate investing. But what he quickly noticed is that this was a very complicated business to be in and there were very few true teaches of the craft. This is why he decided to start the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). The program offers both classroom style and hands on learning experiences.

Real estate investing is unique because you must physically see the property you intend to buy in order to assure that it is in acceptable condition and will be a worthwhile investment. The NVREA team will give you all of the tools you need to harness the power of recurring monthly income and to grow wealth that can sustain you for the rest of your life. Not only does Vertucci provide a breadth of knowledge on the topic, he is also putting his money where his mouth is. A team of highly skilled investors backs the program and can help up and coming real estate investors get the capital they need to begin investing.

Going in blind to any investment will lead to a loss in profits more often than not. That is why it is so important to learn the basics from experts like Nick Vertucci before you start risking your hard earned dollars in the market. Thousands of people each year gain tons of knowledge from real estate investors like Nick Vertucci. If you have ever thought about putting any extra income you may have into real estate, this may be the perfect place to start.

Starting Pay Raises for Indiana Based Company Family Express

If you’re one of the estimated 800 employees working entry level at the Valparaiso based company, Family Express, then I have some great news for you: you might be getting a raise in pay very soon.

Family Express, which was founded in 1975 and has nearly 70 convenience stores all across the Northwest and Central regions of Indiana, has recently decided to raise their starting pay for employees to $11. This will be about $1 more than before and is expected to affect roughly 19% of their employees.

This isn’t the first time that the company has made positive changes in order to remain competitive with other local employers. The starting pay was raised previously back in 2015, and the company boasts great benefits packages to their full time employees such as health care, fitness services, and 401(k) matching.

Why did they decide to raise the company’s minimum wage again? According to this article posted on NWI Times [], one of the major reasons involves the tax reform bill that the United States Congress had approved this past December. Gus Olympidis, the current President and CEO of Family Express, also says that raising the wage will help retain quality employees and reduce turnover for the company.

Family Express Company will be joining several other companies that have decided to raise their wages recently. Among those include Fifth Third Bank, Walmart, Starbucks, PNC Bank, Home Depot, and Apple.

Indiana Loses to Nebraska After Poor Second Half

This was always going to be a transitional year for Archie Miller and the Indiana University men’s basketball program, but fans of the Hoosiers were still hoping to see their favorite team win a lot of games. While Indiana has performed admirably this season, they simply do not have the talent to compete with the best teams in the Big Ten Conference. This talent disparity was on full display when the Hoosiers lost to the Nebraska Cornhuskers yesterday.

A sloppy first half kept either team from being able to get a large lead. Indiana struggled to make easy shots the entire half, but their tough defense kept them in the game. They took a one-point lead into the locker room at halftime despite the poor effort on offense. Indiana continued to struggle on offense in the second half, but their defense also let them down. Nebraska stepped up their play over the final 12 minutes, which helped them go on a big scoring run. Indiana was unable to respond as they lost the game 66-57.

Indiana was on a small four-game winning streak prior to this game, but all of those wins were against bad teams. The Hoosiers have one more game left in the regular season. They will host the Ohio State Buckeyes at Bloomington Assembly Hall on Friday, February 23. Indiana has no shot at earning a spot in the NCAA Tournament, but their solid play recently has likely earned them a spot in the National Invitation Tournament.

Michael Hagele: Master of Technology

Michael Hagele has dabbled in numerous fields prior to settling into the niche of legal affairs and counseling for technology-focused companies. Over the years, Michael has proven himself to have a vast knowledge of the intricacies surrounding patents, legal contracts, and more. His services have proven to be a great asset for the companies that choose to partner with his firms. However, in contrast to the larger firms, Michael believes that his smaller firms provide greater quality services. Michael Hagele’s interest in technology does not stop with his law firms.

In addition to Hagele’s entrepreneur ways, he is also an investor in several technology companies. Michael has a particularly strong interest in companies specializing in artificial intelligence. According to Mr. Hagele, artificial intelligence (AI) provides companies with countless opportunities in fields such as science. Specifically, Michael claims that he is fascinated with AI’s roles in the field of genetics and biology. Michael’s passion for technology is only one faucet for his success.

Michael asserts that his success can be attributed to his concentration on the needs of his clients. When asked about his daily routine Michael insists that morning, day, and evening are spent working with his team to provide better services and solutions for the companies working with his firms. According to Michael Hagele, his day begins by contacting his clients to discuss contracts and issues that need to be resolved. He then went on to answer that about midday he takes a break and retreats to the mountains to go for a walk or to enjoy mountain biking. This allows for his creative juices to flow and for him to come to better resolutions for his clients. Learn more Michael Hagele at

In summary, Michael has an incredibly successful business revolving around laws and legal issues associated with the ever-growing field of technology. His firms are smaller than similar firms allowing for higher quality services. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Michael Hagele is also an investor. He has a strong interest in companies specializing in artificial intelligence. Michael attributes his success to his consistent focus on his customers.

You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting:


Lawmakers in Indiana Discussing Possible Shift in Time Zone

Lawmakers in Indiana are hoping to move the state into the Central Time Zone. A vast majority of Indiana currently resides in the Eastern Time Zone with only 12 counties running on Central Time. Most of them are locate in the northwestern and southwestern portions of the state.

A resolution was passed on Tuesday by the Senate Homeland Security and Transportation committee to determine which time zone the counties of Indiana associate. While the resolution does not ensure a move to the Central Time Zone, it does open up the discussion and calls for an examination into the dilemma.

In reference to the resolution, Republican Senator Greg Walker mentioned that “some education” will be needed during the discussion. He also mentioned how people tend to have a “knee-jerk” reaction to activities happening in the Statehouse.

One of the main reasons in support of the shift in time zones references the impact that school children are experiencing. The three-hour time difference from California results in “excessive morning darkness” as children go to school. Geography is playing a large role in this resolution. There are even parts of Kentucky and Tennessee that are in the Central Time Zone.

To be sure, the whole state of Indiana ran under the Central Time Zone until 1965. The Interstate Commerce Commission decided to split the state into Easter and Central zones. Ever since, debates and discussions have been raised surrounding the topic.

The last time lawmakers met to discuss the issue in 2005, a decision was only made about observing Daylight Saving Time. Walker mentioned how hard that original discussion was and how reluctant members may be to discuss again. In total, five members of the committee agreed to have the resolution. The resolution now goes to the Senate floor to await a vote.

Spring Break at Lake Michigan is Saved for Hoosiers

The Indiana Supreme Court passed a ruling in the case of property owners Don and Bobbie Gunderson of Long Beach versus Indiana in the matter of public access rights to the shoreline of Lake Michigan. The Gundersons contested any public use of the beaches by their La Porte property, claiming their property deed included all of the lands to the water’s edge. This line may fluctuate with the tides. Therefore, no one had access to the beach behind their lakefront home without their consent.

Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fisher countered that the land up to the high-water line was established as the property of Indiana at statehood in 1816. As a result, the land up to this line is considered public domain. The Indiana Court of Appeals threw in a third perspective saying both parties were correct. Therefore, the state and the property owners shared the land between the water’s edge and high-water line.

After considering all of the evidence, the justices voted 4-0, with 1 abstaining, in favor of the State of Indiana. Justice Mark Masa wrote in the court’s response to the case. He stated since statehood the land from the high-water line past the water’s edge up to and under Lake Michigan was given to Indiana. The state holds the land in trust for the people of Indiana, and as such, the people have the right to access and use the beach and lake water. Beach-goers can now return to sun.