Dr. Cameron Clokie and Healthy Dental Tips

Dr. Cameron Clokie who is an experienced dentist talked about the importance of dental care and how to keep your teeth clean while travelling. He says that there are a number of things that a person can practice to keep their dental hygiene on top.

While on vacation, Dr Cameron says that you should keep your teeth clean just like you do while at home. He adds that there are numerous obstacles that come when a person is out of their comfort zone like travelling.

Crunchbase reveals that Dr. Cameron Clokie who is an advocate for regenerative medicine says that the first step when traveling is to pack your toothbrushes and paste. He says that it is important that you pack several toothbrushes and keep them beside you.

It is also important that you carry with you some water bottles. This will come in handy at times when you will be far away from civilization or hotel. Since your toothbrush can harbor some bacteria, Dr. Cameron says that you should ensure that your toothbrush is completely dry when travelling.

You can as well use a dryer in order to be completely sure that it is dry. When traveling or going for a vacation, Dr. Cameron says that you should carry with you dental hygiene portable products. These include toothpicks, dental floss and mouthwash among others.

These will ensure that your dental health is on its maximum while you are out there. It is also important to throw in your favorite chewing gum in your packing bag. Chewing gum is essential in removing any food residues in your teeth as well as keeping your breath fresh.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur, a scientist, a surgeon and also a teacher. He serves as the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and professor at the University of Toronto. He is a graduate from the McGill University where he acquired his DDS; Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1985.

Cameron also acquired his PhD in Bone regeneration from the same university. He went on to establish his bone research group in 1993 at the McGill University. Cameron has given lecturers internationally on a number of topics that are related to oral regeneration.

Vijay Eswaran a great Multi-Level Marketer on the Globe

Vijay Eswaran was born in the year 1970 on October in Malaysia. He is the co-founder of QI Group that has its headquarters in Hongkong. He was brought up by his loving parents at Malaysia. He pursued a socio-economic degree for Europe at a School called London School of Economics in work 1984. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

After finishing school, he did not go back to Malaysia Immediately and started visiting construction sites, driving cabs in the city of London and also selling grapes. He was doing that for convenience in life.

In the event of running his daily chores, he heard about multi level marketing. He decided to try but before that, he opted to pursue a master in Business administration and also pursuing a professional course in called CIMA.

While in school he worked with Synaptics in the USA whereby he developed skills and now the experience in Multi level marketing. He later after school returned to his home country Malaysia and was approached by Cosway group. Learn more about Brian Torchin: http://www.dnaindia.com/topic/vijay-eswaran and https://ideamensch.com/dr-vijay-eswaran/

They agreed to start its business in the Philippines in the country. That is when his attention towards Multi level marketing was taken very seriously.

Vijay Eswaran later left for Asia in the year 1998 and they co-founded a multi level marketing company by name QI Group. It later became an E-Commerce business that advertised wellness products, media, travel products, luxury products, training, telecommunications products and also corporate investments products.

The company has grown to greater heights and have opened offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong and Thailand and their presence or rather products have been felt in almost every corner of the World.

The company have really grown well and has had subsidiaries of late. Green Venture Capital is one of their subsidiaries and is a construction company that is doing both residential and commercial development across the globe.

Vijay Eswaran is also a great author and a very highly rated speaker. He has spoken in very big events in India and across the World. He has spoken at the 6th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas which is held in India.

He also was one of the lucky people who spoke at the World Economic Forum. He has also written several books not forgetting the In The Sphere of Silence that he published in the year 2005.

Market America Shop for All

Market America Shop is a one stop online store that literally has nearly everything a person could be looking for. This online shop makes Christmas and birthday shopping easy since you can do it from the comfort of your own home. In addition to gift ideas they also have gift baskets for special occassions. Some trending products that they carry are candle gift sets, essential oil gift sets and marley coffee. Market America Shop has every day needs for families such as clothing, shoes, accessories, pantry items, cleaning products, personal care needs and vitamin and nutrition products. Shopping is simple, you browse the categories you are interested in, add items to your virtual shopping basket and then enjoy a secure check out process. Customers receive shipping and tracking information and the purcahses will be delivered to their doorstep. There is no need to run out to the busy shopping mall or big box stores when you can comfortably shop for your needed products from home.


Women in Leadership and How Susan McGalla Shows a Great Example

Among the ways that women have impressed people is in how they have shown that they are capable leaders. For one thing, it was often believed that women could not be leaders for many different reasons. The only thing is that this negates the humanity of the gender. Fortunately, Susan McGalla has shown plenty of skills in leadership. As a matter of fact, she is the one example that others should follow because she practices plenty of useful methods of leadership. She also does not have any type of chip on her shoulder. Instead, she makes sure that she is focused on the business.

Susan McGalla has been involved in the fashion industry. One of the things she has done for the fashion industry is come up with ways to expand the businesses that she works for. One company that she has worked for was American Eagle Outfitters. She has worked for that company when it only sold clothes for men. However, she has taken the time to bring forth some ideas that have made it more of an all inclusive store. Women and children got to enjoy some of the fashion that has come from this store. She has done this without resorting to the politics of women.

Susan has shown that she is good in any environment. She has held positions in male dominated businesses and has gotten along very well. This is one of the reasons that she has been very effective as a business women. She has always interacted with others as people and not according to gender.

Susan McGalla also speaks on leadership. She talks to women about what they can do in order to move forward. She offers plenty of practical advice and does not resort to just talking about the typical struggles of women. She gives them something that they can use to move towards their goals. After all, one of the worst things that oppressed people can do is just dwell on their oppression. Moving forward with plans of action is the best method for achieving something that is worthwhile to the cause.


Find out more about Susan McGalla:


How ID Life Is Impacting On The Lives Of Numerous Athletes

During his days on campus, Logan Stout was an ardent baseball player. Baseball was not the only game that Logan Stout was involved in during his college days. Logan Stout also played basketball. Logan Stout has always had the resolve to be successful both in the classroom and in sports. He was born in Texas and graduated from a college in the area. When Logan was in college, he served as a member of the student athletic council. As a basketball player, he attained the status of MVP due to his commitment and prowess in the game. Both his junior and senior high school day were hallmarked by active participation in both basketball and baseball.

After college, Logan Stout entered the world stage. He participated in numerous tournaments including 17 World Series events. During this time, Logan Stout started sharpening his skills as a coach. His education background is equally impressive. Logan Stout graduated from Panola college and also acquired a degree in psychology from a Dallas College. During his career as a baseball player, Logan Stout bagged several awards that have always been the highlight of his career. Logan once served as a mentor to the youth while coaching at the Dallas Baptist University.

Having participated in at least 17 International Series matches, his most important moments are when he used to play with his friends and team members. Logan Stout’s coaching career has also taught him a lot on how to groom other people to be better than you are. Part of his job includes mentoring young players who are still struggling with the game. Logan Stout’s hard work and commitment have made him shape Dallas Patriots as one of the most promising baseball organizations. The key strategy that Logan Stout employs in his coaching career is ensuring that each one of his players gets an opportunity to advance their skills.

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Logan Stout has not only excelled in the field but also in the circles of business. He ranks as one of the most promising entrepreneurs having created a line of healthcare products. The products retail through the brand ID Life.

ID Life focuses on creating products that ensure the health and wellness of individuals are enhanced. The healthy supplements offer additional nutrition to those who use them. The company’s vitamin packs provide solutions to those who have performance issues as a result of aging or any other factor.

Using data from over 7,500 clinical studies, ID Life can come up with food supplements that are comprehensive. The company’s marketing model involves network marketing which makes it unique in the sector of consumer goods.

Learn more about IDLife: http://skyscrapersports.com/logan-stout-professional-mlb-player-wellness-entrepreneur/

Bob Reina: He Knows What You Are Experiencing

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are talking to people and you feel like they don’t understand? You might explain it as best as you can and go into as much detail as possible, but they still don’t understand. For example, a lot of people hate their jobs with a fiery passion. They really, really hate it. They have reached the point where they are not sure how much more they can take and how they are going to handle another day. However, other people tell them, “Everyone hates their job. You just have to deal with it. Don’t let it get to you.” All of those things are much easier said than done. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


Bob Reina is the person who will listen to someone, understand him or her, and come up with a way to make it better. While it is healthy to vent and it can feel good in the moment, in the end, it does not solve a single thing. Bob Reina is about solving people’s unhappiness the best way he knows how and that is with his company Talk Fusion, the absolute best in talk, voice, data, and chat. They have two awards from 2016 to back it up and prove it. They are now entering the decade mark, and they just keep getting better with age.


They are in the brainstorming room, 24/7, and they are looking at ways to advance the company and more importantly, advance the product. They want the product to stay on top and just keep improving as each day goes by without any issues. They take pride in the work they do as a company. Because of this, people are seeing their unhappiness go away. After a little bit of time, they are able to quit their job, start up their own business, and see it turn a very good profit.


As a matter of fact, they are making more money at their new job than they ever made at their old job. They are happier and they have more money. That is true happiness from a job perspective.


What American Values Mean To Dick DeVos

Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. has been in the news during the last several election cycles due to his work in philanthropy and political activism. In 2012 he made news for helping get Michigan’s right-to-work law passed, and then appeared again in 2016 when his wife Betsy was chosen to be the next Secretary of Education. Dick DeVos is a businessman, civic organizer and a man who strongly promotes free market economics. One way to understand DeVos is to read his book “Rediscovering American Values” which was published in 1998 and provides a little insights into his beliefs.


To Dick DeVos, he believes that America’s freedom is guided by morality and doing what is ethically right and compassionate towards others. He’s certainly a model of compassion as his philanthropic activities were recently reported to have contributed $139 million to their causes. But even more so, his book also equates freedom with personal responsibility and how it’s important to be involved with your community and be a part of change when its necessary. This is a big part of why he and Betsy have been highly involved with political action committees and have worked as much from outside as the inside in politics.


Dick DeVos’s primary career accomplishments have been in the multilevel marketing industry and the alternative investment industry. He served as vice president in Amway Corporation, the company his father Richard DeVos Sr. built and introduced the multilevel marketing model that company used in many countries it had never reached before. He eventually became CEO of Amway and built a parent company for it named Alticor, and soon this company started growing sales overseas into billions in revenue. His investments in clean energy have been a staple of his company The Windquest Group which he and Betsy co-founded in 1989. Dick also served as president of the Orlando Magic for a few years after his family bought controlling shares in the franchise.


Dick DeVos’s organizational activities took root when he founded Grand Action Committee. This committee helped bring in athletic and arts venues to downtown Grand Rapids and has been a catalyst for commercial activity in the area. He and his wife started the DeVos Foundation which has been the cornerstone for their education reform activities, scientific research funding, college scholarships and political campaign funding. Dick DeVos has also been a former political candidate who ran in the 2006 governor’s race.


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Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

Mention the name “Jay-Z” and chances are people who are into listening to music will now who he is. But unless you work in the music industry its unlikely you will know who Desiree Perez is. For the uninitiated, Desiree or Dez for short is the woman behind the success of Jay-Z. She has been with him for over 22 years and has been the main force behind Jay-Z’s music career as well as his business empire. In fact, it is safe to say that Jay-Z does not make an important deal without Desiree working in the back ground. If there is a pressure cooker business negotiation to be done, Dez takes the reigns and sees it through. Click Here for more news.

Jay-Z’s business empire consists of several verticals. They include talent management, music production, and concert tour promotions. It comes under one umbrella named ROC Nation. In fact, Dez has been given the credit for negotiating one of ROC nations talents, Rhianna. She put together a deal worth $25 million for Rhianna’s concert tour promoted by Samsung corporation. Rhianna is a rising star not only in the music side of things but also in modeling and it is all thanks to Desiree Perez. Her husband Juan Perez and she are part of what’s known as the “Hova Circle of Influence” which is a powerful conglomerate in the music business. Perez at LinkedIn.

Founded in 2008, Roc Nation has already grown to be one of the top companies of its kind in a short amount of time. It has truly become a one stop shop for all things music and entertainment. One of Desiree’s tactics was to collaborate with other experts in various fields to better enhance the companies visibility. Some of the other big names associated with Roc Nation are Shakira, Big Sean, Meek Mill and J. Cole.

http://runninglip.com/celebrity/desiree-perez-is-roc-nations-secret-to-celebrity-success for more.

Securus Technologies Always Rises To The Occasion

When correctional facilities across the country need assistance with protection, they go to Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a fantastic player in the public safety field, and they are interested in helping to keep people safer. They are known and respected clear across the globe for their efforts and successes in the public safety field.


Their clients are based in the US. The government is a huge contractor of Securus Technologies. They enlist them to help in their correctional facilities on a regular basis. Since they are able to rise to the occasion, they are constantly in demand with other companies too.


When they deal with their clients, they like to receive information about how their technologies and techniques are working for them. They published an article that showed the public what their clients are saying about their company. They take great pride in this, and they are interested in hearing from more clients all the time.


The public is always interested in learning more about the company, and Securus Technologies had them come down to their TX plant to see what technologies they were working on. They receive a presentation to see the plant, and they were able to ask questions that they might have had.


Securus Technologies is moving into the future at a strong pace. They are experts in both the civil and criminal sectors of the justice system, and they want the world to be safer for everyone. They will continue to make great strides in the public safety field.


Adventures In Copenhagen With Kim Dao and Bambigirl

Kim Dao starts her day off with Starbucks. She has arrived in Denmark. She arrived early. She is waiting at Starbucks for her friend, Bambi. She does Youtube videos, similar to the type of videos Kim Dao does. Her and Kim Dao will be traveling together for the next few days. Kim Dao will edit some of her videos while she is waiting for her friend. They both taste danish meatballs. They enjoy them.


They are heading to the Tivoli theme park. They explore the sites and take some pictures. The weather is nice. They grab some food although Kim Dao isn’t very hungry. They look at all the rides at the theme park. They didn’t get on any because they were tired and there were long lines. They watch the marching band also. They walked around for 3 hours and is now headed to Pedestrian Street to look around and shop. They do some window shopping instead. Kim Dao breaks her shoe and needs to find more shoes. They take a break and have a snack. They look around some more. They have a car tour of the area. They decide to site see for a minute. They have Indian food for dinner.


After dinner, Kim Dao spent some time talking with her family. She had a lot of fun. She tried to do everything but she was jet lagged and extremely tired. She didn’t record as much because of that (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimdaoblog/). They didn’t get a chance to do any shopping but plan on shopping tomorrow. Kim Dao heads to bed.


Her video here.