Andy Wirth Passion and His Life History

Andrew Wirth was born on 25, July 1963. Having worked in a mountain resort and hotel industry for over 25 years Andy Wirth left to join his passion. He later began his carrier with steamboat spring resort in 1986 and served in several different markets and leadership.

According to Powder, Andy Wirth was then appointed to be the chief marketing officer of Intrawest which acquired steamboat in 2007. In 2010 he was appointed as the president of Squaw Valley. With his experience and acquiring himself several professional awards, he was recognized to be one of the top outstanding tourism personnel. Andy Wirth graduated with a degree of science from the university of Colorado state. Read more: Special Warfare Warrior | Andy Wirth’s Fundraiser and Season 4 Episode 11 – Squaw Valley – Undercover Boss Photos

He later joined the Edinburgh University in Scotland. After his appointment at Squaw Valley he was very excited. This was because he always watched it from a direction of crushing families. After his joining at Squaw Valley the management underwent a rise up of 70 million dollars than the way he came in.

Changes were made and they vastly improved the mountain design and infrastructure. This led to the improvement of lodging and common areas that were around the valley.

According to research Squaw Valley moved from the bottom in the list of ski resort and became on top in that year. This was due to the clients’ satisfaction that the customers got. On October 12, 2013 Andy Wirth became a special warfare warrior, after he almost lost his life while skydiving with his friends.

This was after he and his friends spent the whole day jumping up and down. Due to bad weather the drop zone was shut down without their notice. It is therefore when they drove over to drop zone in Lodi. The pilot flew in a bad line where they were far from dropping.

Unknown to him and his friends the winds had taken other directions so they had to headwind in order for them to go into the drop zone instead of tailwind. This made him miss his landing steps and caught him in a pole with his right arm in. the pole tore off his arm and stripped all his tissue from the shoulder down to mid-forearm.

After the fatal skydiving accident, Andy Wirth became the co-founded the ironman team. This was in order to honor the navy seals and raise funds for them. This organization was to support the operations members after they return home to their families.

Getting High Quality Investment Advice with Laidlaw and Company



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Silent Skepticism, Roaring Results: A Wen by Chaz Experiment

Harry Winston once said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” While looking good for others is not necessarily important, it is crucial to feel so good about yourself that you will wish to share it with the world. Unfortunately, too many women are unable to radiate confidence as a result of their lackluster hair.
Chaz Dean [see,] is a hair stylist that understands the importance of feeling great mentally as a result of looking great physically. As a result, he crafts hair care products designed for restoring even the drabbest hair to a more natural, healthy state. His use of natural ingredients guarantees that every strand will reap the benefits of holistic medicine while simultaneously sustaining cosmetic desires.

While discussing the benefits of Wen by Chaz hair products, it is salient to offer evidence that supports the claims. Emily McClure decided to conduct an experiment using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner on her fine hair. Her admittance of being a hair product snob eliminated any bias from the experiment and further supported the belief that this girl knows what she is talking about and what she is in search of.

Lasting one week, the experiment was actually a means to disprove the effectiveness of the product. After the first wash, though, it was rapidly apparent that McClure would not offer any negative findings pertaining to the Amazon sold formula. In fact, she was both astounded and appreciative of the data, which proved that these products do restore a person’s hair to a healthy state free of any past damage. As every strand became noticeably shiny and voluminous, Emily grew both surprised and ready to make this product her forever formula. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more info.

Exploring The Benefits And Consumer Packages Of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage can be precisely defined as a U.S. health insurance program that is run under managed healthcare. The program was introduced as a substitute to the Original Medicare and is structured to offer parts A and B benefits. Part A benefits cater for in-patient costs and nursing services with the exception of services offered by surgeons and physicians. Part B benefits are a bit different in the sense they cater for payments to surgeons and physicians and any necessary outpatient services (eg, ER, X-rays and lab tests).

Original Medicare provides for the payment of claims through CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). On the other hand, Medicare Advantage issues payments through commercial insurance companies.

Overview and history
Medicare services have been in existence since 1970s and beneficiaries have been given several options to choose from. For example, one can choose to enroll for the Medicare Advantage plans or use Original Medicare, which provides a completely different method of compensation. Medicare plans are paid through bidding processes and these bids are submitted depending on the cost estimated for each enrollee of services included in Parts A and B.

Additionally, there is a benefits package that is availed for Medicare Advantage users. Each plan offers a specific out-of-pocket cost for similar benefits as offered under Medicare Advantage. Some of the services that may raise the out-of the pocket amount include skilled nursing facility. So, to lower the overall cost, the facility may opt to offer lower copayments for future doctor visits.

Read more: InnovaCare Health | LinkedIn

There is also a maximum out-of-pocket amount, usually $6,700 annually. Reaching the maximum out of pocket amount means the plan should cater for all other services 100 percent as long as everything is done within the confines of the regulations of the program.

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare is a leading provider of managed healthcare services that serves the North American region. The company deals with the primary avenues of care namely Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. Through their effort, many people have been able to access quality healthcare through sustainable, cost-effective and integrated models.

Dr. Rick Shinto, the current President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, is an experienced operational healthcare and clinical health professional with more than 20 years in the industry. He has also headed several other companies including Aveta Inc. Through his leadership, InnovaCare Health has grown into a well networked company across the whole of North America.

Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare’s Chief Operating Officer, is a focused professional with great experience in developing clinical programs. He has worked with InnovaCare for several years and his experience in healthcare practice spans more than 20 years.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

Everyday Videos with Securus Technology

There doesn’t necessary have to be a special event, some days you just want to spend time talking with your loved ones, and while most of us don’t think of this as a hard thing to do, when you’re in a corrections facility, this a special thing to take part in. In the video, the family member is celebrating a birthday with his family as at the beginning of the video they are singing happy birthday, and later on in the video he gets to see a new puppy of the family. As well as talking to an individual family member, and getting to watch the family hang out and play with another. He also gets to talk with some of the children. While nothing can replace being there for these moments in person, Securus helps to make it possible to be part of these events.

With the Securus Video Visitation, the technology that is offered helps individuals to be able to connect with loved ones that are in correctional facilities, with user options that are both convenient and easy. The family member in the video gets to share the special event of a birthday with his family. Individuals can either pre-schedule an onsite visit or schedule a visit over video from their home. Visiting has been made easier through the video technology, as it cuts many timely task when it comes to seeing a loved one onsite, and also being able to chat from home may help the individual feel like they are at home with you, and the individual is better able to schedule the visit around their schedule and when they are available, rather than having to plan out their day around an onsite visit.

Not only does securus offer video services, but phones services, as well as email services and jail voicemail are offered. Some of the plans that are included in phone services that are these include advance connections, direct billing, traditional collect, and inmate debit. When it comes to using the email services, some perks to using it is that the have a simple user experience, access 24 hours in sending a message whenever they have internet connection and need no approval process for sending an email. To use the jail voicemail, there are just three steps that are simple to follow, this is to call the phone number, then specify the facility of which the loved one is located, then as prompted follow a set of instructions. And then once the voicemail has been left the individual will be told that they have a message.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Haters Gonna Hate: How to Save Face When Your Rep Is On The Line


The saying about how you can’t please all of the people all of the time has never been more true since the rise of social media. Instant consumer feedback is great in most cases, but every now and then, you’ll have that one disgruntled keyboard warrior who has it in for you and your business. It’s easy to want to fire back, or even ignore them. But if you get into the mid with them, you look unprofessional, and if you ignore them, you look like you don’t address issues with your consumer base. So, what do you do?

In an article, Kimanzi Constable gives 5 solid ways to handle an attack online. He advises against getting into the mud with your attacker, and instead, remaining positive. Let your clientele know that you are still there for them. Reach out for support from loyal customers and friendly businesses who have good things to say about you and your product or service in the hope that they will come to your defense. Most potential customers will still take a chance on you if they see others countering negative feedback with their own positive experiences.

Most importantly, Constable says, is to stay focused on why you started your business and became an Entrepreneur in the first place, and your determination and motivation will help clear your head.

But what if you’re the victim of more serious trouble, such as online trolling or disgruntled former employees out to sabotage your business? It may be time to call in professional reinforcements, which is exactly what Move Bad Press is for! Move Bad Press is a US-based reputation management company who can help you get rid of those nasty comments for good. Not only that, but they can help your brand get to the top of search engine results, helping customers find you more easily.

So when you need to manage bad feedback, remember to keep things positive, and don’t be afraid to call in the pros at Move Bad Press when things get sticky.

The Career Life of Nizan Guanes

Nizan Guanes is one of the most successful advertising executives in Brazil. He is the chairman and one of the co-founders of Grupo ABC, one of the leading marketing and advertising companies in Brazil. The 68-year old family man, businessman and philanthropist was rated by Financial Times as one of the five most influential individuals with a Brazilian background.

Guanes is a graduate of Universidade Federal da Bahia, having pursued a degree in Business Adminstration. His education background has helped him achieve a lot for the Grupo ABC. This is not to mention, seeing him through his whole career life.

Although many people know him for his role at Grupo ABC, this is not where his career started. He started out at Salvador, Bahia, his home town. Then, he was employed as a copywriter with one of the companies in the area. After years of working at Bahia, he decided to seek greener pastures. This saw him relocate to Rio de Janeiro. He landed his first job there at a Brazilian advertising agency, Artplan. Later he moved to San Paulo and started building on his copywriting career, working at DPZ and the new day W/McCann.

His career took an interesting turn when he was recognized for having come up with one of the best advertisements of all times. This saw him acquire DM9, which was later sold to the DDB Worldwide. Guanes later founded the biggest free internet portal in Brazil. This is just to mention a few of his career successes.

About Grupo ABC
Grupo ABC was rated, by Advertising Age, as the 19th largest communications company in the world. The company was founded in the year 2002 by Nizan Guanes and Guga Valente. It comprises about 18 companies offering marketing, advertising, and entertainment and content services.

How Clay Siegall Has Helped in Shaping Seattle Genetics

Dr Siegall serves as the President, CEO and the Chairman of the board of Seattle Genetics, Inc. He acquired his B.S in Zoology from Maryland University and a Genetics PhD from George Washington University. He also cofounded Seattle Genetics back then in 1998 after working for Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for 6 years. Dr. Siegall also built the company with a strong emphasis on cancer therapies. The company is established on a foundation of rigorous research, drug development processes and scientific innovation.

Dr. Siegall’s Achievements

Seattle Genetics has gained critical acclaim due to its antibody drug conjugate (ADC) platform. The platform targets diverse autoimmune and cancer indications. Under Dr. Siegall’s management, the company has acquired several strategic licenses mainly for its ADC technology. These include AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Genentech (Roche). These licenses have accumulated over 300 million dollars to date. As a sign of progress, there are over 20 ADCs in the clinical sector using the company’s technology. Dr. Siegall’s capital raising ideas have enabled Seattle Genetics to secure more than 675 million dollars through private and public funding.

Dr. Siegall was a keynote speaker at the CHI’s 5th Annual Antibody Drug Conjugates Conference held in Boston. In his speech, he talked about how ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) is being used to treat over 15,000 lymphoma patients globally. He also mentioned that Seattle Genetics has collaborated with several leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

His Perspectives Regarding ADC Technology

Dr. Siegall highlighted that his company is leveraging the experience gathered from ADC and driving innovation into ADC technology. He also mentioned that two pipeline programs have launched in addition to the ADCETRIS product. These include SGN-CD19A and SGN-CD33A. SGN-CD33A was developed to provide treatment to acute leukemia cells. On the other hand SGN-CD19A is an antibody drug conjugate that targets CD19 that is a protein found in B-cell malignancies.

Information on the technologies that are used in both pipeline programs was presented to the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual meeting in April 2015. This information focused on the new linker, antibody, cytotoxic payload components and drug designs for the pipeline programs.

Learn more:

Adam Goldberg Is Setting Pace With JustFab

Entrepreneur Adam Goldberg has set out to shape fashion e-commerce. The co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab has a talent for spotting the hottest trends and expanding businesses and adding levity to a career that many take way too seriously.

Adam Goldenberg has always been a business-minded person. He launched his own company as a teen and sold it three years later to MySpace owner Intermix Media. He made a bundle, but didn’t stop there. Adam gained so much success in such a short period of time that he quit high school and joined Intermix in the capacity of Strategic Planning President.

Don’s incredible business savvy helped him make a stack of money for a lot of people — himself included. He was a millionaire by the time he reached 20.

Adam founded JustFab in 2006 then Shoe Dazzle a few years later. An e-commerce innovator, he launched a succession of health and beauty platforms that are cutting edge and conceptually innovative. Not only did Adam want to create something affordable, he wanted to tap into social media to increase sales.

After creating a social internet platform, he was able to do what many before him failed to. Adam Goldenberg hired a slew of designers and consultants to keep him on the right track. He created the online e-commerce monthly auto-ship platform. For instance, Shoe Dazzle charges a membership fee of $39.99 per month. to try out a wide selection of shoes, handbags and other accessories.

Adam says it’s not just about shipping thing out, it’s about making it fun and exciting. “We change up items, offer monthly deals and do things to keep the site fresh.” He must be doing something right because Shoe Dazzle is one of the fastest growing e-companies in the U.S. See:

There are a lot of business people attempting to duplicate his platform. Kimora Lee Simmons, founder of Baby Phat, took Adam’s advice. “I’ve known Kimora for a long time. She has a great eye for fashion and we learn a lot from each other.”

Adam Goldenberg has built JustFab into a multi million dollar company. He says that billionaire status is right around the corner.

Kyle Bass Sees Negative Economic Futures

China has built an economic system based on a growth bubble in a way very similar to America’s own proceedings prior the 2008 financial meltdown. It’s not a one-to-one comparison, but the similarities are there; namely: providing financial reach to those with no ability to reimburse their spendings. Kyle Bass believes that this expanding credit bubble will result in an economic implosion. He doesn’t think it’ll be like what was seen in America during the 2008 financial meltdown. Bass has said he doesn’t see a “Lehman Brothers Moment” in China’s future. He does, however, predict that there’s a forty to fifty percent chance an economic downturn in China will affect the United States economy by the end of 2016. He says the collapse must come in the next two to three years.

All that sounds like qualitative analysis, till one realizes that a fifty percent chance is basically binary: either or, a flip of the coin. A forty percent chance is even less likely. Or look at it this way: there’s a fifty to sixty percent chance there won’t be an economic downturn based on China’s economy by the end of 2016. Kyle Bass has basically said a non-thing any person with even a passing familiarity with economics could say. Every year there’s technically a fifty percent chance of economic downturn in any country; it just depends on the factors involved in economic development that year. Consider the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan–that certainly wasn’t planned.

But Kyle Bass is no stranger to market manipulation, as this must be; else he demonstrates a level of incompetence. Bass started CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD uses politics to decimate pharmaceutical prices facilitating stock declination and allowing Bass to short-sell his holdings for millions in profit. He legally manipulates the stock market and gets away with it.

Bass is also closely tied to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner is known worldwide for defaulting Argentina’s economy twice in only thirteen years. Yet Bass continuously praises her financial endeavors. His own Argentinian heritage is no excuse; if anything that makes it more perplexing he would praise a leader destroying his country.

With these things in mind, when Bass makes a market prediction, consider the possibility he’s playing an angle.