Developing Employees provides higher ROI for Customers

The U.S. Reserve is there to help the people understand precious metals and how they can build a successful portfolio. The employees of the reserve build long term and stable relationships with their clients by helping them learn more about the precious metals market.

Without developing stable relationships sales will not happen, they know and understand this. They are salespeople and that means helping teach themselves and others about profitability.

As CEO of the U.S Money Reserve, Angela Koch, has promoted building her employees up with herself. She wants them to learn their jobs as she has improved and learned hers. She did not start out with the knowledge of running the U.S. Money Reserve.

She started out as a college dropout with a family to take care of. She worked two and three jobs to help husband while caring for her growing family.

Koch worked hard at her jobs. She wanted to know it all and there were no restrictions on what she was willing to learn. She learned about herself as she learned about the different industries she was working in. She discovered she could learn data. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

It was a process of analysis where she broke down the pieces to each industry and learned about each piece. From there, she worked to improve those pieces for the good of the company.

Koch encourages her employees to take the same approach as she did to find the ultimate benefits of a company and make really good decisions about each.

It helps drive the business forward as the employees expand their own knowledge. As a person without a degree, Koch has found that there are numerous places were being smart about a job does not depend on having a degree in the field.

After working her way up and through many different positions that challenged her learning abilities, Koch accepted a position at the U.S. Money Reserve. She worked her way through several different roles as she climbed her way to CEO.

She worked to build systems for data collection of development. She wanted to integrate the sales and marketing sections into the ERP system.

The system helps decision making and choices easier. Customer service for the lifetime of the investment is the primary service offered by the Reserve.

The U.S. money Reserve offers information for purchasing precious metals like Gold and different ways they can be put into customer portfolios such as through self-directed IRAs and specifically designed accounts.

This type of development is crucial for the Money Reserve. With over 500,000 customers and counting, the U.S. Money Reserve is a place where the customer comes first and any profit they make is secondary to that primary goal.

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Randal Nardone – Co-Founder and CEO of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the man behind the establishment of Fortress Investment Group. The idea behind the formation of Fortress was to help other people. He knew the importance of providing others with an opportunity for a better future. He also knew that there were certain things that he could do and positively impact self-employed people. Nardone always had a feeling that Fortress Investment Group was on the right track as long as he was confident of the chances he had for success. The firm managed to grow and expand due to how he set it up and the fact that he was always active. Randal Nardone always concentrated on giving them all they needed for the growth and success of the company. He also knew that there were some things that he should change if necessary to change the course of the business. Read the article at to know more about Randal.

Among the things that motivated him towards founding Fortress Investment Group were his incredible skills and vast experience. He had worked in many firms and various senior positions. He had a feeling that several things would lead to tremendous difference to his clients. Under his leadership and management, Fortress Investment Group grew and attained immense success. He significantly contributed to providing clients with suitable opportunities that they needed to be successful. Randal Nardone was always supportive and concerned about all things that were happening in the business. He vowed to offer support where all his clients needed it.

Randal Nardone always showed clients that everything would turn out great whenever he helped people with the various alternatives that they had. He was always fond of the business and appreciated any input; hence, people were ever optimistic and confident with all what was happening. Many people were hard-working and highly committed, which made Nardone feel like it was all his responsibility to provide them with what they needed. Fortress Investment Group success was so great that it caught the attention of SoftBank, which later decided to acquire it at 3.3 billion USD cash. The acquisition was a great achievement as Fortress had a more excellent opportunity of growing and expanding, resulting in greater success.

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Blake Mallen and VI

VI is a company originally known as ViSalus Sciences from the time of its founding in 1997 by Blake Mallen and his business partner Nick Sarnicola. VI had its original headquarter in Los Angeles. That headquarters has now moved to San Francisco. This company was envisioned to be a healthy lifestyle brand by Blake Mallen, who had begun to notice the alienation felt by his fellow Millenials.

VI was an attempt to get these Millenials out of their funk by realizing the possibilities that life offered. Not only would VI offer them the chance to get personally fit and vigorous, but it would also offer them the chance to be financially independent through the company’s multi-level marketing (MLM) strategy.

Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

VI offers customers innovative health products like meal replacement shakes for losing body weight and gaining muscle. There are energy drinks as well, and supplements offered in what is called ‘the VI-Pac.’ Blake Mallen wanted to market these products in a new and innovative way compared to traditional MLM strategies. These old strategies did not have the ‘cool’ factor that Blake was looking for. So he came up with the idea of challenge-marketing. The “Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge” was thusly born. This challenge was advertised all over social media and it produced results. VI hit 2-billion in total revenues.

Later on, Blake Mallon developed another lifestyle brand called LIV. One can check it out at LIV is supposed to help people let go of the traditional bucket list and replace it with the LIV list. The LIV list is tailored, memorable experiences that anyone can partake of right now. It is based in Blake Mallen’s philosophy that one ought to consider ‘shifting the script’ from what one is supposed to do, to what actually works best for one’s greatest happiness and self-actualization.

Too often bucket lists are based on societal expectations. Blake Mallen says that following societies expectation may be cheating oneself. One should seek the most happiness in the now, and not put off for tomorrow a trip or adventure that may never come to fruition.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Manages Rio De Janeiro PPPs To Build Daycares And Preschools

Infrastructure expert Felipe Montoro Jens was recently called into action in Rio de Janeiro. The mayor created a plan to have private companies bid on a project to build daycare facilities and preschools. These facilities need to be completed by 2020 to meet the needs of children. City Hall will make sure the facilities are up to code and that student needs are met. Private companies will build the facilities and maintain them.

Felipe Montoro Jens indicated that if this plan is to be successful costs will need to come in under budget. He stated that the costs of building these facilities will be managed by the private companies and overseen by the government to ensure no budget overruns. He is reviewing the PPP (Public Private Partnership) agreements and making sure everyone’s interests are met.

To ensure these facilities are built smoothly, Felipe Montoro Jens brought on board the consulting firm International Finance Corporation. They will have sole guardianship of the funds throughout every phase of the construction projects. They will also monitor building sites to make sure all project objectives have been met. See more on twitter for more information.

The International Finance Corporation is a trusted private sector development firm. They are also helping on another PPP project in Rio de Janeiro, the Public Lighting Project. The project was designed to improve safety at night for drivers and pedestrians.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that the public sector in Brazil is not self-sufficient. To build infrastructure, they must have private companies bid on and build public works projects. PPPs were allowed in Brazil on December 30th, 2004. Since then, 11,079 PPP projects have been completed. The law covers the bidding process and all rules contractors must follow. Felipe Montoro Jens says this creates a level playing field for private companies, protects taxpayers, and allow projects like these to continue. Website:

ClassDojo Is Bringing Teachers and Parents Together

Mindfulness techniques are really quite simple. All it takes is sitting in a chair and placing your feet flat on the ground as you sit with your hands in your lap. Then, concentrate on inhaling and exhaling through your nose. That’s it!

The purpose of the exercise described above is to help you relieve stress.

Mindfulness has been shown to help adults become balanced, relaxed and controlled in their lives, and they are hoping that the same thing can be true for our children.

Elementary schools have known their kids to “act out” on occasion because they are having difficulties on a particular day. Some people want to bring mindfulness into this environment so that the kids can learn to breathe and become focused again. On test days, the exercises would serve the purpose of relaxing students before they take their exams.

If we can teach young kids to identify their emotions and then regulate them, this could be very positive for their development, and it seems that parents and teachers are all on board. However, only 10 percent of parents enrolled their children in schools where mindfulness is encouraged.

ClassDojo is the entity that allows teachers to record positive and negative behaviors so that they can easily share them with parents.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded a company that was going to take the teaching profession by storm. The app that they eventually came up with was called “ClassDojo,” and it gives teachers a platform in which they can communicate with parents. It is now being used to lead classes in “Mindful Moments” and encourages everyone to practice mindfulness throughout the year.

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2018 Was A Big Year for Fortress and Leaders Peter Briger, Wesley Edens and Randal Nardone

2018 proved to be a year of epic change for the investment firm Fortress Investment Group. The firm which was founded in 1998 celebrated its 20th year in business and was also acquired by SoftBank Group Corporation, one of the most well-known and established financial conglomerates in the world. The multibillion-dollar purchase by SoftBank will keep Fortress Investment Group involved in many of the latest developments in the global real estate market as well as private equity funds for the foreseeable future.

Fortress Investment Group since it was founded in 1998 has become a well known financial firm that began as a hedge fund before growing to become an investor and financier as well. In 2007, Fortress became the first fund of its kind to become publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

With the sale of Fortress Investment Group to SoftBank was completed in December of 2017, last year saw the $40 plus billion in assets managed by Fortress independently by Wes Edens and Randal Nardone in New York, as well as Peter Briger in San Francisco, beginning its integration with Softbank’s global plans. When the sale of Fortress to SoftBank was complete Fortress Investment Group again made history at the New York Stock Exchange by becoming the first private equity firm of its kind to be delisted when it ceased trading in December of 2017. Click here to learn more.

With Fortress Investment Group no longer being a publicly-traded company Chief Executive Officers Peter Briger and Wesley Edens will no longer be required to do many of the tasks that occupy a significant portion of the CEO of a publicly-traded company’s time. This will likely free both Mr. Edens and Peter Briger to focus on core operations and investment strategies instead of quarterly calls, etc.

The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group will grant SoftBank access to the top-notch experts in private equity and asset management. Fortress, with its leadership team of Peter Briger, Wesley Edens and Randal Nardone is going to help SoftBank ensure the company maintains and expands on its position as an industry leader. Visit:

Richard Liu Qiangdong on How Jingdong Would Grow Further

One of the most technology-oriented e-commerce sites today is, second-largest e-retailer in China, second only to Alibaba. Richard Liu Qiangdong, CEO and founder of, has always been influenced by the power of technology and what it can do for business. He has completed an executive MBA program from China Europe International Business School after graduating from the People’s University of China with a degree in sociology. Being educated in the field of business inspired him to stay updated about the modern business environment, which made him understood over a period of time that any business that doesn’t integrate technology efficiently in its business machinery is going to fall behind in the race to reach the top.

Richard Liu Qiangdong didn’t want to realize the importance of modern technologies for e-commerce later on when it is too late, and thus, began investing gradually in developing modern and customized technologies for his business. He also encouraged the use of robotic delivery, driverless delivery, and AI technology at, which is one of the most progressive steps taken by the company in recent times. Many other leading e-commerce companies have been following the footsteps of in leveraging the use of technology to enhance its business productivity and improve overall customer experience.

Richard Liu Qiangdong never shies away from taking a bold step in his business if it leads to positive results in the long-term, even if it seems irrelevant at the moment. Richard Liu Qiangdong reviews the different strategies of the company from time to time to ensure that the team is on the right track. He also changes them depending on the changing needs of the company. Being active in the daily activities of the company has allowed the company to flourish and to ensure that they are on track to become the best company in the world.

Advertising With Life

For over 35 years, Gustavo Martinez has used his creativity to bring to life many of the ads we know and love today and is considered to be the man that has revolutionized advertising. Martinez has accomplished this by changing the way we look at the process of marketing in general.

After a small summary of a few of Martinez’s accomplishments, the article talks more about how exactly Martinez is shifting the table of marketing. During an interview, Martinez says that ads are meant to be creative and a successful ad is on that can pull on the heartstrings of the viewer while clearly conveying their main message. He sees working in Advertisement as something different than a normal job because being able to be creative is a huge requirement for this.

Adding on to his love of creativity, Gustavo Martinez reminds people that the consultancy model is what has been pushing the marketing industry for the past 100 years. Consultants being talents people who offer their services. Martinez strongly believes that creativity is at it’s best when it is free as the opposite, the 9 to 5, can be constricting and cause creativity to wither.

In the article, Martinez also discusses business acceleration as being the primary goal of independent consultancy because the faster a business grows, then the more flexible it is able to become. Business acceleration is explained as the simple process of accelerating the growth of a company which can get rid of pitfalls and reduces the amount of trial and error needed for a project. Martinez is currently partnered with a group called UV Business Acceleration, also known as UV Business Solutions, and is working with the group to finite a model for accelerating business growth.

There also came a discussion of Martinez’s creative process. Described as smelting pure advertising gold, Martinez takes the process of finding creative talent seriously as it is a difficult task, adding that he not only has to find top talent but also keep up morale up alongside production. Martinez is quoted saying “diversity of thought, background and experience among my team members tends to foment the widest scope of ideas and creative solutions to problems” which tells that he not only finds the most talented creatives but does his best to make sure his teams are diverse to give way for broad ideas that couldn’t be tapped with a whole group of similar people.

The article goes over a few different subjects with Martinez and ends off with Gustavo’s tip for growth. Which is to go out and hire the best talent because when it comes to marketing, talent is everything.


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Oren Frank Determined to Bring Mental Healthcare to All People Who Need It

Oren Frank said that when he and his wife, Roni, opted to undergo marriage counseling with a licensed therapist, it changed his life. Today, the Israel-born former ad man and software developer lives in New York with his wife and two daughters. They’re a happy family. That may never have happened if it wasn’t for the professional help he and his wife received at a critical juncture in their relationship, he said.

His experience was the prime motivator to create Talkspace, an online mental health therapy app that can be accessed by anyone from a smartphone or computer. Users can log onto Talkspace and be connected with hours with a fully qualified psychologist, psychiatrist, marriage counselor or an array of other mental health care providers. Connect with Oren Frank by visiting his linkedin account

Another powerful motivation for Oren Frank was cost and accessibility. He noted that the average psychologist in New York City was commanding fees of $200 to $400 an hour. That bothered him. On any given day, there are thousands of people in dire need of treatment who simply can’t afford it, even if they have some insurance coverage.

So in launching Talkspace, Oren Frank was also determined to address the cost of therapy. He wanted to make it so any average person could afford it. With Talkspace, no one is paying $400 an hour. In fact, a month of text therapy can be had for as little as $100.

Oren Frank’s philosophy is: “Therapy for all.” In a recent article, Frank wrote that the world is in the midst of a mental health crisis. Conditions like depression, addiction, anxiety disorder and more are rising rapidly. Depression rates alone have climbed by 33% since 2013, Frank said.

He firmly believes services like Talkspace are the answer. With it, thousands of people can now gain access to affordable mental health care every day. Learn More:

Jeunesse Global Wins Big At the 2018 Communicator Awards Gala

In each of the past four years, Jeunesse Global has been recognized at the Communicator Awards gala. This is an international award show that honors companies which have crafted creative communications. This year they were given 24 awards for their work. These were for their digital, video, and print advertising. They won 11 Excellence awards and 13 Distinction awards. The Excellence award is Communicator Awards highest honor.

Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis praised his Marketing & Communications team for these awards. He said that every year this team raises the bar in how they share the Jeunesse Global story. They also come up with creative ways of explaining the benefits of this company’s exclusive youth enhancement products. He was proud that his company was honored along with the likes of Forbes, ESPN, and PepsiCo.

Jeunesse Global has a signature product catalog named “We Live Jeunesse” with an accompanying corporate identity video. These two communications won eight awards. Six of these were for Excellence and two were for Distinction. These awards were for writing, visual appeal, graphics, and overall design.

Seven awards were won by their RVL Advanced Hair Care System. These awards were for their print and digital communications about this product line and its packaging. This included Excellence awards for its brochure and video. 

Their RevitaBlu and Reserve products both won Distinction awards for their packaging. The former of these is Jeunesse Global’s new botanical blend. Reserve also won Distinction awards for its brochure and video.

Jeunesse Global also won an Excellence award for its EXPO9 Thrive 2018 World Tour’s logo as well as the video that recapped it. They also won Distinction awards for their Kids Bringing Hope 2018 India recap video and their mobile application. 

Jeunesse Global is an international firm in the direct selling industry. Their goal is to help people look and feel younger. They sell nutritional and skin care products in over 145 countries. Their independent distributors have access to a high tech online platform and 34 offices around the world that provide training and support services.