Jed McCaleb’s Bold Prediction

Jed McCaleb has become a very prominent figure in the Blockchain industry. He is responsible for founding Ripple, Mt. Gox, and Stellar CTO. He strongly believes that Stellar Lumens technology will lead to new global payment systems. So much so that in a recent interview with CNBC he boldly predicted that in the near future the entire world will be using the same payment system regardless of location. He believes the new payment system will be Blockchain powered and Stellar will be at the forefront of the revolution. Stellar uses digital tokens.

According to McCaleb, while he has been challenged by other professionals he stands by his prediction. It is clear to him that the world is moving toward a universal payments network. Two of the companies he’s founded, Ripple and Stellar, have received support from legitimate financial institutions. In fact, a well known bank in South Korea will be implementing Ripple on a commercial basis later in the year.

If everything happens as Jed thinks it will occur Stellar’s Blockchain technology may be the driving force behind a “Universal Payments Network” a decade from now. The change is expected to happen before the year 2030.

Jed McCaleb has a storied history with cryptocurrency. He was one of the earliest believers in Bitcoin. His belief in the cryptocurrency actually led to him founding the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange. With such a remarkable track record when Jed speaks people tend to listen. His prediction also include a major change to stock markets, payments, and fundraising.

Jed Mccaleb founded Stellar along with business partner Joyce Kim after he realized the many flaws with the world’s financial infrastructure. One of the main problems he recognized was a lack of resources for many people. Stellar’s mission is to fix the broken parts of the world’s financial infrastructure. Connect with Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

NeuroCore Isn’t Just for Ahtletes

This is a lot like muscle memory. Muscle memory is the process our brains go through when they learn repetitive actions. Athletes experience muscle memory: quarterbacks instinctively throw away a ball before tackle, basketball players can have perfect form without conscientiously moving into position, and everyone has heard the phrase, “it’s like riding a bike.” These are examples of muscle memory.

Neurocore promises to provide treatment that can lessen the symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Neurocore offers an innovative therapeutic technique that involves a patient examining their brain activity while watching a movie. As the movie progress, the patient will notice that the movie is changing based on their brain waves. The idea is to intuitively have people control the movie with their brains. Neurocore claims that this process can put a person in control of their brain, allowing them to control their problems. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Professional athletes are aware of muscle memory, and some professional teams are even doing something about it. The Portland Trailbrazer installed a brain room in their facility after a losing streak. Players now use this room on a normal basis, performing brain exercises as well as physical exercises during practice.


NBA players have an extremely harsh, stressful schedule during the regular season. If a brain performance center can create an improvement in their performance, the treatments can help almost anyone.

Kirk Cousins, who was playing for the Washington Redskins at the time was also struggling with a less than desirable performance.

Both of these examples sought help from Dr. Tim Royer and his company Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. Dr. Tim Royer believes that treatment like this is the future for treating depression, anxiety, and so much more.

His process has already helped dozens of athletes get back on track making it possible for them to reach peak performance. Read more about Neurocore at

Avaaz Movement- Fighting for Justice Globally

The Avaaz is a global citizen movement launched in 2007 January, and it boasts of being present in 194 counties and having 46 million members globally. The global activism helps in promoting various issues that include the animal rights, the human rights, the climate change, poverty, corruption and multiple conflicts affecting their member’s countries. The Avaaz according to the Guardian newspaper is the global largest and also the most powerful online tool of the activist network. The name chosen for this community is the transliteration of voice that is a Persian term incorporated on various moderns of the lexicons.

The Avaaz movement was co-founded by the Res Publica that is a community of the professionals of the public sector with a dedication of promoting of countries good governance, deliberative democracy, and the civic virtues. Additionally, the movement is back up by the a renowned American Non-profit organization with progressive public policies of the advocacy group. The Service Employees International unions also support the move as the founding partner.

Avaaz also has novel co-founders that include Ricken Patel, Eli Pariser the Executive Director Tom Perriello, Tom Pravda former Congressman of Virginia County, David Madden, the Australian progressive entrepreneur. Other individual includes Andrea Woodhouse, co-founder of the and Jeremy Heimans with board members consisting of Mr. Ricken Patel the president, Sam Barratt, and Ian Bassin.

The Avaaz does not accept donations from corporations or other foundations with the least amount received is 5,000 dollars. Instead, the movement gets its funds from the global generosity of its members amounting to millions of dollars. The worldwide campaigns of Avaaz are managed by teams of campaigners from over 30 countries like India, UK, Brazil, and Lebanon. The unit communicates with their members through emails and online campaigning tactics like videos, public petitions, legal commission, and advertisements among others.

The campaigning suggestions come from the movement members, and they are supplemented by strong guidance from the team of the movement specialists. The Avaaz potential suggestion goes through the tester emails polled to over 10,000 members for their approval and response before being publically announced. Avaaz is believed to offer practical idealists that united people from the world.  Avaaz at Twitter

Indiana Man Ordered to Pay $1.86 Million in Child Support

After 25 years, an Indiana family finally has some closure on the mysterious disappearance of one of its members.


Richard Hoagland vanished in 1993, leaving behind two young sons and a wife. Police found his car in an airport parking lot, but airline records showed no signs of Hoagland on any of their flights.


The state of Indiana declared him dead in 2003, and his wife remarried.


To everyone’s shock, Hoagland was recently discovered alive and well and living in Florida under an assumed name. After leaving Indiana, Hoagland rented an apartment from an elderly man who’d lost his son. Hoagland took the deceased son’s death certificate and used it to obtain a birth certificate. He used that, in turn, to procure a driver’s license. Using the new identity, he bought property and even remarried and had a child.


The nephew of the deceased man discovered the ruse while searching He spotted his uncle’s name, but he knew that his uncle had passed away. He alerted the authorities, who confronted Hoagland. The whole story came out. He claimed that he left Indiana to get away from his wife.


He eventually served two years in a federal prison for his crimes.


Now that he’s back in Indiana, his ex-wife has sued him for child support. A judge awarded her and the sons he abanded $1.86 million. Unfortunately, all of Hoagland’s current assets are tied up — he and his wife in Florida are going through a divorce.

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing – The Indy 500

The greatest spectacle in racing, known in most households as the Indianapolis 500, is an annual event that has been taking place at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway for over a century. This remarkable facility welcomes race fans from across the world to witness the nation’s most talented drivers take to the track to try and win a two hundred lap race that averages at speeds over two-hundred miles per hour.


The race is filled with high speeds, hard crashes, pit strategy, aggressive tactics, and drafting, and each element plays a crucial role in whether the race goes well or poorly. With over thirty drivers entering the event each year, it could be considered a wild card style event, where one lucky drivers masters all the elements on that particular day to win the event. It takes extreme focus, teamwork, and driving skills to win this extremely famous car race, and a little bit of luck can’t hurt either.


Every driver wants to lift the trophy in the victory circle at the end of the race, a traditional that has existed in auto racing for many decades. Every year, the characteristics of the event shine down on the drivers that have to fight against each other on the race track, and only the best drivers will ever have the opportunity to take the checkered flag and celebrate an Indy 500 race victory.

SF Motors to open electric car plant in Mishakawa

Mishakawa is like many other rust downs with a decaying economy and a population eager for any news of increased manufacturing activity in their locale. The small town near South Bend, the home of Notre Dame University, is about to get its request. An electric car startup company has announced it plans to move into an old factory and retool it.


The new may be more welcome in Detroit, Michigan and similar areas, whose automotive workers have reeled from the decline of the American automotive industry in the area. SF Motors, a Silicon-based startup and possible rival of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors announced its plans to move into the area at the end of May, according to the Associated Press.


SF Motors may not have to do as much retooling of the plant as it may seems. Mercedes-Benz previously owned the facility. Out-of-work autoworkers still living in the town and nearby communities are happy to see jobs in the automotive industry to return. Governor Holcomb joined representatives of the company for a press conference where SF Motors announced the opening of the new facility.


Indiana politicians offered $3.8 million in tax breaks to the company and offered $500,000 in worker training. Last year, Indiana passed legislation that allowed adults to go back to school to receive technical certificates. The state plans to increase programs that increase vocational training as part of rebuilding its workforce.

Indiana Wildlife Groups Band Together To Save Lake Sturgeon

A rare, prehistoric-looking fish that inhabits just a single stream in Indiana is in danger of going extinct, but local wildlife activists want to step-up efforts to save the fish.


This species of lake sturgeon is found only in the east branch of Indiana’s White River. It is the last known population of this freshwater river swimmer that reproduces naturally in the entire Ohio River basin. The Ohio River basin comprises a vast area that reaches into six states.


The lake sturgeon has the look of an ancient species, and indeed, has survived millions of years of evolution and vast changes to the Ohio River basin environment — much of which has been radically altered by man-made engineering projects and farming.


The lake sturgeon has some amazing attributes, such as a lifespan known to be as long as 100 years. It can to grow eight feet in length. They are a protected species in Indiana and no recreational fishing of the lake sturgeon is allowed here. The fish is listed as endangered in Indiana by the Center for Biological Diversity.


Several groups are teaming up to help the fish survive in Indiana waters. That includes the Indiana Wildlife Federation, the Sierra Club chapter of Indiana and the Hoosier Environmental Council.


Lake sturgeon were valued by American pioneers and Native Americans as a delicious food source and also for their eggs, which produces a rich caviar. But over-fishing and aggressive farming has reduced the numbers of lake sturgeon to near-extinction.

Will Power Earns His First Indianapolis 500 Victory on Memorial Day

Will Power experienced one of the greatest feelings in all of auto racing, as he crossed the finish line at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway to win the 102nd Indianapolis 500 race. He managed to hold off several competitive drivers, including the early race favorite, Ed Carpenter, who led a majority of the laps in the early stages of the event.


As the laps ticked by, and even after a late race restart, Will Power managed to retrieve the lead and take the checkered flag at this remarkable and famous race, a race that he thought he would never win. Will Power considers himself a veteran of the Indy Car series, but this is a crown jewel event, and these events are much harder to win, compared to an average race on the schedule.


Will Power drives for Penske Racing, and team owner Roger Penske congratulated his driver on the in-car radio in the moments after the race concluded. Another thing that might go unnoticed about this particular Indianapolis 500 is the fact that it was raced on Memorial Day, a day to remember the brave men and women who have fought for the freedoms of America. Will Power did not forget to acknowledge that as he celebrated his remarkable win in the victory circle.


The race was filled with excitement, lead changes, and crashes. The race also featured the final race of Danica Patrick, who spun out and hit the wall in a hard crash on lap 68 of the event. The crash would end her race and her career, as she had previously announced that this would be her final competitive race in Indy Car, and she had already previously retired from NASCAR.


At the end of the day, there is only one winner, and for this particular Indianapolis 500, the winner became Will Power, who will hold this cherished honor for the next year before the best drivers in the world come back and do it all over again.

Pie Shop Owners Is Hero In Indiana for Saving Pie Festival

The fast action of an enterprising pie shop owner in central Indiana has saved his town’s annual Strawberry Festival.


The Strawberry Festival has been a local favorite in Kokomo, Indiana, for years. This summer’s event is set to kick off on June 1. But disaster loomed after a California supplier informed Strawberry Festival organizers that they would not be able to deliver two tons of the delicious red fruit due to bad weather.


That’s when Greg Lucas sprang into action. He is the owner of the popular Moore’s Pie Shop on Kokomo’s Elm Street. He searched the nation for another seller who could supply 4,000 pounds of strawberries. He struck pay dirt when a Michigan vendor told him: “No problem — except we can’t provide delivery.”


That didn’t stop Greg Lucas, a man who for 13 years has made sure that the Kokomo Strawberry Festival is always packed with strawberries. He rented a truck and hit the road. He made the several-hundred mile trip north to Michigan and returned with two tons of frozen berries. Volunteers from a local U.S. Army recruiting station and kokomo’s Parks and Recreation department helped him unload the fruit.


Kokomo’s Downtown Association Manager Susan Alexander said Mr. Lucas’ swift action, “saved the day and the festival.”


At last year’s festival the good folks of Kokomo polished off more than 7,000 servings of strawberry short cake along with a variety of other berry-licious treats. The Strawberry Festival draws people from many part of Indiana and has become a cherished summer tradition here.

Thanks To Newly Formed Child Welfare Committee, Indiana Kids May Just Survive After All

It’s not easy to be child growing up in the 2010’s, not by a long shot. An increasingly volatile economy has left the futures of children across the great state of Indiana facing an uncertain future, prompting lawmakers in the Midwestern state to form a newly-minted committee centered around the welfare of the youth. The powers that be behind the committee are hoping to dissect and remedy the systemic causes that create challenges for youth development in the state.


Lawmakers in the state of Indiana have compiled a list of over 50 topics to delve into over the course of the committee’s inaugural meeting, including the possible creation of a hate crimes law and the possibility of a medical marijuana program. The most pressing of these issues, however, centers around updates and upgrades to a relatively archaic system that has to do with child support payment disbursement. The current operating system, while reliant on computers, has become outdated in this rapidly shifting world of technological advancements. Brian Bosma, a house speaker for the increasingly beleaguered GOP, summed up the mass of issues with a simple statement:


“We need to understand the impact on our state including the existing gaming industry and be prepared for discussion next session”


The steps involved with welfare improvement are numerous, reminding us that the optimization and upkeep of society is not a quest with a foreseeable end.