Mike Pence’s Indianapolis Visit Brings Heavy Cost To City Taxpayers

An unexpected trip to the city of Indianapolis by United States Vice-President Mike Pence resulted in a heavy bill being written for taxpayers. Figures released to the IndyStar in response to a request shows that the Metro Police Department in Indianapolis had expenses of $26,000 to accommodate the vice-president. This amount is only the expenses that have been claimed by IMPD and does not take into account monies spend from the federal budget.


The original plans were for Spence to make an appearance at an event hosted by a political group backing President Donald Trump in the city of Carmel. The event was to be a show of support for the president’s efforts to execute the tax overhaul. But just two days before the event, officials for the city of Indianapolis learned that Pence would be changing plans and instead would attend an event taking place in Indianapolis by a company known as Infosys. The company, which is based in India, was alerting the public of plans to construct a campus at a former airport terminal in the city of Indianapolis at a cost of $245 million.


Pence, along with Alexander Acosta, United States Labor Secretary, attended the event put on by Infosys and the event to celebrate the president’s tax overhaul was postponed until May 18.


For the event, Pence was provided private escorts along with traffic control and teams readied for tactical response. This included SWAT team personnel that was prepared to support the efforts of secret service officers.

David Meeter breaks Indiana record for largest whitefish

Dustin Meteer went out for a pleasant fishing trip with his friends on Lake Michigan at the end of April. The Indiana resident did not expect to set a record for harvesting the largest whitefish caught in the state. Although Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources only recently established a category for the species, people have managed to make it into the record books six times, according to wane.com

The Burns Harbor resident looked surprised when he reeled a 25.5 inch, 6 pound fish into the boat. When he harvested the animal, he had no idea that he might have broken a record. He simply believed he had had a great fishing day. Meeter may have never known he had broken a record if a friend had not told him he should look the record up.

Instead of checking the record right away, the now record-holding fisherman simply took the fish home and put it in his refrigerator. The fish might have stayed in the refrigerator. What does the angler plan to do with it? Despite being happy with the breaking the state record, Meeeter expressed some disappointment. He believes a fish he caught last year might have broken a record as well.

What about the whitefish? It will not head to the frying pan or to the oven. Meeter plans to have it mounted and hand it on his wall. He will need to use another whitefish to feed his family wild game.

Danica Patrick Returns to Race One Final Time at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Danica Patrick has enjoyed a unique type of lifestyle of the majority of her professional career, as an athlete that competes at speeds upwards of two-hundred miles per hour. Her first professional race in the IndyCar Series was at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida back in the 2005 racing season. That race ended with a massive crash that left Danica Patrick uninjured, thankfully. She was racing for Rahal Letterman Racing in her first professional IndyCar event.

As she prepares for her last professional racing event at the great Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Danica Patrick strapped into an IndyCar with Ed Carpenter Racing, to begin testing for the 2018 Indy-500 on May 27th. Danica Patrick expressed her emotions as she talked about her racing career, and how happy she was to be at a track that felt like home. This nationally-famous race track, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was home to something more than a fourth place finish for Danica in her rookie racing season, it was home to the courage, passion, and competitive spirit that Danica has expressed over the course of her career.

She won an IndyCar event in the Twin Ring Motegi racetrack on April 20th of 2008. That race took place a little over one decade ago. It’s almost a storybook ending that she will be ending her racing career just after the tenth anniversary of that remarkable victory.

Danica Patrick also spent several seasons in NASCAR, trying to compete at the top levels of the NASCAR Cup Series, but struggling with Stewart-Haas Racing for over six years. Her best finishing position was 6th place at Atlanta in September of the 2014 season. Her career has been very impressive, for a woman that impressed us all at the beginning of her career, she looks to end her impressive career with a victory at the 2018 Indianapolis 500.

Pothole Repair Disparity Vexes Residents Of Indianapolis

A lot of people in Indiana’s largest city say they are suffering from pothole discrimination. While some Indiana residents get potholes on their streets filled within hours of calling the city, others find they must wait 10 to 21 days.

The city provides two methods of reporting potholes. Citizens can call the Mayor’s Action Center or use a nifty app called “Request Indy App.” But that doesn’t mean you will get swift action, depending on what part of the city you live in.

One resident told a local TV news crew that the road he takes to work every day is so filled with potholes it’s like navigating “landmines.” The hole-pocked road even forces him to go “off road” to get by certain areas.

Some Indianapolis residents report they have waited as long as 21 days to get pothole repairs after reporting them multiple times.

It seems that the northeast and southeast corners of the Indianapolis metro area face the longest wait times while central and southern areas get fast turnaround on potholes repair.

City officials don’t seem to have a good explanation for why there is pothole disparity in Indianapolis. Repeated attempts by reporters to get to the bottom of the phenomenon have come up empty.

Springtime is the worst time of year for potholes. Changing temperatures and retreating ground frost tend to cause roads to shift – to expand and contract – which weaken the structure of paved streets. That, along with heavy traffic, produces potholes.

Pacers Win Game 3

Prior to the start of the 2017 NBA season, most people believe that the Indiana Pacers would be in a rebuilding mode. The team had struggled to make the playoffs the prior year and had just traded away their star player, Paul George. While most people did not have very high expectations for the Pacers, team has played very well and ended up finishing high enough in the conference to make the playoffs.

The Pacers ended up earning a bid to the playoffs and we’re scheduled to face the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was not an easy matchup for the Pacers as the Cavaliers continue to be led by LeBron James and have won the Eastern Conference three straight years. While the Pacers were not the favorites to win, they are now actually in the lead after the first three games of the playoffs (https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2018/4/20/17259474/pacers-cavaliers-2018-time-tv-schedule-watch-live-online-game-3).

During Game 3 of the playoff match, it appeared that the Cavs were in clear control of the game. At one point, the Pacers were down 17 points and looked like they could not score. However, due to the strength of Bodgan Bodganovic, the Pacers were able to complete a very dramatic comeback and they ended up winning the game by two points.

After the very exciting Game 3, the series will continue to be played in Indianapolis for Game 4 before moving back to Cleveland for a game. Winning Game 4 would be a huge boost for the Pacers as they look to hold on to the home court advantage.

Amazing Art Sculpture

“Amatria” is the “sentient” art sculpture located in a glass atrium space on the fourth floor of Indiana University Bloomington’s new School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering’s Luddy Hall. The dedication ceremony for the brand-new state-of-the-art $39.8 million 124,000 square-foot- Luddy Hall occurred on April 13, 2018, to welcome its 15 classrooms and labs, 31 career counseling and interview spaces, and the latest 3-D printing equipment.

They use the term “sentient” for Amatria because the word comes from the Latin verb sentire, which means “to feel.” Amatria, created by Canadian artist and architect Phillip Beesley, is an extremely unique masterpiece with microphones and sensors throughout that sense audio levels, which enables it to greet and interact with people as they walk past! As it reacts, parts start to light up, vibrate, or make a zapping sound. PhD students are analyzing the received data from the sculpture.

Amatria is made out from many different materials including metal scaffolds, plastic pieces, glass vessels filled with vinegar which serve as vinegar batteries, and many more unusual and huge components. It took approximately 200 volunteers, which included students from several IU schools, to put the massive piece together.

It is desired that arts and humanities scholars interact with Amatria to help understand how to implement artificial intelligence systems, how to design smarter environments, and how to use them. The Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering is hosting summer camps be held in Luddy Hall so that students can learn about artificial intelligence and build small form versions of Amatria.

Glen Wakeman Helps Entrepreneurs To Become Successful By Providing Critical Insights And Ideas

Glen Wakeman has filled numerous roles during his career. He is a successful executive in the field of financial services, the CEO of a public company, a member of the board, the owner of a small business, an executive mentor and an investor. He has dedicated 21 years of his life to management in business development and is passionate about business creation and growth.

Glen Wakeman has a history as a writer, an inventor and a global executive but is currently focused on helping entrepreneurs with the growth of their businesses (Dailyforexreport). He has gained experience through his own disappointments and successes and wants to contribute his knowledge to others. He helps new entrepreneurs clarify their vision and increase their chances for success.

Glen Wakeman believes when an idea for a business is turned into a plan the risk of failure is reduced. He has explained when a business has not yet been established the entrepreneur usually needs help to succeed. He incorporates structured thinking and a solid plan to enable entrepreneurs to raise the capital necessary for their venture. This philosophy is what led Glen Wakeman to create the Launchpad Toolkit. This is basically an easy to use guide reflecting his learning and experience. The presentation is investor friendly, clear and clean.

Glen Wakeman has incorporated a basic process for Launchpad. He explains everything in regards to establishing a business from the legal aspects to marketing. This is accomplished with an online software service leading the client though numerous questions and providing the answers. He sees a lot of opportunities in the future and believe most new business fail due to poor planning or a lack of capital. He offers an excellent plan to reduce the risk of failure and increase the odds for success.

Glen Wakeman also provides entrepreneurs with tips through the Launchpad Toolkit to help them become leaders. He believes a cleaner and simpler approach is more effective. Often an entrepreneurs plans were simply too complicated to come to fruition. He teaches entrepreneurs the importance of listening to their customers so they can adapt to their needs and insights.


Ryan Seacrest on Solid Foundation

Ryan Seacrest’s steady rise to the top of his media empire isn’t surprising to those who know him. Often referred to as the hardest-working person in show business, Ryan has a hand in media of all kinds from radio to red-carpet shows to television production. He found an interest in radio from a young age and worked hard to make a name for himself not just in hosting but spotting television gold.

Ryan’s infectious enthusiasm and confidence on-air has made him a great host, whether he’s freezing in Times Square on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve or looking for the next big hit across from Jennifer Lopez on the set of American Idol. After spending over a decade working in TV, Ryan was tapped to become the next host to sit alongside Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Following in the footsteps of Regis Philbin and Michael Strahan, Ryan was chosen after a very lengthy search by the network.

Ryan (@ryanseacrest) has been incredibly successful behind the camera as well, producing a series of hit television shows on the E! television network. He’s brought shows to television as executive producer such as Mixology, Shah’s of Sunset, Married to Jonas, and every iteration of the iconic Kardashian series.

With all of his extensive entertainment experience and education, Ryan’s natural choice for charity work focuses on broadcast media centers. Ryan is passionate about children’s healthcare and through his nonprofit organization the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, is bringing multimedia centers to pediatric hospitals across the United States. The Foundation’s aim is to not only entertain children suffering from illness but to educate and encourage them during treatment.

The Foundation has set up media centers in 10 different cities, with the newest addition coming to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital in Nashville. Taylor Swift surprised patients by appearing at the opening, inspiring and encouraging all in attendance. Other stars such as Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato support the Foundation as well, bringing awareness and hope to Ryan’s worthy cause.

Discover more about Ryan’s radio show:


Indiana’s Senate Hopeful Rokita Called Out For Racist Ad

Unfortunately for everyone throughout the United States of America, the political landscape involves endless fighting between Democrats and Republican over views that virtually all constituents of each party consider sacred, more or less.

Todd Rokita is a candidate running for a seat in the Indiana State Senate as a Republican. However, a recent ad ran by Rokita has been alleged to be tied directly to race and other classes in the United States, including protests against police violence, the use of other languages besides English, and calling out “liberal elites” that ultimately supported “[rioting] in our streets” and widespread assaults on law enforcement officers.

Two pastors from Fort Wayne, Indiana, have spoken out against the ad.

Such contest is objectively great, seeing as most churchgoers and their church leaders have conservative views. Some pastors that step out against issues that, for example, are similar to what is held by Indiana State Senate hopeful Todd Rokita could effectively cause their attendance to plummet.

Reverend John Gardner of Plymouth Congregational Church of Fort Wayne spoke out by saying the advertisement has gone “too far,” further stating that Rokita should be “called out” by members of the community, especially those of prominent positions in the state of Indiana such as Mr. Gardner, himself.

Nathan Brand, a spokesman for Todd Rokita, shared that the true motivation behind the creation of the video was not at all related to race and that such criticisms of Rokita’s controversial campaign advertisement shown on both television and the Internet were “political correctness run amok.”

Following Trends Can Transform Your MLB Betting Fun into an Investment Opportunity

If you’ve been wagering against the MLB odds, you may have bet on games just for you’re own personal gratification. But, applying a few guidelines to your methods can turn what was a haphazard system into a potentially lucrative investment.


Granted, you might not get rich in an instant, but if you follow these subtle suggestions, you can take an entertaining hobby and transform it into an investment opportunity that will still be fun, while earning you money.


Dominance Factor


You should research dominant trends for team matchups first. Set yourself up a nice spreadsheet, or make three columns on a sheet of paper. Column one should have a list of situations showing team dominance, column two listing clear pitcher dominance and a third column noting each team’s current winning streak.


Team Dominance


Go back for at least three seasons and see what the records are for any two teams on the daily schedule. Look for overwhelming situations that are unique to which team is playing at home. Often strange trends develop in baseball where one team dominates another team at their home ballpark.


This is the first step in setting up a daily list of viable wagers. List situations where you see that one team clearly displays a prevailing advantage over their opponent. Always write in the winning percentage against the team they are playing at least the last three seasons.


Remember to keep your focus on the home team. Sometimes home and away numbers will be vastly different. Rank this data from the highest winning percentage, down to the least.


Pitcher Dominance


You now have a series of games that should show a trend. To improve your chances, the next column will include the pitcher statistical history against the team. Check the career match up history for the probable starter of the dominant team first.


List won/loss statistics for both starting pitchers to make certain you are not betting against a pitching dominance situation that cancels the team advantage. If you find a correlation between team dominance and pitcher dominance, put a checkmark next to this game. These are the baseball games that have the highest probability of maintaining a trend.


Recent Dominance


The last column will cancel situations where basic common sense might override a dominant trend. Be aware that series sweeps in baseball are rare. If, you see situations where the dominant team is looking to continue that domination by sweeping the final game of a series, use caution. But, on the other side of the coin is the idea that a team that customarily dominates a series may be trying to avoid a sweep. Note those situations in your third column and especially take advantage of the latter example.
Baseball is full of situational match ups, where team and pitcher dominance combined can be very indicative of the outcome. Look for dominant trends and try to spot subtle combinations. You’ll be able to gain a nightly advantage betting against the MLB odds and turn your fun hobby into a lucrative investment opportunity.