Indiana Law Precludes Sanctuary Cities

As new President of the United States, Donald Trump has promised Americans that he will take a hard stance on illegal immigration, including taking actions against the so-called “sanctuary cities” that protect undocumented immigrants by refusing to persecute them base on their permanence status.


President Trump has suggested that he may reduce the federal funding received by cities such as San Francisco and Miami by virtue of their status as sanctuary cities. This situation will likely not apply to Indiana cities, and this is due to legislation dating back to 2011.


In Indiana, it is unlawful for municipal councils or officials to do anything that may impeded federal immigration officers from carrying out their duties, which may include arresting undocumented immigrants and their families for the purpose of deportation. In sanctuary cities, municipal leaders direct their law enforcement agents to not provide assistance to immigration officers. These cities also provide services to families without checking their immigration status; for example, they do not ask questions when children are enrolled in local schools.


According to television news reports from Indianapolis, immigration researchers believe that there may be more than 105,000 undocumented foreigners currently living in the Hoosier State.


Most illegal immigrants in Indiana reside in the larger metropolitan pockets such as Anderson and Carmel, where job opportunities are greater. Indianapolis is home to more than 80,000 residents who were born outside of the United States. More than 27 percent of these foreign-born residents have become naturalized citizens of the U.S.

Sam Boraie; An Innovative And Noble Leader With His Community At Heart

Sam Boraie is a New Brunswick resident and Vice President of Boraie Development, a real estate company located in New Jersey.

Over the years, Boraie Development Company has been dedicated to giving New Brunswick a new face. It seeks to modernize the city with the real estate industry and has launched several development properties some of which seem to be paying off already. According to, the projects include; The Beach at South Inlet, Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment, The Aspire, The Estates at Waverly Place, and One Spring Street. The projects have brought a taste of stamina to the city, accomplishing the goal of improvement, while serving a broad range of clientele; residential and business-wise.

Sam Boraie stated that the company has lasting plans to transform its city and Boraie Co. has been collaborating with other organizations, undertaking campaigns to accelerate the program. In one of the campaigns, they partnered up with Shaquille O’Neal, a celebrity, and have extended their development to his town, Newark. They developed One Rector Street, a residential building amounting to $60 million, a movie theater, and retail development. To O’Neal, this was a way of giving back to his town, and Boraie Co. served as an investment opportunity.

Sam’s principal activity is bringing in new ideas concerning development projects to the company. With his ambitious navigation, Boraie Company has expanded its rejuvenating projects to Atlantic City, including real estate planning.

Apart from being a real estate developer, Sam Boraie saves his time and money to contribute to his community. Sam, together with his family have taken part in philanthropic activities as a way of giving back to the community;

  • The New Jersey State Theatre which provides scholarly programs aimed at promoting appreciation of fine arts to its students. It offers free performance tickets, teacher appreciation night, and traditional music classes. Boraie Co. supports the theatre through donations to extend its outreach endeavor.
  • Elijah’s Promise which acts as a lantern of hope for needy people in the community. Sam seats on its advisory board, helping them make decisions with his in-depth experience in business. It also has a school, Promise Culinary School, offering training in baking and culinary arts for the disabled and unemployed. Boraie Co. funded Elijah’s Promise with $5,000 to help in reaching out to more members of the community.

Sam Boraie is committed to his work, as well as the community around him. He is innovative and enthusiastic about his work, and he serves as an inspiration to many.

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Former School Bus Driver in Indiana County Allegedly Had Relationship With Student

State police in Indiana have charged a former bus driver in a rural Indiana County school district of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student last summer. This teenage student was one of the passengers on his bus during the 2015-2016 school year.


William S. Cassatt Jr., 30, of Homer City was charged with 34 counts of corruption of minors in Homer City District Court on January 25 after a thorough police investigation. Cassatt was an employee of Tri-County Transportation in Northern Cambria, which operates in the small, rural United School District of eastern Indiana County.


Trooper Deanna Kirkland reports that the investigation was launched when Cassatt was caught flirting with the 16-year-old girl after her father found inappropriate text messages from him on her phone. Cassatt then admitted to sending these messages and to engaging in inappropriate physical contact on a “date” where he took her to McDonalds, for ice cream, and then to his home. Cassatt then also hired this girl as a babysitter for his three children last summer.


Both Cassatt and the teen deny engaging in sexual relations. Cassatt has not been a bus driver at all during this current school year, according to a statement by United School District officials. He has not been able to be reached for comment and has no attorney listed in the online court dockets.


Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly to Oppose DeVos Confirmation

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly will not vote to confirm Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for head of the Department of Education, according to a recent statement.


Donnelly released a statement saying DeVos “lacks the commitment to public education needed to effectively lead the department.”


Donnelly’s concerns echo those voiced by the rest of the Democratic opposition, such as Elizabeth Warren who cited her lack of experience handling loan programs of this magnitude and having never been a part of any public school system or taking federal grant money herself. Warren even went as far as to say she doesn’t see how DeVos can possibly be Secretary of Education when she refused to commit to protecting students from fraud during her hearing.


DeVos is an advocate of school choice and helped to develop Indiana’s school voucher program, the largest in the United States. Her family is worth over $5 billion and has contributed hundreds of millions to the Republican party, a fact that the opposition has pointed to as the primary reason for her appointment.


DeVos is the second cabinet pick Donnelly has opposed, with the other being Rep. Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Price’s plans for Medicare was a large part of that decision.


Donnelly is a moderate Democrat and has voted to confirm John Kelly for Department of Homeland Security, Mike Pompeo for CIA chief, and Nikki Haley for UN ambassador.




Toyota Will Invest $600 million to Add 400 Jobs To Indiana Plant

In response to criticism from US President Donald Trump, Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has vowed to invest $600 million to create 400 jobs to their Princeton, Indiana plant.


“This expansion project is part of Toyota’s localization strategy to build vehicles where they are sold,” the company’s January 24 statement said.


Trump had been particularly harsh on Ford during his presidential campaign, accusing them of moving jobs to Mexico to cut costs at the expense of the American middle class worker. After being elected, he went after General Motors, Toyota, and BMW also for manufacturing in Mexico and importing back to America.


For Toyota specifically, Trump called out Toyota’s plans announced in 2015 to build a Mexico factory. He said they need to build the plant in the US or face a “big border tax.” The new plant is reportedly being built to supplement the Mississippi plant and will not cost any US jobs, according to the company.


Toyota has stated that they understand Trump’s desire to create more jobs in the US and hope to work with him on that more in the future. The company met with former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on January 10 to speak about the new initiative, but they reportedly did not discuss Trump’s harsh words toward the company.


The Princeton factory will use the funds to employ new workers to assist in pumping out more Highlander SUVs, reducing the need to import them from abroad.


Bunker Hill is Rebuilding Its Police Force

One town in the state of Indiana dealing with the aftermath after its entire police force resigned last month. Bunker Hill, Indiana is rebuilding its police force with the help of the town couch and the imminent appointment of a new marshal.


The debacle started back in December when the previous marshal and his four volunteer deputies walked off the job. Their resignations left the town of Bunker Hill without a police force. However, the former police officers explain their actions were from issues with the city,


“We have had issues with the town board and there are some activities there where I felt like they were serving their own agenda,” said former Bunker Hill Town Marshal Michael Thomison.


Thompson further explains that he served in the position for four years and just couldn’t take anymore.


“They would not communicate with us or the officers and they kept scaling back,” said Thomison.


All of the officers handed in resignation letters that backed up Thomison’s claims of illegal and unethical actions of the toen’s council members, such as forcing the officers to do unsafe things. Thomison gives the example of the fact that the force was made to share one set of body armour, which left officers unprotected from danger.


“I did not want to send someone out there with bad body armor so I would take mine off and provide it to the other officers. I told them we have to provide this, there is an IC code that explains that and says that the town has to provide that body armor,” said Thomison.


According to the local media, the Bunker Hill Town Council received more than 50 applications for the new marshal position. The president of the council, Brock Speer explains that they have decided on three candidates to interview for the part time marshal position.


Despite the rebuilding process, many critics are calling for the council members to step down and allow new members to take over.



Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman and also 11th United States Secretary of Education who has been on the front-line as a philanthropist, and in politics, she has contributed to campaigns. Betsy was born on 8th of January 1958 and brought up in Holland, Michigan. Politically, she has served as Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan for five years from 1992 to 1997, and on the same she has worked with Michigan Republican Party as Chairwoman for four years that is from 1996-2000 and then she got reelected on the same seat in 2003. She remained an icon to reckon following the footsteps of his father, Edgar Prince who is also renowned as a billionaire industrialist of Dutch ancestry she has been a vocal individual to the society.

Betsy has involved herself with helping others in the community. Therefore, she is a philanthropist; she has a way of giving back to the society, personally in 2004 during the Bush re-election, she raised more than $ 150000.In the period that Bush was in power, DeVos has spent as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Betsy DeVos has been actively participating releasing more than $17 million to committees and political candidates from the year 1989 to date.

It’s equally important to note that still in the matters dealing with charity, Dick and Devos launched a foundation in 1989 called The Dick & Betsey DeVos Foundation. The foundation in 2015 made a contribution of $11.6 million in charitable contribution this thus left the organization in its peak of celebration because it was named 24th by Forbes on its list of America’s top givers, having been contributed a total amount of $139 million. The organization has literary has been focused on Christian organization as since 1999 to 2014 nearly half of the money has been spent on Christian groups.

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Betsy Devos has always pushed to the limits making every end to meet and resolving the issues as quick as possible despite drawbacks accompanied. Being humble and helpful to the society are the virtues that led Betsy success. She is truly an icon to reckon.

Nevertheless, success comes through a lot effort and passion for aspiring to succeed in your set ambitions and goals.

Indiana Residents to Be Known as Hoosiers

It has been made official. Residents of Indiana will be called “Hoosiers.” They have dropped their previous nicknames of “Indianians” or “Indianans.”The federal government announced the confirmation and updated it on the U.S. Government Publishing Office on Thursday. Senator Joe Donnelly had requested for the name change. Former Senator Dan Coats backed him. He said that Indiana residents had been calling themselves Hoosiers for more than 180 years. Coats stated that the term was coined a long time ago. However, he could not explain its origin.


Donnelly and Coats wrote in a letter that non-Hoosiers mainly used the term “Indianian.” They stated that they found it shocking to be called “Indianian.” The senators made their request at the 31st edition of the GPO manual. The document has been the official style guide for federal records for more than a century. Other private editorial guides also use the manual.


In the new handbook, “Hoosier” is described as a term that refers to a native from Indiana. The list contains all the resident names of people in all the states from Alabamian to Wyomingite. Donnely was happy that the federal government would finally call them by their real name. He took the opportunity to thank all the guests and welcomed the change of names. Senator Todd Young also expressed his delight at the change of names.


Young stated that it was a remarkable day for the people of Indiana to be recognized rightfully by the federal government as Hoosiers. Coats and Donnelly had earlier made a shocking revelation that the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Hoosier as an Indiana native. The word can be traced back to an Indiana newspaper of 1826. The term gained popularity through the poem “The Hoosier’s Nest” by John Finley.



Yuengling & Sons will Distribute in Indiana Starting in 2017

The products available to consumers vary from state to state, and consumers are sometimes frustrated to find that they cannot buy a favorite product when they move to a new state. This can be particularly frustrating for beer consumers, who often have strong loyalty to a particular product. Consumers in Indiana will have one more option in 2017, though, as a major beer company begins distribution in the state.

In 2017, the brewery of D.G. Yuengling & Sons Inc. will begin distributing its products in Indiana. According to the Morning Call, Indiana will be the 20th state added to the company’s distribution list, and distribution will be handled by Indiana Beverage, Monarch Beverage, and Five Star Distributing. The company was founded in 1829 and has recently become the number one craft brewing company in the U.S., surpassing Boston Beer Col, which makes Sam Adams beer.

The availability of Yuengling beer in Indiana will be a win for consumers. Beer buyers in the state will now join the half of the country that has access to Yuengling. The company is presumably responding to demand, so many buyers will be pleased by the move.

Local beer companies might be less pleased with Yuengling’s decision, though. The entrance of a top-selling craft brew into Indiana’s marketplace could make it harder for local microbrew companies to maintain their market share. The most directly affected companies, however, will probably be major craft brewers like Boston Beer, which will lose customers to Yuengling.

Whatever the effect of Yuengling’s move on business, though, Indiana has one more beer option. Yuengling should be showing up at an Indiana store near you sometime this year.


How Jose Borghi Established a Successful Career as an Advertising Executive

Operating an advertising firm in today’s constantly evolving and the competitive digital world comes with its special challenges. Successful advertising executives such as Jose Borghi have confirmed that the advertising business is not for the faint-hearted individuals. The business has its moments of difficulties and, hence, talented entrepreneurs know how to act when they are in different positions. For instance, when they are down, they devise strategies for regaining their power and ascending to the top. When they are up, they dedicate their efforts and resource towards maintaining their top positions.

Contributions of Jose Borghi in the Brazilian advertising industry

Jose Borghi is the founder and CEO of Mullen Lowe agency (formerly known as Borghi Lowe). He is perhaps one of the most powerful advertising executives in Brazil. He has created several globally recognized campaigns, including the Mammal Parmalat, whereby kids appeared in stuffed animals costume and sang memorable jingles. Other campaign created by Borghi includes the Delta Airlines, Antarctica, Bunge Group, and Asia Motors.

Academics and career

Jose Borghi earned his marketing degree from Sao Paulo State-based Pontifical Catholic University. He secured an entry-level position at a marketing company known as Standart Ogilvy. He proceeded to work for numerous Brazilian advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, Talent, FCB, and DM9/DDB. Borghi teamed up with Erh Ray to establish their advertising agency known as BorghiErh. They built their firm from scratch – sourcing for investors, financial advisor, and hiring new employees. Lowe, a Brazilian advertising agency, purchased BorghiErh back in 2006. Erh sold his shares and ceased to be a member of the company. After the acquisition, the company adopted the name, Borghi Lowe, and later on, became Mullen Lowe.

Inspiring success story

The success story of Borghi in the advertising field is full of inspirations. It empowers ambitious young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with confidence. He had to overcome various challenges to reach where he is today. In his third year of high school education, Borghi had no idea of the career path he was going to follow. One day, he accompanied his sister to watch a performance screened at the Castro Neves, a local theater. The screening displayed the adverts that had scooped Lions Awards at Cannes. The awards caught the attention of the young Borghi, and immediately he made a decision to pursue a career in the specialty of marketing and advertising. Today, he is reaping fruits of passion and hard work – Borghi has received numerous accolades and recognitions throughout his career.