Agora Financial Keeps Investors in the Loop for Many Different Industries

Agora Financial is definitely helping people that have a desire to improve their financial portfolio for a long-term measures. Agora Financial has zealous specialists in place that know about intelligent analysis and portfolio strategies that optimize investor accounts.It is great for investors to have a source that can help them maximize returns, but it is vital to have information that is understandable. This is what Agora Financial brings to the table for the investor that may be wondering why they even need economic literature. Agora Financial has those investors that have taken time to do historical examinations and become experts in the areas that they provide statistics in. There are experts from Agora that handle technology and give Agora Financial site users access to the findings that they have collected over the years.

Agora also has experts that have written books and presented publications on the housing industry. There are experts that also know about healthcare and specialized IT healthcare knowledge. There are so many fields for investors to put their money in, and Agora Financial is a company that handles data and research in all of these different areas.It is pertinent to have a sound field of expert consultation when it comes to making investments for your retirement years. It’s difficult to retire successfully if you do not have the right information to make the right decisions. It is a chain reaction or a domino effect that can have dire consequences if you do not plan well in the beginning. This is why getting information about investing from Agora Financial is going to be helpful now and even more helpful for the long run.

The new investor that is just getting started is going to need a lot of information. This is where the financial information may be the most valuable. The investor that may be scared to invest is going to need substantial guidance early on just to get started with the building of their portfolio. As time progresses, however, investors may find that they are more comfortable with the investments that they make, but they are still going to need real-time data analysis to continue making prompt decisions on their investments. They may not have a need for as many Agora Publications down the line, but there will still be a great need for some of the online seminars and general guidance about upcoming start-ups.

Award-Winning CEO Troy McQuagge Excels In Enabling Affordable Healthcare

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of USHealth Group. He was recently recognized by the prestigious One Planet Awards. The organization honors business as well as professional leadership. It identifies top performing employees and companies in various categories across multiple industries. Troy McQuagge won the “CEO of the Year” award.

He has been serving as the CEO of USHealth Advisors since 2010. He has restructured the company for profitability repositioning the marketing and retail distribution section. USHealth Advisors recorded tremendous growth under his leadership. The subsidiary acts as the sales engine for the group. He has served the group in various executive positions. He rose to become the President of the group in 2014. He has led the company to achieve rapid growth in the healthcare insurance industry.

USHealth Group operates subsidiaries providing innovative health coverage solutions to families and small and medium sized employers. Some of the other subsidiaries include Freedom Life Insurance, Ascent Funding, and National Foundation Life among others. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Troy McQuagge dedicated the award to the whole team at the group. He reiterated that the honor was a demonstration of their commitment to affordable and flexible healthcare. The group leverages a diverse talent pool as well as extensive provider networks to provide competitive products that deliver on customer satisfaction.

Troy McQuagge has had a successful career in the insurance industry. He has spent over thirty years in business development and executive positions. He worked for Allstate Insurance straight from college in 1983. He then joined United Insurance in 1995. He became President of the group’s insurance agency in 1997. The group restructured to HealthMarkets in 2006. He worked as the President of the new insurance agency, HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group (AMG).

He was in charge of business development and sales. The agency hit the $1 billion mark in sales revenue in 2007. This rapid growth was recognized by Selling Power as well as Stevie Awards in the same year. Troy McQuagge has won numerous industry awards both as a corporate leader and as part of the various business units. He received the CEO World Awards’ gold trophy in the CEO of the Year class in 2017.

The organization also designated him the Most Innovative CEO of the Year in 2016. The group won the Corporate Social Responsibility category by the same organization.

Troy McQuagge has emerged as one of the most influential corporate leaders to watch. The awards demonstrate his excellence in leadership. They are a show of recognition from industry peers and the communities the group serves. He ensures value for both shareholders and customers alike.

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida and graduated in 1983. His guiding principle is to put people first. He mobilizes his internal teams to focus on the patient.

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Healthier Moms and Babies Helps Moms in Indiana

In the mid-1990s, a non-profit called Healthier Moms and Babies started in Allen County, Indiana. This organization educates pregnant women about the development of babies, what bodily experiences they will have while being pregnant and the signs of preterm labor. Healthier Moms and Babies offers group meetings, as well as home visitations.

Many people lack a surprising amount of knowledge and insight when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. The same is true of many pregnant women. A surprising amount of people don’t realize just how bad drinking a sugary iced tea or a can of soda is, especially when they pregnant. Healthier Moms and Babies provides knowledge and support to mothers so that they can live the healthiest lifestyles and have the healthiest babies.

In the state of Indiana, there are gaps in the healthcare system when it comes to the needs of pregnant mothers. Services for pregnant women are few and far between. To fill in these gaps, non-profits have popped up to help women.

Many hospitals in rural areas no longer provide services relating to labor delivery. Women who live in some areas have to travel relatively farther to find OB care. This is a problem because if a woman is having preterm labor and goes to a hospital that lacks a NICU, she may be given meds to keep contractions at bay, but she will have to be transported to another hospital. All of this takes time, and with every passing second the labor that her body is giving gets harder to reverse.

Ted Bauman Is Working To Enlighten His Readers About The World Of Investing

Ted Bauman recently began to write and edit for Banyan Hill Publishing where he works to enlighten people about how to best invest their money. His typical day involves him getting up in the morning and taking his daughter to school. After this, he comes back home and gets to work in an office in his basement. Since he has learned that he works best in the morning, he is glad to be able to avoid the commute to work than many others have to make. Sometimes he will find himself getting up very early in the morning and working to get as much done as he can before most other people start their day.

Ted Bauman gets excited when he realizes that his readers have been asking more questions about the way the economy works. This means that they are taking notice of the way that Western governments tend to do everything they can to appease large businesses. He is glad that his readers are curious about these kinds of matters and hopes that it will eventually lead to more people becoming aware of the challenges that we face in today’s ever-changing global economy. Learn more about Ted Bauman  for more info

In 2013, Ted Bauman teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing as the editor for Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. He was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Maryland only to move to South Africa when he was in his early adulthood. Once there, he got into the University of Cape Town where he earned postgraduate degrees in History and Economics. Bauman also worked with many different non-profits while in South Africa and took on different executive positions as well as managing their funds.

Over the course of his career, Ted Bauman has been to 75 countries and has been the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity in the United States. He has also done work for the United Nations as well as the South African government. During 2013, he realized he wanted to pursue his love for writing and helping people with their investments, so he moved on from his other work and became a writer and research. He has learned, over the course of his career and lifetime, that it is not a good idea to put all of your money into one investment, and he advises people to invest in a spread of countries and investments.

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State Of Indiana Adds Work Requirement For Medicaid Recipients

On Friday, the state of Indiana was granted the approval of the federal government to now require adult recipients of Medicaid in the state by way of the Affordable Care Act to be required to work. Indiana is the second state in the country to add this stipulation.

Individuals participating in Medicaid that fail to submit paperwork demonstrating continued eligibility for the program in a timely manner will lose benefits and not be able to reapply for three months.

More than 91,000 Medicaid enrollees in the state have had their benefits terminated for failing to complete the process for redetermination of eligibility requirements since November of 2015. To remain eligible for the process applicants must provide family size and proof of income in addition to other information in order to determine whether or not they still qualify for Medicaid coverage.

Before the implementation of these latest rules, applicants could reapply anytime for benefits. Officials for the state report that approximately one-half of the Medicaid participants that fail to complete the re-eligibility process are in fact still eligible for the program.

This new cause for Medicaid lockouts is an additional one the state had in place already in response to individuals that did not pay monthly premiums while having an income of more than $12,200 for a single individual. Lockouts for these individuals are triggered upon failure to pay premiums for two consecutive months. Data provided by the state of Indiana showed that in the first two years of this experiment 10,000 Medicaid recipients had their benefits terminated.

Indiana Church Vandalized

An Indiana church found themselves the victims of vandals following a “resistance” event in honor of the one year anniversary of President Donald Trump taking office. While the event was certainly disappointing and frightening, the church will continue on their mission.

Unitarian Universalist Church, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, found they had been visited by vandals when parishioners began to arrive on the morning of Sunday, January 21, 2018. On the fence surrounding the church were to have filled banners that had been tied down. The language included was file and disgusting. One banner referenced the massacre that happened at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2016 where 49 people were killed as well as the Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting in Las Vegas just this past year. The second banner referenced singer/songwriter Jackson Browne and included racist as well as homophobic slurs. The two banners seem to have no real connection other than Jackson Browne was scheduled to perform that same week in Orlando and Browne is known for his very progressive ideals. Unedited photos were posted to the churches social media pages and can be seen in the original Huffington Post article.

Suzan Windnagel, the first churchgoer to find the banners, immediately called 911 due to the extreme hate filled nature of the banners. Mayor John Dennis of West Lafayette responded to the incident on social media that same day saying that his community was a welcoming one and he wanted it to stay that way. He also discussed that the local police were working all angles looking for any information about the banners.

Currently, the local law enforcement is disappointed to say they have very few leads. In light of this occurrence, Orlando increased security for Browne’s performance.

Nick Vertucci Helps People Through The NV Real Estate Academy

Anyone can study at Nick Vertucci’s NV Real Estate Academy and make money buying and selling real estate. The young and old, male and female, high school dropouts and college grads from all parts of the country now have a simple, straightforward path that can lead them to create financial security. Nick Vertucci started the academy to help others because when he was broke and unemployed, a friend took him to a real estate seminar that changed his life. Vertucci is now a multimillionaire and is committed to giving back so others can have access to the opportunity that changed his life.

After living in his van as a young man, Nick Vertucci started a computer company reselling used computers and computer parts. After getting married, starting a family and purchasing a home, the crash left him broke and unemployed for a year and a half. He then learned how to use real estate to generate a consistent, significant cash flow. He continued to study real estate for a decade, gathering information on simple ways people can identify good properties, find sources of money to buy and repair them and locate buyers with the money to purchase them.

Nick Vertucci provided people in his Fortunes in Flipping program with the information. Countless people participated in the program and made small fortunes. But Vertucci knew that more struggling people could benefit for the information he had to share. So Nick Vertucci founded the NV Real Estate Academy. Through the academy Vertucci personally works with students to provide them with the information they need to build a successful career in real estate. He answers their questions and takes them step by step through the process of finding, buying and selling real estate and making a profit.

Whether you simply want a way to earn some extra income or are serious about a career in real estate, the NV Real Estate Academy can help. Nick Vertucci’s story is an inspiring one. Rather than take his millions and just have fun, he’s giving people the tools to make millions themselves using real estate.

Rexnord Closes In Indianapolis To Move To Mexico, Many Jobs Lost

A reporter has published a few connected pieces following up with workers at the Rexnord bearing plant that is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The factory was home to many works, many of whom had worked the position since they left high school. The Rexnord was a place many people found to be an opportunity to work for higher than average pay while mastering new skills there, but it was also very dangerous. Recently, Rexnord announced it was moving its factory to Mexico, meaning many people in Indianapolis would be without a job.

The story began when the reporter reached out and connected with a worker at Rexnord. She told her story of how she had found her job and it was perfect, allowing her to earn a good paycheck after escaping an abusive relationship. Then news came down that the plant was closing and moving to Mexico, what was even worse, the workers were being asked to train their replacements that were taking their jobs. Some agreed to do so. You can read about her story starting here.

Some people have now moved on since the plant closed, lucky to find work in the construction field or at other factories, though they pay was often $10 an hour less than Rexnord had paid them. Shannon, the one who reached out to the reporter first and who’s story has been told the strongest, has yet to find a new job, but due to the articles being featured in the New York Times, she has received cards, photos, messages, money and even a job offer from a wealthy reader at a hotel in Las Vegas.

This story is not unique now, and according to Emily Wornell, an assistant professor at Ball State University, after studying job loss through automation across the country, she believes that the future holds far more stories like this than ever heard before. She believes the next generation or so will witness two thirds or more of jobs becoming automated or outsourced, which means the potential job loss is astronomical. The prime example is Makuta, a company which makes small plastic bits that are used in medical devices and printers, they generally make between 150 and 200 million parts per year but only employ ten people.

The future of jobs in America is certainly scary and places like Indianapolis are mirroring what seems to have happened in Detroit less than a decade ago. While President Trump pushes his agenda and promises jobs are coming back, it seems like the wheels are in motion and this cannot be stopped. The bottom line is the most important part of business, and people are often overlooked when it comes to this. Hopefully, for those who lost their jobs at Rexnord and haven’t found more work, the tides will turn and they can find steady and gainful employment.

Upcoming Netflix Food-Related Series

Viewers may be familiar with the hit series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that originally debuted on Bravo in July of 2003. The show was all about gay men providing their tasteful input and opinions on music, fashion styles, home design, and food. Food-lovers will soon rejoice to learn that Netflix is rebooting the show in February with the adapted title of Queer Eye. The energetic trailer of the soon-to-come reboot shows Ted Allen’s former personal chef passionately explaining, “I want him to look at his diet and see the possibility of a different kind of life.” See the full trailer here.

Another tantalizing must-watch Netflix food series to come is called Ugly Delicious. David Chang, previously starring on Mind of a Chef, brings his expertise to this new Netflix documentary in which he travels the world and speaks with various experts and impactful people from different cultures about food and drink. Chang aims for the show to encourage more people to have honest, open conversations about their tastes.

While Chang hopes to encourage honesty in the food industry, no food documentary may do so more than Rotten. This show was introduced to Netflix in 2017 and is a must-see for food-lovers who are curious about the origin of their food as well as the ethical standards that go into its production. The series has 6 different installments that cover a wide variety of food-related issues.

Lime Crime and Lip Care Choices

People frequently link Lime Crime to its plentiful options in lip care items. People often associate it with hair coloring that’s suggestive of the rainbow as well. This brand tends to people with all kinds of aesthetic goals. People often reach for its Diamond Crushers. They often reach for its Matte Velvetines, too. Lime Crime produces lipsticks that are optimal for all kinds of users. Audience adore Lime Crime lipsticks. They can now even get ready to adore Lime Crime lip tints. Lime Crime is gearing up to wow the public with Plushies, a brand new offering. Plushies are lip tints that are ideal for people who perhaps want to steer clear of strong and noticeable lipsticks. People who prefer rocking lips that are more natural may be strong Plushies use candidates.

Makeup fans can use Lime Crime’s anticipated Plushies on their own. They can choose to combine them with various other Lime Crime options if they want, too. Lime Crime specializes in lip products that cover many useful bases. Plushies are available in a dizzying array of dynamic and lovely colors. These colors are called “Jam,” “Turkish Delight,” “Milk Tea,” “Grape Jelly” and “Marmalade.” There are other color options, too. People can find Plushies colors that pique their interest. If they desire, they can even blend them with other Lime Crime choices that make them feel good.

So many people enjoy Lime Crime’s luminous Diamond Crushers. Makeup enthusiasts who want to look like a million dollars often go for Diamond Crushers. These lip products are optimal for glitzy parties and events of all kinds. Names of beloved Diamond Crusher categories include “Cloud 9,” “Pink Pearl” and “Angel’s Breath.” People who want to look feminine, innocent and sweet may gravitate to Pink Pearl. Pink Pearl has an undeniably girlish appeal.

LimeCrime produces “Unicorn Lipsticks” that are ideal for folks who love lots of pigmentation. People who want their lips to look intense often can’t turn away from the Unicorn Lipstick selection. These lipsticks are partially matte as well. They boast creamy textures that are incredibly hydrating and soothing on the lips.