Five New Roundabouts Coming to One Indiana Township:

Franklin Township could have a new nickname, the Roundabout Capital of Indiana. The Marion County community of 54,000 is due to have five new roundabouts put in. Construction of these roundabouts, however, will not get started for quite a while. In fact, the projected date for work on them to begin is 2019.


Why the delay? Much of the funding for this project comes from the federal government. It will cover 80 percent of the construction. The remaining 20 percent of the funds will have to come from the Franklin Township government, and local officials need time to make sure enough the money is available to cover the cost of construction. Your text to link…


The roundabouts are slated to be built at the following intersections in Franklin: East Thompson Road at South Franklin Road, South Franklin Road at Edgewood Avenue, Edgewood Avenue at South Arlington Avenue, Stop 11 Road at Combs Road, and Stop 11 Road at 5 Points Road.


A roundabout is a circular junction that allows traffic to flow continuously in one direction. The Indiana Department of Transportation is installing roundabouts throughout the state to eliminate traditional four-way stop sign intersections. According to INDOT officials, roundabouts reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, and enhance the aesthetic quality of an intersection. More than 90 roundabouts were constructed throughout Indiana through 2013, and many more, including the five in Franklin Township, are in the works.

Seattle Genetics To Introduce More Cancer Drugs

Clay B. Siegall is a biotechnology expert who is based in the United States. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of a company he founded in 1998, known as Seattle Genetics. Clay is also the institutions’ Chairman in the board of directors. Clay is a scientist by training, and he specializes in cancer treatments. The researcher used these skills to start Seattle Genetics, and today it is recognized as one of the best drug development companies in the country. He has a passion for helping cancer patients and this explains his vigorous research in the industry.

Since 1998, Dr. Clay Siegall has worked hard to guide his company to its current position. The company has managed to develop antibody drugs conjugates. Its first drug is known Adcetris, and it was introduced in the market several years ago. In the year 2011, the drug was approved by the FDA. At the moment, the drug is being used internationally, and it is approved in over sixty nations around the globe. The pharmacist was recently appointed to join Mirna Therapeutics as the as one of the directors.

This year, the vice president of the country, Joe Biden visited the company. During the tour, the company announced its plans to advance its treatment for different types of cancer. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the international company announced that it was entering into various strategic licenses for in the ADC technology. To make sure that the dream comes right, Clay Siegall has worked hard to raise capital. In the recent past, the company has been involved in capital-raising activities, and it managed to secure over one billion dollars the private and public financing. The initial public offering from the company took place in the year 2001, and it was very successful.

After the successful fund raising activities, Clay Siegall announced that his company would be increased its employees to cater to the increasing number of requirements for Seattle Genetics. The company is planning to develop over twelve drugs in five years to cure different types of cancers that are common in the recent times. Some of the drugs from the company will be used for curing breast cancer.

The International Trust Law Firm, Cone Marshall

Law firms can be found anywhere, but you must hire the right law firm at the right time for your specific needs. Cone Marshall does an amazing job at dealing with a wide array of legal issues. If you have issues with your tax or trust, Cone Marshall can help you out.

Leading Law Firm

Cone Marshall is a leading law firm founded by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall in New Zealand. Cone Marshall is an international trust law and tax law firm. Karen Marshall worked in the law field in London for ten years before founding Cone Marshall. She worked for a Commercial Litigation department in London as well. Since 2006, Geoff Cone and Karen Marshall have been the principal of Cone Marshall. Karen Marshall has a lot of experience dealing with trusts in general.

Experienced Founders

Geoffrey Cone has been giving advice on trust management services since 1980. He has also worked in the international tax and trust planning field for decades. Cone Marshall was created to assist their clients in establishing trusts, companies, partnerships in New Zealand. The firm also provides global tax and wealth planning advice. Mr. Cone has received important recognition in the field of law as well.

Global Reach

This law company is a company with global reach, which means stability and power. These things are important for any legal firm out there. Cone Marshall does not seek any private clients, rather, this company provides services to family advisers, attorneys, private banks, and many other institutions located outside of New Zealand so that they can get aid in planning for their very own clients as well. Your inquiries will be considered confidential. These inquiries will also be protected by a legal professional privilege as well. Cone Marshall has around 50 employees, and it also has private capital.

As you can see, this amazing law firm is here to stay for a long time. Remember that Cone Marshall can help you out if you have problems related to taxes and trusts. The people behind this firm have extensive experience in the fields of law, taxes, and trusts, and you will be in good hands at all times. With experienced founders and an outstanding record of success, Cone Marshall can give you what you need when you need it most. The global business landscape is tougher than ever, but Cone Marshall will help you deal with this quickly and easily.

The Midas Legacy Ensures That Yours Is One To Remember

The Midas Legacy is a company that has a high moral fiber and believes in doing things the right way and the proper way. If they did not, they would not be able to look themselves in the mirror or be happy with the job they have done. They realize what their job entails and all that goes with it. Because of this, they know they need to build a relationship with their clients. That is the first thing they focus on at The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory. However, they do a lot more than that and they have many things that are their fortes.

In today’s day and age, there is a lot of disconnect going on in terms of communication and relationships. That is why the Midas Legacy works on that and makes it a top priority. The better they know the person, the better they can work with them. They want it to be a relationship that makes the client happy. In fact, it always puts a smile on their face when someone recommends The Midas Legacy to another person. It means they have made a customer happy and they have the chance to make another one happy as well.

In regards to entrepreneurs, this is a group of individuals they truly help and guide. There are a lot of people that have had enough at their job and they want out. They can’t stand the thought of working there another day or having to step foot in that building. They know they have special skills and talents, and they want to put them to use at home. As the expression goes, home is where the heart is and home is where people feel the most comfortable and like they can express themselves in the best way.

With The Midas Legacy, they have made a number of people have the time of their lives working from home and having the ability to set their own schedule. Again, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, they care about the happiness of their clients. They care about them as people. This is not strictly a business relationship to them. Many people have become quite close and connected with those at The Midas Legacy. They have earned that type of connection by checking in with their clients and truly going the extra mile to show they are invested in them.

Josh Verne Gives Insights On Successful Business Operations

Josh Verne is a successful entrepreneur. He has deep experience in establishing, developing and selling businesses. Through a podcast, Josh Verne used his experience in running successful businesses to give tips on how to be successful in life and business. For any entrepreneur, business management is the backbone of successful operations. As a leader, you should not use your position to boss workers around and force your will on them. Instead, you should lead by example. In addition, it is prudent to embrace servant leadership. This way, you will earn respect. For every project that you deal with, strive to achieve a win, no matter how complex the situation is. Once you set your mind to achieving your set goals, you will always find solutions to every problem that arises.
Verne contends that being less vocal is another simple but profound tactic to successful business. When you speak less, your words will have power each time that you give instructions to your workers. This situation will give you more authority over your employees. Balancing all areas of life is also a significant strategy to ensure that your business is not affected by factors such as health, relationships and wealth. For balanced growth, ensure that you invest equally in all sectors of your life. Lastly, chances of succeeding in a business are always high, especially when you engage in something that you are passionate about. This makes your work exciting besides motivating you to sacrifice, wake up early or skip other engagements to take care of your business.
About Josh Verne
Josh Verne is the CEO of FlockU, an internet startup for college students. He co-founded the firm with his friend, Jon Dorfman. Verne is the CEO of, a company that he co-founded with Jon Dorfman in 2012. Later, they sold it to Global Analytics Holdings. Driven by the need for financial-wellness services for the upcoming generation, Josh visited campuses across the country to engage students about their interests. He ended up with a website driven by content instead of the intended shopping website. Approximately 75% of flockers are college students. They are paid $50 for every 300-word published post.
After graduating from high school, Mr. Verne joined his family’s furniture distribution company. He took up his warehouse roles in the largest division for top 100 retail stores with the desired seriousness. Later, he moved up the ranks to become the president of the firm in 2003. Under his leadership, Workpays was ranked among the top furniture distribution space. The experienced entrepreneur has owned and run a multinational company with sales of over $200mm.


Tiger Woods Planning to make a Comeback in Competitive Golf Next Month

Tiger Woods officially declared on Wednesday that he is planning to make a competitive return to Golf on October starting with the Safeway Open in Napa, California, after taking a break of over a year. The 14-times winner said that he would participate in the Turkish Airlines Open competitions in November and the Tiger Woods Foundation-organized Hero World Challenge scheduled for December. However, his participation will depend on his continued progress and recuperation.

Tiger Woods, the most accomplished player of his generation and perhaps of all the time, has not engaged in any competitive golfing activities since the Wyndham Championship that took place towards the end of August 2015. He has been recuperating from several back injuries.

Woods’ statements

Woods said that he would continue to embrace the rehabilitation program up to the point where he can make plans comfortably. He is optimistic that he will recover and return to competitive golfing soon. During the break, Woods, who will turn 41 this December had a quality time with his kids (Sam and Charlie) and oversaw several projects such as golf-course design. The 2016-2017 PGA Tour’s season-opener will start from October 13-16 at Spa and Silverado in Napa.

Overwhelmed by injuries
Overwhelmed by injuries and significantly poor form, Tiger Woods has managed to compete in only 18 PGA Tour’s events. He has recorded only one top-10 position during the entire period with six missed cuts as well as three withdrawals. He decided to take a break to gain full recovery and work on his form before participating in competitive games.

Regulators, Ball State Set to Tangle Over Charter School

Ball State University is set to tangle with state regulators this week in a dispute over a failing charter school.

Under Indiana’s law governing charters, certain entities – including state universities – are allowed to act as “authorizers” to oversee performance at the schools. In exchange, the authorizer receives a 3 percent share of the state tuition support that flows to the charter school.

The State Board of Education oversees the performance of authorizers. If the board believes authorizers have not done a good enough job of overseeing a charter school’s performance, they can fine the authorizer, transfer the school to another authorizer, or shutter the charter school completely.

Ball State, located in Muncie, has jumped headfirst into the authorizing business. According to the Muncie Star Press, the university is one of the largest authorizers in the state and oversees 28 charter schools.

The dispute at the State Board of Education this week concerns Hoosier Academy/Indianapolis Virtual School, an online-based charter school authorized by Ball State. The school is one of Indiana’s worst performers, receiving an F grade in state evaluations for each of the last five years.

However, Ball State argues that the school is making progress in some indicators and deserves more time to prove itself.

With Hoosier Academy’s long track record of poor performance, this week’s hearing is the second time Ball State has had to defend the school from state regulators; in January 2015, the State Board of Education let the school stay open.

Cell Tower Leasing Deal Seals Funding for Pence’s Bicentennial Projects

The prospects for Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s signature projects to celebrate the state’s bicentennial are looking up after executive branch officials struck a new agreement with an Ohio-based cell tower leasing company.

Last year, Pence announced several building projects designed to celebrate Hoosier heritage on the state’s 150th anniversary. These included a new building to house the state’s archives, an education center at the Indiana State Library, a new plaza at the Statehouse in Indianapolis and a new inn at Potato Creek State Park.

When Pence proposed the projects, he said their combined $50 million price tag would come from a contract to lease the state’s cell phone towers. But, according to the Indianapolis Star, the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency found that contract was insufficient to cover the full cost.

Under the revised deal announced on Sept. 6, Ohio-based Agile Networks will pay the state $50 million up front and a share of revenues over the next 25 years to rent excess space on Indiana’s 341 cellphone towers.

Those yearly revenues are expected to bring in an additional $36 million over the next 25 years, an amount that Pence and state legislators will have to decide how to spend. The contract could also be renewed, yielding even more funds for the state.

State government is currently projected to spend $60 million over the next 50 years to maintain the public-owned towers. Now, however, the state will cut its costs to $27.5 million over that period and Agile will cover the rest.

ITT Technical Institute to Close

As recently reported in an article by WTHR, the ITT Technical Institute just announced that it will be closing its doors. Students of the institute received an email advising them that the fall term that was scheduled to start on September 12, 2016 is now officially cancelled.

According the school’s email, the Department of Education rejected the proposals by the school to continue its operations. The Department of Education had just decided to end all financial aid eligibility for the school, which accounted for about $580 million of the for-profit school’s $850 million in total revenue last year. As a condition of ITT being able to keep its doors open, the Department of Education required that they post up cash reserves or a letter of credit of at least $250 million. The crack down from the federal government on ITT is based on the school’s apparent failure to meet various accreditation requirements from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

The closure of ITT means that about 8,000 people will lose their jobs, and about 2,000 Indiana residents will need to find an alternative to finish earning their degrees. There were six ITT campuses across Indiana and another 130 throughout the U.S. There are about 40,000 students in total that are affected by the closure of ITT. They will now be scrambling to find alternatives to their financial aid funding along with another program through which to complete their degree requirements. Some students were just weeks away from graduation.

Eleven of Securus Technologies’ Field Specialist Certified as BICSI Installer 1

Securus Technologies is a premier provider of technical solutions to civil and criminal justice at correction facilities. Securus commits to providing products, features, and personnel for public safety, surveillance, and monitoring of correction agencies. Apparently, eleven of Securus Technologies’ field specialist have been certified as BICSI Installer 1, a globally recognized certification.

As a professional association, Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), supports the growth of the ICT and information industry. The ICT sector stretch from voice, project management, data, audio and video technologies to electronic safety and security services. The holders of BICSI credential install, manage and maintain the ICT projects. They major on projects such as optical fiber, infrastructure, wireless-based projects, spaces, and copper-based distribution systems. Today, BICS attends to thousands of ICT professionals through certification, training, seminars, and publications across the world.

According to Danny de Hoyos, Securus Technologies’ head of operations, BICSI is an ideal fit for the company to meet the ever-evolving requirements and standards in the ICT sector and training needs. In partnership with BICSI, Securus Technologies provides a reliable and high level of performance to its correction customers. The eleven certified field specialists have 15 year’s tenure with Securus and vast experience in installation of ICT projects across nations. Securus believes in accreditation and its value to highly trained and seasoned field specialists in the ICT industry. BICSI certification adds a level of proficiency to Securus’ customers.

Background of Securus Technologies

Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based for-profit technological solutions provider. The company serves over 3,000 correction agencies, law enforcers, safety agencies, and over a million inmates across North America. Securus’ employees commit to providing incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis, and investigation services to enhance public safety. In early 2016, Securus announced having invested over $600 million in acquisitions, patents, and technologies within its three initial years.