Guilherme Paulus and his Success in Business.

The entrepreneur was raised in Sao Paulo. The 69-year-old is a specialist in Business Administration. His entrepreneurial journey in the tourism industry is 50 years old. Guilherme Paulus is the brain behind CVC, a tour operator. He partnered with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who later left to pursue other personal interests. The businessman has exemplary leadership skills. He has transformed the CVC over the years to become one of the most popular in the country. He has used his innovativeness to come up with new products that suit different types of clients. CVC offers the highest number of travel packages to the clients in the country. He collaborates with various stakeholders in the industry to ensure that the customers get value for their money. Read more articles by Paulus at

In 2009, Guilherme Paulus decided to sell part of the ownership to an investment firm called Carlyle Group. According to Guilherme Paulus, there was a need to partner with a global corporation that would help CVC to expand into other parts of the world. Through expansion, the tour operator would get more clients and this would boost the income levels. According to the financial records of the firm, the annual revenue is estimated at R $5.2 billion. The company has experienced double-digit growth annually. The firm is public. The move was meant to facilitate the expansion strategies. To avoid the problem of unavailability of the products that CVC offers, the management hopes to add 100 stores every year.

Guilherme Paulus believes in niche marketing. He pointed out areas in the country that have a low population with the aim of meeting the specific needs of such communities. The owner of CVC is actively involved in charitable activities. One of the areas he is passionate about changing the lives of the young people by equipping them with the right skills to get into the job market. According to him, the tourism sector offers many opportunities to the youths. He also donates to organizations that aim at creating more awareness in tourism. He has been awarded severally for his contributions in the sector. He has received prestigious awards such as Executive of Valor.



Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad Offers Two Pieces Of Advice That Everyone Should Follow


Dr. Saad Saad is a board-certified pediatric surgeon. He was raised in Kuwait and received his medical degree from Cairo University. He moved to England to complete an internship and eventually relocated to the United States. While in the United States, he became a board-certified pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saad Saad has recently retired but does have some simple advice that everyone could benefit from.


Dr. Saad Saad advice


Saad’s father was a petroleum mechanic during the period when the Middle East oil boom was just beginning. His father was in high demand and relocated his family to Kuwait, where Dr. Saad grew up. Saad’s father offered Saad a piece of advice that stuck within him throughout his life. Saad’s father told him that the only way to gain respect is with a high level of education.


While in high school, Saad spent the summers working construction. The summers in Kuwait are brutal. Saad suffered from heat stroke and began to realize that he was not meant to work outside. Once Saad discovered that operating rooms in Kuwait were always air conditioned, he decided then he was going to be a pediatric surgeon. From that day on, he had his mind set on becoming a surgeon. His piece of advice is that anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it.


The second piece of advice


Dr. Saad had a rule that he lived by and that was never put off anything until tomorrow that can be done today. This is the second piece of advice that he offers others. He credits this rule for keeping organized and very efficient. This led him to have a good work ethic which enabled him to achieve all of his goals.


Dr. Saad has achieved so much throughout his career. During the 1980’s, the Saudi Royal family asked Dr. Saad to become the pediatric surgeon for their children. He also performed complicated surgeries on the children living in Saudi Arabia who were in need. In the late 1980’s Saad returned to the United States.


Upon his return, he set his mind on developing new procedures to help him in his medical practice. He wasted no time in finding ways to improve and save children’s lives. He believes that anyone can be successful by following his advice. Learn more :

Graeme Holm, Ensuring Financial Fitness In Australia

The desire to help fellow Australians to improve their finances and achieve financial fitness is what drove Graeme Holm to launch Infinity Group Australia in the year 2013. Holm is known for employing a customer-driven approach, a trait that brought tangible results among them, causing Infinity Group Australia to rank among the country’s fastest growing money management and debt Reduction Company.


The Director of Infinity Group Australia Graeme Holm happens to be among the leading 100 Brokers in Australia and has managed to establish branches in Port Macquarie, Cronulla, Brisbane, and Bella Vista. Holm started out his financial services career 17 years ago in the banking industry before leaving to start Infinity Group Australia together with his wife Rebecca Walker in 2013.


Holm says the lack of support, guidance, services, and advice for families in traditional financial service providers is what informed the ideals on which Infinity Group operates. The company offers a personal banker who helps clients to pay their loans in the shortest time possible. The guidance and assistance that Infinity group provides have enabled clients to be able to pay off more of their home loans in the first three months compared to 12 months that they would have taken to pay for the same is they were to use traditional bank structure. Holm equates his company’s services to those of a personal trainer. He explains that having a personal trainer would lead to better results in training just as a personal finance assistant would help you plan your finances better.


Other services offered by Infinity Group Australia include wealth creation, retirement solutions, and debt reduction. Where they have a loan term of 30 years from the bank, most of Infinity group’s clients manage to repay their loans within an average of 7- 10 years. Holm attributes this to the structures he has put in place at Infinity group. For example, the financial coaches push a client to stick to a weekly cash only budget while depositing all other monies into a transactional loan account, reducing the daily interest charges. By adhering to this strategy, a client avoids excessive spending which translates to a record pace for finishing repayment of the loan.


Just like in every other business, Infinity Group is not without challenges. Holm says his biggest problem has been to find staff who are as passionate as him when it comes to helping people achieve financial wellness. He hopes to continue offering his financial coaching services well into the future.

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Nick Vertucci comes from a simple background that so him go through so many challenges

as he work his way up so as to be successful. His life took a U-turn since the day his father died, since at the time he had only attained ten years. However, his life again took another way round when he attained eighteen years; he started a sole proprietorship of selling computer accessories. He later on realized a market gap in the real estate business, in which he enrolled. After making a great profit in real estate business, he thought it was wise to move to Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is abbreviated as NVREA. In the interview at IdeaMensch, he was capable of highlighting some of the great ideas concerning life. For instance, he gave the four stages that are necessary for life, which included, seeing, believing, mapping and implementing that are well explained in his book.

Nick Vertucci in his new book on “How to attain a successful life” he gave out the difficulties he went through before becoming successful and achieving his goals in his life. Vertucci also demonstrates that most people do like listening to the stories based on richness, which of course was true during those times where most people were in poverty. As Harrington defined it, Nick Vertucci ran in enormous debts, failed as a lot didn’t go through as he had expected, and therefore not achieving what he intended to accomplish in his life.

He finally demonstrates that entrepreneurs must have that desire of the business they are undertaking to be successful.NIck Vertucci captures his life experiences and how to be successful in life even if one should undergo so many challenges to attain his goals, but through him, many have desired to try it out.

Dr. Mark McKenna, CEO OVME Cosmetics

It is not an easy task to become a successful entrepreneur. It is even harder to succeed in entrepreneurship when faced with disaster. Facing challenges is precisely what Dr. Mark McKenna has experienced. In most cases, he was faced with tragedy as well as potential failure in his way, but he was able to pick up and continue with his goals and excelling in the field. It all began when McKenna was at the medical school. He wanted to become a doctor just like his dad. According to him, a medical career was fulfilling and lucrative. Moreover, he thought with a medical degree; one was able to make his way within the industry. However, while at the Tulane University’s medical school pursuing his degree, Mark started to realize that the industry was changing so fast. He realized that it was not an easy duty to become a successful doctor as he had thought before. It was even hard for him to make ends meet as he pursuing his training.

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To make it through his schooling, he had to start a side hustle. He came up with a real estate development organization called McKenna Venture Investments. It was not easy to start this company, so he had to work at the local prison to raise funds for his first investment. It was relieving as the investments began paying off. His real estate company started to grow little by little as well as other changes in his life. Dr. Mark McKenna later graduated with a medical degree and started working with his dad. Though this was his lifetime dream, it was not all that he wanted at the moment. The job was not paying him well, and it was not as challenging and exciting as his investments in real estate. After working for five years in the medical field, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to dedicate his time to his real estate business fully. However, the Hurricane Katrina swept almost a half of his investment hence, making his return to the medical field.

Dr. Mark McKenna is the CEO and founder of OVME Cosmetics. OVME Cosmetics is a customer-oriented, elective healthcare organization that concentrates on patient and technology services that are connected to aesthetic and elective healthcare services.

How Infinity Group Australia Is Helping Families

Grame Holm along with his life in 2013 began Infinity Group Australia. Their was goal to was guide Australians with the tools and strategies to improve their financial status. They wanted to equip families with the means to be able to secure their futures. Their approach drives customers because customers are able to see the results. Infinity Group Australia is one of the fasted growing companies in the entire country in the money management sector.


Grame Holm has a lot of experience of working with finance. He is one of the top 100 MBS Brokers. He functions as Infinity Group Australia’s director. His company has multiple locations that span across the country from Melbourne, Bella Vista, Cronulla and Port Macquarie. He got his start in working with finances seventeen years ago. For most of those seventeen years, he worked for major financial corporations. He became tired of working for companies that were only about selling services and products that did not better equip Australian families with the means of improving their financial status. So, him and his wife decided to put their passion to work and they created a company that is beloved by Australian families everywhere.


Infinity Group Australia has exploded into a top company due to many factors. The company has great customer service, trustworthy business practices and a loyal customer base. But there is still another factor that has contributed to the company’s success. That one key factor is collaboration. The founders note that have team work makes their work days flow more seamlessly and effectively. Collaborating allows for more ideas to develop and be conceptualized. The founders love to know what their employees are thinking of the company. The staff is always feels comfortable enough to offer suggestions, think of innovative ideas and work as a team of professionals with a passion for helping families. Infinity Group Australia always has a caring heart. The company is active in the community. They have done many things to benefit others like giving away a vehicle and sponsoring a home renovation. Kind acts like these sit well with the community, causing people to see that Infinity Group Australia really does care about helping Australian families.

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Sheldon Lavin Achievements in the Meat and Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is currently working for OSI Group as the chief executive officer. OSI Group offers both food and meat products. Sheldon Lavin was not part of the company when it was starting, in fact by the time he was joining it was known as Otto & Sons Company. In the 1970s is when he got involved in the company’s operations.

By the time that Sheldon Lavin joined the Otto & Sons Company it had expanded from a retail level, and it was offering wholesale services. Additionally, Otto & Sons had agreed with McDonald’s Corporations to supply meat. Also, the company was on the path of becoming the top supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s restaurants. Unfortunately, Otto & Sons were having financial difficulties, and the inadequate funds couldn’t match the demand. Luckily, Sheldon Lavin, an experienced financial advisor stepped in and filled in what was lacking in the company by giving the financial advice to the company. He secured funds for the company and his requisite knowledge poised the company for success.

Five years later Mr. Lavin started engaging in other company’s activities apart from financial advice. For example, he spearheaded the company in investing in abroad. Also, When Mr. Otto stepped down from the business activities, Mr. Lavin agreed to become an active partner of the company by partnering with Otto’s Sons. His partnering led to the rebranding of the company from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. Partnering with Lavin was a big boost to the company because his determination and experience helped the business to become one of the largest suppliers of food in the world.

After OSI Group started operating in the rest of world, Sheldon took over the company leadership, and as a result of his skills and experience, he revolutionized the food industry. His area of specializations is large-scale operations that allow the company to run heavy supply chains.

Shalom works with other like-minded, passionate people who have helped him in amassing a wealth of experience in the meat and food processing industry. He believes in teamwork, and he has made other employees of his company understand so, he is a brilliant businessman who understands the needs of customers.

Cassio Audi and his journey

Cassio Audi has become quite an amazing and valued individual in his community. He’s been involved in various fields of study while keeping admirers throughout his journey. Thousands of people support underrated musicians and singers from many genres of music. No matter their intentions of staying small or growing to become a mainstream icon, they are admired by their fans regardless and find a certain amount of meaning behind what it is that they do. Mr. Audi was one of these singers and musicians. He began as an underrated musician in his early years, but still created a level of impact on those around him.

As a Brazilian musician, Cassio Audi started as an instrumentalist after joining the archaic original rock music group that was known as “Viper” in 1985. The all-male group was (of course) Brazilian based with boys ages 13 to 14. With the members of Ander Matos, Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell, the famous Cassio Audi, and many more that have come and gone, their impressing vocals and phenomenal talent created an impact on their community in the early years of the band. The band produced subgenres of rock music such as thrash metal, power metal, heavy metal, and alternative rock.

With Audi’s contribution to the growth of the heavy metal band, he has been known as an iconic musician, while some even claim him to be unforgettable. With age and wisdom, many people soon learn what they truly enjoy and understand that they may need to find better ways to create a living. This resulted in Cassio’s withdrawal from the band in 1989 to attend university. After having different aspirations and new goals, Audi succeeded in the business field and continued to provide for his community by funding organizations around him, showing a level of philanthropy.

Adam Milstein Uses Philanthropy To Motivate His Business Practices

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native who moved to the United States many years ago. Adam is the son of an Israeli real estate developer. He participated in his father’s business after serving obligatory time in the Israeli Army. Adam then went on to pursue higher education in Israel. After marrying and starting a family Adam Milstein decided that he wanted to take his ideas to the United States. He moved his wife and children to the new country and enrolled at the University of Southern California.


Adam Milstein obtained a master’s degree in Business Administration at USC. Adam was very passionate about his career direction. He worked as a broker for a few years. However, Adam soon decided that these organizations did not have his best interest at heart. He felt limited in his capacity. Therefore, Adam decided to venture out and work as an independent real estate investor.


Adam Milstein went on to found Hager Pacific Properties. Adam is the managing partner of the organization. Hager Pacific Properties is in the business of developing properties throughout the United States. It participates in various areas of the industry such as industrial facilities, office buildings, apartment buildings, shopping centers and research development projects.


Adam Milstein is part of a growing demographic of Israelis moving to the United States. Israel continues to struggle economically with low paying jobs, high cost of living and political strife. It is estimated that there are up to 1 million Israeli natives living in the United States. These are the reports of legally documented immigrants who have become American citizens. There are many more who travel to the U.S. on temporary work visas and remain in the country. The United States attracts many of Israel’s most highly educated individuals. This is because of the high wages for such people and the considerable amount of opportunities at universities around the United States.


Adam Milstein and his wife have made a concerted effort to reach out to Israeli natives through there program called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization is designed to help Israelis adapt to the new country. It offers programs for personal development. There are also educational tools to help Israeli natives maintain a connection with the home country.

Infinity Group Puts Clients First

A former semi-professional footballer, an injury led Graeme Holm into the financial sector. As successful off the field as he was on, Holm quickly rose through the ranks of a major 4 bank in Australia, spending a decade in various management positions but always staying focused on the home loan aspect of finance. His experiences in banking led to start his own company, Infinity Group.

Focused on mortgages from the borrowers perspective, Infinity Group was founded to address a lack in the financial industry that Holm say: That once they had been approved for their mortgage loan borrowers were largely ignored by the banks. He saw families coming less than 10 years into their 30 year mortgages and taking out a loan on their homes. This led to the borrowers paying far more than they needed to. The banks themselves offered no financial incentive to employees to keep working with borrowers to help them reduce their payments and avoid multiple loans and mortgages on a single property.

Infinity Group works with borrowers to keep them educated about their mortgage deals and laws in an effort to save them money. Holm’s company also offers budgeting assistance to help homeowners pay the bills while also giving them something in their pocket at the end of the month.

Holm instilled a philosophy of “client first, profit second” for Infinity Group that has helped the business grow. Many of their clients come from referrals from other clients. Since the services they offer often cover the span of years Infinity Group gets the opportunity to get to know their clients and gain their trust. Infinity Group also has a social media presence that has been helping them grow their business as well.

Infinity Group’s profits come from fees to their clients. They offer two options for payment: Either an up-front fee based on the value of the properties being dealt with or a deferred payment fee that they will help the client budget into their finances.

Holm has said that “Client first” has caused some losses over the years but that overall the business is doing well and continues to grow. Holm also says that he has made many sacrifices for the business, such as missing the wedding of a friend overseas. He sometimes doubts himself when he hears negative press but he looks at the success rates he’s had with clients and it helps. Learn more: