Is the use or Trading in CBD Oil Legal or Ilegal in Indiana?

The state of Indiana is on the spot over the issuing of somewhat conflicting statements over the legality of Cannabidiol oil, CBD. Gov. Eric Holcomb threatened retailers with legal action if found with CBD oil after a grace period of 60 days. However, State Exercise Police circulated a memo in August to the effect that the use or sale of CBD and other products derived from industrial hemp is within the law. State police were thrown into the mix when they arrested a resident of Indiana, Mamadou Ndiaye, in August for the possession of CBD oil. They later charged him with possession of marijuana. Such is the CBD oil situation in Indiana: confusing.
Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) and DEA are also entangled in the CBD oil debate. DCS was on the brink of separating a 20-month-old girl from her mother because the former used CBD oil to try and heal seizures that tormented the girl. However, DCS could not push further after the intervention of a state representative. Rusty Payne, DEA spokesman, earlier in the month was categorical that CBD oil is illegal. According to him, it is within the law to use CBD for research, but commercial use of the product is illegal. However, he seemed to contradict himself when he alluded that he, and by extension, the DEA, has no problem with people that use CBD oil for the supposed therapeutic effect.
Indiana residents are at the crossroads regarding the use or trading in CBD oil. Ben Rosman, PSI Labs co-founder, wonders why CBD oil will null traces of THC is outlawed.

Indiana Governor Wants Retailers to get Rid of CBD Oil Within 60 Days

While many manufacturers of Cannabidiol, CBD, oil are awash with claims that their hemp-derived CBD products are legal in all the states of the U.S, Gov. Eric Holcomb has issued a statement that indicates otherwise: he directed all retailers in the state to get rid of CBD oil in the next 60 days. Also, Gov. Holcomb instructed the Indiana State Excise Police to be on the lookout for CBD products with whatever traces of THC. The governer’s warning comes in the wake of an arrest related to the possession of CBD oil made by the state police in August.
Also, the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) belongs to the same school of thought as Gov. Holcomb. The department hit the headlines recently when it threatened to separate a kid from his mother on the premise that the mother administered CBD oil to the child to suppress seizures. The department would make good its threat were it not for a state representative intervening.
But the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has been categorical regarding the legality of CBD oil. In an interview earlier this month, Rusty Payne, the agency’s spokesman affirmed that CBD is only permitted within the context of research and that any other use is illegal. However, Payne suggested that the agency would not charge parents or guardians who use CBD oil to relieve their children of seizures or any other medical condition. In another twist, State Excise Police issued a memo in August directing its officers not to arrest anyone found in possession of products manufactured from industrial hemp.

Indiana Pacers Easily Defeat Sacramento Kings

The Indiana Pacers celebrated Halloween by hosting the Sacramento Kings in their seventh game of the 2017-18 NBA season. While the Pacers have not been playing well early in the season, they were still able to take advantage of the young Sacramento roster on the way to an easy 101-83 victory.

While these two teams play in separate conferences, it was still an intriguing matchup because the Bogdanovic brothers were playing each other for the first time in the young NBA careers. Bojan Bogdanovic and the Pacers got off to a great start at Bankers Life Fieldhouse by using a balanced scoring attack and excellent defense to dominate the Kings. The Pacers went into the locker room with a 25-point lead at halftime.

The big early lead allowed the Pacers to rest most of their starters in the second half. The biggest difference in the game was the scoring discrepancy from behind the three-point line. Indiana hit 12 shots from behind the arc while the Kings only managed to make two three-pointers in the entire game. The Pacers also won the battle of the Bogdanovic brothers. Bojan led Indiana in scoring with 17 points while his brother only managed seven points for Sacramento.

The Indiana Pacers have now won four of their first seven games. They will head out on the road to play the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, November 1. Back-to-back games are usually tough on NBA teams, but the Indiana starting lineup should be well rested after seeing limited playing time on Tuesday.

Indiana Dunes On Track to Be Nation’s Next National Park

A bill introduced by Indiana Congressman Pete Visclosky has passed the House and been sent to the United States Senate. The legislation, known as H.R.1488, would establish Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore as a national park. Indiana Dunes is already afforded a protected status as a national lakeshore, and changing its designation to national park would provide it with additional funding. If H.R.1488 passes the Senate, Indiana Dunes would be the first national park in Indiana.

Indiana Dunes is located on the south shore of Lake Michigan. The dunes were formed about 15,000 years ago when the glaciers that covered much of Indiana retreated. After the glaciers diminished, they filled Lake Michigan with meltwater. A dominant current in Lake Michigan developed; this current approaches the shore at an angle. When the current deposits sand from the lakebed above the shoreline, the sand dries out and is blown into dunes. Some of the Indiana Dunes move 60 feet per year, while others only drift 4 feet. The area was occupied in prehistory by Hopewell peoples, but European trappers later passed through the dunes in search of game. At one time, the U.S. Army had a missile base located within the boundaries of the present-day park. The base was decommissioned after Indiana Dunes was designated a national lakeshore in 1966.

In addition to its geological features, Indiana Dunes is also home to significant native plants like yellow gentian, white baneberry and birthwort. Indiana Dunes also shelters the endangered Indian bat and the threatened Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake. The lakeshore provides a safe haven for white-tailed deer, Canada geese and great blue herons.

Energy Bill Assistance Program Helping Low Income Indianans

13WTHR reports that Indiana residents can finally begin applying for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This program is federally funded, helping low income residents of the state pay their energy bills in the winter via money sent to various community organizations.

According to the information provided for the program, the assistance provided through it will only cover a portion of a home’s energy bills, with the rest being the responsibility of the home owner. Additionally, those who are accepted can apply for a moratorium which will prevent gas and electric from being shut off in a residence between the months of December and the middle of March.

Application is open to any household within the state whose gross income is below 150% of the federal poverty level. This will be especially helpful to families in these next few months, as Indiana ranked as the 28th poorest state in the country, with a poverty rate of 15.2% in 2014. With the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, impoverished residents have one less thing to worry about this season as temperatures drop.

Those in need of assistance this year can apply both in person at a local county clerk’s office or by mail. A full rundown of restrictions and further information on the program, as well as who to contact for assistance, can be found here.

Rising Numbers of Whooping Cough Cases Prompts Calls to Vaccinate Children

In the previous year, the number of whooping cough cases has doubled in the state of Indiana. In the first half of 2017, there were 176 reported cases of whooping cough, with one of them being fatal. This number may not seem like much, though it is a big jump when you consider the fact that there were only 66 nonfatal cases reported in the first half of 2016.

Whooping cough is one of the most treatable and preventable ailments in the Western world, though there is a possibility of it turning deadly.

The disease is a bacterial infection. It used to be call pertussis. In its mildest form, whooping cough shows itself through cold-like symptom, or no symptoms at all. In more severe cases of whopping cough, a person has violent fits of coughing that have a “whooping” sound. It is possible for people to fracture their ribs from coughing so hard. Children are especially vulnerable to whooping cough, and it can most easily turn deadly for babies.

Some experts are saying that we should not sweat about the seemingly increasing amount of whooping cough cases. They say that whooping cough rates are usually cyclical, and that the cycle whooping cough follows usually lasts around three years.

There has been an increased awareness of whooping cough, and people are actively thinking about it. The diagnostic tests for whooping cough are better than ever. The factors may partially explain why there are more reported cases.

State health officials in Indiana are urging parents to vaccinate their children against whooping cough to prevent tragedies.

Indiana’s Economy Is Growing

There is a bright future for Indiana’s economy, according to economists, as cited in IndyStar. Economists at Indiana University project that the GDP in Indiana will grow at a rate of 2.8 percent. In fact, this is higher than the projected GDP growth for the country in general, which is 2.6 percent.

In addition, Indiana has a lower unemployment rate than the national average. The national unemployment rate is 4.3 percent, while unemployment in Indiana stands at 3.8 percent.

One reason why jobs may be growing in the Indiana area is because people may be needing more workers to help out after recent hurricanes in the area surrounding Indiana. In addition, job growth in growing in the United States in general.

There are also more and more companies moving to Indiana. For example, a company based in India will be arriving in Indiana to set up shop. It will create another five hundred jobs, according to IndyStar. The local government is planning on giving it tax credits and other incentives for it to come and create jobs. In addition, they may receive up to half a million dollars in training grants. Many engineers in Indiana will be able to find employment through this company. As economic opportunities grow in Indiana, and as it becomes a better environment for businesses that is conducive for their success, more and more jobs will be created. This will be the second time this year a company from India will set up shop in Indiana.

Will Seaton Pops the Question to Hannah Schaus: Will You Be My Best Friend Forever?

Ashley Schaus and Will Seaton had met each other in Spencer County, Indiana, at a car show. After having been together for seven years, Will decided to pop the question to Ashley. He also wanted to include her sister in the excitement.

Ashley’s younger sister, Hannah is 15 years old. She is six years younger than Ashley and suffers from Down syndrome. Hannah is very important to Ashley, and they always hang out with each other. When Ashley started to date Will, Hannah was frequently invited to dates. All three of them became very good friends with each other.

Ashley has always felt a desire to protect and take care of Hannah, due to her Down syndrome. Will openly embraces Hannah’s presence, which is important to Ashley. The three of them talk to each other, laugh with each other and help each other.

As Ashley and Will started to consider marriage, they made the resolution to include Hannah by giving her an engagement ring for friendship.

Will, standing on one knee, asked Hannah to be her “best friend forever” and gave her a ring. After doing this, he got down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him.

The couple set their wedding to be in October. Ashley considers Hannah to be more than a bridesmaid, yet still not a bride—a “best sister.”

This story happened in the Summer of 2016, which does not seem very recent. However, the story has only recently become viral on the internet.

Ricardo Tosto: The Co-Founder of Leite, Tosto, and Barros

LL 250 (Latin Lawyer 250) ranks the leading law firms in Latin America. It is the tenth consecutive year that Leite, Tosto, and Barros appeared on the list of the law firms listed by the LL 250. Ricardo Tosto is one of the renowned lawyers in Brazil. He is also the founder of the Leite, Tosto, and Barros law firm. He celebrates another indication and highlights the unstoppable dedication of the team that makes up Leite, Tosto and Barros Advocates law firm.

Ricardo Tosto among the lawyers who is part and parcel of the winning team. He has a degree in Law that he pursued from Mackenzie University and an extension course in Business Administration (BA). He is one of the leading names in prosecution. Precisely the area that Latin LL 250 has appointed him as a specialty in Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advocates. In addition, Ricardo Tosto was appointed by the guide Who’s Who Legal as one of the best Brazilians lawyer.

As a co-founder of Leito, Tosto, and Barros law firm, Ricardo Tosto celebrates another recommendation by LL 250, especially for the challenges and hard work that the office had back in 2015. According to Ricardo Tosto, it was a quite a tough and difficult year. “The employees have had to work hard to maintain regular revenue.” Said Ricardo Tosto. Brazil is experiencing a crisis and the clients have come up with demands for fee renegotiation. Leite, Tosto, and Barros aim at maximum customer satisfaction, renegotiated customer fees and the costs with suppliers. It was a way of adapting the services with the delicate moment to which the Brazilian economy lives “, added Ricardo Tosto.

Another strange factor that exposes the Brazilian case with the Leite, Tosto and Barros office was the increase in the demands of the services involving complexities and high values. Ricardo Tosto indicates the increase in these demands in 2016 with the largest corruption scheme ever started in Brazil. According to him, countless companies, contractors, and builders were involved in this scheme. Thus, Lava-Jet’s own investigations were the propulsion for the considerable increase of these demands. In this area, the Litigation area – characterized mainly by Labor and Tax Law – compensated for the downturn in the Corporate / Mergers and Acquisitions / Infrastructure sectors.


Colts Work Out Multiple Quarterbacks

The quarterback was supposed to be the most stable position for the Indianapolis Colts, but that has not been the case during the 2017 season due to Andrew Luck’s lingering shoulder injury. Luck has failed to practice all season, and the Colts have very little incentive to play him if he does get healthy this year. Luck’s return looks even more unlikely with the Colts bringing in four quarterbacks for a workout today.

The four quarterbacks that were seen working out in Indianapolis today were Matt McGloin, Connor Shaw, Josh Johnson and Matt Barkley. While they all have some minor experience in the NFL, none of them have been very successful when given an opportunity to start. Josh Johnson is the most intriguing player on this list because of his ability to create plays outside of the pocket, but he is winless in five career NFL starts.

This is a key sign that the organization is not expecting anything from Andrew Luck this season. There is simply no reason to bring in another quarterback if Luck is going to return in the near future. While Jacoby Brissett has performed adequately as the starting quarterback this season, he has taken a lot of hits recently. Brissett has been sacked a total of 14 times in the last two games. The Indianapolis Colts know that they are one big hit away from only having Scott Tolzien as their only healthy quarterback on the roster, so they are preemptively preparing for a worst case scenario with the workout today.