Pinball is Still Big In Indy:

Dedicated arcades have gone the way of the dinosaur and disco. It’s all about home video game systems with stunning graphics and storylines that make them feel like interactive movies. In the 21st Century, many might think there is no room for one of the earliest arcade games, pinball.


Think again.


Fountain Square in Indianapolis recently hosted its fifth annual Pinball Classic. The event attracted dozens of competitors, including some from out of state. But this was not simply a group of pinball enthusiasts getting together to celebrate their mutual love for a classic arcade machine. This was a day long tournament with a $50 entry fee and cash prizes up to $800. Participants did not just bang the little silver balls around the machine. They came with various strategies, some learned by watching podcasts about pinball. Yes, such things exist. Your text to link…


Interest in pinball is undergoing a renaissance of sorts, and it’s not the first time. Coin operated pinball machines came into existence in the early 1930s. Following World War II, pinball machines could be found in numerous bars and soda shops across the country. There were exceptions, as major cities like New York and Los Angeles banned the machines, claiming they were akin to gambling. Many of those bans remained in effect until the 1970s. After a decline in pinball interest with the advent of video games, the machines are making a comeback in places like movie theaters.


Gaining Assistance From An Advertiser

One of the most important aspects of business is marketing. In order to market, one must do a lot of things which include advertising. For one thing, if people don’t know about the business or the product, they will be likely to miss out on what is offered. However, it does take a lot of time to actually come up with a marketing campaign that will not only let people know about what is being offered, but also get people wanting to buy the product. This is why it is a better idea for a business to look into the marketing agencies to provide the campaigns for people.


one advertising agency that is very effective at advertising is White Shark Media. They have a lot of experience in the marketing department. They know how to reach the target audience. Therefore, they take the time to put together something that is going to get people’s attention and have them look into the products that are offered. This not only gets people to visit the site, but also convert the visits to sales. This is one of the most important aspects of business. This is what gets the business to the needed level of success.


While people can get tons of visits to their websites, it is the conversions that matter the most. This is one of the reasons that people need an effective advertising campaign. When they deal with the right wording and the message, then people will be more interested in the product. The most important thing is to make sure that people know just enough about the product. If too much is revealed about the product right away, then it is going to turn some people away because they are not interested enough. White Shark Media knows how to make sure that people want to have the product that is being advertised.


For people that are interested in White Shark Media, all they have to do is contact the agency and then let them know that they are interested in the services that they offer. Then they will take the time to work with the clients so that they can come up with something that everyone will like.

How To Begin Using LED Lighting

A lot of individuals are beginning to realize that their electric bill each month is simply too expensive. In order for you to save money on your electric bill, it might be time for you to think about LED lighting and what it can do for you and your household. LED lighting can be found through a company known as Gooee and they have a variety of different electrical options available to you to make life generally easier. You will find this company to be one of the best when it comes to offering superior quality LED lighting that is definitely going to take your life and make it better and allow you to save money each and every day.

One thing to know about LED lighting is that I can save you lots of money without you needing to even do anything. You will also find that Gooee has a variety of different product options that can help you to feel confident in your decision to make the switch. This is why a lot of households are making the switch to LED lighting by Gooee and it can easily be what you need in order to save money and know that you are doing something beneficial for yourself and your loved ones. There is simply nothing like being able to save money on your electric bills each and every month and this is why it is absolutely imperative that you think about switching to LED lighting in order to get the most from this decision.

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WEN Helping you Keep Hair Supple All Day Long

Wen Hair Care by Chaz DeanKeeping hair looking supple and all vibrant can be an ordeal for some women. The market is flooded with hair products, all claiming to be the best. But, the truth is, only a few of them can match their claims.

WEN hair care is one of the most reputable brands in the industry. Emily McClure, a hair care fanatic used WEN cleansing conditioner for about a week. Here is a firsthand review on their cleansing conditioner.

The first day of using WEN cleansing conditioner was magic. Although, using a large amount was recommended, it did not weigh the hair down. Instead, an increase in volume was immediately noticed. Also, a decrease in hair shed was noticed. Things became even better when McClure blow dried her hair. She observed that it was shinier than normally was after using other conditioners.

The following day, she observed that her hair was all greasy. Perhaps, because she did not get the chance to run a shower in the morning. However, she did shower in the evening and used the cleansing conditioner once again. The results were same as day one- more volume and shinier hair.

On the third, she used the conditioner in the morning. She even tried using WEN’s styling products. They matched perfectly well as she noticed that at the end of the day, her hair had not lost its shine and suppleness. The routine went on, sometimes she would shower in the morning, other times at night. What she noticed was that, using WEN in the morning, gave her a beautiful hair day, rid of greasiness- something that even her friends were keen to comment on.

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About WEN

WEN is a leading hair care brand. They are most popular for their cleansing conditioner, an innovative product that gives you the benefit of five different hair care products.


Ricardo Tosta


Brazil is a litigious country with extremely rigid and contradictory environmental laws, so there is a great demand for lawyers with more skill and specialization in the area. The partners Paulo Guilherme de Mendonça Lopes and Tiago Mackey live very busy in the Milk, Tosto and Barros, for example, succeeding in the defense of hydroelectric plant against a public civil action in which the Union sought injunction to stop the construction of a plant in the region Southern Brazil based on an incomplete environmental assessment. The second instance decision was favorable to the client and the hydroelectric plant is still in operation.



The experience in litigation also shows excellent results in the labor area. For example, partner Marcus Vinicius Mingrone has assumed a case of a factory that has been dragging since 2003, where there seemed to be little hope of paying a huge fine. The team successfully negotiated a new agreement with the Union, saving R $ 44 million for its client and avoiding the fine.


Pro Bono

About 35 lawyers in the firm provide pro bono services on a regular basis. One of its clients is Best Buddies – a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a global volunteer movement offering opportunities for guidance and friendship for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The office provides pro bono service for considering this important work in promoting new members.



Ricardo Tosta is best lawyer in Brazil. The headquarters of Milk, Tosta and Barros is in São Paulo. It also had offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

Former Hawks Management Sues AIG for Contract Breach

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a partner and co-founder at United Communications group (UCG). He is also the former owner of the Atlantic Spirit, LLC. In 1988, Mr. Ed Peskowitz together with Brice founded the UCG. Before venturing into UCG, he worked as an author for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He also directed TechTarget, Inc. on February 12, 2015. He also served as a leader for the company for over two years. He worked as a board member for Electronics and Newsletter Publishers Association. He is the leader of the Washington-based I Have a Dream Foundation that involves philanthropic activities. He also has a J.D from the University of America and an Arts Degree from Washington University.

The AHBE former management group has taken AIG to court for breaching their policy contract. This was a statement by the previous manager Danny Ferry. AHBE included Brue Levenson, the controlling partner, into the lawsuit. The litigation has no involvement with the ownership steering the current team. The current group is led by Tonny Ressler.

In a report by ESPN, the litigation was filed by a superior court of Fulton County. In September, the AIG breached their contract and had bad faith in insurance. According to the presented documents, AIG received a notice from AHBE managing group on April 12, 2015. The Hawks ownership group reached an agreement to end the six-year relationship. Their contract was stated at $18 million. The agreement was reached two days before the sale was approved.

According to the Hawks spokesman, they are aware of the litigation. The principal parties involved in the dispute have nothing to do with the club. They have no comment on the litigation. The insurance company refused to pay premiums to the company thereby going against their policy. Mr. Ferry’s claims trigger the policy coverage. They never returned emails seeking their comment from Ferry.

Scottsdale, AZ, Entrepreneur Jason Hope Prioritizes Transforming Lives

Whenever Scottsdale, AZ, entrepreneur Jason Hope sees people in need, he is always compelled to contribute to their welfare. He believes it is his duty to contribute to the philanthropy of others and his assets put him a position to do so.

Unlike some people who are privileged just like him, Jason Hope is using his resources to make his world a better place than he found it. This Arizona native is a strong supporter of location education programs that promote learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Jason Hope provides support for youths who cannot afford to pay their school fees and grants to university students looking to make a difference in technology. He recently donated a substantial amount of money to Valley of the Sun YMCA’s Strong Kids $ Families Campaign. This campaign provides education support to children from economically challenged families.

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But Jason Hope is not only focused on education. He believes that our society needs to create an entirely new biotech industry. As a result of this, his philanthropic efforts are focusing on disease cure and scientific research as well. He has been supporting SENS Research Foundation, a California-based research firm that works to develop and guarantee widespread access to rejuvenation biotechnologies that address age-related diseases comprehensively.

SENS Foundation, according to credible information on their official website, provides that after donating $500, 000, Jason Hope said he support them because he believes their work is critical to the advancement of human medicine. Additionally, their approach to the overall problem of aging is the right way to go, and the firm’s work and that of others that they support will lead to a complete redefinition of the health care, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. While Jason recognizes that there are other projects that he needs to support, he holds that the advancement of rejuvenation biotechnologies is crucial and it is the future, making it impossible to ignore it.

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Jason Hope’s focus is clearly to improve the future of humanity, not only through fighting the effects of aging and education but also mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. According to reliable information from his own website, Jason Hope is mentoring many visionary young people and students in high school and college with innovative ideas to ensure they are equipped to succeed in their future lives. This philanthropic Arizona native is still looking for organizations, individuals, and projects that he can further support with his time, influence, and financial resources.

The revolution of social life; Billy McFarland’s Magnises

When it comes to living life and having a good time, the millenials always have ideas that are very different from those of the other generations. One millennial who has managed to transform the social scene for all the people that like going out, whether confident or shy is Billy McFarland.

Billy came up with a platform that would allow users connect with all the places where the action was taking place. The towns that he had when he was starting were the major cities on the west coast, but he is now spreading to the major towns in the East. Here is what you may not yet know about Magnises.

To become a member, you go to the Magnises website and sign up. The process is quite simple and will only take you a few minutes. The details that will be needed from you include full legal names, age, occupation and physical address. They may also ask about income levels and the type of job you do. After completing the form, site administration reviews your request to join and decides whether you can be a member or not.

Once you have been approved, you gain access to all the events that take place close to you. The events that you can attend include wine tastings, exclusive food tasting events with the best chefs, great tickets to the games you are a fan of and many other high end social events.

All these are deals that you get for less than $10 in subscription fees per year. Other benefits that come from being part of the site include the ability to meet and network about business or socially with other members of the site and also the fact that you can get assistance in renting office space at very competitive prices.

About Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland was born in New York and raised in Short Hills. He has always had an entrepreneurial mindset because at the mere age of 13, he had started his first company. He was a Computer Engineering student of Bucknell University in Pennsylvania before he dropped out and founded companies such as Spling and now Magnises.

Sooner Than The Vine: Vintners in the United Kingdom

Wine has a rich history in the United Kingdom, spanning centuries and ethnicity to become the symbol of opulence, pleasure and good taste that it is today. Creating such an artistically and culturally significant culinary staple requires much knowledge and expertise. Central to this necessity is the legacy of the vintner.

Understanding The Profession

A vintner in the UK is entrusted with the task of creating quality wines through mastery of the major areas of winemaking. They must be fully competent in the scientific aspects of the process such as grape maturity, proper storage, and laboratory testing as well as the creativity needed to experiment with various flavors, textures and colours. They must also work with others including viticulturists and marketers to achieve the best product.

Combining the precision of a scientist and the inventiveness of a tastemaker, vintners have woven a tapestry of differentiation among areas of the United Kingdom based on the kind and method of wine production.

History of Wine Trade in the United Kingdom

Likely introduced by the Romans in the first century A.D., winemaking has taken hundreds of years to become as established in the region as it is today. It was used for religious and recreational purposes well into the Middle Ages. During this time nearly one third of England’s import trade was in wine, and largely governed by The Vintner’s Company beginning in 1363.

It was not until the early 1950’s that the industry bloomed into the modern era, when John Edginton began his experimental work in viticulture spanning decades. John planted what are now the oldest living specimens of his own signature grape variants and inspired the revival of this historical art. New vineyards sprang up throughout the United Kingdom well into the 21st century, many building on the techniques that Edginton had pioneered.

Wine Industry in the UK Today

Today the winemaking industry has expanded throughout the British Isles and UK vintners are taking advantage of the opportunity, establishing themselves on the global wine scene with increasingly popular regional specialties in sparking wines. The market is responding, over half of the UK’s population of adults prefer wine over other alcoholic beverages as of 2015 according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.

Thus the legacy of UK vintners continues to flourish and is likely to play an increasingly significant part in the future economy


Improving Air Conditioning Services-Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the ancient companies that offers services as well as products of air condition. Goettl was established in 1939 by two brothers Adam and Gust Goettl. Over the years Goettl has been a dedicated company that offers quality services. Even in the advancement of technology it has been doing its best to be at par with the technology. Over the seven decades, it has been in existence; Goettl has been employing an experienced team of technicians who are devoted to delivering the best services to their clients. They make sure the products and services are provided 24/7 at the clients’ doorstep.
Goettl provides air conditioning services to both commercial and residential in the Phoenix area and Tucson metropolitan area; the services include maintenance, repair, and replacement as well fixing new air conditioning equipment. Some of these services are listed below.
1. Air Conditioning: it has never been easy to stay cool during summer, but with the services of Goettl it is not difficult. The company will assist in the repair, maintenance as well as the replacement of heat pumps as well as the ductless split to create a fresh system in the homes and offices.
2. Heating: if you have a challenge with your heat pump, gas, as well as heat furnace, Goettl can fix repair and maintain the tools.
3. Indoor air quality: one cannot stay or work in an environment that does not have fresh air. Goettl helps to purify the air by cleaning the air duct, installation, maintenance and repair of humidifiers through the installation of UV germicidal lights.
4. Energy efficiency: most individuals live with air conditioning equipment that leaks without their knowledge, and it can be risky. Goettl offers testing services as well as [providing duct cleaning and duct sealing services.
Goettl services have been recognized throughout the Phoenix area due to their excellence services and products they offer to their customers. Since its inception, it has been experiencing a tremendous growth and has expanded their services across Arizona. Goettl celebrated its 75th Anniversary recently, and its principles including Ken Goodrich mentioned it was such an honor to have served the people of Arizona for many years and the company is looking forward to improving their services and offer quality services.
Since the appointment of Ken Goodrich, the company has experienced positive changes. Ken has seen the company expand its services across the Western Cost community. Recently Goettl offered their free services by fixing an old woman’s air conditioning equipment who was at risk due to a broken AC.